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Apr 25, 2021
Mixed Feelings
The original Shirobako is, maybe a bit oddly, one of the most original and unique experiences I've had with anime over the years of being a fan, despite not offering a complex plot or well-developed characters. What it offers is a really simple but endearing story of people working in an animation studio. Not much more, not much less. It uses its simple setup to tell very effective personal and collective stories and does so in an interesting, realistic, and fresh setting.

And here we are today, with a direct sequel of the original Shirobako at hand. A sequel that didn't feel needed. After all, the ...
Dec 15, 2020
Kud Wafter (Anime) add
Despite being a spin-off to one of my favorite pieces of fiction ever, Little Busters!, I didn’t have high expectations coming into Kud Wafter. VN into anime adaptations are always scary, even more so when they’re getting adapted as movies. More so, Kud Wafter was never thought of as quality work in the first place, and Studio Key in general doesn’t have a good record when it comes to spin-offs. I'm looking at you, Tomoyo After.

Surprisingly enough however, the final product we got here turned out to be much better than I ever would’ve expected. The movie starts out in a very lighthearted manner, aiming ...
Apr 4, 2020
If I were to describe Tsurezurebiyori with a few words, I'd say it's a story that thrives in its original simplicity.

What I mean is that nothing this manga does or symbolizes is new or unique. It's a simple story about a simple life of four high school friends. However, it doesn't take long to realize that, as far as execution goes, Tsurezurebiyori is a rather unique title for the yuri genre.

First of all, Tsurezurebiyori is not yuri at all for most of its run. There's barely any romance until the very last chapters. Instead, it's much more a story about friendship and what these girls ...
Oct 9, 2019
To meme, or not to meme?

This question is not necessarily directed at the people (potentially) reading this. It is a question for myself. Should I go along with the memes and pretend Okaa-san is something that it isn’t? Or should I keep it serious? Who knows.

Okaa-san Online is about our main character and his mom who both get transferred into an MMORPG world whose main goal is to fix broken family relationships. Cool? Cool. Now forget most of that and just focus on one thing. Mom. More specifically THE Mom, aka Okaa-san, aka Mamako the Great. This show is about her and nothing else matters ...
Jun 2, 2019
Laidbackers (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Simply looking at the cover of LaidBackers can give you enough of a clue to what kind of movie it is. Lighthearted comedy built around a cast of cute girls that may or may not be fighting against someone. Who're they fighting against? Is Kizuna Ai really singing the theme song? And is that Papika from Flip Flappers?! Tons and tons of questions everyone has to be asking themselves. But the only question left after completing the movie is: "Was it really worth it?"

The story of LaidBackers seems much more coherent on paper that it is in practice. Despite the premise of a group of ...
Aug 23, 2018
"Most shoujo female protagonists tend to be weak, so let's make ours the strongest willed person to ever walk across this god-forsaken world."

I guess this was roughly the general idea when creators were coming up with the premise of Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime. And I'd gladly support that under normal circumstances. Having a female character who doesn't blush every three minutes does spark a lot of interest and promise in an otherwise very average piece of fiction. Sadly enough, the show is not able to capitalize on its strong premise and instead gives us a world full of empty characters and meaningless emotions. Which is a ...
Jun 23, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Oh, my dear Amanchu!, what happened to you? I don't remember you being so messy. I don't remember you being so unrelatable. And I certainly don't remember you being so mediocre.

Amanchu! Advance is really a textbook example of how sequels should not be made.

Before we start, it is important to express what does the original Amanchu! mean to me. I've always been a fan of Slice of Life. However, it is always very hard to find a SoL with good characters, healing atmosphere and, most importantly, enough entertainment value. Amanchu! had all of those and to this day I consider it to be the third ...
Jun 20, 2018
Why do yuri fans have to suffer so much?

When I was stumbling upon this year's spring anime, Tachibanakan Triangle immediaetly caught my interest. Wait a minute, is this yuri? And a comedy without any nerve-racking drama *cough cough Citrus*? And potentially ecchi? Omygosh omygosh omygosh! Can such a perfect thing even exist?

Turns out, it doesn't. Well, I thought for a long time that it does, but two weeks prior to it's start a shocking message about the length of this anime arrived; Duration: 3 min. ; Internet was once again able to break my heart... Seriously? A freaking short? *sigh*

Anywayy, now let's talk about what ...
May 21, 2018
Mixed Feelings

One of the things that can really tackle down my enjoyment of an anime is when it present itself in an original matter, but falls into the classic pattern of it's own genre once it actually starts. Kimi no Koe wo Todoketai is also one of those cases. A well made slice of life movie, pushed down by it's unability to make itself different.

But let's start from the scratch. I was really looking forward to seeing this after reading the synopsis, which seemed a bit inovative compared to all other slice of lifes. I expected a story about how broadcasting can change lives of a ...
May 16, 2018
It seems to me that people are expecting something a bit different coming into this movie than what it really ends up being. If the problem lies in it's confusing synopsis or tag selection lies beyond my area of interest. But please, when deciding to watch Hana to Alice, keep in mind that this movie is seriously not a mystery, or much of a drama. Rather, is it a very well made slice of life.

Hana to Alice's story starts off in a very mild manner. Tetsuko, one of the two main protagonists of the movie, had just moved with her mother to a new house ...

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