Midori "Rii, Diesel-san" Imai

Midori Imai

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Shirobako: Kaminoyama Koukou Animation Doukoukai
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Midori Imai (今井 みどり)

She made an anime with Aoi Miyamori and the rest of the gang in the "Kaminoyama High School Animation Club" in high school, back in the country. The five of the girls made a promise to create an animation feature after moving into Tokyo and sealed it with doughnuts. Currently, Midori is attending post-secondary.

Midori is a passionate learner with a big heart. She is kind, willing, and perceptive. Although the youngest of the five friends, Midori still strives for large dreams and ambitions and looks to her friends to strive harder. She's always willing to lend a helping hand whenever possible. Her goal and dream is to write heart-capturing scripts for a variety of anime genres.

(Source: Shirobako Wiki)

Voice Actors
Oowada, Hitomi
Brandes, Winnie
Fono, Taylor

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