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Date A Live III
Date A Live III
May 7, 8:31 AM
Watching 4/12 · Scored 7
Iya na Kao sare nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai 2
Iya na Kao sare nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai 2
May 4, 3:09 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Iya na Kao sare nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai
Iya na Kao sare nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai
May 4, 3:09 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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Fate/strange Fake
Fate/strange Fake
Apr 12, 8:22 AM
Reading - · Scored 8
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
Apr 7, 1:24 PM
Reading - · Scored 9
Dance in the Vampire Bund
Dance in the Vampire Bund
Mar 27, 3:33 PM
Re-reading 17/82 · Scored 6


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User-01 Apr 30, 10:14 PM
Hey there!

I'm back... Things have been complicated here, but I'm hanging there, I guess. We are still having power issues, and doesn't look like it's gonna get solved any time soon, but at least my classes at the university already started, I'm desperate, I was supposed to graduate this year, but with all the things that happened I'm not sure any more... Besides that there have been a few more things going on, but I'm doing well.

As for Russian haven't even started it, and now it's complicated because I'm also having issues with my internet connection, but I'll start as soon as I can, there is that and also I'm dying to keep studying Japanese, so hope tht issue gets solved soon.

And How are things going for you? What are you currently working at? Still with the Azerbaijanian people? Also have you watched or read anything interesting lately? I've been reading Index and Danmachi, just startedthem a few weeks ago, but both are good so far.
User-01 Mar 19, 6:38 PM
Well, yeah, it was pretty awful, but things have calmed down, and is slowly 'going back to normal'. As for me, and my family, we are good, things where crazy, but we didn't have any big problem, thanks for the concern! I have always supported the opposition party (here the main political parties are the official party and the opposition), so I support the interim president, but the thing is quite complicated, because the 'offical' party still has the powers, but the interim has the international support, so is common to see sanctions being applied to Venezuela as way to keep pressure on the 'official party'.

Your father has a cafe? Nice! Well. sells aren't going so well, but at least you had something else to do, but damn, having to take care of 80 persons with just 2... That's tough xd I worked once at a restaurant, and those kind of work can be consuming at times, especially when there is so many people.
Also I'm curious, how did you start working with the Azerbajian people?
Looks like he million dollars guy has some great ideas, but same as you, can't agree with him regarding anything that's not related to money as a burden. As for the authors he told you, never heard of Karnegin or Natalya Greys, as for Robert Kiasaki, is Kiasaki or Kiyosaki, I do know Kiyosaki has books related to money and self-esteem, at least a famous one is 'Rich dad, poor dad' and there is one more, but can't remember the name right now, and as far as I know his books are pretty important in that area abut money and self-steem. Damn, I need that trick about working just one hour a day in an effective way! I'll start looking up how to do that! Didn't he tell you anything else about how he does it?

You better get prepared, because I'm going serious! xD Soon enough I'll start asking whatever I don't understand, but first I have to learn the alphabet, have seen it many times, but never really paid much attention to it, it's like you said, interest plays a huge role on learning a new language. Hmmm... Yeah, maybe it can be hard, but I've learned some Japanese and honestly is so different from Spanish, English or even German, but still is not impossible, so I think if I could learn it I can also learn Russian :) Now that you mention it, for me it was something similar with English, I wasn't bad at school, at least for me languages have been easy to learn, but I never got motivated, and never really studied, but then I started reading manga, the thing is that the Spanish translations had so many mistakes it would make your eyes bleed, so I started reading in English, and also it was the fact that the translation for Pandora Hearts at the moment had more chapters in English than Spanish, and those things got me really motivated.

But the guy does have at least some kind of education in politics or economics? At least here is this humorist called Laureano Márquez, he is really known because of his presentations, because he uses to talk about the current situation is his shows but in a funny way, the thing is he is also graduated in politics in one of the most important universities here in Venezuela, and the guy do know about politics and economics and you realise it when you hear him on his shows, or read the articles he uses to write, because he also has a column on a newspaper. That's why I'm asking if he does have any kind of education on that area, if not then I thing it could be really troublesome for Ukraine.

Looks like things in Ukraine aren't the best, but aren't that bad either. As for me, I would like to move somewhere else, not only for the current situation, I've always like the idea of living somewhere else, but is as you say, moving out requieres a lot of money, which I don't have right now, and also unless you go with a solid job offer it will be pretty hard starting a new life from zero wherever you go, but if I got the chance, and of course the solid job offer, I'd gladly do it.

Haha It's kind of the same for me, with al the things that happened here didn't have any time (or power) to actually read/watch anything, but in this week I got the chance, and caught up with the episodes I felt behind with from the shows I follow, and could even finish reading the first volume of Violet Evergarden :D How good is Dance in the Vampire Bund? I know it has an anime adaptation, but never really heard much of it, so I'm curious. As for Seikon no Qwaser, being honest never really caught my attention... :/
I'm not much of a gamer myself, but I did watch once a gameplay on Youtube, I watched the gameplay for Nier when Nier:Automata was on hype xD And thought of watching the ones for Zelda and Nier:Automata but haven't done it so far haha
ranger598 Mar 13, 3:19 PM
Oh I see, so manga is really faithful to the games, thats good to know, manga was really gory too? haha okay :D I like jrpg too and yes Mogeko castle is awesome, I am not sure but maybe they made a sequel, also Pocket mirror is free game :3 and Yomawari nightmare has like 2 games but I have watched a bit of the first one :D

Oo what goods you selling? :D I am studying technotronics
User-01 Mar 13, 12:06 PM
Hey, I'm back after a couple weeks. A lot happened in the last few days, there was a blackout and had to spent 5 days with no power at all, that was really awful... But well, now I'm back, just hope things like that don't happen again! crossed fingers

And how are you? Did you finish the job with the Azerbaijan people? Also, I'm curious, what did this guy told you? I mean, the one with the million US dollars.

Man, I'm really considering learning Russian just so I can read/hear the novels, that's been my obsession for years, but it got licensed in English and it's pretty hard to find a complete translation of any of the novels in Spanish, I do know a little bit of Japanese and some German, but it will be close to impossible to find it on Japanese unless you buy it, and I'm not that confident in my German, also will have to see if I can actually find them. So yeah, I'm considering learning Russian haha

Well, talking about Venezuela, things got really messy here, there was this blackout I mentioned starting the message, the whole country was in the dark as far as I know, but that's not all, around the fourth day, started the looting and the vandalsim, at least close to were I live there are two supermarkets, a Pepsi factory and store kind of a Walmart, but not as great, and all of them were looted, people stole so many things from there, food, phones, freezers, air conditioners, and goods of any kind, there was even an odontologic center, and even that was stolen. And it's been like that in many parts of the city were I live. Also with the blackout came the problem with the communications, at least I live with mom, but dad has his own house, and there was no way to know how he was, to avoid doing this longer things got really messy, but now are starting to calm down.

Hmmm... I'm not really sure I got what you said about the comedy show actor, how's that? Looks like you having it tought too, just hope you don't get to the point Venezuela currently is at. And have you thought of moving somewhere else? Any other country?

Now chancing the topic, I have to catch up with Index III and all the other series I was watching, before the power problem happened I spent a few days where my studies consumed all my time so I felt behind with those shows. What about you, have you read or watch anything interesting in the last couple weeks?
ranger598 Mar 12, 10:46 AM
Oh nice, you have played all the older games? The one like jrpg ones I liked or have seen were Pocket Mirror, Blank Dream, Mogeko castle, Yomawari nightmare and Corpse party ofc XD Screaming lessons really makes you think sometimes what people really could feel and then the horror XD Jinrou game is like mafia or werewolf game if you know it. Yeah it got pretty freaky :D and yeah I was shocked at that and the sad end of it. haha yeah, Ibitsu was shocking too :P

Do you work or study? :D
ranger598 Mar 11, 1:57 PM
Ayyy Jojo XD oh nice, I have seen Re Zero :D I am watching seasonals because uni is keeping me busy.

Ooo that it is interesting and adds some comedy too as I understand :D I havent read corpse party but I have seen some games and those have been really good. From horror manga I have read I really like Screaming Lessons, Ibitsu, Jinrou game was fun and Franken Fran too
ranger598 Mar 10, 4:59 PM
Oh nice, I have watched Nier gameplay too :D I am watching One Piece, Jojo part 5, Slime, Shield hero, Dororo and Quintessential Quintuplets. You? :D

Oh I see, I saw the news that it ended and is getting an anime adaptation too. Well if you look into my manga list then you will see some ecchi but most is horror but I am reading adventure ones too or what seem interesting XD
ranger598 Mar 10, 1:31 PM
Nice, what gameplays you looking? I am doing last homework pieces and then some anime and off to sleep. I see you like Dorohedoro, how is the manga?
ranger598 Mar 10, 12:26 PM
Hey hows it going?
User-01 Feb 25, 3:17 PM
Uh... Sounds tough... But keep it up, things can't stay like that forever, thrust me, I've been through thick and thin, so I know it!
And what are you working at? have to say, that life style sounds pretty tempting, but I'm sure I'd get bored after a while xD

Well, I'll have to try it, I've heard a few times that it is amazing, but there is also what you say about the score, so always had doubts on it, but lately I've been listening more and more about it being good, so don't think is as average as MAL makes it look like.
Princess Beauty is on Baka-tsuki, and yeah, is really short, so 10 minutes is more than enough to read it. Victoria Suicidemaster... Doesn't ring a bell... I remember reading that short story, but maybe it comes in the same book, I could try looking it up.
So even more Monogatari Series, that's the kind of good things I like to hearread! xD
Btw, just saw you put Off Season on hold, why is that, still being translated?

Hmmm... Being honest, that's complicated, I mean, around a month ago started an issue related to who is the legit president (the 'official' president or the interim president), and things have gotten messy in that aspect, the interim president is supported by many countries, but still the official one still has the power, keeping it short is pretty messy. Also there is the issue with the humanitarian aid, US said that if the governmetnt refused it, and didn't let it in the country things could get rough, there is even talks about war. I want to be optimistic and think things turn out for the best, but the situation is complicated.
What about Ukraine? How are things over there?

Haven't seen the latest episode of Index yet, but the last part of the previous one was really intense, so I'm looking forward to it :3 And have to say, you are right, lately the parts with Toma as the protagonist aren't as interesting.
Haha I know what you mean, I really like Misaka, so I really want to see her being more active in the story, actually I thought she would get a more interesting role when se found out about Toma's memories, but no, nothing changed. I have to watch Railgun to see more of her :3 Now that you mention it, they do make a great duo, never get tired of them, but that's partly because I like Last Order a lot xD As for Kuruko... Haven't seen Railgun and doesn't get much protagonism in the main series, so I don't think much of her
Nice pic! Thumbs up xD
PurpleGirl203 Feb 23, 2:43 PM
Nice to meet you too! :) I see you've watched a lot of anime *-* (more than 1,000?? Wow!) What can you recommend to me? I'm more into romance and action but I try watching different ones. I can give you some in return if you want? ^^
PurpleGirl203 Feb 23, 1:25 PM
Hi! Thanks for the Friend Request ^^
User-01 Feb 23, 11:24 AM
Thanks man, I suffered to pass them xD You know, when I started in the university I was bad too, I had some really bad studying habits, and had to work realy hard on changing them lol But still, there are times when I just don't feel like studying and end up doing it in the last minute ahhaha
Oh, really? And how is it going? Making lots of money? xD

So Fate/Apocrypha, it's funny, because just a few days ago I was talking with a friend and he told me he also watched it and it was good, maybe is some kind of sign that I have to watch it too(?) lol I guess I'll have to give it a try, but there a few other series I'd like to watch from Fate before that one, the thing is I joined the Fate Challenge in the Anime Waching Challenge Club and I've been watching them, or well I was before getting busy.
Oh man, I really need to get my hands on those novels T.T But they are pretty hard to find online, so I'd have to buy them, the thing is lately I'm so busy I don't even have time to work, and let's not mention Venezuela situation...
Btw, did you read Princess Beauty? I think it's from the Anime Heroine Books, or that's what baka-tsuki says, it's a really short story (think you can read in 10 min or less), but really interesting. Read it some time ago, but your comment about how Kisshot became a vampire reminded me of it, so I'll have to try and look for the other ones.

Nein xD My list has been like that for like a year... Or more... Or less... Actually, I don't remember when did I put that list style, but I've been thinking of changing it, guess I'll have to pass by Shishio's club to see what can I find there! :3

Index... Welll, I really like the first season, and half of the second one, but the other half and this third season... I don't know... Didn't like them as much, mostly for the pace, at least when this season started I was a bit lost because it's been long since I watched season 2 and there were a few things and characters I didn't remember, that in addition to the story being kind of rushed, well not the best series so far haha But still, I don't think is bad, I like the villians so far, and how they set up things, also last week's episode with Accelerator at the end was pretty intense. Anyway, in the end is most likely I'll end up retaking the manga or reading the novels, if I can find them.
My favorite character? That's tough xD I think it would be between Misaka and Last Order... Always liked Misaka and Last Order is really cute, specially when she talks, I love how she always talks in third person and says 'Misaka, Misaka' :3
And what's your favorite character?
Joseph2 Feb 23, 6:01 AM
yes i liked it, but no like my favorites anime xD
Hikki_a1 Feb 23, 3:46 AM
My favourite character is Hachiman Hikigaya and my favourite anime is Oregairu.