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InTheDatabase Jan 10, 7:38 AM
A firework ban is one of the few positive things sparked (pun intended) from this whole corona circus, I can always miss irresponsible people being allowed easy access to fire and explosives. It reminds me of a similar situation here in NL where they closed shops and cafés so naturally everybody went to Belgium’s open shops-and-stalls to shop and drink there, fucking brilliant :’D In general I believe fully closing everything is bad decision, I’d rather have them open but handling less customers, with reservations if you must. That way, business owner receive some income, the government loses less in compensation, the populace is less dissatisfied and the (inter)national flow of goods can be partially reserved.
Also closing gyms is just a big wtf? Like I’m no fan of the gym but closing a place where people can work on their health and condition is just a big wtf in my mind.

I mean the event ships and the event gears are the must-gets. I’m going down the path in which I can afford all the blueprints and chips/arrays as well, since especially those arrays are very difficult to come by. If I have currency to spare I’ll use them on oil, coins and gear parts.
I have used them a bit yeah. The 2 gears that change the BGM are quite nice, those songs slap. I was a bit scared one of them would be that J-pop main menu song which played during the event but thankfully I was spared.
Honestly I’m glad I don’t have to use Royal Navy vanguards for grinding anymore until I at some point decide to go for Drake.
Lmfao, I know right, soon Ironblood will consist of subs ;) Which to be fair is an underwhelming mechanic in itself.
It just seem funny to me, hence why I did so. And now that I’ve been using Marco Polo for a while now, I must admit….I do not dislike her. Which in itself is peculiar since she does appear to be the type whom I wouldn’t fancy all that much. She’s a bit haughty and very ambitious but she’s a good ship to use, even though one-and-a-half of her skills require Sardegnian ships…which I do not possess…oops.
I…I don’t know whether I can take you seriously anymore. Déjà Vu is a good Eurobeat song but I wouldn’t place it as the best, despite its iconic reputation. It lacks a certain flair that say Make Up Your Mind and Killing My Love do possess. And if we’re talking about the best intros, nothing tops Dance Around the World on that.
That is a very true statement. But what is an equally true statement is that we lack the dock space to do so :’D
Well that’s because Rodney IS hot, that’s a fact. Okay, that’s a good answer. Some cultured fellows out there are scared of giving their beloved waifu a hard time, even though that is what she wants. What about Prinz Eugen though? Would she be into rougher play? Of your top 5 she is the best possible candidate for that kind off stuff.

Lmfao, they sure missed out BIG time here, this would have been the PERFECT opportunity to make Mainz shine in a palace of coffee. And instead of serving you she’d be distracted by all the luxurious coffee machines XD
I have already bought my armor! *shows it off* If she hasn’t done so already, Monarch will fall like a brick for me when I come up rocking this uniform! Funnily, the store clerk immediately knew what I was looking for. He told that he had bunches of self-proclaimed “chads” come in here looking for this armor for months now, whatever that is supposed to mean!
Of all these characters I only know Esdeath and, as somebody who watched Akame ga Kill very early on in their anime career, she could very easily be anybody’s first-time yandere crush. Senjougahara as a yandere? Now Monogatari is not clear in my mind but from what I can recall that’s an excessive statement.
Well some people want shit, do not ask me why. Precisely, that’s why anal works a lot better in hentai, it’s so much less of a turn-off! Though it does also depend on the context, but in general I think it works the best in some kind of double penetration setting.
While it doesn’t cancel it out, I do think it makes more difficult. For example with both buttjobs and thighjobs squeezing her thighs is more tricky to pull off. Plus, with both of these movements you’ll likely need your hands for support since in most possible scenarios you’ll be the one doing the movement whereas when she is giving a handjob, you have both of your hands available for any touchy-feely on areas depending on her position in relation to yours.
I understand why they do it though, it’s to let the player know which main fleet ship is attacking and any effects that come with it. I do admit that during manual play the charge battleships have sometimes disrupts the flow of the battle.
But Helena isn’t a villain, she’s just emotionally broken and probably desperate XD And I don’t think they’re supposed to be cool, I think it merely just looks like they are. Gneisenau META in the event is a good example of that, she is beyond broken inside. I have acquired her and she is a good ship so far, though I haven’t used her all that much yet. As you’ll know from the event, killing is the only thing she knows.
Bruh, you’re too generous. In favour of dockspace I have no regrets getting rid of certain ships immediately lol. Which in fact, I have done so already, following the plans of Operation Archive Gems; quickly leveling up the ships necessary to squeeze the remaining gems out of the collection and then scrapping them if need be. All ships that meet the 2 criteria of A) being easily available and B) me not liking them (all that much) risk getting scrapped in favour of better or nicer ships.
Well, not quite half but it’s close: 9 in Saint Louis, Ibuki, Monarch, Roon, Kitakaze, Champagne, Marco Polo and my newly acquired Cheshire and Neptune. Though it must be noted that Cheshire was already halfway done and Neptune was fully paid off with the data collection packs. There were times in which I didn’t know what ships to go for so I just let them grind for Cheshire and Anchorage (who is about halfway done too). I decided to finish up Cheshire for this event. I might grind for Azuma for the remainder of this event until I have gathered enough of the PR2 data collection packs to instantly finish FdG and then with 6 Ironblood main fleet ships in hand I’ll go for Mommy Parseval. EDIT: there will be a change of plan, I got my sixth IB main ship somewhere else…
To be honest, I do not know how Leander got to this point, she just kinda went along for the ride. I have retrofitted her now so she looks a little less out of place XD Speaking of retrofits, you mentioned a while back that you didn’t know what retrofits to go for and I now have some recommendations for you. Z23 is a fantastic candidate, her retrofit is an absolute beast. Though you must unlock her skill as well. London retrofit is also really nice. I have also retrofitted Javelin and Laffey, though neither has left an amazing impression on me yet.
I can make up a wolf pack now and become the alpha wolf once more!

InTheDatabase Jan 1, 2:52 AM
Well, it's the same for me. We were/are in lockdown so everything seemed a bit dead and considering we haven't had any snow either that didn't aid in making the surroundings feel christmas-y.
Happy New Year, here's to another year of cultural exchange!

Did I enjoy it? I was soaked- I mean stoked! Jokes aside, it was really good and reaaaaalllly lewd :'D There are some parts in it that I'd like to discuss, but I need to first write the conclusion which I have been thinking about lately on how to best wrap up this story :'D

Also I started 2022 the right way: as a newlywed Commander! To whom you might ask? Well, I'll spill those beans in the large reply but to give you a hint: it's not Belfast, nor is it Illustrious.

Mindnight Dec 31, 2021 9:00 PM
No problem man :). Yeah, it will be much easier and quicker to get these replies out. Since it's about things that happen weekly, talking about it in the past would be hard to really fit. It's much better and will make more sense doing these separate responses.

La Liga:
Their squad is so bad compared to Real and Atletico, it's incomparable. Real's attack is way more lethal and Atleti's defense is as strong as ever, but Barca have neither! Barca still have almost the same defense as they did when they lost 3-0, 4-0, and 8-2.... that's unacceptable! Pique is just washed man, he's a legend but he has been very awful. Lenglet, what happened.... he was so good in 2018-19, but then he declined hard.... how the fuck is Umtiti still at Barca?!??! How, he's terrible, he literally jogs back when they're on the counter and makes mistakes.... and don't get me started on Ter Stegen (or Ter Standing as I like to call him). His decline is so amazing to me, the fact that he was one of the best goalkeepers in the world and made a case to start over Neuer too.... but now he can't save anything. And he's so robotic too, like he always tries to save with his feet and when he goes down he's slow..... their squad just isn't good enough to be in the top 6, let alone in the top 4.
They're recent results have shown that Messi was just covering the cracks. This man CARRIED then hard over the past 4 years!! He led them to 3rd last year (League highest goal scorer and assists and most MOTM awards too) and led them to a Copa Del Rey title... that was just last year! People are always talking shit about how Barca without Messi would play better (since he didn't track back, apparently these people have never seen Messi play ever), but now that it's reality, all I can do is laugh. The carryjob he did for them, he easily deserved the Ballon D'or for it alone. Put any player in his position (Ronaldo, Lewa, Haaland, etc) and they wouldn't get the same results!! They wouldn't get the same stats, they wouldn't lead their team. Even in the UCL Last year, Messi was the only player to score their goals when they lost against PSG... No one deserves to tell trash about what Messi has done for Barcelona..
Now, it'll be a tough time for them to get back on track. I hope they won't be another AC Milan, but they have some little hope with their youngsters and they need to place lots of faith in Xavi. Let him sell and buy the players that deserve it. Hmmm, I honestly don't know about that man... currently they haven't won at all in 3 weeks.' Sociedad, Betis, and Sevilla all have pretty strong teams too, so it won't be too easy. And with how Barca are playing, I don't see it happening. I'm not saying there's no hope though, with Koeman, you could tell and see how bad they were tactically. They were all over the place and he didn't want to try anything new. Xavi's tactics have somewhat improved them, they won in his first games. And he's giving the youngsters a lot of gametime, which is really cool , they'll improve more and more slowly. Offensively, they're lacking a lot without Messi. Man was creating and scoring almost all they're goals for the past years now, so now they're lacking that danger. Defensively they're absolute garbage xD. Of course they're in debt, so they can't exactly go out and splurge they're money right away, so they're stuck with what they got. And so far, they haven't been doing good. They lost to Betis (they were outplayed), lost 3-0 to Bayern (they were never going to beat them, they're just way too good), and drew 2-2 with Osasuna (Who are behind them in the table, how did they draw that match?!). They're currently 8th right now and not close to the top 6..... I think they might actually not make it into Europe this year.. it's just crazy to see how bad they're gotten..
Yes, I really really hope he won't turn out to be another Dembele, that's not what Barca need right now! And he has all the potential in the world too. I hope his career won't be plagued by injuries. He's shown just how good he can be (he scored on his return back to injury back in August. ) and he's active in play too, unlike Dembele whenever he returns from injury. Demeble would just run fast and make a dumb mistake when passing the ball or he would get disposed easily or just shoot badly...Fati doesn't do thst, so let's hope hell stay more healthy. And when Dembele starts to get back on form, he gets injured again and loses all of his momentum. It's just so so sad, I really feel for him.. he should have retired at City, but he wanted to come to Barca to play with his longtime friend Messi and that was unfairly taken away from him and now his career has been taken away so suddenly.... It was nice to see lots of clubs posting their love and appreciation for him. Messi said in his message that he now has to find a new roommate now for Argentina ;((. He was easily one of the best strikers ever, his stats speak for themselves! All time top scorer for City, he made a name for himself. His QPR goal will forever be iconic, leading them to their first ever PL title in such dramatic fashion.... He's won multiple PL's, Carabao and FA cups... the only thing that was missing is the UCL, if only they won the final in 2021....
I'm honestly clueless as to why Dembele has so much faith. I've lost so much faith in him... he had the potential to be an all time great, but most of the time he's injured and his disciplinary record of being late to practice and even oversleeping because he was playing video games is just unacceptable for an athlete. Especially someone like him who has all the talent in the world. It's been 4 years now and he still hasn't peaked like he should have! He made the choice to come to Barca for big money and it hasn't played off. He hasn't scored more than ten goals in a season for them. In fact, he gets injured more than he gives good performances for them! It's just a joke now and the fact that he has the guys to even request more money.... just sell him now so they can bring in Ferran Torres. Someone who's what to come and play for then knowing the situation and fully accepting it. Dembele has done nothing to warrant a new contract in my eyes. Even knowing how the club is right now he's asking for more.. just sell him now and get it over with. I'll also never forgive him for MISSING the chance at the end of LFC vs Barca 3-0... MESSI LEFT HIM COMPLETELY FREE, ONE ON ONE, THE DEFENDERS MARKING MESSI, AND HE SHOOTS IT STRAIGHT AT ALLISON!!!!! HOW THE FUCK DO YOU NOT EVEN SMASH IT TOP CORNER OR AT LEAST TO HIS LEFT OR RIGHT. HE SHOT IT FIRST TIME FOR SOME REASON AS WELL, DIDN'T EVEN SET HIMSELF UP. He should have left it for Pique, he would have scored!! Because of that (and Barca’s defense and inability to finish their chances)they lost.
EDIT: So Dembele and his agent have asked for 40 million a year in order for him to resign… what a disgrace. He doesn’t deserve to be asking for that much money, he’s done fuck all. He’s contributed nothing when he is on the pitch, he’s always injured, and he arrives late to training. The club stood and tolerated him for so long and here he is asking for more money. Just sell him to Newcastle, tired of him.
The hero that Barca needs! Sucks that he's injured though, so he can't even accomplish that right now! He's improved but only slightly! My god he's so terrible, the strangest signing Barca have ever done. He's only scored once, he has more missed chances than goals! He's supposed to be scoring goals, when he can't even do that then what's he good for?! Haha that video is a classic lmafoo. What even prompted him to say that??! The next game after, he blazes a header over, should really have kept those comments to himself xD. Bro LMAFOOO xD. You know you're bad when the commentators are saying that kind of shit hahaha. The Alves signing is so strange to me. Yes, he's arguably the greatest RB of all time..but he's 38 and way past his prime... He was playing in Brazil before signing for Barca. Sure he can play decently still, but that's only for a short term, Barca need better players now for the future. In RB, they have a young talent in Dest (where admittedly he hasn't been playing too well, not as good as he was when he was at Ajax. I heard that Xavi transfer listed him too....). Alves shouldn't be starting him (over Sergi Roberto though, I can get lmao). He should he teaching Dest more, about how he should be bombing up the wings like he did back then. And in CM, Barca are actually pretty okay! They have some great young talent (Pedri, Nico, Gavi) Frenkie and Busi aren't that bad (they have been in poor form though.) So Barca should focus on developing the younger talent in the midfield so they could be set for a young time. They needed players in more important positions, where the problem actually Is! I would hope that they don't sell Dest, he hasn't been the same as he was in Ajax, but he's still young and has potential. Don't even know why they want to sell him when they have aging center backs and no back up LB’s or RB’s lmao. Why not keep the young talent so they can develop and grow more. Buying Azpi would he so stupid, but I wouldn't put it past Barca. They brought in Luuk and Alves, so it seems that age doesn't seem to be an issue to them regarding how they choose their players. Not saying he's bad, but c'mon he is not the player they need. Yeah man, I've seen so many rumors on new signings Barca are planning to do over January.. which shocked me because I didn't think they had any money haha. I don't see some of them happening at all (Sterling, Ziyech, and Werner) but there's some I do see that could happen. Olmo, I know Barca were going after him during the summer. Red Bull asked for like 50 million or so, not too sure if he would be a good choice. Cavani could happen as well for free , he would be decent. Older, but he's got experience and still scored some goals. Though he won't be scoring a lot. Now Ferran Torres I think could actually happen. It seems that he's unhappy at City because he isn't playing a lot and wants to join Barca so he can play more and even help them out with their goal problems. I heard he would even take a wage cut to join as well. It would be an insane signing as well, he has lots of talent and scores goals too. City will be asking for a lot though, so there's a problem. Adeymei maybe, he said before he's a huge Barca and Messi fan, so there's that. Although who knows if he would leave.
EDIT: Torres signed for them lmao. 55 million that Barca will have to pay across some years. Really good signing, he can play anywhere up top. Still a bit shocking that he left City and Pep to play at Barca, but it's still a big club. Hoping he does well, Barca have their attack sorted but they still need an overhaul on the defense.
Ideally bringing in Torres or Cavani would be good, but Barca really need a new defense and goalkeeper. Ter Standing just isn't good, his save percentage is one of the lowest in all of the top 5 leagues, he let's in more shots than saves, which is just observed. I would have hoped that Barca would sign Onana from Ajax, he used to play for them and he even said that he was interested in a. Return. But then it looks like he's signing for Inter over the summer, so I guess not. Emiliano Martinez should be the goalkeeper to go for, he's insane. He's really solid and actually makes tons of saves. Not to mention he's great at penalty saves and he even said that he would go to Barca just for Messi lmao. Barca should pay up and bring him in, sell Ter Stegen too.
Defense wise, I would try to bring in De Ligt. There were rumors that he was going to sign for Barca before deciding on Juventus. And it hasn't been sunshine for him there, he sort of lost his edge like when he was in Ajax. He wants to leave apparently and with Frenkie at Barca, maybe a reunion is due (they’re close friends.) Barca just need to get rid of the dead weight and start fresh and try to rebuild for the future. They won't win anything, so trying to rebuild should be their goal.
Madrid are having the same luck they had back in 2016-18, when they won the UCL through pure luck lmaoo. But they take their chances and that's why they're most likely going to win the league. They're 18 points clear off second, now one is close to them. And it would be deserved as well, they've just been so good. Benzema has always been good, but ever since Ronaldo left he's been a monster. Scoring so much, inviting play, and even creating chances.. it was as if Ronnie was holding him back hmmm. Currently he has 26 G/A, just insane right now. He's been in good form, for sure a top 5 player currently. Oh Vini JR, what a season he's having. I thought the same too, that he was just all speed and pace. He's finishing was so atrocious, he had scored like 3 goals the past seasons or so. He had the potential, but his passing and finishing were woeful. Doesn't seem to be the case now, because apparently he figured out how to finish now! Currently he's at 16 G/A, which is way better than better than his previous campaigns! Not only that, the type of goals he's scoring as well... bangers ma. He's actually found himself and good for him, he's going to be so deadly I'm the future for sure know with his speed and if he finishes like how he is now for the rest of his life, he could be an amazing player. Now imagine Mbappe potentially joining this current attack.... unfair.
Hazard is such a bum, just why did he leave Chelsea. He's a ghost of his former self. When he first arrived, he didn't seem to play like Hazard did in the prem. He was slow and holding up play and he couldn't finish. He was invisible for a lot of games. Honestly I feel bad for him, this was his dream move. But he's always injured now and doesn't play good at all.

Serie A:
Yea, Atlanta are pretty decent, they're 4th currently. Sucks that they didn't make it out of the group stage in the UCL. Mertens is so underrated, he's been at Napoli for so long and has been great for them. Milan haven't been as consistent as of late, while Inter have been on fire. They could win back to back Scudettos.
It's just crazy how much praise he gets for things that aren't even rare. Ibra has been on fire this season and he is 40, plus the types of goals he's scoring are amazing. But he doesn't get GOAT shouts like Ronaldo does. Ibra is insane, one of my favorite players. He's scored over 500 goals and he's still going. Not to mention how funny he is and the trolling he does lmao. Sucks that he's never won a UCL.
Oh yea, he's been one hell of a transfer as well, 13 G/A in 21 matches, he's been vital. I rewatched that goal so many times, too good. It is rare, but direct corner goals are my favorite xd. And the fact that Cuadrado scored one on the same matchday as well, how rare is that haha.
I agree, he's been at Juve a while now, but hasn't been consistent. He has talent, but really struggled at times. I remember there were rumors of him going to Barca and United, but nothing came from it. He sometimes plays well, then doesn't. I can see why they go back and forth with him. Now, he's been ass mostly haha.
Literally all the top clubs are interested. And it's no wonder why, he has 20 G/A in 21 matches, that's incredible. I wonder who he'll sign for in the end. Heard that if City don't get Haaland, then they'll go for him. Under Pep, he would be insane. Not sure if he should leave this season though, maybe next. He's scored a majority of Fiorentina's goals and they're 7th currently, they are going to be screwed without him. They're going to be asking for a lot of money for him, surely over $100 million or so.
Insigne left Napoli to go to Toronto FC over the summer, that blew my mind! He’s been at the club since 2010 and is 30 years old. He still has years left in him at the top, but he’s going to MLS. Just why, Napoli are in a decent position and have been competing, so the club being in a bad state wouldn’t be it. Guess money then, they must have offered a lot. He is basically going to retire now, and at Toronto instead of the club he’s been at for years……

Premier League:
Well, it's been a little bit and City are starting to catch some steam, with Liverpool and Chelsea behind them closely! It's going to be a tight race for sure, if City stay consistent then it's their title. But man, somehow Arsenal are in 4th! I had no idea they were in some form, but they're getting better and better. Hard to imagine it, because early on they lost their first 3 games and were awful, but now it's changed. West Ham got some injuries and lost some steam and now are in 5th, which sucks. Really hope they get in form, it would be cool to see them in the UCL. ManUTD, Spurs, and Wolves are behind them and edging closer too, so this is going to be interesting to see how it will play out. They were the first team to beat them in the league and in a dominant way too. Then they beat Chelsea in a thriller, that last goal was outrageous. Mendy wasn't good that game, his worst percentage as a Chelsea player. But props to West Ham though, David Moyes has transformed them into competing for a uefa champions league place. Origi is so clutch man, scored last minute against Everton, scored 2 against Barca during the comeback win, scored in the UCL final to seal their win... he's actually clutch at times, insane xD. He fulfills his role perfectly as a super sub, try to get involved in the play and make an impact. It's really paid off haha.
Salah is just insane, this season shows that he's the best player in the world right now. 31 G/A this season for Liverpool already... and he's going to get even more. If he keeps up this form and even manages to win some trophies, then he'll surely win the Ballon D'or next year... he's been unplayable this year, everything about his game reminds me of prime Messi lmao. For sure. Cancelo is the best RB in the world. He's lethal in attacking on the wing, his long passes are insane and defending he's great as well. 4 assists in the prem as a rb... And he's even just creating chances that lead to goals, like against Barca. He must have been watching KDB intensely, because wow. The assist against Everton was one of the best ones I've ever seen, from all the way back he lib painted him exactly.... that's just inhumane really. Glad to see he's found new life in City, he wasn't good at Juventus. Then City did a swap deal, him for Danilo and City absolutely stole from them xD.
So funny man xD. He was invisible for the whole time, only showed up scoring an offside goal and being childish by kicking people when they're down xD. They say that he carries the club and that Ronaldo wouldn't let anything like what happened to Messi happen, but when it did radio silence xD. He didn't do shit for that game, and lost 5-0 lmaoo. He somehow stayed for a lot longer than I thought, he should have been sacked ages ago lmao. And not to mention the fact they were close to the relegation zone xD. Losing to them with the squad that Man UTD has... that's just embarrassing xD. And getting absolutely wrecked by them... Ronnie didn't show up as well in that game either. And I thought that he wouldn't allow such a thing to happen?? Haha yea, turns out Ragnick is the one to lead them. Never would have thought about him being the new manager, in fact I think the rumors started to appear soon right after. It's an interesting choice for sure, like you said they're doing better defensively and are doing some set plays, but offensively they haven't improved. Their wins under him have been 1-0's, with the squad he has they need to score more. He finally got his first goal lmaoo, took forever. Yea, he should stayed at Dortmund for a little longer, he doesn't seem to be ready. Before he was playing badly, and getting substituted off. He's picked up some form now so we'll see how good he is. Maguire is such a clown man, he's so awful. I saw that, him celebrating against Albania. Cuffing his ears, acting like he was criticized unfairly and saying he doesn't care. Then next game he gets sent off for a dumb mistake lmaoooo. How is he the most expensive defender, what a joke.
He has 7 goals in the prem, he's going off. Didn't know him, but good for him haha.
With City, it took a while for them to get where they are now. If Newcastle plan to go for bigger Then they need to buy better players. Their current squad isn't good enough, do they better use that money wisely. Heard rumors of Coutinho and Demeble getting offers from them, would be crazy to see them playing on a Newcastle jersey. Saint Maximum is the exception though, he's been decent for them. They need a complete overhaul of their squad.
Oh wow I didn't know that too... that's pretty sad really. Yea, he got 800 goals by typical Ronaldo fashion, tap in and penalty lmao. CR7 fans were yelling GOAT shouts throughout, so annoying. They're so double sided, whenever Messi scores a tap-in or penalty, they act like that's bad... while their idol does the same thing for a majority of his career. Unlucky that he didn't get credit for his bicycle kick, it sucks it happened on the same day.
Well they lost to Chelsea and LFC in their last couple of games, but they're big teams and it was understandable that they didn't win really. They've still been really good overall, they look more balanced now. Yeah it was a really great gesture... football rivalries aren't important enough to get in the way of this, sometimes people have to come together.. was a nice tribute to see.
City destroyed Leicester 6-3, holy crap. 4 goals in the first half, then Leicester almost came back in the second. Maddison was involved in all their goals, what a player. City finished them off though, they’ve been outstanding in the Prem. What’s funny though is that Leicester lost badly to City, but then they beat Liverpool 1-0, with backup CB’s xD. City are 8 points clear at the top, they’re going to win the league again xD. Pep has made the Premier league into a farmers league xD.
United and West Ham are competing for 5th, United got destroyed by Newcastle. They have to thank De Gea for the draw, Ronaldo was horrible (he nutmegged himself trying to do a volley xD.) But once again, he scored a tap in after the goalkeeper parried it into his path against Burnley. He also got an assist for doing a simple pass and McTominay scoring from outside the box. Of course his fans start to hype him up, his standards are so low xd.
Arsenal are quietly having a good season, Smith Rowe has been on fire

Ligue 1:
This guy is so stupid, Messi had 3 assists playing as a CAM, great! But then next game he sticks him on the right again, hoping the same thing will happen. Of course it won't happen, how dumb do you have to be to not know where to properly use Messi... freaking Koeman knew how to use him better ffs! Yea, somehow Poch is doing the impossible, being bad while having a talented front 3... they're managing draws now and not scoring enough goals. Last 5 games, they've DRAWN 3... that's unacceptable. The way he has them playing MAKES them defend more than attack, hoping to counter attack...WITH THAT FRONT 3, YOU SHOULD BE ATTACKING MORE, having Messi setting up the play and passes, with Neymar on the wings and Mbappe using his speed and skill down the middle making runs.... just sack this guy already and bring Zidane in January, because I don't see them beating Real. He doesn’t know how to utilize them, there's a reason why he lost the league to Lille last season….
They literally drew against a team that lost their last 8 matches in a row.... They were saved by an equalizer in the last minute... He needs to go, should be sacked already.
At this point and time, it seems like he's going to leave over the summer. The way they're playing now and their results aren't in PSG's favor, while Madrid have been on fire this season and with Bemzema and Vini on the form they're in, Mbappe joining their ranks would be lethal and he knows it. Benzema is French and they're friends too, not to mention all the stuff Perez has said to news about openly wanting him to sign lmao. And it's no secret that it's been his dream, his mother even mentioned it as well. It would be surprising if he doesn't leave tbh. He wanted to leave over the summer, but PSG didn't let him go when they were bidding 200 million. Now he has the chance to go for free, surely it will happen. What's funny is that he called Messi the best player in the world lmao, when he joins Real he won't be saying that anymore.
I will say that Mbappe seems to enjoy playing with Messi, they are a great duo.
Only way I see him staying is if Zidane comes, and they win the UCL somehow.
Classic Messi goal, we've seen it a thousand times. Him getting the ball, running towards the defenders, cutting in and slotting it from outside the box into the bottom corner... Ronaldo wouldn't know because all he scores are tap ins from goalkeeper mistakes nowadays lmao.
Messi ends the year with still only one goal in the league for PSG... curse Poch man. Everyone is just talking shit about Messi. Saying he's washed, when he has 5 goals in the UCL (the competition that really matters to PSG) and when last year he hasn't scored an open play goal since November, then went on to be the league top scorer... He has been playing well for PSG, he's been getting unlucky, hitting the post 6 times this season for them.... I think next year he'll start picking up his form again. He played well last game, so hope that carries on.
Jonathon David is the league top scorer with 12 goals, good for him!

Bayern once again won against them, it was a close game too. Yea, that was very controversial, the handball rule is so inconsistent. The ball hit his hand when he wasn't even trying to deliberately do it. It was an accident, he was just trying to protect himself but the refs deemed it intentional. But they didn't go to VAR for Reus's one, that makes sense! Typical Bayern I guess.
Yea, it's going to be one of those clubs. City would be my first guess as well, playing in the PL and under Pep, he could turn him into even more of a monster. With the squad that they have too, they don't have a proper striker so it would make the most sense to go there. With Ferran Torres leaving too, this opens up the possibility even more. Bayern are known to buy the league's best players from other clubs (that's totally fair, right!!), but even then I don't see them going for Haaland when they have Lewa. Real will get Mbappe likely, plus they have Vincius and Benzema. Barca just don't have the funds for him, he's likely going to cost 200 million or more. So City makes the most sense. Nkunku carrying them hard, he deserves to go to a bigger club. Who knows where though.
Oh yea my bad, I had them mixed up for some reason. This time, they were on the receiving end of a beating, it was nice to see that for once xD. Of course they lose 6-0 afterwards, talk about inconstancy xD. Nice to see Schick in goal scoring mode this season, after the Euro's he had xD. He's on 16 goals, with Lewa above him with 19.
Congrats to Lewadownski for scoring 69 goals in a calendar year! He's tied Ronaldo's best goal scoring calendar year record lmaoo, happy for him. He's been one of the best strikers in this generation and has always been so consistent. Should have won the 2020 Ballon D'or, but he's making a case for the next one.

Both teams should have scored, they both were super unlucky aha xD. They weren't dominating the match like they should have though and they were super lucky that Benfica somehow missed an open goal right at the death... but it didn't matter because they got destroyed by Bayern, losing 3-0 again! Bayern own Barca lmaoo xD, they always beat them badly. Going into the match, I had no faith in them beating or even drawing with them xD. And no way Bayern were going to let them off easy, they went all out for it. In the first 20 mins though, Barca were paying well. They were creating chances and even had chances to shoot on goal. If they took their chances a bit better, then they could have possibly scored. But predictably, Bayern finally got the hang of the match and it all went downhill after their first goal. They didn't have a shot on target, that's incredible xD. That first goal, everyone was standing still like statues xD. The second one was just awful goalkeeping from Ter Stegen, how has he gotten so bad... Bayern could have scored more too, and somehow Lewa didn't score. Muller has scored 8 goals against them, his favorite team to score against in the UCL. It's insane to see how Bayern have Barca's number: in the 10 times they've played against each other, Bayern have won 8! 28 goals against them to 13. And not to mention certain losses such as the 3-0’s this season, losing 7-0 on aggregate in 2013, and of course the infamous 8-2.
Welp, it's a whole new world for Barca now, because now they're going to play in the Europa League for the first time since 2001! This was their doing, in the group they were in 2nd should have been their goal. No one was expecting them to beat Bayern, but Benfica and Kyiv for sure.. the only team they beat in the group stage was Kyiv and not in a convincing way at all! They lost 3-0 to Benfica and drew with them and of course got destroyed by Bayern. All while scoring just 2 goals.... 2 goals in the whole group stage... Kyiv and Malmo scored only one goal.. They did better than them by just one goal.. that's just disappointing.
Atletico always get so lucky, I swear. They have so much luck at times, Simeone really gets lucky. Porto dominated the match at the beginning, they had loads of chances that they just couldn't finish. Then Griezmann scores and it all goes downhill from there. That brawl was crazy, everyone was involved xd. Shocked that Pepe wasn't sent off during that, but Porto did go down to 10 men. Shouldn't have gotten that heated, and it cost them. Then they concede more and are going to Europa. It really sucks, Atleti got lucky that Milan didn't win against Liverpool too. Sucks that Milan are out, wanted to see Ibra in the KO stages.
I'm getting the same vibes from them as the Ajax team from 2019, you can feel the magic in the air. Really hope they do well in the ko stages now. They had a perfect record, scored the second most goals (after Bayern), and are just playing solid football all around. The football they play is just so appealing, here’s hoping they reach the final this time. Still can't believe that Spurs beat them in the semi finals in 2019, they were just seconds away from going to the final.... Lucas carried hard and because of it we got the most boring final ever in the end xd. Yeah, I hate when players overreact when they get fouled, so that the offender will get a harsher consequence because of it. There was no need for that, they were playing well, why do that. Ikr, I would have thought they would have finished 2nd in the group, with Haaland scoring loads of goals. Though he was injured a majority of their UCL run, so that was a big factor. Sporting were lucky, literally having their goals handed to them on a silver platter. They scored their chances to be fair, and Dortmund couldn't and it cost them. 5-0, they were angry haha xD. Feel bad for Besiktas haha.
Oh no wonder, I didn't even know that Moldova was a country xd! But they had the biggest upset win ever, beating the team that has the most UCL’s ever! And scoring insane goals against them too, like the last minute winner. Same, guessing through different qualifications and beating loads of teams to make it xD. Not sure entirely how it works, but they took their chances and made a name for themselves during the process! And they'll still continue on doing so in the Europa league, they're exceeding expectations! Most people would think they would finish bottom, but they managed an EL spot. Good for them, hope they go far.
Good choice, for me it's either Liverpool or Bayern. Both teams won all their games in the group stage, both teams were dominant, and they have insane players (Salah and Lewa), so that makes me think that they'll continue on. Let's see if they’ll stay consistent throughout though. PSG are way too inconsistent for me to consider favorites. Before the season started, I was backing them to win it, but now after seeing some of their matches and the results they're getting, I don't see it happening. Bayern’s defense can be leaky at times, but I think they'll bring their best when facing the top clubs. Same man, City I just can't see them winning it. I don't know why, they have an insane squad, but they always bottle it in the end when it matters. Like last year, they should have won but they were outplayed by Chelsea in the final. They're not as deadly as Liverpool or Bayern were, so I can see them losing against one of them or another top team. But who knows, maybe they'll be in great form heading into the ro16. I also want to say Ajax can be a favorite, but can they play good football against one of the top teams though...
I know man, Ronnie fans say he doesn't have it easy, but it's kinda hard to make that statement when he gets these kinds of mistakes on a consistent basis. Just why do goalkeepers all of a sudden have 0 IQ whenever they play against Ronaldo, but are Superman against Messi. His whole group stage run was lucky, they had a couple of late goals scored and most of them were lucky and bottle jobs from the opposing team! Villarreal were dominating them the whole time, but at the end the goalkeeper made a mistake and Ronaldo scored from it. And in the 2 Atalanta games, both times Atalanta were up 2-0 and still somehow bottled! People say that Messi has luck, they are hypocrites! How do you bottle it twice, c'mon now. They had weak performances throughout and still finished first, that's crazy xD. If only Atalanta didn't bottle their games against ManU, they could have been first. They did well against them, but it wasn't meant to be. And same against Villarreal, they had to beat them and almost came back from 3-0, especially in the end, but once again it wasn't meant to happen. So unlucky...
Good on Lille, in that group anybody could have advanced. They play better in the UCL than Ligue 1, Jonathon David is so good for them. I had thought Sevilla would be first but nope, they are going to their favorite competition xD. It does seem like they did it on purpose haha. So it's already decided, Sevilla will win the EL! It wouldn't shock me, they're the masters of that competition xD.
Juve are doing better in the group stage of the UCL than in Serie A, wtf. They beat Chelsea 1-0, and got first in the group. Chelsea bottled a 3-0 lead against Zenit and ended up drawing, which led them to finish second xD. Sucks for Werner haha xD, he was playing well that game.

So the Ro16 draw has finally happened, and boy do we have some insane matches. Real vs PSG... didn't think that would happen. Well at first it didn't, since somehow UEFA messed up the draw and had to do it again a couple hours later xD. But anyway, wow what a fucking game that will be. Messi going back to his training ground (although tbf he hasn't scored against Real since 2018) Ramos against his old club and Mbappe against his future club. But yea, I see Madrid winning xD. With how they're playing and the way PSG are, Real could destroy them. Messi has scored more goals against them than any player ever, plus he's playing better in the UCL than Ligue 1. So maybe they could do it, we'll see. Other teams got easier draws, Liverpool vs Inter will be interesting, Liverpool are going to face both Milan clubs. And there's Atletico vs United too. Atleti always bottle against Ronaldo, so I can see the same happening here as well.
So who are your predictions on who will go onto the quarter finals (there's no away goal rule this year as well, so teams will play their best). Here's my prediction: Real, City, Bayern, Liverpool, Chelsea, Juve, United and Ajax.

Conference League:
UEFA and they're bright ideas huh xD. Guessing it brings more revenue for them then xD. Didn't know it was a thing until I saw it pop up on my feed xD. It's like the Nations League, a glorified friendly tournament that has no meaning whatsoever and is there just to bring hype and money xD. Same, some of their names I can't even pronounce xD. Will Spurs finally win a trophy!
Yea, one of them should be winning it easily xd, they're the biggest clubs there. Roma and Spurs are both inconsistent as hell, so my money will be on Rennes too. Yea, I looked it up and 3rd gets to go in this competition. So there's now Leicester and Marseille too! That adds a bit more flavor I guess xD. Both of them are pretty good teams as well, so I wouldn't be shocked if either of them won it as well. The winners get a spot in the Europa league (what a prize) and 5 million. It's a tournament for smaller teams, so it makes sense.

World Cup Qualification:
Haha same, shit is so outrageous to even think about how it all happened, but more on it later xD. He's one of the best at pens and has taken a lot of them, but missed a crucial one when they needed it the most. He missed his last couple of ones too, so not sure why he was taking the super important one. Yea I thought that was strange. His whole gimmick is the run up and do a little pause, to make the goalkeeper second guess himself and go the wrong way. And it's worked a majority of the time for him, he does it with pinpoint accuracy. But instead he decides to brute force it, but he put too much power in his shot and it went into space xD. Maybe, he also could have thought since the goalkeeper would know his usual strategy, to go for a different one to surprise him. If so, that backfired on him. Should have stuck with his regular routine, he would have at least hit the target.
He’s called Mr. Clutch, but didn't score when he needed to against Serbia and now has to go through a qualification round to go to the world cup. I dunno about you, but I feel like scoring in the last game of qualification to send your team to the world cup would be clutch, but he didn't do It! He disappeared the whole game. The goals he scored were against the weakest teams in the whole European football association... And his group was so easy but he still didn't manage to make it. Against Serbia, the only good team in the group, he was a ghost. People call him Inevitable, but Jota and Silva had to carry him! He didn't score once against Serbia during qualification! He scored against the farmers, but wasn’t clutch when he needed to be. If it was Messi, his fans wouldn't leave it alone.
Hahaha yea, I saw the list XD. ESPN literally posted the list on the teams he scored the most and I busted out laughing xD. That list says it all haha: Luxemburg, Lithuania, Andorra, Hungary, Armenia, Estonia, Faroe is that so impressive xD? They hype up his record, but looking at the teams he's scored against, it's not that impressive! A whole 70% of his international goals are against bad and average teams. But against the top top teams in Europe, he only has 1-2 goals, what a GOAT!!! The greatest goalscorer of all time, scoring one goal against Germany!!! Ice cold. I mean, his favorite teams to store against literally have players that are part timers!! How is that even impressive xD. People need to look at his opponents, because it's not impressive at all xD. LuxemburgMan is more comfortable scoring against the weaker teams and part timers than giants like Germany, Spain, Italy!! Truly the GOAT, congrats to him for breaking the record!

Same, holy shit this is going to be intense! My picks are the same as well haha. It would be so nice to see Ibra at a world cup again (he was retired from Sweden and didn’t play in the 2018 world cup, so seeing him back again would be cool) and I have to see Italy knockout Portugal please. It would be absolutely amazing to see the so-called GOAT miss out on a world cup. If you claim to be the GOAT, you can't miss out on the world cup! Surely not, you have to lead your team to It! Messi did back in 2017, Scoring a hatrick to send his team to the wc. If Portugal don't go to the world cup, it would be so surreal and his fans would go batshit insane over It and think of every excuse for him xD.
Italy have legendary players that need to play in the WC one last time before they retire xD. Really hope Italy doesn't bottle it and go all out on them. I saw a Ronaldo fan say that if Portugal beat Italy, that it would be better than anything Messi has accomplished. Which makes no fucking sense since Messi lead Argentina to the world cup and even made the final, while LuxemburgMan has no KO round G/A in any world cup. But yea, it would be better ;).
HMM I guess so. Like the match against England in the Euro’s, they actually beat Germany. I wasn't expecting that at all xD. And they didn't have a good Euro's and last wc they were knocked out in the group stage... So thinking about it more, maybe Germany isn't the best choice xD. But that's the past and now Germany has some better players haha, I still see them going far. Ah interesting choices, those teams are so sacked and have loads of talent. The last 2 teams that won the world cup went out into the group stage, will the same fate happen to France xD. I thought that France would win the Euro's, since their team has so much talent and Benzema came back, but they lost to Switzerland in pens after bottling a lead.. Brazil is insane, but lost to Argentina... They still do have insane talent and Vini has been a monster these days. Spain are all around good too, with young talent... hard to pick a clear winner!

Ballon D'or:
FINALLY SOMEONE IS ELSE WHO IS REASONABLE AND KNOWS FACTS. God it's been so annoying seeing all of those comments everywhere. I really don't get how people can look at Messi's stats last year and say it was undeserved. Ex-fucking-actly man, for some reason they bring up the fact that Lewa scored more goals, which is a dumb argument. As you said, there are already awards for those exact things! If it was for goals, then why did Cannavaro win it when he's a defender? The Ballon D'or has always been for the best player. And comparing their stats, you can easily see Messi was the overall better player. The only category Lewa was better in was goals, and even then Messi wasnt that far. Messi contributed more to his club, he helped score, make, assist a majority of Barca's goals in 2020-2021. And he did it in a tougher league as well, the Bundesliga isn’t as tough as La Liga. Messi was the reason why Barca finished 3rd, without him they would have finished lower.
Exactly, trophies are a big factor as well (which was why Jorginho was a favorite). In 2018, Modric won the CL for the 3rd time in a row, was good for Madrid all throughout the season, and was MVP in the world cup (world cup also plays a big factor too). In 2020, everyone agrees that Lewa should have won it. Scored a lot, had amazing performances, and Bayern won the treble. That easily solidified his win for 2020, but sadly it was canceled. Now in 2021, it's completely different. Bayern won the league, but they always do so it's really nothing special. They won the Club World Cup, but it's still not important enough to justify Lewa winning the Ballon D’or. He got eliminated from every other competition, and didn't do so well in them. While Messi had one of the best international campaigns ever: 4 goals (tied most), 5 assists (most), won the MVP for the tournament (tied with Neymar), and most importantly finally won a trophy with Argentina (their first Copa America since 1993). He was involved in 9 out of the 12 goals Argentina scored, carrying them hard along with Martinez. Lewa's Euro's has nothing on it, that campaign alone won him the Ballon D'or.
And in terms of individual awards, Messi was better (La liga top scorer, top scorer and assists in copa america, and mvp.) While Lewa was bundesliga top scorer and european golden shoe winner. And not to mention records broken: Messi scored the most goals as a southern american player (breaking pele's record) and scoring the most goals in a single club (also breaking Pele's record.) Lewa only broke most goals in a Bundesliga season. (which is still impressive.)
So overall, looking at the stats and awards, it plain to see Messi deserved the Ballon D'or. People complain about PR and politics (as if Messi gives a fuck of politics, man only smiled when they showed his kids on the screen) He doesn't care about it like people seem to think, Messi's pr is him playing football. Another dumb thing people say is that since Lewa deserved the 2020 Ballon D'or, he should win the 2021. Which makes no sense, that would make it a sympathy award instead! In that case, France Football needs to give him the 2020 Ballon D’or. Messi himself said, during his speech, that they should award it to him. Blame France Football for that, not use it to hype up Lewa! It just makes no sense whatsoever that people say it was robbed, people just hate seeing Messi win it, voters fatigue. What was funny was Patrice Evra saying that Kante or Lewa should win the Ballon D'or, just because he's sick of seeing Messi win it..... that was it. And when Messi won it, he goes on a 7 min rant online saying dumb shit.. I guess he hates Messi, not surprising since Messi destroyed him in 3 UCL finals. I would hate him too haha, Evra should stick to licking raw turkey and stop talking shit.
But I do feel bad for him, he was robbed of a Ballon D'or in 2020 because Ligue 1 only had a couple of matches to play. Thy fucked up so bad that they literally created an award for him! It looks awful, like a cracker. They should have given him the 2020 Ballon D'or the same time Messi won his 7th. Then maybe everyone would shut up about it.
God when people mention that, it annoys me so much. They don't know how the Ballon D'or works it seems. It's for the fucking calendar year, not a month. It wouldn't make any sense if it was for a month. Logic goes out of the window when people try to downplay Messi. The stats and trophies should speak for themselves why Messi won it. PR and politics had nothing to do with it, people grasp at straws so much. If it was Ronaldo, people wouldn't be mentioning this. Messi has different standards than him, we've seen his brilliance for so long that people expect a lot from him. While Ronaldo gets praise for tap-ins, they are not the same.
It's frustrating trying to show these things to people, because they're in denial whenever you show them facts. You show it to them and they look the other way, you can't reason with them. Haha nice, it's not worth wasting brain power on them xD. They'll type paragraphs and then more people will get involved and angry haha. They hate the fact Messi won his 7th, love it.
It is insane to think about and funny as well xD. His fans were so mad, crying injustice when it was deserved xd. He's always done that, not showing up when he doesn't win, so disrespectful. When he doesn't win, he cries online. Messi didn't cry when he finished 5th in 2018, he didn't care. I did in fact hear about it, it was trending. He just revealed his true nature, he's so narcissistic and delusional. He actually thinks he was robbed, how stupid can you be?! His stats don't come close to them and he only won the Coppa Italia. Juve lost the league for the first time in 9 years, he made them worse. But now, here he is being toxic. And on a public website where millions of people saw it. There's a rumor that his entourage talks shit about Messi and Ronaldo calls him motherfucker behind his back. So all this talk about wanting to have dinner is total BS, he clearly doesn't respect him. Wonder how Messi felt about this whole debacle.
I crack up whenever I saw that, how the fuck did he finish 3rd. I knew that him winning two big trophies would play a big factor, but 3rd?! It's a joke and the fact there was propaganda for him to win it! Tbh yea, Modric winning the Ballon D'or was a shock. He didn't have that many goals and assists, compared to the other top 5. His performances though were good and him having an amazing world cup certainly contributed to it. Still think Messi should have won it, him finishing 5th was a disgrace. But that was more deserved than Jorginho finishing so high. He wasn't even the best midfielder or player in Chelsea, Kante was! He had average performances throughout the season, most of his goals were from penalties. And for Italy during the Euro’s, he was average! Chiesa, Donnarumma, Veratti, and Barella were better than him, he didn't even win best player, Donnarumma did! Not to mention, he missed the penalty that could have made them lose the final, Donnarumma bailed him out. He didn't deserve to finish top 3, yet alone top 10. Only reason was his trophies, that's it!
Oh nice, that's crazy xd. Good job getting the top 5 correct haha. I had Mbappe in my top 5, can't believe he finished 9th xD. What lunch did he get you?

Cool to see we were watching similar shows. Oh that sucks, feel bad for you about that. Since a majority of these anime ended, I'll just add my thoughts on them.
86 Part 2: The ending gave me so many questions and hyped me up for what would follow, and it's delivering. The world building is so good, I didn't even think about other countries fighting in this war, but it totally makes sense. Helps bring a feeling of importance to the world. It sucks for them, they're still being sent off to die, doing the government's work in the end. When will they catch a break xD. Lena feeling bad about what happened to them, she's taking action making sure it doesn't happen again and is more assertive now. Seeing how 86 still won't let go of their old ways hurts, they only know the world of the battlefield. That's what they said too, that real normal life isn't for them. They would rather die in the war than live normal lives. Shin is just an empty shell, since he accomplished his goal of killing his brother, he doesn't know what to do anymore.. he has no meaning. I'm so excited for the eventual Lena and Shin meet up, face to face this time! More and more things keep happening, it's insane.
So as I'm sure you know, 86 has been paused due to broadcasting problems. It seems like they can't get any air dates as soon as March, meaning we have to wait 3 whole months for the conclusion of it :/. It really sucks too, you can tell that something was going to happen to the anime, since it kept on getting delayed. Doesn't help with the fact they left in a big cliffhanger xD.
Seeing Shin going battle crazy was pretty nuts ngl xD. The story about Fredrica and Kiriya was so sad, man went crazy cuz he thought she died. Shin and Fredrica talking about loneliness was very hard too, we got to see a bit more into Shin's thoughts. He has to kill Kiriya, so Fredrica can have some closure, if any. Also Kiriya looking like a jrpg final boss though lmao. The fight between them was insane, Shin soloing him for a while, but then getting assisted (I'm like 90% sure) Lena! I think that was her voice and the missiles reminded me of when she sent them to help 86 last time. So surely it has to be her! But then Kiriya self-destructed himself, leaving Fredrica and Shin dealing with that.... And then we gotta wait 3 months for the conclusion xD. It really sucks, but I'm excited to see how it'll end. It'll be March eventually, just have to wait a bit.
Demon Slayer: Mugen Train: Yeah, it's a strange choice xD. I didn't think that this season would be a recap, since the movie is literally the most successful anime flick ever. It's strange, I watched the first two episodes, then decided to just read in Reddit what was changed/added. And really it was nothing, just some minor changes and small things that didn't really affect it. This was a waste of time, the movie is right there. Why make a full season recap of it, and only add minor things to it. It makes no sense to me, only the first episode was worth watching. I actually enjoyed the movie, and thought it was fun. I liked the first season more for sure, the whole movie they were just on the train the whole time which made it a bit repetitive. I didn't mind the illusions, since we got to see some scenes with Zenitsu and the others. The scene where Tanjiro fought the demon and him showing illusions of his family was sad to me, and Tanjiro having to hurt himself to wake himself up was crazy. But the villain was pretty boring, nothing too special about him. The fight with Rengoku and the upper demon was the best part, ufotable was flexing hard. Seeing Rengoku pulling off all these moves and surprising the demon was insane. Him dying was sad, I would have liked him to have loved longer since he seemed pretty cool. Tanjiro throwing his tachi and it hitting the demons back while he called him a coward hit hard too. They nailed the ending, the first half of the movie was decent for me. Since S2 is finally airing, I'll add it next time you reply back, since it'll be for Winter.
Komi-San: OLM was the perfect studio for Komi! I was afraid that the anime adaptation for Komi would be lazy and cut out the atmosphere of it, but they nailed it. Having Kaguya's VA. For Komi was a perfect choice, hearing her little noises was so cute. Adaptation wise, they're not skipping a whole lot and keeping it rather consistent. But yea, I do wished they cut out the side characters because holy fuck, the anime reminded me how much I hated a majority of the side characters in Komi-san. Yamai is an abyss level character, there's nothing to her besides being super annoying and horny for Komi, bordering to creppy levels of stalking and such. I forgot she kidnapped Tadano, that shit was awful. She's just horny for Komi and it's so annoying seeing her onscreen and even in the manga. That's what I thought too, that if only they skipped the parts with the bad side characters and focused more on the romance between Komi and Tadano, since they're my favorite part of the series. I don't see them going all the way to a S5, at most a S3 xD. But They better cut some chapters out, since we still have to meet the gyaru girl.
So it was announced that the anime is getting a second season in spring. Little shocked that it's happening so soon, but if they stay consistent with the art and everything, then I'm happy. They ended on the maid cafe and karaoke chapters, which was fine. They ended on chapter 73, so they skipped around a bit. Which was fine, overall the anime was beautiful and felt like a proper adaptation of Komi-San. Although the anime reminded me how much I hated the side characters xD. S2 should have the romance parts we are looking for and new characters, excited about that.
Mushoku Tensei: I am as well, the world building and character development has been even better. I'm always looking forward to a new episode to see what'll happen. I agree, for it being an isekai, I was shocked at how much depth these characters have and their conflicts. Like with Rudeus and his past, we learned how he became a NEET in the first place. The argument and make up of Paul and Rudy was great to see, and Eris's growth from being a troll to caring about Rudeus was nice. Aisha was a nice addition, she was a troll the whole time and even changed her opinion on her brother xD. Oh boy and here we go...
So the fight with the Dragon God was fucking insane man! They all stood no choice at all! Man outboxed Rujerd and swatted away Eris like she was nothing! And he just completely wrecked Rudy, legit killing him. Even with his Demon Eye's he still wasn't fast enough, it's not so op. What is interesting to me is that he has met with The Man God before, but why exactly. That's what set him off to kill Rudy. And then the girl who was with him said something and Orsted revived him... just who is she and what did she say that made him change his mind?! The world building is insane, this is one of my favorite isekai. In the end, it could be too. I have the light novels downloaded and I plan to read them one day.
The final two episodes, Rujerd leaving actually made me tear up a bit man.. They were traveling for so long but now he leaves them. Eris learning her parents and grandfather being dead hit her so hard, understandable as well. Then Eris and Rudy literally fuck, ngl I'm iffy on it, since in real life he's older than her. But then Eris leaves Rudy to go on a journey with Ghilane to get stronger, leaving Rudy super depressed. He stays in bed and thinks back to his days as a NEET and how he didn't take the chance to go out and reclaim his place in the world. But them Rudy remembers his mom and decides he has to go find her (also where the fuck is she, that place looked so crazy?!). He finally decided to go out in his new life and find his mom. Interested about the end credits too.
Overall this season was amazing, can't say more than that xD. I'm impressed with the time and dedication they put into this isekai, giving it the treatment it deserves. Can't wait for the events of season 2!
Saihate no Paladin: Yea, the start where he is getting trained by the undead and learning from them was very good and unique for an isekai to go this route. I liked their dynamic, they were prepping him to go out to the real world. It was like a real family and he was learning different things from each of them. It was very sad seeing them go away in the end, and the fight with the god was pretty cool too. I did get Rudeus sort of vibes, he starts out as a baby and grows from there, wanting to have a better life than his previous one. In fact, the author did state that Mushoku inspired him to write this, which is cool. Yea, the whole time I was waiting to finally go out into the world and see what's there, but it's been really slow. The new characters are okay, not sure why he forgave the white elf guy when he said he was going to kill the villagers for food, but okay. The other two just started traveling with him pretty fast lmao. Some conflict happened, with Will feeling bad for getting the white elf hurt. Overall, I did like this season but it's just too slow for me to enjoy. Not that rushing things would have made it better, but I wanted some more action.
Assassin Isekai: This was a decent isekai, cool to see the mc as a dark character who actually kills with his op powers, that's interesting. They did a twist with him having to kill the Hero instead of the Demon Lord, that's new. It's definitely edgy, but it fits it well, they use the assassin aspects of it pretty fine. Everything about it is pretty decent, there's effort in the magic system as well.
So Lugh saves Dia from being killed, I liked the way he killed that guy lmao. Looks like Dia will be living with him for now on. And we got to see the real Hero as well, feel like it's setting up for a season 2. But who knows if it'll get one, most seasonal isekai don't get any.
Senpai ga Uzai: Ah it's nice to find someone else who is enjoying this as well! I had no expectations going into this, but the first episode had me hooked xd. I was smiling throughout it and I knew I was going to enjoy it a lot. I like Futaba and Takeda's dynamic, so amusing. Sakurai and Kazama are so good too. I love the fact that Sakurai is voiced by Saori Hayami. Their dynamic is super cute as well, Kazama is in there. There were lots of cute and chill moments with this anime, it's the perfect thing to watch if you want some laughter or just chill. Enjoyed it a lot thoroughly. The New Year's date between the couples was nice. And the fact that this was a 4-koma adaptation is crazy, they really added a lot of things for it being just a 4 page manga! Hope for a season 2, please haha.
Banished Hero: I'm mixed on it as well. The plot with the medicine and demons were mid, but I really like how the romance doesn't drag at all. Like 4 eps in, they kiss! And before that she moves in with him xd. And now they slept with each other and even bathed together, god damn! I honestly thought that the whole season they were going to tease the romance, but they didn't and that's a plus. Wished more anime in general did it, instead of leaving it open ended. Rit and Red's dynamic is pretty good, Rit is top tier for sure. If they focused more on the romance, I would have cared more about the story.
Ruti's story hurt me though, she doesn't even want to be the Hero. She has no emotions and she's pretty much forced to be the Hero, the one to kill the Demon King. She just wants to stay by Red's side, hearing her say all of that really hits. Overall, this anime was decent. Some good characters, but I didn’t care too much for the plot.
Takt Op: This anime turned out to be so bad in the end xd. I already wasn’t a fan of the music thing they had going on, seems dumb to me that music has the much power in that world. The story was a mess too. The MC was a dick to the two girls mostly, complaining about not getting to play music all the time got annoying. I liked Destiny though, kuudere ftw. The only good part of it was the animation and the fight scenes, especially episode 8.
So the ending... wtf happened. First off, Destiny's sister kisses him for no fucking reason (she even said she doesn't know why she did that lmao). She was literally pushing the mc and Destiny on a date and she does that wtf. The fusion between Hell and the other Servant looked weird, the main bad guy died pretty fast, and I'm still confused about the ending. Apparently this whole anime was a prequel for the gacha game that comes out next year.... Now I can't get mad at them for promoting it, but it's still annoying as hell. And now the sister is a servant or Destiny now???? I didn't like this anime lmao, it was a waste of time.
So what are you going to watch next season?
Anyways I hope you had a great holidays. And Happy New Year as well :)!
InTheDatabase Dec 29, 2021 1:24 AM
Only the best for our girl Shoukaku.

Damn that was a really cute image....and Tsukasa was in it as well, you know how to make my heart go doki-doki! I hope you had a good one as well :)

Speaking of.....that uhhhh...."thing" you wrote...I know it's my duty know to write a conclusion to it but you set the bar incredibly high on this one...
InTheDatabase Dec 22, 2021 3:15 AM
In light of the chaos and confusion sparked by recent announcements, Santa Database has decided to grant you your Christmas gift a little bit earlier. I know it will not go unappreciated. I trust you will take good care of her.
InTheDatabase Dec 22, 2021 3:10 AM
I’m not saying the French or Muricans would have been good, I’m just saying that out of all the possible bad choices, Ironblood is the worst one. This should have 100% been the Royal Navy, since Ironblood already had something this year. What doesn’t help in this matter is my slight bias for the Royal Navy and against Ironblood.
Yeah, apparently they will be adding 4 new gacha UR’s over the course of 2022. Given how it’s worded, we can quite confidently assume a Shinano rerun to happen in 2022. I have 2 gripes with this: firstly is obviously the cubes, like you mentioned. That is a bare minimum, but even with the extra cubes you get from various sources, getting to the pity of the UR event is very narrow, let alone when adding the non-UR events into the equation. I’m not a fan of adding a separate currency for the reruns, I’d rather they drastically increase the amount of cubes gained overall. And I know just the right place to start! Commissions. For the love of god make those 6h, 7h and 8h cube commissions guaranteed to give cubes.
The second issue I have is the following: I don’t know if I ever told you, but a few years ago I collected Pokemon cards for a while (I regret that now honestly). That was back in 2016/2017, and what’s relevant here is the composition of the sets. All the cards were numbered, for example 17/200, basically meaning that at first glance, there’s 200 cards in the set. That’s a lie because back in those days, every set would contain 1 or 2 secret rares numbered 201/200 or something similar. That was exciting and collector friendly. Current sets however, can have around 20 secret rares and to me this sort of ruins what was a fun idea. Hooking back onto AL, I feel like UR’s are becoming too frequent of an occurrence and when they do, they are becoming much more costly and becoming ever more collector unfriendly.

Anyways, let us review the ships and skins, and shed some positive light on this whole ordeal
New ships:
UR Ulrich – Not my type, underwhelming design for a UR and not worth getting to the pity for. I’m not gonna complain if she does show up but I’m not gonna be cheering either.
SR Adalbert – “That time Heinrich got reincarnated into Space Engineers” Same class as her and I think the same artist as well, so the fact that they look alike isn’t all surprising anymore. Like Heinrich, she too feels like an oddball in my image of the Ironblood.
SR Magdeburg – Available in the shop it seems. She does not look light a light cruiser at all, more like a submarine. There isn’t really too much to her design otherwise.
ELITE U-1206 – I don’t know what to comment on her tbh. I find there are very few interesting girls to find in the submarine class and this one fits right in.
ELITE Elbe – German Pamiat lmao, you’re quite right about that one. She does indeed have rather pretty eyes. Now I might actually try and pull for her (unfortunately she’s not the elite in the point accumulation, the submarine is) for the very simple reason in that she’s a light carrier aka Ironblood Main ship, aka the road to August becoming a little less arduous.
Overall, looks like an event worth skipping over and instead saving cubes for idk Northern Parliament, depending on whether they have decided to go through with alternate currency by then. Is it just me or is the first thing I noticed that there are only 5 ships in the event? Oh my, could that perhaps be because the Ironblood has simply run out of ships to add? O_O

New skins, which are always good.
Ulrich – Let’s start off with by far the worst one of them all. There is nothing appealing to find here, she almost looks like a drug addict of some sort, ready to do anything in a dark alley for a sniff of coke. Maybe that’s a bit rude to say, but those were my thoughts. 2/10 Can’t rate any skin a 1/10 since art-wise they’re all high-quality.
Adalbert –Definitely like her thiccness, with that underboob and thicc thighs. She doesn’t give off a maid impression to me but whatever, if she wants to serve me drinks, she can. 7/10
Magdeburg – Alright this one is actually pretty funny. I don’t know whether she is mad at the cat or trying to imitate it, but that ambiguity is a strength, not a weakness. I like this dress a lot more than her original skin, it’s simple and cute, plus she has small breasts as well and is not a loli. I swear we need more Champagne-esque girls in AL, 7/10
U-1206 – A rather standard maid uniform, though I do like the angle they chose here *smirk* 6/10
Elbe – Okay, now what the fuck? First of all that’s a lot of freaking beer, jesus christ, guessing it’s Octoberfest :’D But honestly what is that pose? Is she succumbing to the beer’s weight? Also she’s in high heels, so she must have mighty strong legs; if you have a leg-locked-forced-creampie fetish, she’s your girl 7/10
U-47 – I’m rather unimpressed here 5/10
Albacore – Who cares, it’s only Albacore 4/10
Leipzig – You home town waifu is getting her first skin lol. And it’s a pretty good one I’d wager, she looks really cute 7/10
Z46 – Ahh yes, my favourite German cutie. While her personality doesn’t really convey it, all of her skins are just so adorable. Call me biased, but this is a 9/10. Also that statue is amazing, though I can’t discern whether it’s Bismarck or Tirpitz.
Akatsuki – Don’t really care for her but this is rather cute 6/10
Suruga – Ever since I heard her oathed headpat lines, I can’t help but have a soft spot for Suruga. And given that she “couldn’t be found dead in a bunny girl outfit”, it surprises me that she wears this revealing Santa outfit (and it’s L2D as well, bouncing Suruga tiddies!) 8/10
Icarus – Very cute and precious, I’m glad they didn’t do anything lewd with this skin 8/10
Penelope – This skin doesn’t quite live up to the glory of her red dress skin. It’s some fine cleavage but overall feels a bit lacking 6/10
Noshiro – Damn Noshiro fans are getting spoiled lately. Smol tiddy appreciation, I won’t say no to that. Overall this maid outfit is cute, with all the hearts and such 7/10
Hakuryuu – I’m glad PR 4 is getting their first skins….that said, I don’t really care about Hakuryuu all that much and neither do I do about this outfit but it’s still allright 6/10
Queen Elizabeth – It still hurts that her first L2D is not in a Royal Navy event :/ That said I do really like this skin, Warspite’s expression in the background is gold. Literally any of QE’s skins is better than her default art lol 8/10
Choukai – Another first-time skinner! Very adorable maid with the I’m-cleaning-the-floor-and-you-can-almost-look-up-my-skirt-cliché 8/10
Howe – You know, I think Howe is an underappreciated girl on my tier list. She’s cute and makes cookies, definitely needs a re-evaluation. Now I don’t have her of course because god forbid a Royal Navy event amiright? Most skins have been cute so far, but this one is actually hot. Her outfit and ass/thigh exposure is hot, plus the fact that she's tied up allows for plenty of lewd scenarios . In fact, if I ever decide to draw lewd of Howe, this might be the skin I’ll be using 9/10
Bismarck – Ah yes, Bismarck will finally get another skin. That look on her face is amazing, it’s so cool. Her outfit is quite alright, about what I’d expect from an Ironblood maid, but Bismarck bias puts this at an 8/10
Marco Polo – This does not feel like Marco Polo for some reason, especially since I recently finished her in PR. I haven’t been able to make up my mind about this skin for that very reason. I do really dig the underboob, glad Dido opened up the door for that one :’D 6+/10
August – Saving the best for last. My Mommy Parseval is looking absolutely stunning here. That look on her face is just soooooo goooood and that ribbon in her mouth, I can only drool so much! Her eye-covering bang is a huge plus in her design, only adds to the seductiveness. Her sideboob and ass need to have their own religion. Also she’s a maid so she’ll serve me! I will have August serve me instead of the other way around! Easily my favourite skin of this event, 10/10. I am an August simp. Fight me.
InTheDatabase Dec 21, 2021 6:24 AM
I won't lie here, I'm salty, even saltier than toxic shippers when their ships aren't canon. This is getting ridiculous. I was skeptical when I heard rumors about the devs not caring about Royal Navy, but my god it seems to be true. You could have gone into hibernation for 2021 as a RN fan and not missed anything. FOR THE ENTIRETY OF 2000-fucking-21 THE ROYAL NAVY GOT NOTHING. No event, no rerun, only Formi, KGV and now some skins. And considering Northern Overture rerun is next, a potentially new RN is at its earliest March/April (I'm not shitting on NO here, that is justified and logical since it did air before Aurora Noctis).
Why Ironblood? Why choose the nation which has run fucking dry in terms of ships? What I wrote in my last reply is all the more true with this event. I wouldn't be as pissed as I am if it were a French or US event, but why choose fucking Ironblood again?
And to add salt to injury, more Royal Navy skins? And not just one but 4? Enough for their own event, the fuck? And Queen Elizabeth's first L2D is in a non-Royal Navy event?!?! And that Howe skin is even more insult to injury, good lucking getting her now, if you were a pitiful soul who joined after August 2020 :'D
4 UR's next year, excluding reruns and retrofits??? I have things to say about that, but it's not positive.
I also heard, but of which I'm not sure, that they're making reruns last shorter and won't add more ships, but maybe that will only apply to NO, dunno.
And on top of all this, the UR-design looks rather....underwhelming. New Jersey was fucking bombastic, a PRESENCE, that's the vibe they should go for.
The skins are good though.....maids....and they're not the fucking Royal Navy hahaHAHAAAAAAA. Salt aside, some of these skins are really good (August skin let's goooooo) but I'm not nearly as excited as I could be.
I'll probably go into more depth in my thoughts in my longer reply to you next time, but yeah this is ridiculous.
Did I say this was ridiculous?
RN better be getting at least 3 major events, Aurora rerun and PR 5 domination next year.
EDIT: alright they sent a mail with a free ring, they're getting some favor points back
InTheDatabase Dec 19, 2021 2:16 PM
Too late, I already used her for limit breaking :)
Ikr, every faction had a new event this year except for the Teacups and the Baguettes, and the Baguettes got a rerun. Meanwhile the Teacups got as good as nothing this year. Everyone far and wide should come to the logical conclusion that they desperately need an event as well as their first gacha UR. I deffo wouldn't mind either rerun tbh, Rossiya and crazy Russians on one hand, Perseus, Howe and Hermione on the other. Well Dreamwakers Butterfly wouldn't just be any normal rerun, but a UR rerun so it would require more thorough planning I'd assume.
I hope everything is good now and I won't have to suffer :D
InTheDatabase Dec 18, 2021 6:03 AM
Combining the merit shop with whom I already have, I only need U-556, since I got U-96 twice already XD
You gotta become stronger! Yeah, I find a new UR hard to swallow, but I do see the possibility of the new event starting before the year ends, on the 29th or something. I just hope it's the Royal Navy. I also heard rumors that Northern Overture is the next rerun.
Is it only a matter of putting in an email and entering the verification code?
InTheDatabase Dec 17, 2021 11:58 AM
Also question: did you bind your AL account to anything?
InTheDatabase Dec 17, 2021 1:28 AM
I got the Bismarck, I'm happy. I'm not too worried about KGV since she'll be in the merit shop afterwards.
Save your cubes. If you don't need nor really want them, then it's not worth it, especially since they're permanently available now anyways. And if (emphasis on IF) the 'rumored' "rumors" are true, there will be a new major event with a gacha UR before the end of the year soooo......maybe there will be more info on that in the JP stream held on the 21st or 22nd.
InTheDatabase Dec 15, 2021 1:39 AM

Lmfao, you don’t have to lewd her bro XD
Yeah, when you want to grind stages with the oil cost limit all your ships have to be at least level 80-85, although you can get away with a little less if you have a ship that carries the fleet anyways. I actually got to 69k in the Gridman event lol. It wasn’t for naught though, as I know possess this cutie and this questionable figure. I used up a bunch of the PR 1 combat data packs on her and I’ll probably save the rest of those for Neptune because I don’t know if it’s just me but Royal Navy vanguard ships….really aren’t that great XD
Opinion alert: Ironblood lacks the historical background to be a main naval faction. Was Nazi-Germany a major power in WW II? Absolutely. Was Nazi-Germany a main naval power in WW II? Nah. If we just take a look at the 8 Ironblood main fleet ships which are currently in the game and compare them to their irl counterparts, only 4 (Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Bismarck & Tirpitz) were fully functional. Graf Zeppelin was launched but never finished, Peter Strasser was scrapped halfway through her construction, Weser’s conversion was never finished and Zeppy is not real. That said, Ironblood does have a rich source of PR ship material, since the Kriegsmarine did have plans to majorly expand the surface navy but due to the outbreak of WW II those plans never came to fruition.
Speaking of Ironblood, I’ll soon fully limit break Gneisenau which means I’ll have exactly 630 Ironblood tech points so I’ll have to choose….I’ll probably go for Marco Polo for 2 reasons: 1) I want her to be the first Sardegnian ship in my dock, similarly with Saint Louis and 2) her second combat data mission requires Royal Navy ships and not Ironblood, meaning I can gauge how tedious grinding with only 3 Ironblood main fleet ships really is for the first mission. EDIT: alright, wasn’t so bad as I was expecting, with just 3 Ironblood main fleet ships I completed the first mission in 3 days where I let the game run in the background. So basically August and Odin would require about 9 days at best.
There’s more (and potentially better) Eurobeat songs out there imo like:
-Beat of the Rising Sun
-Black Out
-Night Fever
-Make Up Your Mind
-Dance Around the World
-Killing My Love
-Speedy Speed Boy
Yes, we were fools, delusional enough to think we could have a well-grounded opinion without interacting directly with the matter at hand. I definitely feel more knowledgeable now. Honestly, I feel like starting from scratch is the best solution at this point, going through each of the ships one by one and I think Illustrious will make the best starting point since she’s easily a top 10 member.
Well how couldn’t there be, given how often the MC nuts in raw ;) Well forget about it then! I never said anything so debauchery XD I once saw a doujin with Nelson and Rodney, in which Rodney and Commander uhhhh ‘forced’ themselves on Nelson lol. Okay you say that, but then the question needs to be asked: what if your waifu likes it rough? Whatcha do then?
OH NO THAT’S HOT. Continuation: as Renown is dazzled by Commander’s meat stick, he gestures to Littorio to comes closer to him and as soon as she’s in reach, he puts his hands upon her utterly magnificent cleavage, pulling her attire away to play with the nips. As she is becoming increasingly aroused, Commander starts moving his hand down slowly towards her private parts and slips it underneath…it’s wet down there…. *COUGH* *COUGH* That’s the end of the line!
Basically waifu reviewers have 2 modes between which they need to switch fluently. Some are better suited for one side of the spectrum whilst others are prone to discussion on sides, such as our Illustrious. You know what would be a great skin for Mainz? A casual skin on an outing with Commander, and she is infatuated with a coffee maker in a shop window. I think it would be really cute to see her geeking out over it XD Actually I think I saw an artist who made a series of arts of Commander promising Mainz he will buy her a coffee maker if she has sex with him lmao.
It’s a bit cliché, Commander being the knight on the horse coming to save her, but whenever you see the waifu, you cannot help but want to help her, love her, cherish her. Even if nobody else does, I want to welcome Monarch when she comes back from her sortie. I don’t care if I have to stay up till 3 AM to do so. I, Commander Database, will be her knight in shining armor!
In theory, yes. In practice, the results do not seem to align XD Perhaps we are just being too civil about it you know, maybe we have a difference which for some people means total war. You had me at “Name 5 tsunderes”, you beat me at “Name 5 good tsunderes”. Is yandere any better though?
Yup, Kawakaze genuinely needs to be oathed to harness her full waifu potential, but unfortunately for her competition is very strong. I like ships like her, the ones who start off cold and stand-offish but slowly become more loving and caring.
The thing about anal is that in hentai this tag works better, because there is no shit if you don’t want there to be. Anal is one of the many tags that I consider to work much better in a fictional medium, along with tags like virgin, tentacles, lactation and monster, because of real life limitations or negative associations (like shit). Hence why, when I see anal in hentai, I think “Hey, that’s the unconventional hole” and not “Oh that’s the hole shit comes out of”. If we’re talking irl though, Imma have to pass on it too. But in hentai it’s fine.
Yes, the other difference is that you put handjobs behind buttjobs and thighjobs. As for your reasoning, it’s valid, but when given a handjob you can still touch their butt or something right? While yes, it might be more intimate to stick the schlong between the thighs, the options you have regarding positions are rather limited, which is a big factor of me putting handjobs above those two. And if we’re talking about how soft butts and thighs are, I’d rather squeeze them tbh.
I don’t know man, there’s just something epic about firing a battleships guns and hearing their skill activation lines and consequently kick butt (Nagato and Richelieu are some of my favs in that regard. ) It’s true that in autobattle the dodging just sucks, it’s uncountable how often they just sail into oncoming torpedo’s.
I mean, Helena META is a war-scarred version of Helena sooo….it would make sense that her personality might hit a little different. And from what I know about her META version, I can see why she ended up like that, becoming a bit of a yandere, probably stemming from the fact that she couldn’t protect somebody, therefore wanting to know their location 24/7 so that she can do so now.
To each their own of course, I’m not gonna sit here and tell you how to play Azur Lane lol. So do you always level up the ships you don’t like as well? Well of course, as a Commander of Culture myself, I for sure understand the meaning behind you endeavors. Oh, that makes a whole lot of sense that you haven’t awoken your lvl 100 ships. I dunno why that didn’t come up with me sooner, I thought that you had nailed ships at lvl 100 and then never used them again XD Lmao, soon I’ll overtake my AL senpai.
Question: how many and which PR ships have you got? I saw Saint Louis and I assume you have Ibuki as well.
That’s because there is no reason to not use Shima, aside from grinding for a non-Sakura Empire vanguard PR ship. Don’t worry, Rodney is now above Nelson. Please forgive me my error. Also say hello to Ibuki and Champagne who weren’t here last time.
Yeah, I only have 5 subs. Got I-58 from that side mission and she was alone for the longest time until I pulled U-47 and got Dace from the Guild shop. Some time later I got U-557. It has been like that until I pulled I-26 a few days ago. Believe it or not but I-58 has gotten the MVP a few times already XD
I still need Bulins, though admittedly the need for them is much less dire than for Purins.
That’s good to know. It won’t have much of an impact since I’m close to unlocking all PR ships anyways.

Mindnight Nov 30, 2021 5:52 PM
Hey man, how's it going! That's awesome, you don't have to apologize over it, I understand xD. Yeah that is true, since for both football and seasonals, there's always new info every week, and since our replies are pretty late to each other, lots of things go by. Oh that's completely fine by me man, I don't mind that! It'll be nice to stay more up to date on these topics now.

La Liga:
Barca have been absolutely garbage, too no one's surprise really xD. Even before Messi's departure, the squad was good enough to finish top 4 at least... Now however that doesn't seem to be the case. I was memeing as well, saying that they were going to play Europa league football... but now it seems fucking likely!! Losing to Bayern wasn't shocking, but to Benfica 3-0?! That's just absurd, and a testament to how bad things are. Koeman man should have been sacked after that game, how did it take until November for him to go, I have no idea. Last season, he was bailed out by Messi so much, now since he didn't have Messi he had to use a poor squad. Even then, the squad is still good enough to finish for a European spot. I never got his tactics as well, like he made De Jong play as CB for some reason. He was so stubborn to use a 4-3-3, he didn't even try to get the best out of his players. Can't believe they bottled a 3-0 lead to Celta, of all teams. Their defense is so trash as well, Pique is just too old, they're in a desperate need for a new CB. There are lots of problems, but hopefully Xavi will somehow fix them. Happy that they got him in, but with the current situation of how the club is now, it's going to take a while before Barca are going to be at their best. Depay has been decent, but hasn't hit it off yet. He did get a goal against Espanyol, so hopefully that'll boost his confidence up more and he'll score more. Fati was looking so good and scored some huge goals, but sadly he's injured again. Really hope injuries don't ruin his career, he's so talented and has all the pressure in the world having the #10 jersey... LMFAO you called it xd. That's like his 9th injury at Barca.... I don't think he was ever injured when he was at Dortmund. This man is never going to reach his full potential, due to the fact that he's always injured. Like every time he's in some decent form, he picks up a knock. Good thing that Xavi sacked the head physio, because there are serious questions to be asked about how Dembele is always picking up the same injury. Maybe this time, when he returns he can stay fit. Welp, sadly Aguero is going to have to retire... nothing has been officially confirmed, but there are highly credible people saying that is the case. If so, then it really sucks for him. His first and last goal for Barca was against Madrid. He came to Barca to play with Messi, but sadly things didn't work out.... feel so bad that his career is ending on a short notice... one of the best, if not the best PL striker ever. He's City's all time top scorer, he was so incredible in his prime. Part of me wishes that he stayed at Man City to retire... It sucks that he's going to miss the World Cup as well. He wanted it so much in 2014, but he was injured and didn't start a lot. At least he won the Copa America.... what a career from the legendary AGEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......
Hey, never look down on GOATwaite, he'll surely surprise you!! Luuk has been one of the worst signings in history, my god he is so ass. He's missed golden chances, chances straight at the keeper!!! Why did they sign this guy... the fact that Koeman said that in the air, he's more deadly than Neymar, only for him to miss open headers is peak comedy. They're so broke, they're brought back Dani Alves xD. I won't disrespect him, he's a club legend and probably the GOAT RB... but he's 38 and not in his prime at all. I'm guessing he's going to help Dest out to be better, because he shouldn't be starting ahead of him lmao. Maybe he'll shock me and play like it's 2015, but this signing is just too confusing to me. What will he solve, he's a RB not a striker. Barca needs more goals haha, that’s a problem for them. At least he gets a chance to play at Barca again after he left in a bad way (Bartemou you rat). There's some rumors that Barca could sign Adeyemi, he's a big prospect. Not sure if he's the right man to sign, but we'll see.
Madrid have been getting better and better. Benzema has been a monster this season, what a striker. Vinicus broke his 3 goal tally of last year, good for him! But seriously, he's been on fire, his finishing has gotten better and with his speed too, he can be a demon. The impossible may have happened, but what's sad to see is how bad Hazard is now. In fact, I've forgotten about him, even signing for Real. Why did he move, he should have stayed at Chelsea and possibly be a legend for them. Now from being one of the best players in the world to being a flop. He hasn't scored lots of goals, his passing isn’t what it was before, not to mention his speed has massively declined. Miss the Hazard of old, the one who played out of his mind, he was a demon.
Nice to see lower teams doing good, and very cool to see Falcao scoring loads of goals again, like how he was in his prime.

Serie A:
Welp Napoli finally lost to Inter and Milan lost to Fiorentina xd. Napoli have still been very solid this season, they're top of the league so far, hope that continues.
It's so nice to see the Milan clubs back to winning games and competing again. I was confused about the Giroud transfer, but it's been fine. Ibra has been so great, this man never ages it seems. He's in peak condition and is still bagging goals at 40. Dzeko has been getting lots of goals as well, he’s scored a lot so far. He's replaced Lukaku well, a great replacement.
Haha well, Juve haven’t been having the best season it seems. Pretty funny that when Messi and Ronaldo leave, their former teams play like shit xd. Chiesa has been pretty decent as well, but Dybala has been carrying and playing like his old self. Depay carrying Barca too, he’s scored the most goals there this season. That’s bad business, why sell someone and bring them back paying more than what they gave. Should have kept him in the first place xD.
Vlahović has been on fire, top scorer alongside Immobile. Lots of top clubs are after him, hear that if City are unable to get Haaland, then they’re going for him.

Premier League:
Yea man, the title race has been absolutely insane. No team has been running away with it, the top 4 are pretty close to each other. Chelsea, Liverpool, and City keep on switching spots. And man, West Ham have been so impressive, they're playing good football. Hope they get European football, they deserve it. The Liverpool game was insane, what a match.
Man, Salah has been out of this world. He's been scoring and assisting so often, he was on a goal scoring streak! He's playing out of his mind, like prime 2012 Messi as you said. Cutting in, and just slotting it in. And some of his goals have been worldies too, like his solo goals that he's done. It's like the Salah of 2018 is back again. His stats show it, he's the best player in the world. No one is in the form he is now. Ah yea, that was an absolute disgrace! How did they give it to Ronaldo, when Salah was playing like a demon?! Ronaldo got it for scoring two wins, he won because of his hype of being back man..... It's voted as well, so that proves it. Just bizarre how Salah didn't win it then, luckily he's finally won it.
"Ronaldo wouldn't have let this happen"- Ronaldo fanboys after Barca lost 4-0.
HAHAHAHAH, well they're right.... He lost 5-0 instead!!! Oh man, that was one of the best football games I've ever seen xD. They got outplayed so hard by Liverpool! Salah was a monster, the first time a player has scored a hatrick at Man United's home since R9!! It was so insane to see it unfolding, I can only imagine how good it felt for LFC fans. Not only beating they're rivals, but doing so in a dominant manner. Ronaldo was invisible, people are always calling him inevitable, but when he goes against competent teams and keepers, he won't get his tap in! Welp, looks like the loss against Watford was the final nail to the coffin, because he was finally sacked! Was funny to see rival fans sad that he left, they wanted him to stay xD. Honestly, I was shocked it took this long for it to happen. They lost badly against Leicester, and Young Boys, and they're gotten lucky comebacks too. Ole made them play so bad, they have a good team to challenge, but they just can't. Sancho has been a flop, United fans were making fun of Messi for not scoring a Ligue 1 goal, when Sancho hasn't even gotten a G/A at all!! And Ronaldo man, it's so funny seeing him lose by 4 goals now, after countless of annoying fans saying how Ronaldo would never let it happen xD. Well evidently that wasn't the case xD. Wonder who the new United manager will be, rumors are it's going to be Poch, Ten Hag, or Zidane. I don't see Ten Hag leaving, Ajax have been great. Zidane's wife doesn't want to move it seems, but Poch apparently is interested. Hope he goes there so PSG can play some better football xD. Maguire is the most overrated cb ever, how in the hell is he the most expensive defender ever??? English tax, I swear. He's made so many mistakes, he got sent off recently!! And this was after he scored for England and cuffed his ears! What a joke, he's so bad.
Newcastle got the money now it seems, will they be the next Man City xD. Oh all the club's, why Newcastle lmao.
Gerrard is Aston Villa’s manager now, that's an interesting appointment. Hope he does good for them, surely he’ll manage Liverpool one day.

Ligue 1:
Poch is the worst manager for this, how can he have one of the best front 3 ever and still play boring football??? They’re first because Ligue 1 isn't so competitive, but all their matches have been so boring. Poch's tactics are bad, he's sticking Messi on the wing like it's 2015... Koeman used Messi better for fuck sake!!! Messi is better when he's making plays and advancing through the middle. He created chances that way, drags players to double team him, so he creates space for others. Instead Poch sticks with a 433 and counter attacking football. He should use a 343, with Hakimi and Mendes bombing up forward so the front 3 can do their thing more easily. Messi isn't getting the ball as much as he should. When PSG do win, it's because of individual player brilliance, not the tactics. Mbappe is most likely going to leave next summer, so this is the chance to win the UCL. I mean, there could be a chance he does renew, it does seem like he's enjoying playing with Messi a lot. Then again, Madrid is his dream club, and he'll get to play with Benzema and they're a great duo. What I hope happens is that either Poch gets sacked or leaves to manage United, and Zidane comes in. He's a winner, he's won the UCL 3 times in a row. He's used to managing big teams as well, and he'll get them playing great football.
Messi a Ligue 1 goal, finally. It was a classic Messi goal as well, cutting instead after dribbling a bit. Now people can shut up about him having 0 league goals, it was all they were talking about. The Nantes game was PSG’s best game, they were playing like they should have been playing all along. Hope to see more of that in the season.

Bayern is dominating, no surprise there at all. When will a team other than them win the league xD. Really sucks that Haaland got injured, he's out for a while. That ruined Dortmund's title chances... and I can see Haaland moving over the summer as well. Either to PSG or City, heck even Madrid is a favorite. Nkunku has been on fire, he's scoring goals and holding up the ball nicely. Can't believe PSG let him go.
Bayern lost to them, couldn't believe it. They also lost 5-0 to Wolfsburg in the cup, which was very shocking xD.
Damn, some teams are having a decent season.

Barca got absolutely trounced by Bayern and Benfica, wow. They have to beat Benfica if they hope to make it out of the group. Bayern will surely beat Kiev. And no way Barca beat Bayern, they better hope that results go their way. Under Xavi, who knows.
EDIT: Barca drew against Benfica, they were unlucky not to score. Depay kept on missing chances, his decision making is very questionable. And Demir hit the post as well. If only they had a prolific goal scorer, hmmm. That Benfica chance at the end, if they had scored that, then Barca would be out of the UCL then and there. How they didn’t score then, no idea but Barca got extremely unlucky. Otamendi played like he was prime Nesta, he better defend like that in the world cup. Now, either Benfica have to lose/draw against Kiev, or if Benfica are winning, then Barca have to beat Bayern. Both scenarios seem unlikely to me! Sad to see how they’ve fallen. Looks like we’re going to see Barca in the Europa League…..
Porto second in group B, very impressive considering the teams in it. Milan in the UCL isn't the same Milan in the league xd. Looks like they won't make it out of the group and won't get European football too. Either Atletico or Porto for 2nd. We'll see if Porto can hold the spot.
This Ajax run reminds me of the 2018-19 UCL Ajax, where they made the semi finals playing fantastic football. Haller scored 4 goals in one game, crazy! They dominated Dortmund both times as well. But I agree, the Hummels red card was a disgrace. He got the ball so clearly, and even with VAR, he still got sent off. The games gone, how the hell can you look at the challenge and give a red, be clearly got the ball. It ruined Dortmund's game, and they were best afterwards, but the red card was a deciding factor.
I couldn't believe that Sheriff beat Real, the biggest club in the world! That last minute goal was a thing of beauty, one of the biggest upsets ever!! I've never even heard of Sheriff before, they made a name for themselves! Football is fucking amazing.
Who are your UCL favorites? It's tough, but for me it's either going to be City or Bayern. City have been playing so well, Cancelo is the best rb intw, he's creating lots of chances. Bayern are obvious, they're dominating so far. I would have picked PSG, but due to some of their results and how they’re playing, I can see them losing when they come against a better team. Poch needs to go if they want to stand a chance at winning the UCL.
United qualified for the ro16, Ronaldo scored again from a goalkeeper mistake, I swear half of his goals this season are from mistakes. Luckiest player ever, he got GOAT shouts for that.
City beat PSG, very deservedly as well. PSG played so badly, City created so many chances and they had the ball a lot. I don’t get why Poch is setting the team like that. PSG lost the ball so many times, from getting disposed of or just kicking it up the field for some reason. Just why, they always lose the ball that way. Neymar was shocking, he has not been good. Kept on making dumb passes and failed to score when he was through. Miss the Neymar of Barca, why did he leave.. Barca could have won another CL if he stayed, but nope. This game also made me wish Messi went to City, they would have suited his style way more. That team would have been stacked, plus playing under Pep again too. Now he’s stuck with a manager who likes to invite pressure and tries to play counterattacking football. Really hope that Poch leaves to go to United and Zidane comes in. PSG are 2nd and could potentially play Bayern, Chelsea, Madrid, Ajax, or Liverpool...they’re not getting out of the round of 16 if Poch is still there… if only Tuchel never left.

Conference League:
I didn't even know that this was a thing, until recently. Why is this even a thing xD. Mourinho got clapped by wifi password xD. Never even heard of them, or like half the teams in that competition xd. The winner of the competition gets in the Europa League, what a prize lmao. Anyways, glancing at the teams, my guess for the winner is Spurs. But who knows if they'll even win any trophies haha.
EDIT: Welp Spurs lost to Mura, a team I’ve never heard of lmao. Even with Conte, Spurs will always find a way to lose.

World Cup Qualifiers:
I was not expecting them to qualify, nice to see underdogs in the wc. Italy bottled it, Ballon D'or favorite Jorginho skied a penalty that would have been very important, and then they drew in the final game.
I thought Ronaldo would single handedly carry Portugal to the world cup, hmmmm. They bottled it, they were leading then Serbia scored a last minute goal, football is unbelievable! Now both teams have to the playoffs, lots of strong teams there. Will Italy fail to qualify, or even Portugal. Imagine Ronaldo not making the world cup, the internet would go crazy. I don't think it would happen, but imagine if it did.
EDIT: Welp the world cup playoffs were drawn and Portugal are in the same bracket with Italy… Ronaldo could actually miss the world cup and it would be his last chance. Since he will be 41 in 2026, plus I think he’s banned from entering the US. Never rooted for Italy more than ever, hope it happens. If the so-called GOAT can’t qualify for the world cup, that says a lot.
South America's qualifiers have been crazy and with unexpecting events. I was hyped for that game, but Messi wasn't fully fit and both teams played for the draw. Argentina still qualified though. Ecuador is a big shock, Chile and Uruguay might not qualify! Columba as well, what happened to them. Peru could even have a chance too, going to be interesting.
So who would you say are the top 5 favorites to win the world cup. For me, in no order it’s Germany, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, and France.

Ballon D’or:
So as you know, the Ballon D’or was today… and Messi won his 7th.7 Ballon D'ors, what an amazing accomplishment. One that will never be broken ever, it's too impossible now. It's very well deserved as well, unlike what certain people are saying online. For one thing, Lewa was very good and was also worthy for it.... but what some people are saying on how Messi winning it isn't deserved is straight up wrong. Messi stats were amazing last year (not to mention he was carrying a dead Barca and he had the most man of the match awards too). And his campaign in the Copa America is one of if not the best player contribution ever. He was involved in almost all of Argentina's goals. He won it and not to mention Copa Del Rey. People are crying about how Lewa should have won it in 2020, he should win it this year as well. Which makes no sense to me, since the 2020 Ballon D'or was for 2020 of course. Lewa definitely deserved it in 2020 (Messi himself said so) and France Football should have awarded it to him. But saying he deserves it this year because of that, makes it seem more like a sympathy award. People are also saying that Messi has PR or politics... Which just cracks me up. Do people really think that Messi actually has propaganda? This is the same Messi that finished 5TH in the Ballon d'or in 2018, when he should have been 2nd at least!! Also, PSG made no comments about the Ballon D'or at all until after Messi won it. While Bayern’s social media account was literally tweeting "Lewa Ballon D'or" over and over. Hell, not to mention Bemzema's campaign, where all of a sudden Madrid players and their social media was all of a sudden pushing him to win it... despite Messi being top scorer of La Liga and Madrid winning nothing.... yeah no. Lewa was a deserved winner for sure, but Messi was just better. Lewa had insane stats but window Messi, Lewa won trophies but Bayern always won the Bundesliga. Internationally Poland was knocked out in the group stage and finished last. While Messi led Argentina to win their first international trophy in years… Messi was the deserved winner easily.
Anyways, I want to talk about where other players ranked. I don't know how KDB was ranked 8th, he should be in the top10. Mbappe should have been higher, and Ronaldo finished 6fh xDDDDD. give Salah as well, disgrace xD. Ronaldo fans were shouting for CR6, guess they got it xd. But for me the strangest placement was Jorginho... How the fuck did he finish in 3rd??? He isn't even the best player at Chelsea, let alone Italy??? I remember a quote about him that said he wasn't thinking anit the Ballon d'or, back during the Euro's. And I was like, when did he suddenly get to be a favorite??? The only reason he's ranked high is because of the trophies he's won last year. In terms of goals and assists, he wasn't close at all to Messi or Lewa.. most of his goals were pens. Watching him, I don't get the sense of a Ballon d'or worthy winner... I'll never get why he got 3rd.
What are your thoughts on this whole thing?

This season’s anime has been pretty decent imo. The ones I’m watching have been enjoyable, nothing I really dislike.
86 Part 2: Man oh man, this anime is so good. The drama, the characters, plot, everything is so good. Light novel readers have said the adaptation of it has been more than perfect, even with some anime-only scenes. That’s the dream of every light novel anime lmao. I like how we’re switching between Shin’s and Lena’s POV. We see the aftermath of what happened to the 86. Seeing how Shin’s basically a dead man walking is tough, now that he completed his goal, he doesn’t know what to do. Fredrica has been a nice new addition, basically the supportive mascot who cares about them. So far I’m liking the stakes of it, hope we get to see Lena and Eighty Six reunited again.
Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Ressha-hen: It’s basically a TV recap of the movie, aside from the first episode being a prequel to the events of the movie, plus some other different scenes sprinkled in some episodes. Not sure why it’s a thing, when there’s the movie lmao. And it sold really well, so why do a TV recap? Anyways, I’m excited for S2, so there’s that.
Komi-San: Ah, it's finally here, the anime that was said to never get an adaptation. Time sure flies, still can’t believe it’s real! Gotta say though, hate how it's in Netflix hell. The subs are bad and I have to wait until another sub group works on it every new episode. Either way, this has been an amazing adaptation of it. The animation, the expressions, and the voice acting is perfect. Seeing Komi animated is nice, the sounds she makes lmao. In terms of the episodes, the adapting the chapters that I was mixed on (like Yamai, I don’t like her xD.) Other than that, the episodes have been fun.
Mushoku: This was the anime that I was looking forward to the most. Reason why I like it is because of how different it is to other isekai. There’s moments in it that hurt and the animations are so great. Rudeus is pretty controversial, but I like how much he’s grown and his development, especially seeing his past a bit. I like how we’re finally getting back to finding Rudeus’s family, seeing Roxy and her gang lmao. Also the Paul scene was well done imo. Overall, I’ve been enjoying it, glad to see an isekai with effort in it.
Saihate no Paladin: I’m liking this isekai, despite how slow it can be. Was nice to see Will getting trained by undead, he learned a lot. We got to see some of Will’s past. I like how he’s determined to live a better life now.You can tell that they’re taking their time with this anime and I don’t mind that. Nice to see an isekai with some care to it.
Assassination Isekai: This isekai is pretty edgy lmao and also very dark at times, extremely so. It's interesting to have an isekai mc who isn't a "good" guy for once. The opening slaps hard as well, so that's neat. Overall it's okay, better than typical generic isekai, but not by much.
Senpai ga Uzai: I'm loving this anime a lot more than I thought I would! The opening is so catchy and I love seeing the couple's intersections with each other. This anime always puts a smile on my face, I don't know why xd.
Banished Hero: another isekai, this one the mc left the hero party to love an easy life. Nothing much to this, I do like how forward Rit is (and they hooked up faster than I thought, props that they didn't drag the romance for so long.)
Takt op: Here we have servants fighting with the power of music! No but seriously this is just a discount Fate in a way xD. The mc is kind of a dick at times and his plotline about music is kinda boring imo. I like Destiny and the older sister more. The animation is really good though, the fight scenes look outrageous.
What are your thoughts on this season's anime and which ones are you watching?
InTheDatabase Nov 22, 2021 3:16 AM

I presume you’ll get rid of the seasonal section in the long reply?

Oooof, Anchorage is not winning any favour points from Screex haha. I personally think she’s adorable and I quite like the contrast, now we just need an Onee-san loli.
I’ve been grinding on the SP3 stage from Foch’s event because of the oil cost limit and it’s been running like clockwork. I finished Monarch in almost no-time and Champagne is now also nearing completion. Yeah, all Ironblood ships really are a bit of a pain, but the main fleet ships even more. Weser, Bismarck and Peter Strasser are event-locked, Tirpitz ,Graf and Zeppy are lucky pulls and Gneisenau can only be obtained as a drop. Scharnhorst in the Core Data shop is the only consistently available of the bunch but 1 ship ain’t enough to grind for a PR ship lol. Also doesn’t help that a lot of PR ships are German with Roon, FdG, Mainz, Odin, Aegir and August (and Marco Polo and Gascogne require Ironblood ships as well). I’ll save those PR data packs for German ships.
“C-commander…you baka, why did you suddenly pop my cherry?”
Would’ve been a major disappointment yeah minor mistakes!
Some Eurobeat sucks ass, some Eurobeat is gold. It’s all about finding the right ones.
Exactly, I must say that I didn’t expect my opinions to diverge a lot since you know “I HaD The VoICe LinEs aND SkInS, WhAt cOuLD PoSsiBly CHangE?”, well, seems like quite a lot did change. I have found hidden gems, but I have also discovered ones that weren’t as good as I had once thought. Others I am still on the fence about. Maybe I should consider starting from scratch all-together.
Omfg, this reminds of a harem hentai where in the ending every girl had a baby :’D I’m about to suggest something really cursed.Can you imagine this in port? Can you picture this image of Commander walking around the central square and seeing idk Bismarck, Shinano, Yat Sen, Javelin, Warspite, Helena and Enterprise walking around with strollers with little versions of themselves??? This feels cursed….quite cursed…. “Commander actually does come inside Deutschland raw” Lmfao, this sentence is too good. Tbf, I have read a doujin of Deutschland before and it was pretty hot. You know as much as I don’t like her, she does have some good art and lewds. Remember the saying: “Just because she’s a bitch doesn’t mean she’s not hot!”
Bruh this just sounds like a threesome in the making! Littorio, knowing all of the girls’ weak spots, will make Renown melt to her knees, only for her to want to experience the Commander as well… *cough* this is doujin material.
God I love how professional this sounds, almost like a true essay. I have indeed listened and examined those two lines you referred to and judging from merely those two, I can say she is definitely a happy shipgirl from being in Commander’s care. The “And I always will be” made me go doki-doki, gotta love a supportive waifu by your side. It’s quite unfortunate she doesn’t have any skins as I am curious to her behaviour in alternate settings, perhaps that could’ve shed some light on her character. For example would she be embarrassed for a casual date or wearing a revealing swimsuit? We may never know.
On another waifu topic, I feel pity for Monarch. She’s just a shipfu who wants to be needed, to be welcomed back. It’s unfortunate that her bitterness has reached such levels.
Pretty much. The fantasies over our epic final showdown are probably more vividly epic than our rock-paper-scissors battle could ever hope to be. It does make me wonder whether somewhere down the line we will VEHEMENTLY disagree on a waifu. So far all our differences have been like “Oh, you don’t like this waifu as much? You don’t hate her so it doesn’t bother me.” BAD tsunderes will keep slapping you, GOOD tsunderes will become honest (referral to Nino).
Well you will have the aforementioned Chaser to look forward to ;) The amount of people that I have consistently shown my art to over all this time is 3, you included. So overall you’re in on something special I’d wager ;)
Even worse is I have actually pulled her. They could have given me Belfast, Avrora or Kawakaze BUT NO they gave me this…..creature. EDIT: Never mind they repayed me. Can’t wait to crack open this tough nut.
This conversation is getting more and more cultured by the minutes. I must admit that this is the first time I have ever thought about a sexual preference tier list :’D Your list looks pretty solid, with two areas that I would disagree on. For me it would be something like: vaginal/blowjobs > paizuri/handjobs > buttjobs/thighjobs/anal > feet > armpit and others. Allow me to explain a bit:
Firstly, penetration needs to happen in the traditional 3 Holes. There’s some weird shit out there like nipple and dick penetration which is downright unnerving.
How come you don’t like handjobs that much? Of all the non-penetration sex acts, this one has by far the most flexibility in terms of positions. Handjobs can be performed from every angle, even from behind which I think is a huge plus.
Anal is one of those tags which I think works well in hentai contrary to IRL since there are no worries about any poopoo. However if there is a choice, I’d rather pick vaginal.
As for footjobs, there are three reasons why I don’t really dig them: 1) feet aren’t attractive 2) association with femdom/stepping on, neither of which I like 3) it feels so distant. It’s like the most far apart you can be for any sexual interaction and therefore lacks any intimacy.
Yeah, I can remember you mentioning that. Honestly as I’m writing this I’m letting the game grind for PR ships haha. The auto-play feature is great and all, but I still feel like I ‘owe’ some manual play in order to get to know my waifus and their abilities. As long as you’re not OP for the level you’re playing, it’s still rather fun, however I must admit that I have been playing less manual, partly due to grinding for PR ships and event currency is a strain on my oil supply.
I would have liked to get my hands on Helena META but alas. I bet she’d have been hella depressing though.
I knew it! My suspicions were correct! My spider senses had been tingling ever since your response to the oil consumption! And wow, you’re really going out of your way to defend yourself even though I hadn’t made any judgments yet, are you perhaps feeling a little bit guilty? :P “I’m not playing the game how normal people would” I see, I knew I could sense a “strange” aura from you. Lmfao, my man’s got a whole strategy behind this, meanwhile my ships go brrrrr. He wants to treat every shipfu equally he says…hmmmm…I can only say this a noble act, steering away from the main course and instead going his own way, making sure every waifu gets the love she deserves. Most normies wouldn’t understand this concept, but I can feel your motivations. Honestly I feel the dilemma you are in, I myself still have a ton of ships between lvl 10 and 40 that I want to level up and grant the chance to compete in the top tier fleets, but it’s a long and tedious path to walk. The EXP data packs sure do help though, especially now that grinding for Monarch and Champagne has caused a handful of my ships to pass lvl 100 for raking in new EXP packs. It does feel weird though, that I already have 10 ships over lvl 100, compared to you XD I did notice your dock space which I envy.
As for my current situation, low and behold.
I was considering getting a Warspite retrofit but uhhhh….she’ll have to wait. If not only because Purins are already a big issue for me, since I have several SR ships who can’t level up anymore.
I have a question: to which of the 4 main factions are tech points of the other factions contributed to? Like French, Russian, Italian and Chinese ships, what happens to their tech points? Are they only added to the general tech points?