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Isekai Yakkyoku
Isekai Yakkyoku
Feb 3, 6:55 AM
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Engage Kiss
Engage Kiss
Feb 3, 6:54 AM
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Kuro no Shoukanshi
Kuro no Shoukanshi
Feb 3, 6:53 AM
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Half & Half
Half & Half
Feb 4, 2018 8:27 AM
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Bocchi na Bokura no Renai Jijou
Bocchi na Bokura no Renai Jijou
Feb 4, 2018 8:27 AM
Completed 14/14 · Scored 7
Ane Doki
Ane Doki
Feb 4, 2018 8:27 AM
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InTheDatabase Dec 31, 2022 2:09 PM
Happy New Year man, I hope you're doing alright and best wishes!
Mindnight Oct 11, 2022 1:30 PM
Holy shit wow..... I.... I don't even know what to say man. My heart go's out to you and your roommates family man. I really hope that you're going to be doing better, don't be afraid to get help if you meed it man. You do not have to apologize for it at all man, just take your time to rest and heal. The reply can wait for as long as you feel like typing it once again. I really hope that you'll feel better after this man, take care.
InTheDatabase Sep 26, 2022 3:20 AM
Dock space and time, honestly. I’ve never had a crippling shortage of anything else.
Maybe I just need to draw a good lewd art of her. Re-create the spark.
Wow, I missed out on the panties memory game, sounds glorious if you ask me. I did see the moment where the Richelieu and Jean Bart cosplayers started playing around with that fucking massive New Jersey mousepad, holy shit, truly America’s stern. They do have the returning habit of special touching at least one piece of merch during these livestreams, it’s a box they need to tick off on their to-do-list for these streams.

Oh, if they’re working on a QoL auto-retire system, could they also add auto-clear for SOS missions and a change to the commissions so you can either include or exclude ships from being recommended to go on commission. I’ve had it happen numerous times that I sent ships on 6-8h commissions even though I wanted to play with them.
What game is it, if you don’t mind me asking? I’d like to know whether I have already been...acquainted and familiarized with the cultural aspects….
As long as he can cover his financial responsibilities, who gives a fuck am I right.

It’s been over 2 years since I watched Ghost Stories, need to rewatch that some time for the laughs

I could, but I don’t think I will. I think neither her base skin or wedding skin will be candidates, I think most of Nagato’s other skins are a lot more interesting to draw.
Speaking of Hai Tien, have you seen that new loading screen of HAI TIEN SWIMSUIT LET’S GO. And it uses the colour green?!?! My day is made.
Also, I have some questions surrounding that loading screen of Lutzöw and Charybdis and their textboxes. Lutzöw obviously just wants to bang, but what about Charybdis? I guess the mimikaki is for me, but what about the milk bottle and the baby toy…whom are those for…is that a hint for a Little Charybdis? As a professional Charybdis enjoyer I am both confused and enthralled.
InTheDatabase Sep 11, 2022 12:04 PM
It’s called “There are so many ships I want level up but I can only do 6 + 6 at a time”.
It’s because, while I’ve always proclaimed Belfast to be my number one, the truth is that lately….I’ve been doubting that position. I don’t think I actually have a clear number 1 anymore…
The benefit of re-watching it is that I could just skip to the announcements…which is precisely what I did. Oh yeah, I heard about that and I went back for that moment. Let’s just say that it was an interesting angle to approach the subject matters from.

Fair game, but I will say here in advance: Charybdis skin absolutely fucking slaps.
Oh, I have finished PR ships in just 7 or 8 days. But that only happened when I could use ships like Richelieu who could snag both the flagship- as well as the MVP bonus in literally every mob fleet battle.
Oohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I feel your pain…this is why I always strive to have 10-20 empty dock spaces, to create a buffer for all the ship drops and bulins. The devs may not have been consistent on the events, but since their QoL updates have been fucking bangers, I hope and pray to god that they will one day implement an auto-retire function.
Eh, it’s been over a period of 4 years + the game is F2P so anybody could download it, open it, realize it’s a softcore hentai at times and then delete the app because they were too saintly for this degenerate smudge in their history.
That commander probably funded for a quarter of the JP playerbase, let’s be real. I hope he has a lot of cash left though, raising all those little ships is gonna be rough.

A cultural revolution indeed. We will become the darkness that is needed to join together the world in light. And oh god it’s been 1.5 years since I watched Code Geass, time flies

Oh yeah, Jean Bart and Nagato have a good amount of fanart, but they haven’t gotten any from me yet. Jean Bart I had been ‘saving up’ for a rainy small-tiddy day and in Nagato’s case I simply have no idea what to do with her lmao. As a top tier entry she definitely needs something, but what? OH, well lucky you then, I still have a backlog of drawings I haven’t shown you yet and amongst the heap is…..Hai Tien! (it’s not lewd, source: trust me)
InTheDatabase Sep 10, 2022 11:23 AM
Okay, I've caught up on all the announcements....hit me with your best shot.
InTheDatabase Sep 9, 2022 7:03 AM
*Me who hasn’t leveled up Shinano yet* Dunno what you’re talking about here. Honestly it’s purely a matter of a right mindset, that’s how I got Le Terrible to 120, through sheer devotion.
Of course I oathed Belfast….of course I did….JUST KIDDING I oathed Nagato.
Shima oath skin I personally can’t complain about tbh lol. I just don’t see Shinano oath skin happening but I’d love to be proven wrong. Otherwise give me Ibuki. Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch the stream live tomorrow since my physical presence is required elsewhere, so I’ll rewatch it either tomorrow evening or on Sunday; Operation Avoid Spoilers commencing!
So are you going to incorporate the new JP anniversary skins as well?
Yeah, you can skip the ‘new’ ships. They can easily be summarized as Indomitable VS Vanguard but Revenge was better anyways, Joffre is nice, Plymouth is nice, 3-way-Italian tie and we do not speak of Ironblood.
It’s only natural that your gacha rolls are good during events which you do not care about! I got pretty lucky as well, got both without issues. Admittedly, I was a lot more excited about the wishing well XD I didn’t get to it last time because *grumbles* Vanguard’s pity *grumbles* but now it had my fully fledged attention. I put it in Zara and Massachusetts and my first build yielded Zara. That was a great day. Got Massachusetts a little later as well. It did suck that I got neither Blücher nor Zeppelin from the maps but oh well, at least Harbin’s finished now, that took a god damn long time.
Screex be like: “Why are you so close to perfection but in the end you fall back to being a loser?” True, Z23 was my starter, first limit break and first retrofit so she has been through thick and thin. She got 5th or 6th place I believe so I’m satisfied.
I’m no major fan of sports skins either but I like these 2 enough to well…like them XD Z24 is largely relief for those hands though and so is Magdeburg’s. U-96 skin is just cool, because she’s just cool.
I’ve had a lot of time to play the game and aside from that I often let the game run in the background, for example when drawing. If I spent like 3-4 hours on drawing one day, I’d let the game run for say 2 hours in total. Because why not right, it’s more stuff, especially coins. And coins are used everywhere. That’s what always surprises me about a level-offset. People who have cleared world 14 and OpSi, have a 95% collection rate, have a few hundred gold and UR gear at +13, have limit broken and retrofit all possible ships, have 100 ships at level 125 and another 150 at level 120, have all PR ships Fate Simmed and have all augment modules maxed out; meanwhile their commander level is like 90 or 100. That’s what I do not understand! The only explanation I have is the difference in the total amount of days played.
Also regarding the strange percentages, it’s likely they counted all the inactive accounts as well. Because any remotely active player should easily be able to leave the bottom 2 rows of the pyramid over time.
552 wives…I bet his night battles must be INSANE….is it possible to learn this power?

Yes, it’s a whole ordeal and ultimately all tier lists feel off…as if there is some injustice that was served. I look at my tier list and keep thinking that something is off about it, but I can’t exactly point my finger on what it is.

In order to cure what is wrong with the world, we must become one with it. Only from playing on the same board as our opponent we can correct their injustice and wrongdoings. Only then can we let the world re-indulge in all the sizes, the true culture. Yes…yes…we may be considered evil…but it has to be done to make the world a better place….

True, I got carried away. To be frank, I was elated to see somebody for even one second of their life want more art of Hai Tien. It’s just such a rare occurrence that I treasure every moment. She’s in such a dire strait that there isn’t even a proper lewd of her as far as I know, only 2 somewhat lewd-ish arts. Maybe I should make a small-breast drawing month, in which only small-chested waifus are allowed to be drawn! Featuring lovely ladies like Hai Tien, Champagne, Vangaurd, Renown, Jean Bart, Nagato, Le Terrible and Kawakaze. Unfortunately I haven’t drawn anything for a month now soooo…..someday….when I have the space and inspiration again...…
InTheDatabase Aug 24, 2022 2:05 PM
I guess you could say I had the privilege of getting a UR very early on, but my true first MVP was…Long Island. Jk Jk, that doesn’t count, of course it was Nagato. My 1-year anniversary will be this Friday the 26th actually…perhaps I should perform an oath for the occasion, I mean…I still have 3 rings lying around…
Speaking of rings, who will receive an oath skin in the upcoming JP anniversary? My guesses:
Popular pick: Cheshire, since Shinano will receive her race queen skin around this time, it seems highly unlikely to me that she will get an oath skin.
Slightly less popular pick: Richelieu, since I heard that the JP server likes the French.
Surprise pick: Could be anyone honestly but I’m saying either Kashino or Hanazuki. Originally I was gonna say Noshiro but then I remembered she already had one, whoops.
Oh you’re absolutely right, vanilla ice cream is still delicious and so are swimsuits, so I’m not going to complain if and when we do get them, but variety is important Tell that to IB stans am I right. Dude, I already find it commendable that you’re willing to go back to I believe Vanguard’s event and the CN anniversary to rate the skins. So even if it’s just numbers, you will earn my respect.
I thought we were gonna be safe from Ironblood for the remainder of 2022….oh, how naïve I was. Eugen as number 1 is not unexpected and well-deserved I’d say, nothing to complain about there. Illustrious’ absence though, that’s a rather tough pill to swallow. Quite surprising honestly, I thought her soft landings would be much more popular but guess she gets beaten by Laffey lmao. My favourite skin in this event is a 3-way-tie between Magdeburg, U-96 and Z24. I’m not a big fan of U-96’s other skin which sucks since I do like her, but that issue is now resolved. As for Z24, I’m just happy she got a skin without those mechanical hands so if I ever wanna draw her, I can do so now and not have to suffer lol. I’d say that the most surprising moment from the stream was the fact that with my soon-to-be commander level of 121 I will belong in the top 1% of players…like how did that happen.

I mean the Dragon Empery is gonna be skewed in any waifu tier list ranking of mine considering Yat Sen and Hai Tien’s mere existence :”D

A man can dream though, a man can dream…my poor not-yet-existing small-chested waifus…
The “BigBreastChurch” you say…see, my issue lies not in this existing…but in this existing without a “SmallBreastChurch”…big milkers are nice….but the small milkers…Dammit, we’re so close to achieving the perfect culture!!!

Superior opinion. Shoutout to that one commander I saw on reddit who wanted to commission art of Hai Tien left and right if he had the money. Absolute madlad.
InTheDatabase Aug 14, 2022 11:33 AM
I mean, don't let me refrain you from dreaming!
Why would I oath Aegir if I can oath her better clone Eugen? Cheshire is like borderline for me, with the amount of rings I get as a F2P she barely falls out of the consideration zone. I do agree with you here that Shinano should get one sooner than Shima...but yeah..."Manjuu" and "should" is a mixture that can only lead to disappointment. Better have no expectations XD Shima had been my MVP for a long time so she grew on me over time, same with Nagato.
3-way-tie is reasonable, I can't say much to that. For me it's Emanuele first...and then idk really. Perhaps Bolzano and then Roma, purely because Roma is just....difficult personality-wise but with a stunning design.
Agreed, Mikuma's dress is my favourite as well. Honourable mentions for Bolzano, Roma and San Fransisco. I do hope they keep up with the interesting themes though since I have created a magical proverb: Swimsuits are to lewd skins what vanilla is to ice cream: everybody loves it but it is the most basic way to eat something delicious.
Also how many skins we gotta rate now oh good god
What so you're telling that you didn't want a 3rd Ironblood event this year? Are you crazy? Who doesn't want to be European and wake up at 4:50 to watch the livestream and be smacked down with yet another IB event? Bloody amazing. I wonder whether they made this event based on the popularity of the PR ships and Eugen being the most oathed ship. Regardless, the prophecy after Rondo that there would be no more IB event for the remainder of 2022 was a fucking lie :'D
Honestly...Helena oath skin is my favourite announcement, well-deserved and long overdue for an OG ships who is still very relevant in meta gameplay. Skins are okay I guess, quite like Magdeburg's and U-96's skins but that's it really.

Pampering moves - I sleepy now
Romantic moves - I doki doki now
Lewd moves - I....well...don't mind if I do...
Well if we're talking about faction rankings in terms of quantative waifu material....something strange is happening with mine :'D
Vibe ranking in profile/Quantative waifu ranking
1 Royal Navy / Iris Libre
2 Sardegna Empire / Sardegna Empire
3 Northern Parliament / Northern Parliament
4 Iris Libre / Royal Navy
5 Vichya Dominion /Vichya Dominion
6 Dragon Empery / Ironblood
7 Sakura Empire / Sakura Empire
8 Eagle Union / Dragon Empery
9 Ironblood/ Eagle Union
Man waifu tier lists sure are an interesting subject matter

The research I have performed so far has not yet proven the exact origins of small-breasted mature waifus (SBMW), but what I could conclude was that Champagne is the current peak of development and subsequently provides a base to whom all new SBMW's could be compared to gage how our progress is developing. Pivotal moments include the additions of Hai Tien and Vanguard who have just as well proven that small tits=loli is a false narrative instilled by persistent individuals who have been enamoured by big milkers and went astray from the righteous path of the All Size Appreciation Church. That said, neither of the two girls mentioned can truly stand beside Champagne on the top of the mountain of mature flatness, although they have been an acceptable entry. Champagne's flatness is an evolutionary high, a culmination of mankind's finest minds and the peasants roaming the streets simply cannot grasp the culture she has brought the world. There is no need to advocate for big boobs as science has proven that they will get added due to popular demand so small breasts have my full attention and I shall keep being a silent advocate until the day I can expect a harmonious balance between flat-chested, small-chested, medium-chested and large-chested mature waifus, united in a web of cultural appreciation.
InTheDatabase Aug 6, 2022 12:02 PM
I hope you let Shinano know how much she means to you :’D
Well I did not seek Kashino for gameplay purposes but rather for…”gameplay purposes”.
I think her and Baltimore’s race queen skins weren’t due before September so with that knowledge I presume it to be very unlikely that she will receive an additional oath skin on top of that. Which if true, removes the most popular choice for a new oath skin. According to the last popularity poll, the next best options would be Aegir, Shimakaze and Cheshire.
Emanule Pessagno for best event waifu, she’s adorable Roma has a gorgeous design, however, in terms of personality she’s…lacking. A less-likable Littorio in terms of boisterous nature. Also ballet skins? I like how they’ve been trying out new themes this year like Cops ‘n Robbers, vampires and fairy tales, though I doubt this event is gonna sell well considering ballet is a niche and everybody seemed to be expecting swimsuits…because it’s summer…or Italians? Idfk. Also Mikuma skin, another old first timer. Every day, we’re getting closer to Brooklyn skin

Yeah, it’s Joffre’s strong point isn’t it? Exchanging the judgment of your sins for the qualification of her love…now it’s just a question of what ‘moves’ she is allowed to perform now…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Spoiled Ironblood stans will disagree with everything. No need to worry there.
Well, PR 5 isn’t meant for beginners anyways I reckon. The French Main fleet condition is the most difficult one to fulfill imo, with only gacha ships or PR ships available. Although, potentially coincidentally, they did make Dunkerque a drop in this event…Ultimately I think this arrangement works fine, new players will just have to grind for Gascogne and Champagne first then hehehehee.
I’m not in any AL Discord servers, but I do browse the reddit occasionally. I didn’t engage in anything but reading through comment sections is a bad habit of mine, so I got exposed to a lot of complaining. And complaints get tiring after a while. It’s like reading NNN comments under every single lewd picture posted in November, albeit on a slightly different scale.
Huh….guess it was a figment of my imagination after all. No matter, as Eagle Union is my second-to-last faction anyways XD Eagle Union to me is a nation for lovers of sports, a little futurism and cool friends. The first two don’t appeal to me and the third makes for a poor waifu culture; take for example Bremerton, Baltimore, Cooper, San Francisco, Seattle, Georgia, Independence and Hornet; great for friends maybe but as waifu? Nah.

I just haven’t used Clevebro…like…at all. Rather I grew up with Brooklyn man.
It may sound mean, but I truly believe Champagne’s design is pivotal for the uprising of small-breasted mature waifus. That and the fact that Champagne illustrates a slight ache I have with the Iris Libre ships as waifus in general.
InTheDatabase Jul 27, 2022 12:35 PM
I mean, it sounds like you’ve been having a rough time lately. I feel like ever since the SMS event you’ve been burning through your supply of cubes. You have my respects.
By the last day I had pulled all but Kashino and Chiyoda so I had to spend some more cubes for Kashino, because as a munitions ship she could provide some interesting gameplay elements and JUST KIDDING it was because MASSIVE FUCKING COW MILKER TITTIES. I missed out on Chiyoda but “Oh no! Anyways…”
Shinano didn’t get an oath skin (not yet at least) but she will be getting a race queen skin soon…and not gonna lie, “Shinano” and “race queen” in the same sentence is an almost phantasmic occurrence.
Also, new Italian event dropping…and I gotta pull on this one mate. Roma do be looking fine…

And, do you still consider Joffre to have been worth the trouble?
Naval expansion programs were common game in the 1930’s but in contrast to other powers who had been working on those programs for several years and had therefore completed/progressed much more ships, Germany’s major “Plan Z” was green-lit less than a year before WW II started and so very few ships were actually laid down because the surface fleet never seemed like a priority at all. So it makes a lot of sense....but still….one year without Ironblood won’t cause any casualties.
Actually, I think it might be more logical than you think it is. What do Iris Libre, Dragon Empery and the Sardegna Empire have that Northern Parliament doesn’t? Permanently available ships (aside from Avrora of course). Albeit not nearly as easy to obtain as the 4 main factions, they still can be, so I presume that’s why the tech points are the way they are. Now I don’t know how many of these permanently available ships from these factions one would need to unlock their respective PR, maybe I’ll calculate that if I am bored.
Same here, I only miss Jean Bart, L’Opinatre, Tartu and the muse ships on one hand and Chao Hao and Ying Swei on the other. And Chkalov is also no biggie, working on her right now.
Sorry, I know the joke is old, but I had to make a Brest/Best/Breast gag, it’s inevitable. I mean Brest-Plymouth is a close tie, but ultimately one has to make a choice XD Yeah, why the fuck did I think that? What I had written down applies more to Joffre than anyone else :’D I must have been high or something.
Yo the research queue is gold; it’s a feature I never realized how much I wanted until I got it, from now on research is progressing 24/7 and you only occasionally have to refill the queue. Tremendous feature.
Apparently they do have fans, that was news to me. I don’t care much for Eagle Union either, however, I really don’t feel like dealing with another community breakdown like with the Royal Navy earlier this year. Even though I fundamentally agreed, I really disliked the sour mood about it everywhere.
Also, Eagle Union is your least favourite main faction? I thought Ironblood was...or was it a figment of my I'm confused..

Well of course, who would Commander Database be if not a sneaky little bugger? XD Aside from QE, other entries that could be considered as ‘irregular’ at magic high school are Odin (the coolest ship design), Marco Polo (not-unlikable crazy), Champagne (small breast superiority) and Magdeburg (bro)
InTheDatabase Jul 18, 2022 2:35 AM
Well at least they didn't shrink her tiddies like they did with Veneto, Aquila and Giulio.
Sooo.....Shinano....took me only a record breaking 9 pulls to I'm so floofy goddess is helping me save up cubes....and having taken a looka t her ingame...she REALLY is THICC....
Also light reruns are still a pain in the ass, not looking forward to be stuck with those for the remaining 4 or 5 events I need the rerun for.
"Or all 3 of them!" <-- This SKK has truly ascended.
You mean the one with Shinano, New Jersey, Jean Bart, Graf Spee and Warspite on the cruise ship? If so, if those get oath skins...I'm not complaining...

Yes, because if we hadn't done so, we would have had 2 Ironblood DR's.
I skipped out on HMS Enterprise, didn't deem it worth it to spend an uncertain amount of cubes for her, cuz you know, Shinano...
Well, it's honestly not very surprising they'd avoid DD's in PR, because they still have hundreds of irl DD's left. Other ship types are in much shorter supply.
Yoooo, PR 5 is looking fabulous right now, they hit all of the right notes!
Royal Navy DR: Great!
Iris Libre DR: Exquisite!
Northern Parliament PR: Sublime!
Dragon Empery PR:Phantasmic!
Ironblood PR:Perfec- were THIS close...In all honestly though, I'm not even mad, since the rest of the selection is perfect.
So when Chkalov got announced I figured that was it for the minor factions, I did not expect a Dragon Empery PR ship AT ALL. And unlike you....I have been neglecting the DE; highest level was Yat Sen at 80-something, and the majority of the others hadn't even been limit broken once :'D
Luckily I had been leveling up French ships, so that worked out nicely. Northern Parliament got some focus but not much and Sardegna hasn't either.
This is all relevant because Brest and Harbin don't require EXP or tech points from any of the major factions; meaning that those factions are now old enough to be indepedent! It's tricky though, since for example Brest's first combat mission requiring French main fleet ships: Richelieu, Bearn and Joffre are event locked, Dunkerque, Jean Bart and Gascogne Muse are gacha dependent and Champagne and Gascogne are PR. Not the easiest condition to fulfill.
So anyways, I started with Brest for several reasons:
1) She's French
2) She is "Best"
3) She has "Breast"
4) An angel descended from on-high to judge me for my sins whilst donning an attire seemingly desgined by lustful sin itself is a juxtaposition that is always worthy of my interest.
Maybe I will do Plymouth next and then Rupprecht, since the other 2 need prep work, but I'll see.
Also 100 free gems...don't mind if I do...
Side note: they had better give Eagle Union a DR for PR 6, because I don't know about you, but I'm starting to see EU fans thinking they're neglected. The cycle never stops, it only ever shifts...

No no, it IS a waifu tier list first and foremost, your primary instinct is entirely correct; it's just that there might be a few entries here and there who are there for apprciative reasons moreso than waifu.

InTheDatabase Jul 10, 2022 11:44 AM
Alright so I was planning on editing this into my previous message to you tonight, but looks like a sudden change of plan is required! And considering you didn't mention it in your latest message while I'm 100% sure you would have, I will let you know now:
Shinano is returning! I repeat: Shinano is returning!
Check the offical JP Twitter, there's conformation there.
Better be Shinano oath skin. Or maybe even better, Ibuki or Shoukaku XD

You know what, fuck HMS, fuck the baguettes, they are nothing compared to superior German engineering, a mere stain on this wonderful ink canvas that is Ironblood! All I need is black-white-red-crosses on my edgelord girls along with giant fucking dragon riggings, ready to bend the world to their will!
Mhm, I get your point. It doesn't really feel like an's more just...content? Feel like this is the definition of a filler event. Impero's event was too, but at least that had actual event properties. Generally, I don't really mind, my main goal was getting the French girls but I'm embarrased to admit that I wasted so many cubes for an Enterprise I ultimately didn't get unless I get absolutely lucky on these last couple of daily builds (down to like 110 cubes I believe, but thankfully I still have the 60 commission cubes and those 10 free pulls from Children's Day in reserve. And yes, this was partially what inspired me to write that ~I wanna save cubes~ comment)
In general I feel those joint raids get very grindy. A normal event stage does too, but at least for those you don't have to hop in every 2 minutes to restart. I quit after the 10 gold parts, since those could prove useful later on.
I dropped the 100% idea because I don't have the FTP dock space for it XD
PR 5 is looking...perfect right now. Designs aside, the selection thus far is literally almost perfect and exactly what I wanted to see. Royal Navy and Iris Libre getting a DR after their content drought is the best. Northern Parliament getting their first PR is also what I hoped for. Now with HMS DR, FNFF DR and SN PR, all I'm hoping for now is a DD. If there's a DD here, regardless of the faction, I will be estatic, in heaven. Though I guess bonus point if they skip out on Ironblood for PR 5

Okay, lookie here; just because 2 characters are in the same tier, that doesn't mean that they're there for the same reasons. August and Volga aren't comparable, yet they still share the same ranking. The main reason why QE is on this list in the first place is because this little gremlin is the leader of the Royal Navy and the Royal Navy has the most stable hierarchy and command structure of all factions, with QE at the top whose orders are loyally obeyed by all faction members. That is worthy of my respect, hence a tier list spot.
Also, after scrolling through the tier list again, I realized...just how much cleavage I have put in there...
InTheDatabase Jul 6, 2022 7:45 AM
Not to mention that there's a lot more complexity involved than "just give this girl a skin". But you are right, you can never do it right. I've said it before but I like it when a more obscure ship gets an oath skin, because it provides a different kind of excitement. Imagine, tomorrow, you read that there has been an announcement for 2 new oath skins. The first is Shinano. Naturally we're super hyped to see what she looks like but ultimately, hers was to be expected considering her popularity. The second one is Ticonderoga. Naturally, we're all hype- and wait a minute, Ticonderoga? Who moved heaven and earth to make THIS happen?

"One day, man hath realised all argument was fruitless"
Also I can't get over how, despite her name, Revenge is the sweetest cinnamon vanilla cookie biscuit of 2022 so far.
"We gotta be wary of what we write in the future" Reverse psychology. Man I LOVE Ironblood! I truly love their design, they're so edgy and cool! I wish we had MORE Ironblood events! All hail German engineering! I swear my LOVE to them.
You didn't even know...about this French're really deep down in the mud... Also I hope HMS Enterprise is likable (don't have her yet) because tanned skin is rare enough. Do you know how boring it gets having to draw the same skin tone over and over again :'D
Also, does it sound weird when I say that I wish for an event to come in which I didn't care enough to pull for the ships? A period in which I can catch up on some things including cubes? Because in that regard I'd like to see Ironblood or Eagle Union get an event since those factions have the highest chance of me not liking them XD
Side note, PR 5, when are you dropping? Surely that would be like...soon?

Never sign a pact with the devil. He will cheat you and give you more shipgirls to lewd draw.
Yeah, it was about time. I've fully updated it now, though I might have forgotten a few ships here or there. Like I just realized poor Biloxi is missing ;'D How could I forget the most chad shipgirl in the game, shame on me. So if you don't see a particular ship anywhere, that might be why. Otherwise she simply wasn't worthy HEHE

InTheDatabase Jun 26, 2022 5:15 AM
Because Forbin getting an oath skin kinda means "she stole one from another more deserving ship" in their eyes. 'Why is Bismarck, Amagi or Richelieu not getting an oath skin?!?!' Like I want to see those as much as the next SKK but it's just not happening today. No need to throw poor Forbin under the bus.

A 'fusion' of design choices in a game with over 600 characters is inevitably going to happen sooner or later. And in that regard, I could see why people see Vanguard's resemblance to Richelieu and Jean Bart or the Iris Libre in general, but I have never had the thought that she's a copy-cat of either. To me Vanguard still holds her ground as her own character, both in design and in voice lines.
Revenge is truly best girl, she's so cute. Tier 2 easily for me whereas Vanguard will end up in Tier 3 or 4 probably. We're only arguing about who is getting second place here, which shouldn't be this heated.
Lmfao, that is indeed quite hilarious! It seems like the devs were trying to teach us a lesson, they probably read our conversation and were like "Yeah these two need to be put on trial" Also the fact that we had to wait 200 and 203 pulls respectively, we had to wait just as long for our last ships :'D But at least we got them all, that's all that matters in the end.
Yo, 60 (basically free) cubes? DON'T MIND IF I DO. Would be phantasmic if they hold these regularly. I'm already back up to like 220 without these so I gotta get ready for the next UR. but first French- mini event. At least the French got new content at all. Also comes with an interesting skin batch that I will gladly discuss when the times comes

Should be a much more managable goal, would require an estimated....60+ I suppose?. Speaking of, I've started updating and uploading scraps of a new tier list at the bottom of my profile page. I will forego any names, makes it much easier to add/remove images, which is what I primarily wanted.
InTheDatabase Jun 17, 2022 12:44 AM
Ooof, my poor SKK comrade is swamped with duties...Then I apologize if I have spoiled anything regarding AL or any seasonal anime for you, I assumed that you would be more or less up to date with either/both of them. Let's say I didn't realise you were THIS swamped with work. Nah man, I didn't perceive this as whining XD In fact the only people at the moment I'd consider whiners are those whining about Forbin getting an oath skin and not any 'more deserving' ship XD
But anyways, good luck with your work! I'll see your reply when I see it XD Btw, it's a vicious cycle. Later reply means more new content to discuss....which in turn means later reply...which in turn means more new content...

I's not really surprising if a character resembles the artist's other characters though...and I do think Vanguard's voice lines do matter here as even if you'd consider Vanguard's design to be a look-alike, her voice lines are clearly not and help differentiate her from her 'clones'.
Good question, why is it such a big deal this time....and honestly, I have no fucking clue. I mean, it's not the first time we have disagreed on who is best girl right? You like Indomitable more, I like Vanguard more, all is well with the world. You think Indomitable is UR-worthy, I think Vanguard is UR-worthy, all is well with the world. And it's not like we particularly dislike either of them, it's not the next San Diego or anything. So why did this become a big stink? That's up to the gods. I propose we bury the hatchet, agreed? Besides Revenge is best girl anyways TEEHEE
We generally know each other to have good taste so we usually could accept such minor differences....but maybe there was tension because this was the first HMS event in like...forever?


All tier list waifus maybe