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The God of High School
The God of High School
Jul 29, 9:07 AM
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Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou
Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou
Jul 29, 9:01 AM
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Half & Half
Half & Half
Feb 4, 2018 8:27 AM
Completed 14/14 · Scored 9
Bocchi na Bokura no Renai Jijou
Bocchi na Bokura no Renai Jijou
Feb 4, 2018 8:27 AM
Completed 14/14 · Scored 7
Ane Doki
Ane Doki
Feb 4, 2018 8:27 AM
Completed 26/26 · Scored 6


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InTheDatabase Aug 2, 8:41 AM
MAL: *is being stubborn*
Screex: “I’m about to do what’s called a pro gamer move”
Definitely a 200 IQ move.

That’s particularly the case for math, you could have a task that could get you 7 points and the final answer was only worth 1 whereas the other 6 were points you got along the way. Ye, School Days gets a heads-up hahaha….. Lol, we’re sharing quite a few unpopular anime XD I saw 11eyes and Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka on your list as well.

It’s a tough choice. On one hand I value the peace and quiet of the more rural places, but on the other hand I like the ease of accessibility you have in the large cities. Though, I’m not moving to my own house any time soon so no need to worry just yet XD
DID ANIME LIE TO US?!?!?! Did you even talk with them often, because speaking as an introvert myself…..I probably wouldn’t have :’D All those dreams of becoming a harem protagonist will remain in the world of dreams :/ Are you sure you want to reincarnate as a generic isekai protagonist?
Same, I’m very much looking forward to having my own space where I can do whatever the heck I want to and whenever I want to, now I can finally make my room look like a proper weeb den! My uni is organizing an introduction about a week before the start of the study; 3 guesses as to who isn’t signing up for that.
Yea, and the longer you wait, the more you have to do.
My uni said that we can follow and finish the entire 1st semester online, which I will have to depend on because I still don’t have a room and it’s unlikely going to be the case by September. They said that they will try to start classes on location occasionally, which ofc I won’t attend because it takes over 3 hours to get there by public transport XD
“shit a big fat load on their desk” Sweet sweet revenge
Hey, that’s great! Glad you were allowed to get back there :D
Perhaps I need to add to that how the Dutch system works: in highschool, your final grade on your diploma is determined 50/50 by your Central Exam (CE) and the School Exams (SE). The CE is the final exam. The SE’s are “mini-exams” of varying topics and weights given throughout your final 2-3 years of highschool. The SE’s cover all subject matter and often even more than the CE, because each SE only focuses on a few specific areas of the subject whereas the CE has to cover everything, hence why the CE was often considered easier than the SE’s. So when the CE was cut due to corona, they used the SE’s for graduation.

Once you discover this secret therapy, you can never go back to the old ways.
You’re on the right track pal ^^ Lol, I mean, have you ever seen written Vietnamese XD That stuff looks crazy. Exactly, take what you can and give nothing back! My own handwriting was so bad that in highschool several teachers told me to consider making my tests on a laptop because my handwriting was unintelligible :’D
Haha, no problem man XD Show it to me when you’re done :) (lmao, hey, if #50 happens to be a bad day, you can always send #49 or #51. If you asked me for my #142, I would refuse and send you #141 or #143 instead)
It’s a problem I’m trying to work on, but so far it hasn’t been very successful XD Speaking from my own experience here, but I’ve “ruined” plenty of parts because I thought I could “perfect” an area that already looked good.
That sounds like a good plan, I think it’s best for you to experiment with it and see what you like and what not.
I got those 8 different widths of fineliners (from 0.05mm to 0.5mm btw) thinking that they would make a huge difference but for example 0.1mm and 0.2mm don't differ all that much. I most often use 0.1mm to 0.25mm for my drawings and 0.05mm is good for small details. The thicker pens could be useful for certain styles but I never really tried that out. I think the best option is to buy a set that has several different sizes. You can try looking for Copic Multiliner or Sakura Pigma Micron, those are the ones I have.
YES, we will change the entire world’s perspective on art, and create the first pieces that are objectively bad. After all, reaching new depths is like reaching new heights but in reverse so basically the same right?!
You know, at first I was kind of neutral towards yuri, but as time went by I thought “I actually….kinda like this” :’D Lolol, yes, sometimes the suggestive images are even hotter than the plain ol’ nudes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
RIP. Unfortunately, that happens WAY too much for Azur Lane waifus :/ I wish some were more popular. Btw, what fanart sites do you usually use?
Sounds like a good plan mate, I’m interested as to what your journey will bring.
Wait really, I’m having trouble picturing Ayanakouji with a girlfriend XD Hmmmm, clearly you are biased :P I guess for me socially awkward characters are the most relatable. I like cool and smart characters as well, but those socially awkward peeps… we just have a connection.

I know I know, but I had to XD Lmao, yea, when nobody sees it, it’s fine, but there will be intense sweating whenever someone else gets close to it… Swimsuits are good stuff bro, I can only recommend it, though I haven’t drawn many myself, because swimsuits REALLY come to life with a background. Imo, drawings nipples isn’t all that hard. The toughest part would probably be to place them properly :’D I’d say that the uhmmmmmmm……….how do I phrase it….. ‘kitty cat’…. would be more difficult I haven’t tried it out myself yet but it probably isn’t far off ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yes, definitely. I’m still contemplating whether I should just become full on weeb on my first days of uni and just don’t give a fuck XD
I don’t know for sure until I try it, but I think my mom would be rather chill with it. I think my dad would be extremely disappointed :’D I’m always afraid of somebody entering my room and opening up some random cabinet, but I’ve surrounded my binders with enough stuff that you can’t easily grab it.
And that’s exactly the moment when you should start watching episode 1 immediately XD Sometimes having a lot of choice isn’t a good thing.
The big sad :/ Eh, I wouldn’t recommend Divine Divinity in this day and age. However, the OST holds up pretty well, it’s worth checking out.
I’ve spent about 800 hours in Anno 1701 and 1500 hours in Anno 1404 over the course of 9 and 6 or 7 years respectively. The major difference in time despite the 3-year-gap is because Anno 1404 is much more expansive. About 12-15 hours was enough to maximally optimize a world in Anno 1701, whereas in Anno 1404 it could easily take 30+ hours.
Yes, and it was such a waste. When I saw those ads I had zero intention of playing the game and collection the shipwaifus. Make me want to play hours and spent money to get the girls I want!
Their saltiness about it would only make it more fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I think so too, that the negative effects of this lockdown might even outweigh the virus itself. But the effects of the virus are easy to portray in numbers of infected and deaths to throw around in the media without context, whereas the effects of this lockdown are not. On a side note, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the end of cash money.
Both are stupid reasons that won’t get you anywhere, but I’m just an anti-social loner, so what do I know XD Exactly, I’d rather watch some dumpster fire trash anime because at least those are entertaining.

Threatening me because I didn’t finish my rewatch, whereas he has only seen it 4 times! And he has the audacity to take it out on me! (for real, I think I might wait a longer time before I start rewatching anything)
Yea, probably. I know that if you go back to the early 2000’s there are some horror hentai , which I would guess is the most likely place to find something like that, though I haven’t seen any of those yet. and I’m not a fan of hardcore shit either, that was reconfirmed by watching the first 2 episodes of Euphoria :’D. Hmmm, if you already know the ending of School Days, I don’t really think it’s worth watching the whole thing.
Yea, very much true XD I’m contemplating on what to do with Log Horizon before S3 airs.
Didn’t he also have a kid with the blonde chick?
The longest show would be SAO with 85 episodes and 2 movies. Though I’m not watching the currently airing season. Lolol, The More You Know.
Well, I am a man of culture because I already finished it! In 3 days nonetheless. It was so trash, yet so good. At first I was really surprised y Saeko’s VA, I didn’t expect a voice like that.
Oh man, Infinite Stratos brings back bad memories dude, that harem SUCKS. The guy doesn’t have a single moment of peace and he gets beaten the shit out of him whenever some other girl does weird stuff to him.
Oh, definitely agreed on that, Oregairu’s art style switch was amazing.
“puppet theater for children but with adult content” Trust me, even the adults are getting scarred from this shit, it’s that bad XD
Oh nononono, I didn’t mean it was bad, I meant that I actually found it quite sad XD Getting hit with sad feels is like the last thing I expect a hentai to do :’D At the end I was like: “Should I rate this by hentai standards or by anime standards?”
My favourites remained unchanged for a long time too, until recently when I decided to swap out Assassination Classroom and Little Busters for Higurashi and Ghost Stories. Is it a bad thing though that your favourites never changed since then?
Oh man, I loved Grisaia particularly the bus crash arc. It’s an eroge as well right?
Lol, so true! OH MAN SAME, I’m also so looking forward to that show, it’s gonna be Interspecies Reviewers all over again with a touch of Goblin Slayer XD I’m also excited for the World End Harem one.
Well, apparently the series flopped when it aired in Japan, so when they handed it over to the dubbers they told them to “do whatever they can to make it sell” and oh boy they did. They replaced the original serious dub with a comedic one with sexual, offensive and controversial jokes. If you like that, this show is comedy gold.

It’s odd. I’m not exactly praying for there to be a sequel but I’ll likely watch it if it comes.
Yes, we are definitely doing something wrong here! We’ve strayed away from the righteous path. Honestly dropping a bad show feels very relieving.
No, unfortunately she only has focus in 1 episode and makes 1 or 2 appearances later :/
You put into words what I couldn’t XD The last part is the best: “but everyone dies” goodbye, the end roll the credits.
I wouldn’t mind me some more of Kaguya-sama dude.
Hey remember the guy that who told me that he would punish me for not finishing my rewatch of Golden Time? Yea, and here he is not having finished Re:Zero and he has the guts to be telling ME I need to be punished! HE IS THE BLASPHEMER THAT NEEDS PUNISHMENT!!!!
Oh boy, I have seen Oregairu a total of 8 times, loved it every single damn time. I binged 20 episodes in one day earlier this year in preparation for S3 but then Corona-chan happened XD I can relate to 8man so much.
This is my first ever idol anime. I don’t like idols either but I wanted to “broaden my horizons” I suppose. So far Lapis is more of a CGDCT anime, there hasn’t been that much singing, or even focus on singing. Okay, so besides idols, and I’m guessing shounen ai, what’s the other genre you avoid?
You’re not the only one who thinks the MC is horrible, I think the same and I’m sure a lot of others do as well. Though, that ex of his is a first class bitch as well, I don’t know why he wants her back so badly, she reeks of fake from 2000 kilometres away. Not to mention how the MC has treated Mizuhara, she saved his ass multiple times yet he treats her badly, the dude dragged her into his own created mess by lying to his family. She’s too good for him lol.
Oh well, it’s literally “juicy” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
PREACH! Aside from portability a PC is just superior in every regard! My phone did suddenly become oddly slow, idk why, guess I’ll try deleting some shit on there, see if that helps otherwise it’s RIP.
Well, for example of Jigoku Shoujo and composer Iwasaki Taku. It’s probably just the YT recommendations behind the scenes. Hmm, guess it should be worthwhile checking it out some time. Vocaloid trance is nice, though I don’t listen to it all that often, trance has the weakness of becoming repetitive very quickly.

Lmao :’D Wait what….. “showing a bra is more controversial than showing bare tits” They’re onto something, THEY’RE ONTO SOMETHING HERE!!!!!

‘Brats’ That’s the most accurate description of kids at school lol, I’m glad I’m not a teacher, though I might consider it if physical punishments get reintroduced HA HA HA *evil laughter*
InTheDatabase Jul 30, 6:07 AM
That sounds like MAL alright XD I personally haven't seen that error pop up, but it appears the length of the comment is the issue since you could send this shorter one, so perhaps you could split up your reply in 2 and send the first half in 1 comment, and the other half in a seperate comment. Maybe even split it in 3 or 4 if MAL is still being stubborn. *modern problems require modern solutions*

I don't know whether this is an issue of recent times or what, but I suppose it's worth a try.
SirJoker Jul 28, 10:48 AM

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have arrived!
Proceed with care~
Pick it up
Please save and rehost in 7 days.
See you in the next month's edition!

InTheDatabase Jul 21, 8:40 AM
And the student’s like “it’s the right answer who cares how I got it”. Lol, that reminds me of the moment me and my brother were talking about School Days and Myself:Yourself without mentioning their names but we knew which shows they were because of the events that happened.

I definitely am not feeling like living in the big city permanently, but the problem for my hometown is that a lot of facilities (like university) are far away, often distances that are unreasonable to cover by public transport daily.
Lmao, that sounds like a very anime-esque scenario, it sucks that you didn’t get lucky XD Also they probably want to ‘enjoy student life’ and chores isn’t on that curriculum. My mom told me that if I ever have a few spare minutes I should use that to do a little chore, like cleaning 1 or 2 plates, which actually is some top-tier advice XD
RIP me. It will become an even bigger issue when we still have to do online classes. Self-study sounds very chill, but it requires a lot of discipline to finish that first before doing anything else and discipline is… something I’m not all that good at :’D
“Obviously they didn’t arrange any accomodation for me” why am I not surprised >_< “pay one myself” lololol, wow, what an audacious move. They be like: ‘Here you have an internship at some random business on the other side of the country, you have to find and pay for accomodation yourself and don’t do anything that could dirty our image. Oh, and fuck you. But don’t smear our reputation. But still fuck you.’
“just accepted every amount of internship weeks”. Sounds like the most reasonable decision. I mean, in the Netherlands they even scrapped highschool exams entirely and the students still got their diploma.

Oh, you can be sure that I will; a lewd art a day keeps the doctor away.
Hey man, that’s pretty good! Both are good, but I especially like the left one, I really like that angle. You did a good job with the anatomy as well XD Also your writing looks pretty good, whereas mine looks like a donkey on crack trying to write Vietnamese on a train. Btw did you scan this image? It looks like that to me. Either that or you have superb photography skills XD But if you did scan it, you could print it out and use that to try colouring, leaving the original untouched. Alternatively, you could grab a drawing that you don’t like and mess around with colours on that. I’m looking forward to what your #50 will be like XD
I can understand that but in the end it will pay off. I am very impatient when it comes to colouring large surfaces, I tend to start rushing those. Yup, drawing hands requires a steady supply of erasers.
“I always think if I colour too thick there’s no room to correct mistakes” while that is certainly true, as long as you don’t full-pressure the pencil on your paper as if you want to drill a hole in your desk, you should be fine. (again, hard to explain that in words XD). Fineliners also last long. I bought 8 different sizes 2 years ago and they all still work.
Our collection would become a meme and in 50 years they’re gonna display it in a museum as one of the worst art collections ever made.
Admittedly, it IS one of the smexiest pieces in my collection ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Oh, I know you won’t mind that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Enjoy XD Unfortunately she doesn’t have that much fanart and she’s far from the only Azur Lane girl who has that problem ;-;
You’re welcome ^^ I wouldn’t worry too much about getting markers just yet. Although they are great, they’re also quite expensive.
Yes, that was some next level rejection XD While Ayanakouji and 8man are different they do give off that cool anti-social vibe. Most of my favourite characters are socially awkward in some way or another :’D

Hey, I once saw a female anime artist on YouTube reply the same to a comment on one of her videos from a person who was ashamed of their sketchbook having nude women in it. Her reply was along the lines of: “as an artist you need to know how the body works and drawing nude/little clothing is the best way to learn that.” If you don’t want nudes though, you can always go with swimsuits, that’s the next best thing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mhm, I hope to reach that stage one day. Lol, same, I’ve only shared my drawings to a handful of people online and I showed a couple to my mom. Little does my family know that in one of my cabinets there’s a stack of A3-sized waifus and on the desk there are 3 binders, one of which has my most recent and therefore nsfw A4- drawings XD
While it’s true that you’ll likely miss out on good shows, you don’t know whether something is good until you’ve watched it, at least that’s the mindset I employ. I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of disappointing shows as well. Throw a die or a coin, worked for me
I would like to play some more RPGs some time, the only RPGs I only played are the Witcher 1&2 and Divine Divinity.
Sorry, my misunderstanding. So it’s the same but still different. I guess that’s why I like games with a variable game world. My 2 most played games, Anno 1404 and Anno 1701, don’t have a set game world, so every game is the same but still different. damn this makes me wanna play them again .
I have seen them and I agree; they freaking suck man. Like, how hard is it to properly advertise a game with WW-II based shipwaifus?
Let’s be real here… it just is great meme-material :’D

Particularly the news plays a significant role in all this. After being cooped up for months, many businesses running into financial trouble and increasing unemployment rates, of course people want it to return back to normal. The lockdown has created a bunch of nastiness as well.
Ikr, most people don’t give a damn. Both posting pictures and checking out others pictures is just an enormous waste of time and brain cells XD

Ah, Golden Time was a good show. I too very much liked their development as a couple. Come to think of it I never actually finished my rewatch of it.
I’m still waiting for a harem show where there is 1 yandere who slowly starts “eliminiating” the other girls and gets a happy end with the protagonist, whilst he remains in the dark of what she did. The closest thing to come to that was School Days.
That’s why I always attempt to watch all seasons in relative quick succession. I still really want to watch Madoka Magica:Rebellion, but I can’t really recall many of the details from S1.
Yukina can just….go… just go…
It’s about 79 episodes in total. I think it’s actually my second most watched show in terms of total episode count XD Don’t skip the OVA’s though, especially the one from S1 since that introduces new characters. Nah, it was always in the bath, no worries about toilet shenanigans XD
Lmfao, sounds like I need to watch it soon then XD Ah, I know that girl, I’ve seen her a couple of times….
Lol, a pleb XD He looks way more like a generic harem protagonist now, which is completely contradictory to his personality (the generic part that is). The earlier art style had much more of a presence, didn’t it.
It’s kinda like every head, torso, limb, boob and genital is just a 2d picture that only moves from left to right or up and down, it doesn’t look like 3d movement. It’s awful.
Speaking of hentai, I watched the one you mentioned a while back, Suika. Man, that was kind of a despressing show :’D
nah when I say sometimes, I REAAAAAALLY mean sometimes . Relatable. Half of the stuff I completed is either ecchi or hentai :’D Though lately I have seen some good stuff, like Jigoku Shoujo S2.
Damn, now I really want to try one out though XD I can already picture myself trying to pick one out.
Me: *opens site to pick a VN to play*
*there are hundreds of them*
Me: “Ah shit, here we go again”
Same, I still need to watch it, it looks like a fine piece of culture twincest. Now there’s an idea I can get behind! We need more shows like Interspecies Reviewers to stir up the world and SJW Twitter! Also, I’m watching the Ghost Stories dub and it’s the greatest thing ever made, it’s so crude, it’s amazing!

I’m honestly surprised that there was no announcement of one right after the final episode, I was expecting there to be one right away.
Yeaaa, arguably some of the shows I dropped were a little better than some of the stuff I finished XD
This is Shizuru, peek waifu quality.
I liked the first episode but after that nothing. Lmao, Shironeko Project indeed was a piece of shit, but when you ask me whether this or Konosuba is better…. I doubt man, I doubt… I might move it to a 2, I agree that a 3 is overrated XD I mean heck, idk how to explain its plot to anyone, the question “What is this show about?” is suddenly hard to answer for this show lol.
Yea, it definitely felt like this season developed the characters and their relationships a lot more, as if S1 was merely a fun introduction to the characters. I loved when he said “Urusei baka!” to that girl!
I’m watching Oregairu and Re:Zero of course, and also Rental Girlfriend, God of Highschool, Lapis Re:Lights and Peter Grill. What about you?
Yes it is XD I swear it’s some god-tier ecchi, there’s a lot of boob sucking and yuri, it’s amazing.
Thanks. Yes indeed, it’s been too long! Now my phone can go back to being useless again!
Speak of the devil, a couple of songs got deleted yesterday, but thankfully I know which XD Have you also noticed a lot of “official” topic channels popping up with anime OST’s? Maybe I should consider getting Spotify, I’m just hoping they have a lot of the music I listen to, like game OST’s, anime OST’s and even Vocaloid trance lol.

We ogle fanart for the “restoration process”! Lol, I had planned to watch HxEros but it doesn’t air uncensored >_< And I’m not watching censored ecchi again, I committed that sin way too much already.

These are the fun essays to read! Can’t imagine being a teacher and having to read whatever crap your students send in lol.
InTheDatabase Jun 25, 10:11 AM
No worries ^^ (and that already sounds like it sucks:/)

And writing down something along the lines of ‘Idk, it just felt like the right thing to do’, wouldn’t give you any points either :/. So we’ve ended up in a situation where we both understand it, but have zero clue on how to explain it XD

It’s about 44k I believe, and there isn’t much else nearby, aside from two other towns about the same size. It’s like in the middle of nowhere but with civilization.
‘Reality is often disappointing’. You didn’t have the best of luck with that. But seriously, what is up with students and not cleaning? Is there like an unspoken rule that I’m not aware of?
Oh man it’s gonna suck. Now I can do whatever I want whenever I want to whereas later I will first have to finish up schoolwork which is going to be a challenge, since I know 99% certain that I will get distracted.
Lol, I can understand your rage, don’t worry about that XD And did they also arrange a place for you to stay whilst there or were they like ‘meh, just take a train, that’s not my problem’. It’s probably the case that you need to have spent a certain X number of weeks, regardless of how effective it is. Like back in highschool we would finish everything we had to do for that year earlier than planned and we would have 4 weeks left in which we did as good as nothing just because we needed to make the hours. Also, tourism management at catering is just ridiculously silly. I now wonder whether they’ll make me translate hamburger recipes at McDonald’s for my internship. Anyways, I hope you can at least manage an actually decent arrangement., it would 700% suck to do this.

Aha, I see you can appreciate…art… The one I mentioned is Prinz Eugen from Azur Lane, which I will add at the bottom of this comment with the rest XD
Np :) I suppose they got okay at that point but in my opinion the first good ones didn’t come until the 80’s, like 81, 84 or 87. They don’t have to look good at a certain number though, I think it’s better to just… let it happen? Haha, hands are pretty much every artist’s nightmare. It’s just incredibly difficult to get ALL the proportions right.
Obtaining full coverage with coloured pencils is my best piece of advice XD I used to be quite scared of colouring too thick, but I realized that it’s an intricate balance between layering, coverage and pressure that isn’t easy to explain in words XD Fineliners work great if you’re doing typical anime style with 1-colour-2-shades with the clear distinctive black lines, but they also still work well if you’re using more smooth colours and shading. You can also experiment with using coloured pencils as the boundary instead, which does give a different effect to your piece.
The Akame ga Cringe collection :’D give me a moment I’m dying here….
I’d rather make something completely new rather than doing a remake but we’ll see and I’ll definitely show you if the time comes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Who is #105 you ask? GLAD YOU’RE ASKING! It’s Jintsuu from Azur Lane, one of my top 10 waifus from that game ^^
Oh, I meant that I only used coloured pencils on that one. Normally I also use fineliners or markers (like skin tones, I always use markers for that).
You know what…. You’re goddamn right about that! Devils is a Part Timer was great but we need to see more people getting toolzoned by Ayanakouji!

With reference you have a solid base to work whereas you don’t have that with originals, where you have to build it up from scratch. If you’re planning on ever referencing anatomy only, I’d recommend using images with little clothing to nude, because sometimes the clothing can make it hard to discern where the actual body is (think of like a big fluffy dress but the lower exposed parts of the legs are not in the picture).

Let’s keep up the good work XD
I personally am not surprised, the future students are desperate enough to get a place.
Yea, a big waifu pillow won’t be so easy to hide… but I gotta give props for ordering a waifu pillow to your parents’ house before moving out, whoever does that, I take my hat off to you :’D
Yup, you finish 1 and 20 more get added. I’m trying to force myself to accept the fact I won’t ever manage to watch it all XD
Lol, that’s exactly why I wouldn’t like multiplayer :’D I don’t want to worry about others messing around, or trolling me etc. and be able to play and build the world however I want to.
I personally just don’t like the idea of constantly grinding the same level for ingame currency or something. And, of course it depends on what game, but if there isn’t a 100% chance of getting what you want, it doesn’t feel worth it.
Kind of yea, which is why I’m not playing it. I have no interest in the gameplay itself, I merely like the waifus in it and searching the internet for fanart and googling their dialogue lines is way more effective in reaching my goal.
Yep, that has to suck. Though at least they didn’t lose with 1-7 XD

Oh well, if the second waves comes, it comes. I don’t know if it’s just me but during this whole corona thing I’m getting tired of hearing the words ‘face mask’ and ‘1.5 metre distance’. I know corona-related items on national news channels on YT have been getting massive downvotes, because they’re always talking about doom scenarios and ‘fans help spread the virus’ and other stuff like that.
Haha, this! Why the fuck would I be interested in somebody eating food or watching a movie or taking the dog out for a piss, like wow, so unique, it’s not like that’s everyone’s daily life!

The romance starting early is my favourite part of the show, I wish that happened more frequently. Usually the main couple only gets together by the end of the season, which is great and all, but seeing them as a true couple would also be cool to see (this is why I’m excited for Tonikaku Kawaii) . Nogizaka was a fun show, but I think I’d get annoyed by all the kiss baiting as well, that got really bad at the end of the series. You watched Mashiro too, that’s great XD And that’s unbelievably relatable! Even back then I was surprised that they switched the first introduced girl, who usually ends up as the main heroine, for a different one, which I agree is best girl.
I think I will rewatch StB at some point in time, because 1 La Folia, 2 Asagi, Sayaka and Natsuki 3 I don’t remember it well enough to watch S3 and S4. It’s blasphemous that Yukina has as much favourites as the 4 other girls mentioned together. Each one of them alone is 100 times better than Yukina, and all together they’re infinitely better.
If you ask me, yes I think the waifu quality of To Love Ru is superb, it might be my favourite harem in terms of waifus Yui best girl. S1 is definitely the worst of the entire series. When I got to S2, it felt like a completely different show. And while I found the series to be very entertaining in general, there were some annoyances, for example one girl is constantly sneaking into the MC’s bed or bathroom and if I were him, that would’ve annoyed me immensely. I like cute and naked waifus, but for fucks sake, let me sleep and use the bathroom in peace! It’s because of things like this I can’t rate it higher than an 8/10 average.
I still want to watch HotD, would you recommend it?
The only ones I can recall are Gabriel Dropout and Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, particularly the latter was very fun.
I also prefer the old style, because the girls look better in it, especially Rias and Akeno. In the old style they looked very hot, whereas in the new style they just look okay. In general the new character designs felt…off, especially Asia, I don’t know why exactly, but she in particular looked off.
Their animation, if you could call it that. Even for hentai standards, it’s just bad.
Good fanservice is good, but sometimes you just want to shut off your brain and enjoy some stupid, nonsensical, trashy fanservice.
Sounds like I’ll need play some VN’s in the future then… But in all seriousness I do get the impression that VN’s can give you an experience that anime sometimes fails to give, purely because of the relatively short time frame it has compared to a VN.
I suppose it should be possible. I mean, Yosuga no Sora exists. Although, looking back at the whole Interspecies Reviewers situation, I doubt the world is mature enough for it ;)

Khun is my favourite character of the anime. Although I do think ToG is overhyped, the OST was good so I’m gonna check that out when it releases.
I ended up dropping Gleipnir because I missed out on an episode once and I honestly don’t feel like starting it up again XD
Oh yea, and they weren’t even funny tropes. It was just Aqua being a retard and Darkness constantly having orgasms over thoughts of pain and public humiliation. Maybe I was a bit harsh in scoring it a 1/10 but I get annoyed every time I think about Konosuba XD I was expecting Princess Connect to be an actual adventure but I was bit let down in that regard. Hey, at least episode 10 has best girl Shizuru, so I guess it was worth it?
‘Generic’ is a decent way of describing Shironeko Project. That along with Hachi-nantte are examples of shows I need to stop watching or finishing. There are actual good shows out there and here I am wasting my time on stuff like this XD
Kaguya-sama S2 is soooooo good, it sometimes even hits you with feels. I’m actually behind on Fruits Basket, need to pick that up again but I’m occupied with other stuff, including Seikon no Qwaser, which is some good trash.
Well, good news: I got a laptop \0/ Now I can finally do shit normally again. Ikr, and I got that MP3 for cheap so very much worth the money Though it’s internal clock is a bit whacky but otherwise it still works fine! I’ve actually never used Spotify, always used YT, and it sucks when songs get taken down but usually there is another video of it. It’s only a matter of figuring what song in your playlist got deleted XD

Mhm, good fanart is good, I gobble it up.
Alrighty then, here’s my entire finished collection of Azur Lane drawings:

Feel free to write as long of a comment you want XD
InTheDatabase May 29, 5:44 AM
No worries, take your time XD I do hope you can manage to do something about that internship
Mindnight May 21, 12:46 AM
Watching a anime movie alone would have been a great experience, but it wasn't meant to be sadly. I can get that they would have cancelled it, but they couldn't even postpone it to a later date. That sucks.

Buying all these clothes and stuff, just to spend the majority of your time wearing the same old suit. I don't see the point in spending loads of money on yourself just to work for a majority of the week.
Well, instead of the quality of the unit's education, in questioning their intelligence. Why would people care about the education when what's happening to the world now is more important. They could easily afford to postpone it, but they care more about their reputations instead of the students, that's sad.
I can relate do hard with this haha. It's not because it was boring, it's just I'm so tired and I cant help but to nod off a little. When I awake up, it's too late to watch it. I hate how the only time I can watch a nonseasonal anime is the evening, when I'm so tired

I would like to read the Monogatari light novels. Heard a lot about them and would like to see what happens after Zoku Owarimonogatari
It was super confusing and fast xD. I just don't get why Jc staff would rush it, guess they really wanted to get to the new content fast. But in the other side, Railgun T has been absolutely amazing. Since its a manga it's easier to adapt, but theyre doing a good job. It's sad to see how jc staff prioritizes one of them.
Well, it ended last Sunday, and lots of people were crapping on the ending. I got curious and took a look, and I was confused on what I saw. Not because I haven't read the rest of the chapters, but it was just...different I guess. The final is what the whole anime builds up to, the climax!
I wonder as well xD. Don't think I can, but I guess you can never say never. Maybe one day I will..
I'm still a bit off, but it still feels weird to think I've watched anime that much. How they do it, I'll never know. It's like they're superhuman or something, every day they start and finish a new anime. If I had their skills, I could have finished loads of anime I wanted to see before. Wish I could achieve it
I like the smell of summer rain too. It just feels so fresh, and going outside too I like leaving my window open too during rain, I like hearing the sounds of it. It's oddly soothing. Going to the lake during summer is also great too!

Yeah, nothing annoying of the sort that we always see. It's essential and has to do with the plot, so that helps it flesh out more. She strips in front of him and isn't embarrassed by it, which is a nice change unlike loads of scenarios where the guy gets hurt because of something like that. I hate that troupe too, what's the point in seeing the mc get hurt, I dont get it
Yeah, it seems like it got wayyy more better than expected. Like actually dark. Maybe the first half was made to be like that so people would be shocked about the second half of it. It is pretty surprising to hear how much that anime and changed.
Awesome! Yeah, there's a romance that builds as the movies go. I wouldn't say its the main point of it, but there's a couple of them that see dedicated to the romance aspect. You'll see what I mean, it's hard to really explain it.

Messi would destroy Ronaldo in every aspect of the game. Ronaldo only has a couple things that he's better at then messi. Ronaldo's fans think that he's so clear of Messi because he's better at those aspects. CR7 is more of a striker or hunter in the box waiting for the balls to be crossed or pass for a easy tap in. I'll admit he's very good at that aspect. But saying he's good at passing is perposterious. Ronaldo can't cross a ball the way Messi has, not make impossible passes like Messi has.
Both sides were going hard for it, and Messi tried his best. But it just wasn't meant to be, he's cursed with bad luck. If only Argentina made their chances early :/. Yes, funny how when Messi wins the best player award, you have loads of people saying it was undeserved. But CR7 hasn't won one at all, despite winning the Euro's. And I though that be carries Portugal
Hah maybe. Guess we shouldn't be saying that he hates it when we barely even know him xD. He does seem like he wants to be a footballer

Oh yeah, it really sucks for those teams. They could have gone up, but sadly luck wasn't on their side with this whole situation. I would feel devasted for not having a chance.. nice!, I didn't know that xD. Well we can see a conclusion to it then. But I'm still curious to know what will the EPL and La Liga do. LFC are so close to their title, and the Spanish league is pretty close..That's all Barca's fault imo. They spend loads of money on players who just can't perform. Like with Coutinho, they bought him for so much only, but he's a flop now. Looks like Dembele could be screwed eitherway. If only he's play as good as he was when he was at Dortmund..
They have so many players on high salarys, but they shouldn't be at the club, like Rakitic.
People aren't loyal any more. I get wanting to move out of a club if you feel like you dont have lots of playing time, or are underpaid. But when it's so obvious for the money, that's when things go bad. If both of those teams had their star players still, it could have made for a awesome season or even clash. But it just wasn't meant to be it seems

It's not looking good. Cramming in so much will make for a awful viewing and would be confusing. DAL 1 and 2 had a good pace, but that was ruined by S3. It makes me sad to see how it could decline even more when the new season hits. I just hope that they learn their lesson and actually put time and effort into it.

Same same xD. If the show doesn't live up to the hype, I'll still continue it. Like Eizouken, imo I didn't think it was as good as people said it was. Thought it was boring and weird, but I still watched through it all until the end.
My fav is Danganronpa xD. Well in terms of the anime adaption, its rushed, but game wish it's still the best imo. For anime, though it's Future Diary it's really memorable. Hmm yeah, and due to corona, it could affect the sales too. So it could be less than what we expected. Sad that sales determine if a anime gets a new season, think it should be the fans enjoyment.
Wtf xD. Yeah I'm not reading that. I like light novels, but not when they dump loads of text and make you read through it. Guess I'll wait for a potential S2 then, if that ever happens. Even with the long explanations, it was still a good anime.

I think so too. Now that we know the characters more, the humour is better and the cast comes off well. Everything about it has gotten better, so we're seeing more development for new characters. I'm liking Miko a lot too, and seeing Ishigami more is always good too.
I'm in a good mood when I watch it, but at the end is when the foreshadowing happens and it makes me sad then xD. Her crying hit me hard, just what happened to Goto? We're left for so many questions, and who knows if we'll get a answer by the end .
Yeah, he fits in to the story well. He's realistic for people who don't fully know their dreams or have their futures planned out. He's not your average mc, and has conflicting feelings about who he loves.

Their rare, I can't think of much. Which is a shame, wish more characters like that would be in anime more often
It's a win, but also a loss. Why can't their just an a damn sequel, is that really to much to ask for

Aha yeah!

I think steins gate does a very good job in fleshing out the characters and still having a great story that didn't feel rushed. Most vns suffer from the fact that they're too long, so conversations and character moments have to be cut for the sake of time. Sometimes, 22 minutes isn't enough to fully convey it
Only in hentai we get those scenes, but you would expect that xD. Wish more romance anime would go for it, it'll be more realistic on how couple are.
Hack n slash sounds familiar... I've played Persona 3, 4, 5, Trails of Cold steel 1 and 2, most of the Pokemon games, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, and Tokyo Xanadu +
Sweet, can't wait to hear your thoughts on it! What VN are you playing now btw?
Hikki_a1 May 16, 1:36 PM
Yeah I really hope so :)

I'll probably read Kaguya-sama since waiting for another season usually takes like a year which is too much for me D:

Hikki_a1 May 10, 2:03 PM
I've caught up with the manhwa for Tower of God and it definitely picks up after the first season. The first season is good but the rest is far better :)

Do you plan to read the source material for any anime in the spring season?
InTheDatabase May 8, 10:29 AM
Haha, yea, same here, it was just a matter of remembering which formula to use when and where. In reality, I had no clue what I was doing XD I think languages are more structural, whereas math is more abstract, if you know what I mean. It's hard to explain :'D

Oh, that's nice, I'm never gonna get an internship in my backwater hometown :'D
Why does every shared student housing have to have this image of poor cleanliness?
That's good \0/ definitely wasn't lazy either in my 2 gap years. Going back to school is gonna suck
Oh wow, you're REALLY getting screwed over. So what happens now, do you have to repeat the semester? (and I can imagine if you get like some negative note on your diploma saying you failed your internship the first time, they're bastard enough to pull crap out of their ass like that). " question the quality of their education " Can it even be good when it fucks over their students with their clothes still on?

Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well ^^ (just wait until I finish the one I'm working on currently ;) I'll send it when it's done)
Here's a list of about 30 drawings throughout my "career". Again, some are a little lewd, others are downright cringe-worthy ;)

Don't worry, you'll get there, I still haven't reached my end of the tunnel either :)
Drawings originals is the end station so to speak (making original character designs is more difficult than it seems though). Haha, the thought of me sharing my stuff on a website like Pixiv has never even crossed my mind. In regards to your points on referencing:
1. I still do it too. Why? Because my anatomy still sucks and I need it to survive XD 2. I feel that. Sometimes I come across these perfect images, with a character I like, in a pose that fits them, in a style I like, with good colours that I know how to reproduce on paper and I just want to draw it! I think using reference is important, especially for people who are still learning.
My next goal is to try and reference only the pose and "transform" it into the character I want. (which I have done a few times already but do it regularly rather than as an exception) That way, the anatomy is correct and the rest like hair, clothing and background is "only" a matter of perspective and trial and error. And I don't know this for sure as I haven't really experienced it yet, but I do think there is a greater satisfaction to be gained from an original work, even if it might be of "lesser" quality, since it's unique, the only one of its kind and YOU are the one who made it.

Yup, let's all go hide online :'D
Particularly the biology aspect, that's.... very educational...
Also there is a good chance that I'll be able to get a room.... in the worst neighbourhood of the city. The wait lists are SIGNIFICANTLY shorter there. If that happens I totally don't feel confident leaving anything of value behind XD Moving out also means I have to find a way to move all my A3-sized drawings safely and without people finding them smexy waifus.
The Witcher games are definitely very enjoyable. That sucks XD The weeb equivalent of that would be to finish your PTW before you can watch anything else.
I mean, I can't imagine myself playing Minecraft with others for example. I'd probably be way too nitpicky on their playstyle and therefore be one sour douchebag XD
I don't really like grinding, nor am I really a fan of gacha games, which is why I haven't played Azur Lane, nor really ever wanted to because it just doesn't seem appealing. If I want to see those waifus, I just go on the internet. I have played a few mobile visual novel/dating games before and in order to continue you had to either buy points or watch a CRAP ton of ads. Needless to say I don't play those anymore XD
Weren't they eliminated in the final minutes of the semi-final? That has to suck.

I don't know either. I don't know this "everyone", so why I should care what this "everyone" does and thinks :D
Over here they've been doing the same, like opening hairdressers with limited customers and only reserved appointments. But at the same time they soon want to open up highschools again... without even knowing how to handle several hundreds of students cramped up in that building :'D But they're gonna open them! In most countries masks are mandatory in public transport, and in some it's mandatory for just going outside, which has caused great shortages so now people have to construct their own :'D
You don't own FB and Twitter?? Guess we can share a virtual handshake then ^^
I don't know, I just thought it fit well XD

That's nice that you bought the blu-ray of Chivalry, that show deserves more love. Wait, Nogizaka was one of your firsts? Haha, that's cool XD Nogizaka is one of those shows where I think I'm the only one who has seen it because I never see anybody talking about it. (like Mashiro Iro Symphony or R-15). It was a fun romcom, though the amount of kiss denials towards the end REALLY sucked.
Same, I haven't seen S3 and S4 and I wouldn't mind indulging myself in La Folia goodness again. In general I think this show warrants a rewatch from me.
Yes, they focus more on Yami and 2 other characters who aren't introduced yet in S1, but there are still plenty of shenanigans with the rest of the cast. (Tbh, what you point out here is imo To Love Ru's greatest flaw: in essence it's still a generic ecchi-harem with a lot of the typical tropes, like punching the guy for being in lewd situations even though it was CLEARLY the girl's fault. It's a shame, because the ecchi is great and the overall waifu quality is superb)
The only thing I've seen from HotD is a certain 'bullet and boob' scene XD
Hmm, I can kinda see what you mean. I feel good comedies tend to be ones who are more subtle (Wasteful days of highschool girls), or the ones who incorporate more genres (like Oregairu).
DxD was hilarious because it was so serious with its silly ecchi power ups and it just worked so, so well.
Don't watch anything from them, please, for all that's sacred, don't, save your eyes.
That label of "fanservice". Let's say we have a girl who is afraid of the water due to some traumatic experience in her past and her loving and supporting boyfriend convinces her to practice swimming with him in the pool, therefore helping her overcome her fear of water. Obviously she's gonna wear a swimsuit, most likely the dude will be "oh wow" when he sees her and therefore everyone will pass it up as fanservice, despite it serving a deeper purpose.(no pun intended XD) Tbh, I doubt we're gonna see H scenes in a real anime since those air on TV :(

Khun is cool, those who think otherwise should come fight me!
Ikr, this show is so anime but therefore unsurprisingly entertaining.
This is the perfect description for my experience with Konosuba :'D I didn't laugh once after the first episode.
And after that he asked the other dude "The Queen of Light is more your type?" to which I thought... "Yes." Speaking of seasonal waifus, Elise from Hachi nan-tte is cute af.
Oh nice, what are the other good ones that we haven't mentioned yet?
" as long as you don’t have to leave it at charge 24/7 " Ha... ha.......ha............ I'm getting awfully close to that :'D It almost feels like my phone is on life support. I don't know whether it can or not, espcially when on YouTube. I do still have my trusty 9-year-old MP3 player that I use, although it lacks some newly discovered songs, but it has nearly 1000 songs nevertheless.

No, I added that a couple of days ago XD IKR, they are some great eye candy and most are THICC. Unfortunately, I only have a few good drawings of some of them like Belfast, Littorio, Shoukaku and Yat Sen, but I am on a holy mission to expand my collection! I have no interest in playing the game, instead I'm just gonna go on incognito mode and enjoy me some sweet fanart

Mindnight May 8, 12:20 AM
Fuck man that sucks :/. I tend to go to the movies with friends or family, but seeing Heaven's Feel on the big screen was one of my plans. It could have been my first time watching a anime movie in theaters, but it wasn't meant to be. I don't blame any one, the theaters are a spot where you could easily get sick, so it was necessary to do.

You can run away from your problems with money. You can delay them, sure, but the mundane life will come back anyways. I would take less money if that means I get to have some free time.
The worst case scenario for an exam. If I was in charge, I would have just cancelled the exams and have students take them another time, when the world isn't at this disaster as it is. Who in there right minds will accept anyone now, and the prefers didn't think of that. I'm not the smartest, but even I know that it's a stupid idea.
Haha nice xD. I do too, I think that I should have watched this anime. And then I'll think that I'll watch it tommorow but it never happens. Doesn't help that when I prepare to finally watch it, my eyes will get heavy and I feel tired all of a sudden.

I am, well I only read Index. Nothing else, so far
The first 2 seasons were pretty good adaptations. Compared to the light novels, they still skipped some content, but overall it was alright. S2 was the best Index season, in terms of content. But s3 really dropped the ball. Not only did they skipped content, they crammed like 13 volumes on a 26 ep show.
When I see the news that it was ending, people online we're making memes and were happy that it was ending. It must have gotten so bad then. But it's sad, as a anime only, it's kind of sad hearing how it has gotten worse. S1 to me was spectacular and hearing that it's gotten worse is bad news
Wish I can get back into it like my old days. Trying to shake off my rust and it's a slow process.
300 jeez. I have like 70 days and 500 anime completed. Not sure what they makes it me. I see some people watch a different anime everyday, and they don't take breaks. I wish I had their ability to do that, because they would make things easier.
The best days are sitting in front of your pc, with The window open, and having a sip of some cold beverage, watching YouTube videos. I like going outside, but when it's too hot, my body can't handle it

If it's natural, it's better. It's not in your face about it, like saying "hey, look at how hot these girls are" or something like that. Gleipnir handles it pretty good. Claire takes of her clothes because of how hot it is inside of Shuichi, which makes sense. Stuff like that is cool by me, not sny of the overused troupes we see every time.
Yeah, I've heard people talking about how all of a sudden the gotten better. And more darker too. Wonder what sort of twist have gotten people to make that sort of reaction and turnaround about Plunder now.
Maybe people will continue it now that they heard that it's gotten better now?
I would go with chronological order. I went with release order and that was good too. I understood everything, but thinking back, chronological makes more sense. Since the movies jump around. Like the second movie was the start of the events, etc.

Ronaldo is a striker and that's it. He can't play in the middle like Messi can. Sure Ronaldo excelles at shooting. But so does Messi, in fact 10x more. There's 2 times that Ronaldo is better at than Messi and those are headers and penaltys. In terms of passing, movement, touch, he is inferior to him. CR7 fans can't get that simple explanation, and then sprout out nonsense.
I remember watching that final live. Back then, I wasn't into football as I am now, but I still enjoyed it. I wasn't ooting for any team, I just wanted a epic match. Now, knowing more about Messi and hearing CR7 fans always attack Messi for not having a international trophy, I'd wish he's finally won. He was so close too...
Seriously, his own kid seems to be way more mature than he is. I feel bad for him too, CR7 is making him train hard too xD

I'm not 100% on board with how they went with it, but it was obvious that no other team would have gotten close to PSG. Congrats to Rennes I suppose. Well, now the Bundesliga is going to continue the season now! That's one down. Geez, while that's a lot of money still, he's worth way less than what was paid for him. He did not deliver and if Barca do sell him, it's going to be interesting to see what price a club will get him for. Hell, knowing Barca, they could send him out on loan.
It's just one year of some success, then players will leave and the team will crumble apart. Ajax and Monaco are the biggest examples of that. If only they could have some now kept their players. It could have been such a different story..

Yeah, really don't understand what's with studiios and the need to feel to speed up the source material. Literally makes no sense on why rush. If they went at a decent pace, then S3 would have been so much better, even with the worse animation. But they decided that cramming in material was the better idea. It could have been way better, and S4 would have started at a respectful place. But now, it seems like the remains seasons are going to be rushed as hell. That's such a disaster..

Yeah, I can relate. Every damn time I think that I won't watch a whole bunch of new shows, but then some anime come out that catch my interest and I end up watching them anyways.
It felt too short. It was one thing that I got 13 eps, which is different from anime that get 12 eps. It had potential but It didn't deliver to what id imagine to to be
The concept of having innocent people fight to the death has always been a terrifying thought. It's overdone, but I always enjoy seeing how things go. 2 huh, that's pretty good. I'm not sure how much dvds it sold, so who knows the chances for a new season happening.
My eyes would be so tired trying to gather all of the information xD. It's better to show and not tell, especially in these circumstances. A new season would be cool to see, as I am interested in seeing what happens next. Dont plan on going to the manga and seeing all that damn text

Kaguya sama has been a good as we all expected, the humour is still there after a year. Kakushigoto was shocking, I didn't expect it to be so funny. Hearing Hiroshi Kamiya voice the mc is hilarious. The skits really get you thinking. I hope that he's just really sick, and bedridden, and not dead...
Out of those, I'm watching Yesterday wo Utatte. It's good, I like Haru a lot. But the mc kinda annoys me. He seems like a dick, like being annoying to that new guy.

I like when there's the sort of balance in between. Not exactly the nicest guy, but also not the bad guy. I guess antihero hero is about word to describe it.
Congrats to the author, but that sucks for anime onlys xD. But surely fans of the novel would like to see new content animated.

C'mon corona, I'm sure no one would care of it take it away! If not, just disappear, that's cool too.

Ah yeah I see. I enjoyed it, but some things did feel rushed. Like the development of the girls. It focused more on Yuuji and his past, which is fine. But it was just a summary and that's sad.
I agree, people see h scenes and just think of it as just fanservice. When in reality, it's more than that. It's sex yeah, but there was a relationship built between those people.
It's a mystery to me xD. I like jrpgs the most, followed by mystery games. Wbu?
Nice! Happy to help :). I thought there was going to be something for golden week. And that's a steal, for those games.
The games has subs even in English, so you can read them. All the games are like that. And as you'll see, the gameplay for it isn't your typical VN
Hikki_a1 May 5, 4:35 PM
The ending was good :)

Yesterday wo Utatte and Kami no Tou :D

What about you?
AnimeCreed May 2, 8:08 PM
Np ^^
Thats good you're doing good man
Thanks just being lazy with long reply atm lol
Hikki_a1 Apr 30, 3:48 PM
If I say it then it could spoil it for you. Do you still want me to say if it was good?

I'm just watching the seasonal anime atm and trying to catch up on manga/manhwa :D
InTheDatabase Apr 30, 8:47 AM
Yea, I guess I did a 180 there XD I've never really thought about the switch but one guess I have is that math was too abstract for me. Like I used a bunch of formulae and algebra and to get a certain end result but I ultimately didn't really know what I was doing. Languages are bit more like code cracking, often feels like a puzzle until you become proficient enough and it becomes a means of communication.

Yea, I understand why you wouldn't do it every weekend. Btw, are you at home now with the whole lockdown going on?
Sharing with 7 people who don't know about cleaning are a no-go for me XD
There's a lot of social pressure unfortunately to do so unfortunately. A lot people place an unhealthy amount of value on merely academic success and results. If I would have started studying maths just because to study something, I wouldn't have been happy.
So if you don't get any internship you fail the semester? And then what? Ngl, this makes me a little pissed because you'd basically be punished for something that's out of your hands in one of the most affected businesses.

Mhm, that's why near the end I start rushing things. I always make sure my surroundings are devoid of any and all liquids ^^
Sure. And I'm more of a senpai though XD

I mean, if all introverts stay inside then the chances of meeting decrease XD
Very educational.... anatomy... and perspective.... and angles....and proportions....
Well 2 things: firstly, if I go home every weekend which I plan on doing, it's there unguarded for a weekend. Secondly, I definitely need a laptop for school work, so that's 2 devices and that ain't gonna be cheap.
Nope, have been wanting to play it for years but alas, my PC would never been able to run it smoothly, even in its best condition.
Mhm, I like it when I can just do my own thing XD I have played FIFA 13 or 14 I believe at an old friend's place. I don't watch soccer but I kinda follow it a little, mostly because I wanna see the underdogs kick ass :'D

That whole toilet paper thing was a hype, and we all know that people are quick to jump in on those.
Yes, loosening restrictions will undoubtedly make more victims, but this lockdown is also causing issues, both economically, mentally and health wise, because people move less and some have taken up worse diets. I'd opt to get all businesses at least functioning again, albeit under certain preconditions like only X amount of people allowed inside.
I am certainly not getting that app if I don't have to. It has the scary potential of becoming counterpart of China's social crediting system. Imagine if you weren't allowed to enter a store because 2 weeks ago you (more accurately, your phone) got 'near' another person (more accurately, their phone) who was later(!) tested positive for the virus.
'Never waste a good crisis'. Tbh, I gotta give him props for turning all these situations into his favour.

The ecchi anime I thought were good are Kill la Kill, Ishuzoku Reviewers, DxD, Chivalry of a Failed Knight, Shokugeki no Soma, To Love Ru, Sankarea, No Game No Life, and Nogizaka Haruka's secret. Strike the Blood, I should probably rewatch that, La Folia best girl with the whole S3 and S4 that I haven't seen.
I'll admit, S1 of To Love Ru is a bit of a sit-through, it's not great. S2 is a whole lot better, it really felt like a different show. S3 and S4 are the best, they have an actual plot line concerning a few of the characters. Okay, I see. Then have you watched stuff like Highschool of the Dead? I personally like it in any presentation, regardless of whether it's just eye candy, a plot point or a very dark show.
Don't watch stuff from Queen Bee then, good grief that stuff sucks. I'll add it to the list, but I don't know when I'll get to it, because I can't really watch any hentai now. (my phone doesn't like that website :'D)
Definitely. I feel that, while romance anime does pay a lot of attention to the emotional develeopment, there is a lack of physical development. Sure, we have hand-holding and kissing but that's it. The whole point of sexual interaction, which any couple will get to eventually, is ignored, whereas some real hentai-like scenes could be a great addition if done well.

The OP is really cool though, and I don't say that often :'D I like Khun, he's cool. Yea, I've heard as well that the better parts are later in the series, and I likely will watch a second season, if there will be one.
Agreed, Gleipnir is weird but oh so anime XD Of course it's a hot girl. Of course she gets insinde of him sexually. Of course it's 'warm and moist'.
I was expecting Princess Connect to be an actual adventure, but it turned out as a comedy show.
Since the OP just SCREAMS out romance between them, I just want that to start already! Also wtf is up with that weird, unfitting synopsis?
I'm not watching either of them, and it sounds like they're actually some of the better shows this season :'D
Thankfully I have an out let next to my bed \0/ On a good day I have to recharge it like 3 times a day XD One episode eats like 10% of the battery, add to that watching YT videos and listening to music and that thing drains pretty quick.