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XxYumeHimexX Yesterday, 10:23 PM
My finals start the first week of June so I have about two weeks left to study. :( Literally the only thing that's keeping me going right now is the thought that I'll be rewarded with a nice long break.
Neorobot May 18, 10:15 AM
Nice to meet you too :) thanks for accepting .
I really like your profile page too :)
XxYumeHimexX May 16, 7:10 PM
I'm doing well too! ^o^ The school year is finally winding down and only a few more weeks until summer! However I'll be busy studying for finals soon. :(
AnimeCreed May 16, 4:02 PM

Nice sauce... is it 3d? :o

Nope but might start it soon xD
Something like that xDD

Thats good :3
Yup watching OPM, diamond no ace, AOT, demon slayer, fruit basket and carole & tueday

Thanks xD

Hows everything going?
XxYumeHimexX May 13, 4:50 PM
No problem and nice to meet you to! How are you doing?
Mindnight May 7, 3:29 PM
I agree with that statement haha. Especially blueberries, thoose things are really delicious on top of any cake. Same goes for strawberrys as well.

That's true, that is the downside. Lots of things have to be cut to fit in a 20 minute episode. And with a series like Index, there's a lot of important information that won't be in. In season one, they cut a character that was suppose to appear in a important arc as well.
Hope you enjoyed it. It wasn't as good as it should've been, but it's still pretty good, and was alright.

I've been binging Durarara, and I've been enjoying the show a lot. I even added a character to my favorites. Have you binged anything lately?

Episode was nice, like the magic. The artsyle seems kind of off to me in a way, but I'm getting use to it more and more as well. I like the romance elements in it. I haven't seen Cavalry, but I've heard that it's nice. Wow, they're actually going to be a couple, that's cool. Can't wait to see what happens then ^^.

For me it's Kimetsu no Yaiba, Senryuu Shojou, and Isekai Quartet :). Is Kono Oto Tomare good?

Yup yup, with all the same romance tropes, it gets really repitive at times, so it's hard to really like it. Heaven's Feel doing something different is really awesome. I do plan out on watching the old stay night, some that's how the anime series all started. And it's about Saber, so that's got my interest a lot. I don't mind the old animation, as long as the plot is good, then I'm cool with it ^^. I'll watch it after I play the VN for sure.

Hahaha, the only one I really enjoyed was the Zoku one as well. That was because of Hachiman and Issiki, they have good chemistry with each other. But Ovas aren't really good.

Through Sekai, who was the one who killed him after he got caught. Soo yeah...

Ah I know how that feels. Hopefully they find enough money, so that way it would be cool for them to go.
It's a sporadic schedule, since most times there's someone else who comes in at times.

Yeah, I'm sad :(. Kompany scored an amazing goal to be fair but I felt gutted. Was hoping that they would struggle, but yeah. They're going to beat Brighton I feel.
It's going to be implemented next season, VAR. But why it wasn't used this season, I don't really know.
Well as I typed it we just beated them!!!! I was shaking the whole time. I literally cried out when Origi scored the fourth goal. I was celebrating so hard. We actually did it, I just can't believe we won.

Exactly. And Ronaldo hasn't been to the world cup final before. It was Eder who scored the winning goal in the Euro's and Ronaldo wasn't even in the match for that.
He saved them so often, it's hard to count. Both teams are good, but they just bottle it (like tonight ;)

Wow, that sounds really cool. So you get to travel a lot in guessing. Must be really exciting. Have you visited any special places?

I agree haha.
zamuel31 May 4, 3:59 PM
Honestly, I have to strongly disagree. Visuals aren't just animation, and animation is what a lot of people are talking about when criticizing OPM S2, but it's a lot more than that. Visuals include directing, editing, shot composition, aesthetic, set pieces, character designs, and of course animation quality. If it just the animation that looks worse, people would still be complaining but as much. The reason why it feels so drastically different, is because of all those aspects of visuals that I just mentioned, but a lot of viewers can't quite put their finger on it.
The directing is so bad, imo, though it is partly to due the downgrade in animation. But compare the fights scenes from season 1 to season 2. Season 1 had a lot of extended shots and movement on Saitama, from episode 1. Episodes 3 and 4 of this season are (slightly) better, but episodes 1 and 2 have had literally no actual action scenes. There's "action," but it's entirely blurry movements and fast cuts to cover for the lack of animation. It's not just bad animation (it's honestly not that bad), there's next to no effort in animation at all, and the editing completely covers for it to fake a fight scene.
Episode 1 of season 1:
There are a lot of scenes that stay on the same shot, showing tons of dynamic movement from Saitama, it makes uses of space and geography really well.
Episode 2 of season 2:
Ridiculously blurry, and tons of quick cuts to close ups to make up for lack of movement. There's literally nothing happening but just a bunch of spinning around. I get that it's Sonic and he's fast, but Genos and Saitama have the same issue. When they actually show a lot of movement within one shot, they just take on pose of the character and duplicate and blur it multiple times. Episode 1 was the same with the Genos fight. Episodes 3 and 4 were slightly better, but kinda had the same issues.
There's a massive difference in actual choreography in season 1, to just a quick mess in season 2 - an editing trick to create nothing and trick viewers into thinking something's actually happening.
Beyond that, there's also the duller colors, inconsistent and sometimes laughable character designs of Saitama and Genos, and even editing beyond action scenes are not good. A good number of scenes transition really awkwardly, and it just feels extremely sloppy. This was the biggest concern of the OPM S2 trailer when it came out. I wasn't exactly that the animation looked bad (they barely showed any animation in the trailer, after all), but it was a ton of black screen, weird flashing scenes to create hype for nothing, repetitive showing of the same shot of Saitama standing still in front of an empty background, just moving this mouth, and lots of still frames. The trailer itself looked fanmade.
I also think the pacing of the story is off, I think it feels rushed. But I don't think that's a major issue. And I agree with you that the story is more or less the same, so people shouldn't hate on it as much. But I also think that the visuals are such a massive contributor to the first season's success, that when it is such a major downgrade, especially for someone like me who doesn't even care about the story or the comedy...there's not much else of this season for me to care about.
Sorry for the extremely long rant haha, I honestly don't care OPM in general, so I'm not upset over this season, but I'm just telling you my honest opinions of why I think it's not "slightly worse" visuals, it's way worse than that. I know it sounds pretentious but it's seriously what I feel and notice all the time when I watch anime, especially when it's done so poorly like in OPM S2. Btw the manga for OPM looks absolutely gorgeous, and you gotta realize that a lot of it is expectations. I think since people were such big fans of the first season, it's disappointing to see it drop so much. If this were its own show, people wouldn't be as picky.

I hope next season of Promised Neverland won't be a generic fighting shonen. But I did hear that the next arc is more action and less mind games. We'll see how it goes. I did like the ending to this season.
Kaguya-sama was my favorite of this season, too! I'm excited for a season 2. And honestly, I really think that Dororo has stopped being interesting after episode 6 :\ Maybe you feel differently, but I'm not really invested in the characters or story anymore. It feels boring and it's just been the same thing over and over again.
And people just like cute girls! I think Chika is adorable, but I see where you're coming from. My favorite is Kaguya! :D

I didn't really like Oregairu season 1 that much, except for a couple episodes. But to me, the second season was such a massive improvement, I ended up really enjoying it. I like that it's character driven, and Hachiman is a great character. The second season as a whole was really, really well written, very genuine, and I'm hyped for the final season, especially considering how last season ended :)

I agree, most of them are disappointing this season. Currently I'm watching, Bungou Stray Dogs S3, Carole & Tuesday, Dororo, Fruits Basket, Isekai Quartet, JoJo's Part 5, Kimetsu no Yaiba, OPM S2, Sarazanmai, Attack on Titan S3 part 2, and Shield Hero. Not counting the shows that started last season (because JoJo's Part 5 is awesome), none of them really stand out to me and are pretty disappointing. Though Attack on Titan only has one episode so far and it was amazing, and the current arc will be incredible, I know it. But other than that, Kimetsu no Yaiba is solid, great production, but generic story. I didn't like some episodes of Fruits Basket, but it's kinda growing on me. It's really sweet and cute, and funny at times.
Sarazanmai had potential, but it's gotten really repetitive and forced in its character development. It's a shame, because I really looked forward to it. It's created by Ikuhara, who made Mawaru Penguindrum, one of my all-time favorites. But oh well.

Hahah yes yes, I agree dude. I gave Slime a 5 rating as well xD I've come to realize that it's more of a relaxing slice-of-life/isekai hybrid. But I completely agree with you. The beginning was alright, nothing special, but I thought it was kinda nice and charming, but mostly I thought it had potential. And the middle stuff got better, with some nice humor and some good story moments involving Shizu. But the second half was really boring, and bad, tbh. The pacing was terrible, it was either too slow at times, or extremely rushed. The stakes were non-existent, the protagonist is OP, and every time he beats a villain, they end up loving Rimuru and joining his side lol. Every time...
I think it's very over-hyped. But a lot of it (OP protag, no stakes, slice-of-life elements) was intentional, and that kind of thing just isn't for me.

You need to watch Kizumonogatari movies, too!! :D

Again, sorry for the massive wall of text about OPM, a show I don't even like in the first place xDD
Mindnight Apr 23, 5:39 PM
Ah that does sound really good, I like fruit on my cake as well. Blueberry in some cake is delicious if you haven't had some before.

Sadly yes, they rushed it too much. With the material given, it should've been two cours instead.
I would say they did a alright job with it. Certain scenes were done really good, and they skipped some things that really didn't need to be in the first place.

You have to wait a week until you can watch another episode of the airing shows, but can binge whenever you want or like.

Yeah I agree. The first two episodes were really good, but the artsyle isn't bad, but not good if that makes sense. Your right, Silicy looks better in the manga than anime. But it must be hard too animate, so it's alright really.

Ah that's good. Most isekai end up like a harem where the mc woos everyone one with his magic, but it's good too hear that it isn't the case for this show.

I agree. Most romance anime give use fanservice and accidental things that happen between a couple (like the mc coming in unexpected, falling on girl, etc). It would be nice for some romance anime to add a bit more mature content in their shows. Implying what happens is fine as well, just want something different. Good to see that Heaven's Feel isn't going that route, and actually keeping in some of those scenes.
Good luck with that xD. Maybe I should have waited, but I really wanted to watch it, so know I gotta wait a while for the last movie to come out.
The old stay night seems like it's good, just people keep on saying how bad it is and stuff. I would like to see more of Saber, and since it's her route, that would be cool. I do plan on playing the VN, sadly I haven't had much time too as I would. I plan to start it around the summer, so maybe then I'll start it.

Pretty much that. Just to make more money, or give fans something that they may have wanted I guess.

Yeah good thing xD. I couldn't find myself finishing the game, I just played through one route and that was it.

I tend to travel with both my friends and family and I agree it's really fun to do. I work as a janitor at some offices. Basically I just clean up around. Takes up to 3 hours of so, which is a deal to me.

I honestly don't know to be honest. I can understand the hate with City, but with us I don't know.
I'm the king of prediction now aren't I haha. I guess they just bottle it, they underestimate teams and thats their downfall. But yeah it was bad luck with the office goal. VAR came in clutch for Spurs.
Ajax are fantastic, they're the underdogs. Most players are leaving sadly, but that's football for you. I how that they beat Spurs, but if we beat Barca, we'll have to face them next...

I remember people hyping up the coach, only for him to lose a lot. Good riddance, hopefuly next World Cup, Messi wins it.
When he retires, both Barca and Argentina will miss him dearly. The reliance on Messi is too much, he's just an important player for both teams.

Ah that's really cool. What do you do in there?

Haha thank you, I worked hard on it. I added the Hyouka gif because I thought it looked good :).
Ayato-Hiragi Apr 22, 4:36 AM
Yep, a waste of time
SweetKiichigo Apr 21, 5:21 PM
Hmm i haven't bought that many. There's the hot dog varieties the red casings and then the big kielbasa kind. Tbh I like those kielbasa varieties. Just split them in half and marinade them and cook them till they get a good color ^^

So how are you doing? ^^
Hmm idk i have never lived in apartments.
Well some people don't have time or the ability to go outside and play Pokemon Go properly. Which sucks because Pokemon Go kind of doesn't target those living in deserted towns or with disabilities.~

Hmm just work. Tomorrow i have my drive exam again and hopefully everything goes well. I failed by 3 pts only so i know if i review those mistakes i can pass the test.~
AnimeCreed Apr 20, 11:39 PM

What did you get? :o
I feel ya sometime i have that too :/

Hell ya
Yup i mean the manga going on still you could read it in the future

Prefer getting experience while working since i been school all my life haha
Ah damn that blows

Suck aleast you got a present though

Nah its fine my reply is pretty late too lol
Btw Happy Easter :D
Ayato-Hiragi Apr 16, 6:02 AM
Me too.
Mindnight Apr 11, 8:31 PM
That sounds really nice, must've felt really awesome. Oooh a cake sounds real nice, what flavor was it?

I could go on a rant with this topic haha. Well in summary... it wasn't good. While there was some things they did alright, there was LOTS of bad things as well. First off is what the anime cut from the LN, which to the anime onlys, some things would have made more sense. They cut lots of important things and messed up big on a arc.

I do the same. I binge any shows that get my interest. I also watch any seasonal anime that piques my interest too. Doing both is pretty fun and nice.
The first episode was pretty nice. Does the MC end up with a girl?
Nice, I'm suprised you hadn't watched it earlier xD. OPM was one of the first anime I've ever seen.

Oho really now. That has me even more excited for the movie now. Most anime don't even have that kind of content, besides hentai I guess haha.
Well it must be a sign then xD. The movie is 2 hours long, so if you don't have anything to do for that long of a time period, that could be something you would might do.
Saber is underrated a feel in a way. People like Rin more, which is cool, but Saber is way better. I've heard that the old fate stay night was bad and not worth watching, do you agree with that statement?

There's like only one or two Ovas that I actually enjoyed, but yeah most are trash and not even worth watching. Especially the specials most of the time.

That is true, never thought about that. There's like 3 or 4 sequels, so it does have some popularity with people. Kind of weird when you think about it, but I guess people are into it.

Traveling must have felt pretty bad. Whenever I travel to somewhere new, it takes time for me to adjust to my new surroundings. That sounds pretty bad, sucks haha.
Mostly working at my part time job and staying home. It was alright, needed a break from school.

Most teams in the PL don't even want us winning any trophies. Even United fans hope City wins it. But yeah, City are too good, it's just crazy. They destroyed the league last year. But in the UCL, they're not that great I feel. Spurs beated them haha. I expected City to wash over them, but Spurs did well. Another quarter final exit for Pep I feel.
Ajax are so good, glad to see they're back where they belong. De Jong and De Light are too good, imagine being that young and worth that much. It is sad, if Ajax had somehow had kepted all their good players, they could have been powerhouses for sure. But money talks and lots if talented young players go to other prestigious clubs.

I remember watching that game live. Ecuador scored after 30 secs or so, but Messi retaliated by scoring a hat trick and carrying those bums. And the coach is awful, choosing no names after Aguero, who was top scorer for City last season. Doesn't make sense at all.

Well that title does give off a bad vibe, but let's hope it doesn't go that sure he'll end up with someone, the story has been leading up to it happening. Either Yui or Yukino.

Ah don't apologize about it, hope your doing fine :). If you don't mind me asking, what's your major?
zamuel31 Apr 11, 8:21 PM
You definitely don't need to binge JoJo's. All the parts have an overarching story, but it's usually fairly simple and you won't have to worry about forgetting things. It's mostly hype and action, and lots of fun. And each part is pretty standalone, you can watch one part, then continue it later after a break.
Nah, part 4 still has a ton of action and still follows the basic structure of other JoJo's parts, don't worry. It also has the best ongoing plot imo and the action is more creative and tense than ever. It also looks amazing, visually.

haha yeah, maybe someday. That's why I don't recommend Gintama to most people because it is a long time commitment, so it's something that people need to be prepared and patient for. There's a ton of great anime out there, so Gintama doesn't need to be a priority for anyone.

I agree. I didn't connect with the comedy either, but also other than that I feel like it's fairly generic, even if its action looks great. Season 2 so far is a significant downgrade, so I'm not really excited for the rest of it.

Yeah I agree with what you said. And that's definitely a problem with shows that have child geniuses. So what'd you think of Promised Neverland, now that you finished? It thought that the ending was pretty good, and I like Isabella's character. Next season apparently is more action-focused, so interested in seeing how that goes.
What were your thoughts on Kaguya-sama? I really enjoyed it. Colorful characters, hilarious, and sweet moments, with a very solid end.

It's so funny how like everyone in Bloom into You is a yuri lol, but that's a minor complaint. I definitely enjoyed it. I should check out some more romance anime in the future. I watched Oregairu fairly recently, but I don't even think romance is the biggest focus in that anime.

You watch anything good recently? Are you watching anything this season?

Btw I finally watched Zoku Owarimonogatari, and I really enjoyed it. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it whenever you watch it!
Ayato-Hiragi Apr 9, 7:01 AM