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Mitsuboshi Colors
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Concertina Apr 18, 5:34 PM
yeah, those 3 are animes that have been on my list for a long time and I really look forward to watching them. I'm sure I'll love them :)
D4mN Apr 18, 2:53 PM
Valkeiser Apr 18, 11:21 AM
I've heard of Letterboxd before, is quite popular among users here on MAL. That one is actually the one most users have recommended me, although others like Kanno don't like the interface and go for something simpler like Trakt which also lets you add TV series. I'm gonna try both and see which one I like the most. And don't worry about your list; I also just started watching films so my list won't be that big either. The good thing about this is that i won't have to spend days adding hundreds of movies like I had to in MAL when I joined. I'll send you my account when I make up my mind.

The second season of Uchouten Kazoku has the same essence the first season had. Once again Yasaburou servers as our narrator with his careless and free-spirit attitude. The character dynamics and the eccentricity of their world is as entertaining as always, and we get to know some new characters. The story slowly builds up its mystery that leads to the dramatic revelations of the final episodes, preserving the oddly fun atmosphere. There's no surprise I ended up liking it as much given it keeps its themes center around family. Given how much you liked the first one, I'm sure you'll love this one as well.

It's a shame you had to stop watching Rakugo due to that. To be honest it doesn't have fast-paced dialogues aside from the rakugo scenes; I don't think you'll have a problem watching it in English. I was wondering why you didn't finish it because it feels like something you would enjoy. The story explores the characters of Sukeroku and Yakumo pretty well through rakugo and its role in their lives. I hope you have the time to finish it and share me your opinion as always.

I was going to ask you about this season but so far there's nothing I feel is worth check out. I think I'm better off working on my plan to watch list; there's some classics like Bebop or Champloo that I must watch at some point, or finish my journey with Doremi and Monogatari while I have the franchise fresh in my mind. What do you plan to watch after you finish those from last season?
Mitrandir_Prog Apr 18, 2:09 AM
hey there, thank's for accepting my request and for posting the first comment out there on my wall XD It was quite empty for a long time :)
I will for sure read some of your fav. manga (starting by Oyasumi Punpun), as well as watch some anime you liked.
Concertina Apr 16, 4:30 PM
thank you. I really love your favorites as well. I'll try to look into some of your stuff that I haven't watched yet. <3
RedInfinity Apr 16, 4:04 PM
No worries and thank you! Birthday wishes aren't obliged, nor are they mandatory to be on time (if they were then we'd both be in a lot of trouble sorry every late wish I've ever sent)

I love that you changed the pics for Intelos as well, nice touch! :D
Stephen2D Apr 16, 2:00 PM
Well...I'm glad that I find your profile. In my opinion, you have the most beautiful panel. It's like a piece of visual poetry... seriously. Very tasteful..and great taste. Cheers'!
Intelos Apr 16, 9:11 AM
Not a worry dude, I often find myself forgetting other people's birthdays oops

But I must say, those YKK pics might have just made my day. Just looking back at some panels is urging me to someday revisit that masterclass of fiction!

Fleure Apr 13, 12:06 PM
I am!
KannoSugako Apr 10, 5:33 AM

Me trying to reach the rabbit’s heart

I too wanna apologize beforehand for my late reply but I had to attend previous belated responses and I too wanted to properly sit and enjoy writing back to you, not exactly drinking tea but instead devouring some homemade cookies and listening to a charming album by the ever lovely Vashti Bunyan. And although it is said that fennec foxes prey upon shy tiny rabbits i’d like to believe that they can befriend the sons of El-ahrairah.

Before diving into my answers and inquiries I wanted to share with you a little story. On the day I replied back to you the last time my precious Valk insisted that I should look at your profile immediately and I remember worrying about having said something wrong or offended you in any way. Turns out that since I hadn’t really looked into it before, nor did I unveil each layer, I missed the fact that you have a Watership Down reference on it. I don’t want you to take it as lack of interest on my part but instead understand it as a “i was too excited about finding a Tarkovsky fan” type of situation and hence, I completely forgot to properly look at your profile. So this is me now trying to remedy my previous mistake. First of all it is such a nice pleasure to find someone who not only loves cats or photography but that dives into musical genres such as ambient, post-rock, drone, folk and indie. Acts like Deaf Center or The Body pop into my mind. But I gotta admit that since I listen to way too many stuff I haven’t been following all of them as actively: my range varies from crust/punk/doom/sludge/metal to OSTs to recordings of chants and dances of Australian aboriginal tribes (to name something really random). Not to mention that if the world was to end tomorrow and I had to choose the work of one single act i’d choose without reserves my beloved Dead Can Dance. So i’m sure that by taking a closer look at all the musical references you have exposed i’ll find something that I don’t know already about (spotting Alcest in there <3). Now when you say ‘field recs’ what are you exactly referring to? ‘cause I have the most random albums such as this one (to exemplify) or anthropological field recordings like the collection of Alan Lomax.

Regarding your film preferences I can see you are truly versed on the asian side of things and for the moment i’ll start by delighting my senses with All About Lily Chou-Chou, hopefully this week (thou I probably should ask Valk If he’s interested so that we can watch it together) and as soon as I do be sure i’ll write some lines about it. The work (and world) of Li Hui it’s so minimal and intimate, def an eye that catches the most suggestive things. I’m more into some sort of humanist or social photography and so my favorite ones are Dorothea Lange, Cartier-Bresson and my beloved Claudia Andujar and Sebastião Salgado.

Now your favorites it’s something I really need to mention, Lain on the one side was an incredible experience but I can pretty much say that the rest of them (except 3-Gatsu no Lion, Tekkon Kinkreet and Erin that i’m currently watching) I have yet to discover. I’ve been watching Utena for a while now and i’ve been stucked on episode 24 which is really weird since I adore Mawaru Penguidrum but I haven’t felt that connection with Utena and after starting it with excitement and curiosity I have progressively lost interest. Mushishi is a series i’m sure to fall in love with but I paused it long time ago since I wasn’t really in the mood for something with that atmosphere at that time, but i’m sure i’ll pick it up really soon. So for now i’m gonna add ‘Feeling from Mountain and Water’ to my ptw list. As for manga, besides Punpun that I too have been reading for a while now (it’s really a hard read imo) I know absolutely nothing about of the rest, i’d love for you to guide me through some of them (as in some sort of “you should read these ones in this order” type of thing), i’d really appreciate that! I have yet to discover so much of the media since I just recently began to really dig into manga.

When the rabbit praises Tarkovsky

Now let us address Stalker and what I think or how I feel about it. First let me start by saying that I find great resonance with your thoughts and overall words about it, so i’ll try not to sound too repetitive when talking about the journey of the three men and what they represent and stand for (and their subsequent interactions), but i’d like to explore a bit more about said intense atmosphere. As I previously mentioned this is a movie that sticks with you; I remember the first time I watched it (many years ago) I was left astonished by what I just had seen, it is actually really hard to put into words but even for the sci-fi genre, Stalker is novel for what it accomplishes . And speaking of my personal experience alone I think it is fair to say that it is an ethereal journey…. an oneiric one even: during its entire runtime I felt entranced and surrounded by this intense and overwhelming atmosphere, as if time and everything on the outside stopped, to reach such a level of immersion it’s something that I rarely experience. To illustrate better what I mean, it’s like in the beginning I was sickened by the asphyxiating surroundings, as If you could almost sympathize with the Stalker for desperately wanting to flee each time no matter the dangers and consequences and then, you experience the joy (as in peace of mind), the tranquil but also the veneration and fear of something so unique and freeing as the Zone is.
It is true that it may seem as a less biographical look at the director’s world when compared to works like The Mirror (family) or Nostalghia (exile) but there’s something about Tarkovsky that manages to impregnate even his most metaphorical movies making them completely recognizable and such is the case with this one. Stalker, a film about a journey both in a physical and in a metaphorical sense; these three men do not only travel across a deserted land, what it looks like a wasteland, uncovering vestiges of civilization along the way, moving across time and space, leaving the cage they find themselves in and into the wild, closer to freedom and their dreams, but they too experience the journey within their own persona, within their own selves. Going into The Zone didn’t only mean to face the unknown and what there is to discover on the outside but the unknown within themselves; their own fears, their own insecurities. And even thou I agree entirely on the non-primacy of any of the worldviews I personally felt a subtle intention. It is almost as with the ending and the words of despair, frustration and disillusion expressed by the Stalker (as well as those said during the entire journey) a message of salvation was to be delivered to each and every one of us; as in, the Writer’s and the Professor’s worldview, reasoning and motives are justified, logical and understandable but let us regain that what is lost within ourselves: that primal and emotive connection to what’s in front of us, to what surrounds us...let us be amazed by it, let us contemplate it, let us feel it. I think this may hold meaning when viewed under the light of the time Tarkovsky had to live in and the materialistic (in the Marxist sense) worldview imposed by the regime (URSS) and how much he strove to derive from that (and how misunderstood he was!) enchanting us with a world of spirituality and emotion, but this is all of course how I personally see it, how I felt it. And oh the beauty of the last minutes it’s just beyond words, I insist oneiric.

Watership down is certainly incredible, I will not lie I was a bit shocked when I first saw it for I wasn’t expecting to find so much content within it. I think it is pretty allegorical to so many aspects in our world and our societies and to see a colony such as Efrafa, so oppressive, conservative and controlled and the dreams and hopes of many of those who lived in it to overcome said oppression marked me. But the solution and final message delivered by it resonated with me to such an extent, like, how it is possible for a group of rabbits to leave it all and organize a community based on equality and friendship, running away from the soil’s depredation by the hands of the human, w o w.

As for Erin I can already see myself placing it in my favorites. That’s how much i’m willing to say now, but you guessed right, being that I love Moribito it’s not surprise I can come to love Erin too and seeing that it’s in your favs i’ll make sure to leave you a comment once I finish her journey. What I regret it’s not watching it sooner; I thought about it right after finishing Moribito but I was always postponing it thinking “oh but it’s too long”, how foolish of me.

Wishing you a lively and lovely week, until next time it is
D4mN Apr 9, 5:32 PM
Oh, Hi!
doch schon, hatte aber meine Bedenken
Hab paar reviews und essays dazu gelesen und danach noch mal gerewatcht
(Ist echt unglaublich was so alles in tex "versteckt" ist)
Der re-watch hat mich dann vollkommen überzeugt.

Feeling from Mountain and Water war ebenfalls ein re-watch
der erste watch ging leider komplett an mir vorbei
auch hier hab ich einen Artikel dazu gelesen vor dem re-watch
solltest auch mal einen Blick drauf werfen, lohnt sich auf jeden Fall.

Jedenfalls, ich hab auch dank dir <<all about lily chou chou>> geschaut, fantastisch!
( Dein background deiner anime list ist von lily,oder?)
Und wo hast du eigentlich eureka gesehen?
Such seit 2 Tagen nach einem Stream, leider aber ohne Erfolg :/

Valkeiser Apr 9, 1:53 PM
What a good timing to get your reply. Kanno and I watched Stalker this weekend (and another one called "No Country for Old Men") so I can share you my thoughts on the movie. I took the liberty to read the message you left on Kanno's profile about the movie and I share a similar opinion. This was my first movie or Tarkovsky and honestly had no idea of what to expect. The movie started with a journey to a dangerous zone that hides a mysterious room capable of fulfilling one's desires. During their journey, the main characters discussed several topics from their point of view but never reached a conclusion. The closer they got to their destination, the more they discovered about themselves; and when they reached it they no longer had the need or the will to enter... The one thing I appreciate the movie is how it presented different ideologies through its characters and confronted one another to present them. It never inclines for one or the other and the discussions never reached a conclusion; they were just there for the audience to choose which (if any) they decide to support or just reflect upon them. I will give some priority to more of his films, maybe try Mirror which you felt more intimate than Stalker... Oh, and do you have an account on a site to manage your movies? I want to create one but not sure which one to choose.

The second season of Sangatsu was a major improvement over the first one, with each arc being as good or better than the previous one. The first one focuses on Hinata and the desolating bullying situation she must deal with. The show handled the situation in a very realistic manner, from the effects on the bullied part to the actions taken by the teachers and the mentality of the bully. But what I appreciated the most is the great development of Hinata and Rei as characters and how this made them grow closer to each other; it had some of my favorite interactions between them. Then it moves on to Souya's mini-arc, which beautifully portrayed its solitude and the disquieting peace he finds in his silent world; he's without a doubt he character I'm more eager to get to know more, but so far I'm satisfied with how he was presented. After this comes the shogi match between Shimada and Takanori which gave me some big Rakugo vibes (not sure if you've seen it, but I strongly suggest you do if you haven't). My only complain comes in the final stretch: The episode 21 server as a good closure for the season, with the final scene Rei meeting his father again; this was both a wrapu of all that happened and the beginning of a new journey. The last episode had a strong start with the chapter from the mother's point of view. The melancholic tone of her voice narrating her encounter with Rei and the careful selection of words sold it as my favorite part of the season and maybe the whole show. Unfortunately, the second half ending with Hinata's haircut and joining Rei for the new school semester was weak and could've been saved for the start of a new season.

Overall the season had some great characters studies from the main cats but also the supporting characters, always making sure they feel genuine, and most importantly, human. It knows how to use the emotional buildup created through its natural dramatic events to provide poignant cathartic closures. Naturally, this season felt more intimate because I was more invested in the characters and their stories. Still pondering if it can make it to my favorites, but that would imply me finally making a real top 10, because 6 favorites just seems weird.

Let me know yourthoughts on "After the Rain" and "Mitsuboshi Colors" when you finish them. Those two are the ones I enjoyed the most las season. This season doesn't look very promising either; I'm only gonna follow the sequels of Hero Academia and Shokugeki, and meme watch Mahou Shojo Site and the new SAO one to pass the time. Will try to go back to my Doremi challenge now that I'll have more free time.
Valkeiser Apr 2, 1:43 PM
Don't worry. Your replies may be late but always welcomed. There's this little excitement when I see that my new notification is a comment of yours =)

Yes, we had a good family time. My sister was visiting us due to Easter vacations (she is studying in another city) so it was nice to be all together. And I sure had my dose of sweets. My cousin owns a pâtisserie so we had different pastries to eat and I'm afraid my weight will have some consequences after this.

Oh, I'll be sure to tell you when I watch something of him. Actually, next week we're gonna watch Stalker so I'll let you know how it goes. These past weeks we watched some good movies too: "Three billboards outside Ebbing Missouri", "Blade Runner 2049", "Shape of Water", "The Big Lebowski". I'm considering making an account on a site like letterboxd or similar to keep track of them. Too many movies I want to watch but so little time to do so.

And by the way, I finally started Sangatsu no Lion. I already finished the first season and liked more than I expected, considering I find the few Shaft+Shinbou I watched good but not great. The first half of the season was an absolute delight. At first I was afraid Rei would be another edgy teenager protagonist but I'm surprised how well his character was handled. How he must live with his depression, his wish to be independent, the many ups and downs in both his personal and professional life. He turned out to be very relatable and specifically the kotatsu analogy hit a bit too close to home. But not only him, most of the characters feel very real and grounded. Each with their own set of flaws they have to deal with like any normal person. The interactions of the characters is also on point, specially those of Rei and the Kawamoto sisters. The comedy wasn't as annoying as some make it out to be, it relieved the constant stressing atmosphere of the show without being intrusive or immersion breaking. My only complains come in the second half, when it focused more on shogi. I get that is part of Rei's life and should be explored as well, but the focus to the side characters like Shimada felt out of place and also very rushed. I'm looking forward to the second season that many seemed to love even more than the first one.

How are you feeling about the seasonals by the way? At the end it wasn't that disappointing. It had some nice shows like After the Rain and SoraYori. I'll save my comments until you finish them to avoid any implicit spoiler.
AestheticOnion Mar 28, 1:50 PM
Hey friendo :D
Just here for some shameless self-advertising, but also because I want you to watch another fantastic series I'm sure you'll love
KelseyAtlantis Mar 27, 4:20 PM
sorry for the late response. i've been a bit busy.
i like looking back on things and realizing the importance of those events. it makes things worthwhile i think.
i agree. it was quite stunning.
the arc was fantastic in my opinion. it gave a very nuanced picture of how bullying affects all the parties involved. i especially liked the moment when the girls that were following the bully apologized to hina and invited her to their house to make cookies. it was such a sweet moment that was done so well. hina is such a sweet girl. i don't know if i would've been as forgiving as her. i love when all the kawamotos are together. they clearly care so much about each other and it's really lovely to watch.
i have not been a fan of hakumei to mikochi but the others have been pretty good. mitsuboshi colors was hit or miss and yuru camp was pretty good. but universe and after the rain were standouts for me. rin is super cute in yuru camp. she was probably my favorite character in the show. the last couple episodes of universe have blown me away with how much they have made me feel. i cried watching episode 11.