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Fuujin Monogatari
Fuujin Monogatari
Oct 13, 5:19 PM
Watching 2/13 · Scored -
Haibane Renmei
Haibane Renmei
Oct 13, 4:50 PM
Re-watching 4/13 · Scored 10
Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
Oct 13, 4:50 PM
Watching 2/23 · Scored -
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Little Forest
Little Forest
Sep 29, 7:11 PM
Completed 34/34 · Scored 9
Houseki no Kuni
Houseki no Kuni
Aug 29, 4:55 PM
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Saraiya Goyou
Saraiya Goyou
Aug 9, 6:28 PM
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Valkeiser Oct 13, 11:49 PM
My elusive rabbit,

I'ts been some time since I finished both Gogo and Kaijuu but hadn't had the time to properly sit and write you a reply. However, from what you could notice from my scores, I found both of them very good manga. I'll talk a little about both of them if you don't mind...

I'll start with Gogo Monster, with was quite a quick read, or maybe I just had enough free time to finish it in one sitting. The first thing I gotta praise is the art, its abstract style and deformed look of the characters give a small peek on how Yuki perceives his surroundings. The story itself can be considered surreal, but I prefer to interpret it as the way Yuki assimilates everything that's happening around him, an escapism through this imaginary world to retain his innocence. The last "arc" or climax of the story is where this is all the more evident, given how after what he experienced in this "trip", he comes back as to what would be called a normal kid, leaving his innocence back and becoming one of those rotten adults.

Kaijuu no Kodomo was a more captivating read. The supernatural element and how it was used to built the mystery and its very magical revelation in the climax are what I enjoyed the most. The setting itself, the unknown world of the seas, was the perfect excuse to explore and connect different postures in science and theology in a way they complement each other. The vast of Space and the smallest creature, both are one and the same. The art is also quite immersive, specially in scenes underwater like the Birth Rite, which are easily some of my favorite chapters of the manga. But to be honest, it was how the end was handled that sold it for me. Not really explaining anything, but giving the hints for the reader to interpret it as both a natural and a magical event. I'm looking forward for the movie, and that it makes justice to the manga.

Now I don't know what will I read next, I downloaded to my tablet Gunnm and Akira in case I was in the mood for some more cyberpunk. I've heard good things about both, although I've already tried and "dropped" Alita some occasions before. Hopefully I can finish it this time and enjoy it; I need some good read after the disappointment that was Aku no Hana. Maybe I can go back to my original plan and start Wandering Son. Anyway, I'll let you know what I read on my next reply.

Wish you some very happy days in some wonderful little forest =)
Kyleeeh Oct 8, 9:07 AM
Your first song sounds nostalgic, sad and somewhat optimistic. Not sure if I hit the mark but thats what I got out of it. The genre is not something I would listen to everyday but it is well crafted and gives me the good vibes from time to time.

This is one of my favorites 80s funk music and it isn't that alert so maybe you will like it too.

I am guessing we go from optimistic in our childhood to cynic in our teens and then reach a "normal" level when we get our lives together. Some people just stay positive every second so I guess your social life and so on counts too. Sry for overthinking simple questions :P.

Erin reminded me so much of Akage no Anne after episode 7 and from that point on I was dead set on finishing it. There was a more complex story than Akage no Anne but it was enjoyable nonetheless.
Nashawk Oct 5, 9:06 AM
Thank you, you too :)
Valkeiser Oct 5, 8:01 AM
My sweet Rabbit 🐇

Sorry for keepin you in the dark, but I’m currently on a trip so I can’t write as much as I want to. I already finished Gogo Monster and I’ll probably finish a Children of the Sea by the end of this weekend. Once I’m back home I’ll share you my thoughts on both of them. If you want a small tease, I found Gogo yo be quite unique in portraying the view of a kid growing out of that innocent stage, although I should admit I had issues with how rough the art is. Can’t say much about children other than I’m really liking the fantasy mystery on it, looking forward to know more.

Have a wonderful weekend drinking tea and chasing kittens =)
Kyleeeh Oct 3, 11:54 PM
I really like Japanese 80s music and future funk. Felt like adding that on my profile instead of the detailed blood fetish profile I had before haha. Thanks for birthday wishes. In the mean time I watched Kemono Souja Errin and I dropped it until eventually picking it up again because someone told me it gets interesting from ep 7 onwards. Really well made until last 10 episodes that were a bit rushed.
Gumanku Oct 3, 4:18 PM
:3 Read the manga later from the beginning, love Tkmiz's artstyle so much and the ending was just... Heavy for me. It really hurt ;-; But i think that going by the theme's of the story theres was no other way to end it. I now see you haven't read to that point so i will say no more...

I certainly enjoyed that! Was discussing with someone about Mushishi and we came to the conclusion I should watch this :3

Hope youre having a good one! Thanks for replying!
Valkeiser Oct 1, 10:05 AM
My fluffy Rabbit,

My sincere sympathies to you and your family. I imagine it's been a rough couple of weeks with all that has happened. I'm happy to see you're as optimistic as always and that you are now focusing on your future. I hope for one with many kittens in it.

And you don't seem to understand... Even though I still consider Lain as one of the best shows I've watched, this time duels and dances won that yearned position zero Lain failed to grasp for a second time. Maybe if I weren't so stubborn I could have more than five favorites, but for now I like the identity my current lineup has. Lain will end up coming back sooner than later. With the amount of manga I'm currently reading I will eventually need more than five spots.

Speaking of manga, I'm happy you noticed and asked about Kakukaku, it honestly was a beautiful experience. The story is quite simple given that it is an autobiographical work, but it has some touching moments and many relatable ones, and I loved the way it is narrated. It has a cheerful and laidback tone like the attitude one has in his late teens and young adulthood; however, she tells her story while reflecting upon it, giving this inevitable feel of melancholy, longing and much regret. I don't know what else I could or should say about it, other than I got emotionally attached to it, and that's why it ended up as a favorite.

It would've been interesting to talk about Revue while it was airing, sharing speculations and comparing the different settings and themes of each duel. But now that it's over I'm just happy you enjoyed it all the way to the end. Funny that you mentioned the music, that's something I was talking with Kanno the other day. She's been loving the revues even though she's usually not a fan of anime music in general. I'm waiting for the soundtrack to be released to get my hands on it. Usually I like musicals (animation or live action) but really depends on how the insert song are used as well as the choreography. In this case I can't complain specially during the first duels.

As for Yokohama, I can't say I will read it soon, but somehow Children of the Sea ended up in my tablet. I'm actually torn between starting that or Wandering Son. Both look like a nice follow read after Kakukaku. Anyway, I guess we will both find out by the time you replied.

For now I have to say goodbye. I hope you that kittens chase eases your mind while you move forward. Cheers!

Let us reach for that start another time...
DolcheInBag Sep 9, 7:08 AM
Thanks, I'm glad to find people with similar tastes.
Valkeiser Sep 2, 12:28 PM
Rabbit =)

No worries there. Receiving a message form you always gives me this warm feel no matter how long it takes you to reply... I'm sorry about your grandfather, but I find it sweet you're taking it with such positivism and even referencing your favorite show. I hope you can share some more peaceful moments with your mom and granpa, and chasing those elusive kittens. My warmest regards to you and your family.

Honestly I don't think JoJo is something you would enjoy given its ludicrous style. I already read the manga of Part 5 and currently reading Part 6 because I'm appreciating it more, but even so I can't see it appealing for you. As for the seasonals, I didn't even bother with most of the airing stuff that isn't sequels. Tried five minutes Asobi when it premiered and just had to drop it, I find its type of comedy utterly annoying. From the eleven seasonals I initially talked to you about, only three still hold up. Banana Fish, Cells at Work and of course Revue Starlight which might as well be my AOTY too.

Yes, unfortunately Kotonoba wasn't my cup of tea but as I told you, I partially blame myself for rushing it. I'll give it another try another time, but not before I read Yokohama. As for my reading these days it's been quite varied. I decided to give my anime watching a break and work on my PTR list for a change. I'm quite satisfied with the titles I've chosen so far, none of them had been a drag felt like wasting my time. First I started with Vento Aureo (Jojo part 5) which is more of an entertaining read I had much fun with; also helped the fact that it's set in Italy and mafia related (which as I told you, I like a lot). Then I moved on to Innocent, a manga that tells the events that preludes the French Revolution but seen from the perspective of the King's highest ranked executioner. The art is beautiful and overflows with this romantic feel typical from that time. It's an "incomplete" work though, as it continues in the currently publishing Innocent Rouge. After this I looked for something darker and calm, which made leaded me to Blame!. From all of what I've read so far this is the one I could easily recommend to you, I'm even momentarily adding it to my favs because of how much I like it. For a cyberpunk story, it lacks that thematic density you can see in other ones like Ergo Proxy and Ghost in the Shell. In exchange it focuses on its awe inspiring art of this gargantuan world. It shares some similarity with Angel's Egg in the sense that is tells its story and builds its world purely with visuals, and it lacks info-dumps or extensive dialogues. Last but not least, I started Berserk two weeks ago and I'm finally up to date with it. For a manga with such a high regard I had high expectations, which I can say it almost fulfill. I'll be brief and not spoil anything in case you want to read it someday. I like the epic fantasy setting, the genre diversity of the story and most importantly the art that is even uncomfortable to see given its high gore and sexual content. The mangaka does takes its time to build a great world and develop the story in it, so even if I had to work my way through 350 chapters I rarely felt uninterested or a significant drop in quality. Again, if you decide to read I would love to hear your opinions as always.

I'm really glad you liked Rakugo and EccFam 2, both are shows I enjoyed through all their duration and that even if I want more of them I don't see necessary a new season. But then again, I said that when the first season of both shows finished and the sequels were just as good. Let me know how Rakugo S2 works for you, it has some elements that separate it form its predecessor but still keeps that core that made you love it.

Belladonna and Night of the Galactic Road are both on my plan to watch list, but haven't feel like watching them. I was expecting something like that From belladonna from what I've heard from it, and seems you feel the same. I honestly lack any motivation to watch it. Railroad I had it on my radar ever since I finished Penguindrum because it takes most of its symbolism from there. I'll give it some priority now that you have remind me of it and recommended it. Oh, and I saw you added the Kaijuu no Kodomo adaptation and I did as well. I hope I can fit the manga in my reading list before it broadcasts.

Time to say goodbye for now. Hope to hear from you soon, and don't stay a stranger.

Until our next audition, dear Rabbit...
Gumanku Aug 30, 11:09 AM
Ah! The wait is fine! Worth it cause I really like the way you articulate and write in general :^]

And it seems to me like it'll be a good time reading his works from that, will sit quite high priority wise.

Girls Last Tour was so lovely, one of the best anime I've ever watched. The final episode had one of my favorite uses of classical music ever, playing music that connects to the older arts over a stream of the past and everything shown... wow... (also I love that piece haha.) Only complaint really is they didn't squeeze enough out of the characters they met along the way and Yuu being downright evil at times :<

And I saw soooo much ykk in it :3
Schuruzay Aug 24, 4:27 PM
It's good to see what my english is understandable.

And yes, Vespertine is by far mi favorite album of Art-Pop is beautyful, I love it so much.

Yes, Mushishi is with LOGH the series who in less time enter in my top 10 (Before complete) and is a mix of a few thing than I love, good Slice of Life, good world-building and Fantasy, and a powerful message, is breathtaking, and his art and OST are amazing!

About Feeling From Mountain And Water, I liked, the idea is fresh, Is like more than the narrative, want to immerse you in the atmosphere and climax of the environment with an original art-style, indeed a good short-movie, I saw it because I saw it in your favorites, a lot of things of yout favorites anime and manga I really want to see!

Thanks for the answer!
YaoiMaster Aug 24, 1:47 PM
Hello, I like the aesthetics on your profile. You seem the type to be reclusive, yet imaginative and creative, if I am correct. I'd like to converse, if you do not mind.
Schuruzay Aug 22, 6:56 PM
Hi! Thanks for accept.
Thanks you! My profile is in spanish because is easier for me to make in spanish, but I can write in english well so no problem for the comments :D.
I'm happy to found people who like so elaborated music like Björk or Pärt, the two albums are melodic masterpieces, and the introvert and artsy side of Vespertine is really mi favorite thing what Björk ever did, and yes, Spiegel I'm Spiegel is beautyful and mesmerizing.

Yes I love SoL genre, is probably my favorite with the Fantasy and for this things I love so much Haibane Renmei, Mushishi or Monogatari maybe, I like this elements so much, and Haibane Renmei have a special place in my heart, the second half of the series are so deep and emotional and this makes me feel so much things, so well executed.

And Song Of The Long March is a manhua, but so underrated, I found the manhua when I looked the manhua top, and God, the art and the old chinese context are so beautyful, I hope you can enjoy it!

I'm not so good in english sometimes, but is understandable I think xD.
Gumanku Aug 20, 5:00 PM
Hey! Do you have any starting pointsor just words for Igarashi, Daisuke? I see you have Kaijuu no Kodomo in your faves and I heard this guy is the closest thing there is to Ashinano, Urushibura, Kenji Tsuruta.
Edocchi Aug 9, 7:45 AM
Are you one of the rabbits from A Lollipop or A Bullet?