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Valkeiser Yesterday, 9:44 PM
Oh, Lustrous is definitely my runner-up for AOTS after this episode. I'm loving everything about it, from the gorgeous CGI to the great direction of the show. The character interaction is on point no matter how silly it can be at times. And I've heard later on it tackles Buddhism themes in a very subtle way which I'm really looking forward to.

As for Children of the Whale, episode 3 was definitely a big tonal shift. Things are getting serious, but don't know if I'm liking or not the brutal change. The manga has definitely amazing art, but I'll wait for the anime to see if I will pick it up or not.

Anything else you picking up this season? How about Magus Bride?
Valkeiser Yesterday, 7:45 PM
Picking up the Lustorus manga? It has definitely scaled as my favorite of the season. The cgi animation is one of the best I’ve seen. Still have high hopes on Whale and Yome, but Lustorus is definitely winning me over. Thoughts so far?
hysterical_ Oct 15, 11:15 AM
No problem. I don't really mind the late comment. I don't know if my perception is really that good, maybe the lack of self-awareness that gave me that kind of lingering feeling of self-doubt. I am glad you like that side of mine. :)

I see. It isn't really anything special to be honest. No problem, I don't really mind. If I am afraid of such exposure, I will have send her via private message instead. I believe many people in this site are stalking each others 'secretly', even this comment that I sent to your comment section as well. If anything, I dislike the expectation coming from others just because I used to being one. The conceptual and theoretical studies are recognized rather than said based on personal experience from unique individuals that studied this subject. Yes, it served as a fundamental idea to give us a general knowledge about it. However, we can't based on someone's else personal experience to give an exact point of views unless it is factual. Psychology is basically just another subject that was passed down, giving the impression that everything worked as it is. It wasn't entirely to say that everything had to be criticized in the sense. I don't really mind reading someone's else experience even if I don't understand the feeling they had gone through perceived and theorized it to illustrate their points. I just didn't like how it bounded us to learn these things and wrote down everything of the famous person's theories inside the book in written exam or be deemed disqualified and 'wrong'. It is understandable with the standard imposed in ensuring fairness in a sense. Personal experience and feeling are not something can be described to other in any case, as one's perception towards others varied from another experience as well. Something like 'not being understanding', not sure how to describe to be honest. Pardon my bad English language. That's probably one of the reason I can be rather annoyed at times when people used too much of famous person theories or someone's else experience to justify their argument. I prefer reading a person's argument based on both their experience and theories than solely based on theories alone. After all, everyone reacted and perceived things differently. Knowledge is universal in a sense, so everyone had a similar idea and solid argument to justify their interests. However, what's important to me is the feeling coming from the argument itself from the said person than those who relied heavily on what others said. It isn't like mathematics whereby there is many solutions but only 1 right answer in most of the cases. :)

I have difficulties in studying biology too, due to the massive theories and group projects upon discussion and presenting them on a universal basis. I found that by experiencing and projecting one's viewpoints of how we perceived things differently to be more importance than said the collective knowledge and the compilation of everything based on that alone despite how much it gave a more thorough assessment of it. After all, we lived in a collective society whereby everyone has a part in it. I haven't had the urge of going outside most of the time, though I like to walk from one place to another instead of taking a transport unless it is quite far just so to appreciate the surrounding around me. After all, the journey is more important than the destination, unless it is school/workplace that I was limited to options depending on circumstances. Besides, I found it rather stuffy to be watching them from afar while sitting on the comfy seat of the vehicles watching the surrounding faded in seconds, just like our short-term memories that will soon forgot the scenery within seconds. I found myself pictured things very differently. I will even remembered things that stood out differently at a very young age even until now. Despite the passage of time, it left quite an impression on me for the oddest reasons. I couldn't shake that feeling, despite that I am getting old each and every day. I guess I was just being sentimental. Even if I looked back at those things, it will never be the same as before. Recalled them was a totally different feeling as compared to said experiencing them again. I'll probably just treat it as an ordinary, stationary object like many people did. It was just happened that I wasn't aware about the things around me when I was a kid. I just thought that it amazed me from how it stood out differently from the rest of them, despite being ordinary. Well, we don't need reason to experience, just like we don't need reason to perceive the things around us. What's important is that we are enjoying doing what we are doing and that we are living right now. :)

I don't mind that you are saying those things as they are part of what defined you as a person as well. It is your characteristics that I am embracing which is coming from your side. I understand the kind of feeling of having the urge to share with others about it. It is hard to project your personal experience to me with some of the things written, be it incoherent or not. At the same time, there seems to be a desire of having to be acknowledged and recognized, at least to those whom you can trust. I found that it was really interesting to give a personal kind of 'question and answer' instead of writing them in a more logical and universal sense. Music actually helped a lot to set up the mood by amplified and projected your feeling better than the empty atmosphere inside our room. Sometimes, there is this kind of 'ether' feeling going about, such that it gave you the needs to write them or the uncomfortable feeling and many overthinking factor will haunt you upon regrets. I also looked through and read some of your tags in your list which further gave me an understanding of you as a person. I found that you like to question about the things around us. At the same time, you seems to be conflicted as well. Do you like to think a lot? Your curiosity reminded me of myself, so I guess we shared something common? I like the idea of perceiving things, but I'll also tried to be cautious not to get too close to the fantasy world as it made me felt that I am losing part of myself in this world. I have difficulties connecting with others at times, mainly due to how much I tried not to be bounded by someone's else expectation on me as a person. Rather, I prefer being myself most of the times. Sometimes, I have the tendency to think too much of keeping everything neutral, such that conflicting thoughts and identity crisis existed from time to time when I was forced to make choices. I have difficulties paying attention due to my disabilities. Sometimes, I will prioritized thinking about doing other things which affected my daily life at times. I was surprised myself when I got into audiovisual medium because they have a peculiar presentation, soundtracks and directing that drawn me into them, something that I couldn't even understand either.
Valkeiser Oct 13, 3:37 PM
Well, Abyss showed from the beginning it was going for a dark/cruel tone, but I agree it throws the brutal parts out of nowhere. I was expecting more wolrd exploration to be honest, as I didn't care much about the main duo.

Oh yes, I also have some problems with Kino. Fels to vivid/colorful and lost all that atmosphere the roginal had. Guess the stories will have to carry this one. As for Magus, I feel it will be something similar to Shirayuki or Yona but with a better presentation, I hope it keeps the wonderful lore which is what I liked the most, well that and the dynamic between those two.

Honestly Children of the Whale is easily my contender for AOTS but Land of the Lustrous also looks promising. As for Girl's Last tour seems episodic and more mini-stories format, which is nice if it goes for something more melancholic. Just Because! looks like a nother romance drama, not really feeling it but is ok I guess. And as for 3gatus I haven't seen anything so I can't tell...

Keep me up with your thoughts!
Valkeiser Oct 11, 8:38 PM
Hey there!

It's been a while. See you finished Abyss and you're trying Yome and Kino from this season, thoughts? Also, if you don't mind a rec I have high expectations about this one, which many are comparing to SSY. I admit it has some similarities and definitely has some potential, but I don't think it will be as good.
hysterical_ Oct 7, 9:24 AM
I'll get back to you regarding the earlier comment sooner or later. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

By the way, have you tried covering one of your eyes, walking around the corridor while recalling the past after completed The Mirror? I thought the long-panning closed and distanced shots, transition between colors sequences, timelines and the recollection of past memories in a non-chronological manner were interestingly narrated from a first-person to his mother. It was really a strange but a more personal film that touched upon warmth of past memories to the lost of connection from a reflection of self that pushed away from the standard 'critics' will have peered their eyes on quoting literature and stuff. Where there is light, there must be shadow. Recollection of past memories can never be beautiful all the time, so the color sequences were interestingly used to seemingly displayed the beauty and sadness in life. Overall, I love it so much. I prefer Lily Chou-Chou more but both are transcending. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I can't thank you enough. I can't describe the feeling I had upon completed this film. :)
Fleure Sep 28, 5:28 PM
I've seen a great deal of Tarkovsky films and he sits comfortably at the top of my favorite directors, with Stalker, Mirror, and Nostalghia being my three favorites by him. I've expended a great deal of time on discussing these films and none of it, not one minute, felt wasted. I consider some of these works to be the quintessential experience in film, from really any perspective. We can discuss my personal experiences with them if you so desire.

Recently, I read another novel by Kawabata titled The Old Capital, one of the three works he received the Nobel Prize for. It was not an intense experience but once that drew me in with every page. I think a lot of it just had to do with the fact I was in Kyoto not too long ago and the story is set there. The way he incorporated the city, as a breathing life force with a personality of its own, made me feel like I, too, was walking down those magical streets again. Also, his writing overall is stellar. I'm currently rewatching Utena (for the fourth time, heh) so that's been a very intense and intimate experience, ha for reasons you can read in my review, whenever I write it :D.

I have yet to watch Kyousou Giga. I'll try it out at some point.

I see you're enjoying Aria. It's one of my favorite series/franchises. Do share your thoughts on it!
AestheticOnion Sep 28, 9:49 AM
AestheticOnion Sep 28, 9:47 AM
How's Aria so far? Is it worth a watch?
Christopher9 Sep 27, 4:01 PM
Freut mich, dass dir der Anime gefällt.

Oh und danke für die nachträglichen Geburtstagsglückwünsche.

Edit: Wie ich gerade sehe hast du jetzt auch Aria The Animation beendet, sehr schön.
Die wichtigste Frage ist jetzt natürlich, wer ist für dich best Girl? :^)
hysterical_ Sep 27, 10:09 AM
Music, be it from Lily Chou-Chou or any other bands, they served as a temporarily form of psychological relief which makes people forgot about the surroundings, as it muffled the background noise and the noise inside them. Red ether, blue ether, they comes in different varieties, different properties and how it affected them differently, as a coping mechanism. In return, we were given a temporarily boost, an unexplained feeling of reliance upon addiction, leading to social issues of isolation, lost of human connection and escapism. However, side effects occurred as our body grew used to it, building resistance on the drugs induced into our veins, just like how we lost our feelings towards the music we listened to from time to time. Facing the reality soon became an overwhelming experiences. In a world that encapsulate both the beauty and cruelty of life, yet was never preachy or giving a moralistic views, projected it's themes through characters' actions and their feelings by posting on the forum, in a seemingly how we allowed ourselves to release our frustration somewhere far, where no one knows us, just like an outcries made at a distanced field, with just the two of us. We remained anonymous and distanced, so that we don't feel hurt. Lily Chou-Chou is an imaginary friend existed in the mind of everyone, yet she is a human as well. A human who strive to do her best to survive, yet was bounded by expectation from her fans. They need a stronger ether, so to make them forget about everything. The ending summed up my feeling when tragedy happened. Everyone panicked. They embodied the collectives, troubled teens with social issues. Lily Chou-Chou is a miracle, an angel. What happened if she was tainted, sinned, and became a fallen angel? Well, that's how much rumors became such a controversial subject on the social issues. Both friends suffered similar fate, just because of rumors as well. Perhaps, we don't need such a thing called 'ether', from time to time when we felt sick, it is okay to just let out everything or went somewhere far, hand-to-hand, as the sun soon set beneath the horizon. With the world that we lived in, it's time to face the cruel truth, when we left the garden called Eden, the only 'truth' that we saw since the very day we left, the greenery that never deceived us, though it will soon be gone, as our world turned grey. It raised controversial subjects on social issues and how environment and circumstances affected us, be it from family, school or in the real world, everyone seems to be distanced from each other. Can we blame them for everything despite what they did? Are we ready to accept and embraced the happiness, the sadness, the cruelty in life? Was it living if getting caught up by the past? Many questions raised in this film that destroyed the idealistic views towards life, as nothing is perfect, rosy-colored.

I really love the soundtracks as well, especially the ending. Part of me feeling heartbroken when the best friend changed. However, he was capable of feeling regret of the things he did, when he went to the garden, muffled the noise, while screaming from afar, showing the sign that part of him still existed within him. He was a Lily Chou-Chou fan as well, much to the dismay of the main character. Perhaps, he was indeed a fan of Lily Chou-Chou. Perhaps, he was looking for the main character as he made enemies with his old friends, ostracized, and the main character is the only person who he can look for.

Great to hear that. It seems interesting from what I read about seeking solace from the internet. Thanks a lot for the recommendation.

Despite how bleak those days are, soon I became numb to those feelings, the unexplained cause of such strange phenomenon as time goes by. I guess I accepted the things that happened in the past as I grew up.

Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. I managed to find the beauty of life, despite not being part of the social group. I disliked being conformed as I valued individuality, so it was natural that I was ostracized. I suffered from traumatic experience in the past, similar to the situation from Reki when she perceived being betrayed, confined and having trouble trusting others. I am satisfied that there are people whom I met are capable of accepting me who are different from others. I have the inability of expressing myself, easily distracted and of frequent mood-swings from time to time. Yes, my family was what brought me back to reality as well, despite the things I did in the past. I was grateful that I learned them from my experience, or else I wouldn't be here talking to you, or anyone that I befriended with in this site. Maybe that explained why I am very concerned about troubled teens, young adults, flawed characters and how they projected themselves through dialogues, expressions and actions as well. Many comes from my experiences in life.

Indeed, there was a lingering feeling of regrets that I couldn't get rid of, and that's that I didn't appreciate the little bits of happiness in life in the past due to expectation upon the idealistic views towards life.
Hackenfack Sep 27, 6:30 AM
Dasselbe dacht ich mir auch. :^)

SEL müsste ich aber erstmal rewatchen, bevor ich mir sicher bin, ob ich es mag.
hysterical_ Sep 25, 8:48 AM
All I can say about "All About Lily Chou-Chou" is that 'he did it'. He is the last person I would have thought to have done that. It show how messed up he is after his best friend changed, and his world turned upside down. He rarely talked anymore. He couldn't do anything to stop his best friend for all the things he did. He felt helpless. He tried, yet he was afraid. He sought solace from Lily Chou-Chou music and nature, yet both of them lost their effectiveness over time, as his emotion became overwhelmed by all the things happened around him. The scene with the apple and the knife was rather symbolic. It ended, yet it was just the beginning of everyday life. It reminded me of Asano Inio's work for so many reasons with it's coming-of-age themes. It messed up my emotions after the tragedy. He is simply not living anymore, despite being alive at the end. ;_;

Thank you so much for the recommendation. I couldn't believe until I saw it. It become my top favorite film, replacing Love Exposure 2008, despite somewhat less broader scope as compared to it. It was a reminder of my past, my youth during those days. I was glad I was sane enough to not went to that route he had taken.

Time to put on my headphones and listen to the ending so that I will forget everything that I had witnessed from this film.
Christopher9 Sep 25, 2:54 AM
Wie ist dein Ersteindruck zu Akage no Anne?
Fleure Sep 24, 8:14 PM
Oh, my rabbit, my apologies for not getting back to you. I completely overlooked a bunch of messages. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Tutu. The whole structure of that entire show, almost dissipating the line between fantasy and reality, as if one in the same, was something that made the show impeccable to me. The literal aspects of it from the "story" being told, to the "story" being lived to the more non-literal aspects with the way the story is told and the characters are actualized.

It most definitely an intimate and intense experience as the themes it integrates are quite universal. It borrows these ideas from fairy tales, naively adapting to the "moral" approach but with each theme but then it completely inverts the notions and the show turns into something far more grounded and palpable.

Anyways, I'm very happy to see you enjoyed it. Anything else you've been watching that's noteworthy?