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RedInfinity Jul 17, 9:14 AM
Children of the Sea film adaptation! I never saw it coming! Studio 4c is the perfect studio for it as well :D
Nosma Jul 12, 9:48 PM
I know. If you fall into that pit, there's indubitably no way out, and for good reasons. Last Waltz is majestic, one of the most resonant and touching albums I've heard.

Zettai is already among on PTW. Thanks.
Nosma Jul 10, 10:18 PM
What is Zettai Shounen?
Nosma Jul 9, 9:48 PM
Ah thanks. My favorite one is April, how can it not be?

He's a man of culture, his neo-classical sound is simply unparalleled, truth be told. I will try it out a friend of mine already has it in his faves, so I was already going to.

Gumanku Jul 5, 11:59 PM
Yeah I've found it already but thanks! It wasn't scanlated fully back when i read it before and now it is i guess.

Great stuff, concise but sweet.
Gumanku Jun 27, 2:47 AM
Where did you find all of Kotonoba Drive?
Valkeiser Jun 25, 6:15 PM
Hey, Rabbit!

It's been a long time since we talked. Between me procrastinating my replies and the site being down for weeks, it's already been a month since you replied to me. I'm very sorry, just wanted to say I'm back and will try to be more active and quicker with my replies. Now, this being said, there's a few things I want to talk about...

First I noticed you watched and really enjoyed Non Non Biyori, probably my favorite pure iyashikei. It has one of the most relaxing atmospheres; its rural setting also has some beautiful landscape backgrounds. At first I was fearing a typical CGDCT show, but it manages to escape the usual tropes and feel genuine and, most importantly, fun. The characterization of the girls, specially Renge-chon, is one of the best and most accurate. It has very charming moments from childish jokes to some emotional scenes. I hope you love Repeat, has some of my favorite moments.

Second, and before I forget, here are my brief comments on the movie In This Corner: Being a Japanese movie about World War II, my biggest fear was the over dramatization of the events of the bomb, specially how they tend to victimize despite the horrible acts they commit. But it was a pleasant surprise to find out it had a more grounded presentation. Viewing the events through the eyes of a normal housewife and her daily life was a very refreshing approach. A mundane view of how was the life of women during that time and all they had to endure until it ended. It has of course some dramatic events that contrasted with the semi-SoL narrative it had, but was this abrupt change what makes it even more real. However, the movie still suffers from what every other Japaenes war movie does, and that's the lack of self-criticism. Harsh are the words of Suzu when after the surrender speech of the Emperor was given, saying "I wish I could've died without knowing that". There I felt a glimpse of criticism, a suffocated commentary on how their people resented their government for making them suffer a useless war. But in the end that was it, failing or scared to explore it more and sheltering in bittersweet neutral stand about war. I admit it was a good watch, but was underwhelming seeing the potential to achieve more but unwilling to go for it.

Next I guess would be the Monogatari franchise, which I finally finished a few weeks ago. Since we can't post images yet, I'll leave you this link so you can view my scores for every installemnt ( I watched the Kizu movies and agree that it was very style over substance. Three movies were a lot of time considering how it little achieved. It gave some backgrounds which were already implied or even told, and that could've been easily told in some flashbacks; it also showed how the strong bond between Kiss-Shot and Araragi forged. But that's actually all one can get from it, the rest is just Shaft showing off their animation abilities. And as I said, Hana was very unique and wish I could've watched it after Owari S2, because it works perfectly as an epilogue for the series. I don't want to spoil anything so I won't talk about the other seasons, but just wanted to say I loved Ougi in Owari S2. Let me know what you think when you finish it.

So Kotonoba Drive... The way you describe make it sound like a good read in a day off, maybe outside enjoying the weather and having some nice tea. Is good to know is short, because I'm actually looking for a small and heartwarming read. I'll download it and try to read it during the weekends. I'll let you know how it goes.

Leaving anime aside for a bit, I didn't know you liked cycling. Kanno adores cycling and she's been "teaching" me about the different bikes, the Tours and all that. I love how she talks about stuff she really likes, makes even me interested lol. But anyway, is a very nice hobby/exercise and wish I could do it here, but the city is very urbanized and there's not many places one can go cycling. And I see you're a cat person, or that I assume. I'm sadly allergic to them so I never liked them. Kanno has been trying to change my mind about them, but even if she does I can't get close to them. Anyway, I hope you've been having a good time. Looking forward to your reply =)
RedInfinity Jun 23, 2:48 AM
Hey man, just want to say for whenever you get back on, that Children of the Sea was absolutely beautiful. The amount of knowledge that the mangaka upheld in this work concerning both lore and mythology was not only surprising, but refreshing. Combine that with an interesting cast and sublime artwork and all that was left was a fantastic contemporary fantasy, reminiscent of works like the golden age arc of berserk, and the end of Eva.

Thanks for the indirect recommendation! :D
3YenPls May 26, 1:25 AM
Ah, Zettai Shounen hat sich noch die 10/10 geholt und sogar Kisa hat sich in die Favoriten geschlichen... Das freut einen doch ungemein :D
Excelsior May 26, 12:34 AM
I've pretty much cataloged my favorite films here: and my favorite music here:
Although I rarely watch movies and listen to music nowadays, for Japanese films, I like Ozu a bunch. And I'm a fan of the movies Pastoral and Harakiri and Woman in the Dunes and such. I think Woman in the Dunes in particular may be up your alley? There's a lot of well-regarded Japanese films I'm still neglecting though.
I used to listen to a lot of ambient several years ago. Nowadays it's mostly pop and hip-hop. I spend less time sitting down and listening to dissonant and experimental music now, I think.
I also saw that you rated Zettai Shounen well. I forgot about how much I've been meaning to get around to that one.
AestheticOnion May 25, 1:07 PM
Not selfish at all. That was precisely the reason I started the rewatch. And BOI, is it fascinating so far. Definitely something I should have re-visited earlier, and I see a potential new favorite in it. I think I started to understand certain things that I missed the first watch, such as the way it uses ambiguity to work its themes.

And don't worry, she'll be back, I'm just occasionally editing my favorites based on how i feel atm.
3YenPls May 24, 7:09 AM
Und so schnell ist die Zeit dann auch schon wieder verflogen... Ich habe über die Wochen teilweise den Bezug zu meinem eigenen Text verloren, den ich schon recht früh angefangen habe zu verfassen... Das hat mich etwas blockiert - meine Gedanken wollten sich einfach nicht mehr mit meinen Fingerspitzen verbinden...

Passt wie gesagt schon. Ich warte lieber und bekomme eine frische Antwort, als eine, wo die Halbherzigkeit nur so durchsickert ^^'
Bei mir kann es manchmal auch etwas dauern, bis ich antworte... Manchmal vielleicht sogar einen Monat oder länger... Kommt einfach auf die Lust an, ist ja ganz normal. Hier soll sich keiner gezwungen fühlen.

Ja, es wird wohl immer bei der Pendelei bleiben, aber vielleicht schafft man es, ein wenig Schwung rauszunehmen (Anders krieg ich das nicht formuliert, haha).
Völlige Balance ist wohl nicht möglich, das stimmt schon.
Deine Allegorie merke ich mir, die ist gut :,)
Und ja, das ist es.

Allzu hektisch wird es in der zweiten Hälfte schon nicht zugehen, aber eine Großstadt bleibt eine Großstadt und ein Dorf ein Dorf :,P
So manch Charakter wird dich auch weiterhin durch deine intime Reise begleiten, mach dir da mal keine Sorgen. Kisa ist mein persönlicher Favorit und ich bin mir sicher, dass sie als Charakter dir auch gefallen wird. Ob das nun an ihrem Zimmer, welches an das von Lain erinnert, oder an ihrem sanften, introvertierten Wesen liegt - es gibt genug Sachen, welche sie auszeichnen und zu einem liebenswerten Protagonisten der zweiten Hälfte formen.
Auch abseits von Kisa gibt es noch genug Charaktere, die du mit sicherheit ins Herz schließen wirst, ähnlich wie Miku und co. :,)
Oh, wirklich? Ich fand' eigentlich, dass man den Mysterien genug Raum gab, um sich noch selber Gedanken zum Geschehenen zu machen. Was den Unfall beim Fest betrifft... Da würde ich dir vielleicht zustimmen.
Es freut mich wirklich sehr, dass Zettai Shounen mit dir resoniert und bin wirklich gespannt auf deine abschließenden Worte... Falls du deine Gedanken denn auch weiterhin mit mir teilen möchtest.
Diesen Text habe ich vor einigen Wochen verfasst, wollte ihn aber auch nicht löschen, da mich interessieren würde, ob ich mit meinen Vermutungen recht habe und du dich in Yokohama (Das war doch die Stadt, in der dieser Arc spielt, nicht?) nun zurecht findest :,)

Okay, interessant. Ich habe Punpun mal in Begleitung von Radiohead gelesen und das hat überraschend gut gepasst. Wenn ich mal Musik zu einem Manga anmache, dann meistens Radiohead. Ich weiß nicht was es ist... Vielleicht einfach nur, weil Radiohead meine Lieblingsband ist, oder aber auch aus dem Grund, dass ihre Alben und Lieder so eine große Reichweite haben, dass man zu jedem Werk das passende Stück/Album findet. Komischerweise lenken mich die Lieder in dem Fall auch nicht vom Lesen ab, sondern fühlen sich wie ein Part von mir selbst an, mit dem ich geboren und aufgewachsen bin.
Ja, Tim Hecker und World's End Girlfriend machen wirklich tolle Musik und ich kann mir vorstellen, dass die Musik zu einer umso intensiveren Leseerfahrung führen kann.
Das sind alles tolle Künstler, in deren Soundlandschaften ich mich gerne mal verliere. Die Stücke von Akira Kosemura höre ich mir sehr gerne an, wenn mich gerade mal wieder die Melancholie des Lebens begleitet und Max Richter hilft mir oftmals beim schreiben von Texten wie diesen :,D
Gut, Mitski sagt dir also schon etwas, das dachte ich mir, haha. Sie hat vor ein paar Tagen auch ihre neue Single ,,Geyser" rausgebracht, welches auch ein sehr kraftvolles Lied ist.
Was Dream Pop angeht hat sich mein Spektrum die letzten Wochen um eine Vielzahl erweitert.
In die Welt von Lily Chou-Chou und ihrer Musik werde ich natürlich immer wieder eintauchen, aber in letzter Zeit haben mir es auch Künstler wie eben Mitski oder Candy Claws (Auch hier eine starke Empfehlung meinerseits, falls du diese noch nicht kennst) angetan.
Das neue Album von Beach House ,,7" ist auch eine wundervolle Erfahrung. Mit Liedern wie
,,L'lnconnue" oder ,,Pay No Mind" haben sie sich mal wieder selbst übertroffen.
Ich bin neuerdings eher auf Spotify unterwegs und entdecke da meine Musik. Ich weiß nicht mehr so recht wie es dazu kam... Ich war nämlich immer strickt gegen Spotify, aber hier bin ich nun und ich bin der App auch sehr dankbar für die Entführung in verschiedene Welten, haha.
Ohne Musik sieht es bei mir auch schwierig aus :,)

Nun, ich werde wie gesagt auf jeden Fall noch mal in Tutu reinschauen. Es ist nun gut über ein Jahr her, seit dem letzten Mal ^^'
Momentan bin ich was Anime angeht aber wieder an meinem Tiefpunkt angelangt - mir fehlt eindeutig die Motivation.
Ich flüchte viel lieber in meine Bücher/Manga. Falls sich das dann (hoffentlich) bald ändern wird und ich mir Tutu anschaue, werde ich dir auf jeden Fall meine Eindrücke versuchen zu vermitteln : ]

Wie fandest du denn nun das erste Chapter von ,,Neko ga Nishi Mukya"?
Mir hat es ja etwas an Subtilität gefehlt... Ansonsten hat es mich sehr stark an Mushishi erinnert - Mushishi im 21. Jahrhundert :D
Auch wenn der Manga wahrscheinlich nicht an Mushishi rankommen wird (Was auch so gut wie unmöglich ist, haha), freue ich mich auf weitere Chapter, die das Mysterium ,,Flow" intensiver erforschen werden :,)
AestheticOnion May 20, 4:14 AM
ayy, when did haibane take over Lain's throne?

Also, actually glad to see I'm not the only one who hated the Kizumonogatari movies
Valkeiser May 16, 5:21 PM
The list she made is varied to say the least. It has a bit of everything, so there's always movies that fit the mood I'm on. This weekend we went out of the list to watch some Marvel movies I never got around to. I'm planning to watch the new Infinity Wars movie this weekend so I had to watch them eventually, and what a better way than watching it with someone. Anyway, I'm very random with what I choose to watch each time, so I'll let you know when we get around on Lily. But don't worry, is definitely in my list along with Watership.

So was Kotonoba Drive an enjoyable short read? After I catch up with Fumetsu I'll go for some shorts, so if you think is worth the read I'll consider it. I'm yet to tackle YYK but good to know it has a similar vibe, maybe that will motivate me to read it. Oh, and I have a mixed opinion about Fumetsu. The premise has a lot of potential, and the first story about the boy was an incredible introduction, but the arcs after that have been underwhelming and a bit melodramatic. Will continue reading it anyway, I have faith that it will bounce back.

See you loved Hanamonogatari but found the Kizu movies insulting. Care to share you thoughts? I haven't seen the movies but are well received among my friends here, so I'm curious of what you found so bad about them. As for Hana, it was great to watch Kanbaru have some solo time where she can shine. The story worked perfectly to give her some well deserved development and depth, and get out of the shadow of Araragi and Senjougahara.

Well, Angel's Egg was a very intimate experience for me. I'm gonna save the whole analysis about the movie because I'm sure you have already interpreted it yourself, so I'll go straight to the point. The cynical but also optimistic view on faith and religion is one I once had when I had my own crisis of faith back when I was young. It was very surprising how much I could relate to its criticism on religion and how it led him to a new renewed faith. I've seen a lot of interpretations and analysis about its abstract symbolism but honestly I didn't had any need of them. The moment I finished it I just had to replay it just to make sure I wasn't reflecting myself in it. I can understand how you feel about it, but for me it was so personal it didn't bother me at all. If you end up rewatching it another time, let me know if your thoughts on it changed, regardless if it was for better or worse.

Anyway, too much rambling. How have you been? Everything good on your side? Work has been taking much of my time so I haven't watched nor read a lot lately, just the weekly seasonals because that doens't take me much time. Hope I have some free time soon because I want to continue the Monogatari and Doremi franchises which are on halt at the moment.
Excelsior May 16, 11:16 AM
I hadn't noticed that our birthdays were only one month apart. Funny that.
And yeah, I was interested in your anime and manga favs. And your favs beyond that. The films Love Exposure, Eureka, and the Mirror are great. So is the music from Grouper, Sigur Ros, Tim Hecker, Aoba Ichiko and so on. I hadn't seen Heidi as a child, but I love it now.