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-Exile Jun 23, 10:08 AM
Though I like Jodorowsky (he reminds me of Ennio Morricone, don't know why, maybe because they both have a sort of surreal style), I think it would be a stretch to call me a fan, because I didn't even know Jodorowsky is still making movies. El Topo is the only movie I have seen by him, but I am looking forward to more of his works in the future, possibly Endless Poetry too, though I think one's best works are done in the first half of one's life.
It's good to see you liked Pulp Fiction too.
I watch one movie in three months at best. I have plans to watch Shimmer this summer, and something by Fassbinder in fall. But I will definitely watch Metropolis and Citizen Kane too. And I don't mind if it is not as violent as Pulp Fiction, I don't need and don't expect old movies to be violent- I have Rammstein music videos for that.
Sonal1988 Jun 20, 11:33 PM
I thought misogynists were a myth. I mean, who would go to the extent of hating all women, right? But then I dated one and I realized (only after the breakup) as to how wrong I was. And even up until a few years ago, I too believed labels weren't necessary. But here's the thing - when you don't label yourself, you automatically become part of the crowd and anything you say just becomes noise (or is brushed under the carpet bc you're no more than an ordinary person). However, label yourself a feminist/vegan/LGBT activist etc and that's when the same words start carrying more weight.

What was the social experiment and when did you do it?

I don't watch many shoujo anime (tropes, cliches and filler eps), but since Garden of Words was just 45 mins, I gave it a shot. Was pleasantly surprised - the director handled the relationship between the child and the lady pretty maturely. I don't actively seek "extra" shows - if they happen to be so, that's just a bonus for me. All I look for is something that is worth watching, or at least, is entertaining for me. Hah! The latter is the only reason I'm watching (and might I add, enjoying) a reverse harem called Amnesia, where the female MC is dumb as fuck (something that annoys the shit outta me generally). But there's no sexualization (duh) or stereotyping of any sorts, so that made the series a decent enough watch for me.

And No. 6 is just ❤️️

I've never asked you - what do you do, professionally? In fact, I don't even know your name. Heh.
Sonal1988 Jun 20, 10:25 PM
Read the portion about why women won't divorce their husbands:
"When I asked why his Wuxi client hadn’t considered divorce, he was incredulous."

Also, thoughts?
Sonal1988 Jun 20, 3:13 AM
You weren't always a feminist, implying that you were ignorant, or sexist, right?
Well, I was always for equality from the beginning (I mean, what other choice did I have except to fight my way through?). But It was only on the last 3-4 years that I realized how ingrained patriarchy is in our society. Even phrases as simple as "don't cry like a little girl" are sexist, and yet, I was guilty of using them on multiple occasions. It was only when I opened my eyes that I truly realized how big of a disadvantage women are at even today, right from the most advanced society (America) to the shittiest of places on Earth (practically any Muslim country).

I was lucky to grow up in a household where my parents didn't discriminate. And even tho they do tend to hold sexist views (women should do this, they should behave like that) I'm still glad I have them for parents. If it weren't for their faith in me, I don't think I'd be the super strong and super confident woman that I am. I really feel sad for women growing up in households where they play second fiddle to their fathers, brothers or husbands, never being able to do any good, just because they were born as women. Even so, the scenario's changing and I'm glad that people are becoming more and more open minded towards feminism. Except single and sexually frustrated hetero men, of course. Whenever it comes to feminism, they're always the first to whine,"but what about when men......?"

As for LGBT anime, I've only watched Doukyuusei and No.6 and I gotta say - have a soft spot for No. 6. When people tell me that Yuri on Ice is how gay relationships should be portrayed in anime, I shake my head (bc that relationship is dysfunctional). And I'm like, bitch please

This is the type of relationship that fangirls should be giving an example of, and not YOI. Ugh. Boils my blood whenever I see LGBT rights and YOI being spoken in the same breath.
Sonal1988 Jun 20, 3:03 AM
I saw that you gave The Garden of Words a 6. Why so?
-Exile Jun 20, 2:44 AM
The first thing that comes to mind is the 1945 adaptation of Dorian Gray and movies by S.Paradjanov. My all-time favorite movie is Pulp Fiction, though it is not that old. I found El Topo good too. And I remember I liked The Crow a lot when I was little.
But I don't have any preferences for old movies, I just like the way they are done: the way movies should actually be done. I am also into retro music, so as you can see, I have old-fashioned tastes in general.
What about you?
-Exile Jun 19, 10:19 AM
I would have watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but I am into old movies.

I didn't know something like that is coming up. Now of course I am looking forward to it! It looks like a promising military show, something I haven't seen in a while, if I have seen it at all.
Sonal1988 Jun 19, 7:46 AM
Well, there are a few reasons why women would stoop so low:
1. They've lived a sheltered life and couldn't give a fuck about sexism even if they wanted to
2. Pressure, patriarchy, submissive attitude
3. Too selfish, self centered or self absorbed to give a shit about anybody else
4. Ignorant/not bothered
5. Money
But it indeed is sad that a woman would go to such lengths to sexualize a child. Shame on her.

I have a problem with fanservice because people should be viewed as people and not as objects. That's just wrong. There's tasteful fanservice (Grimgar of fantasy and ash) and there's just outright abominations (No game, no life). I haven't watched many ecchi/drama anime so I can't comment on either of the ones you've mentioned, but I've added Seirei to my PTW. Just tell me there's not too much drama or dialogues - I can't follow either (Mahouka, anybody?).
Speaking of, try watching Snow White with the Red Hair. It's a shoujo anime that for once, does not having a whining/submissive/clueless cry baby as the lead. The girl's a feminist icon in her own way - her strength resides within her. And I liked that. What complimented her attitude was the feminist attitude of the male MC. Damn. Now if only such men existed in the real world in large enough numbers for me to catch a hold of them :/

Yes, I myself am appalled at the way the LGBT community is represented, and the shit as fuck tropes in yaoi anime.
1. Dudes don't recognize they're gay till that one guy walks into their lives
2. Abusive semes
3. Assault/rape as a portrayal of love
(the last 2 apply to ecchi as well)

I don't watch yuri bc I know it's all trash (Hibike is an exception, but that's too much moe for me). Yes, ethnicities are poorly represented in anime, which is why that black dude in Koe no was a surprising and refreshing change. The Japanese are ethnocentric and prideful as fuck. If only they got off their fucking high horses. But nah, they're gonna work with what's working for them till they're making no more money off it.

You're bisexual. No wonder you hold such strong feminist views. I'd say 99.99% hetero men out there are trash with their sexist and homophobic views. And don't say it's otherwise - you and I both know very well that that isn't the case.
Sonal1988 Jun 19, 4:15 AM
The thing about living in a patriarchal society is that women cannot afford to have an open mind about them being portrayed as nothing but sexualized objects. We have enough of that. We don't want that shoved any further down the throats of horny man-boys. Plus, the way men and women view sexualized people from the opposite gender is inherently different, so there's that.
Sexualization of any teenage girl is absolutely abhorrent. Look at No game, no Life. They sexualzied an 11 year old child and none of the anime's stupid ass blind fans had any issues with that. No. In fact, I see that girl featured on the fav list of these horny assholes quite a few times

For some reason, only school children can operating these giant fighting robots.
😂 Yeah, they never explained that! I dropped NGE at ep 17. The pacing was way too bad for me, even after I forwarded through episodes.

Yeah after 4 years, a lot of people have stated that their interest has waned. But hey! s3 comes next year, so I guess that's good news for fanboys.
Sonal1988 Jun 17, 1:35 AM
shounen anime are targeted to horny teenage boys> I agree with you 100%
Kinda sad to see that this is what the average shounen viewer would expect from their anime, which is a direct reflection on the vast majority of weeabo losers that watch anime. Ugh.

Hahaha, yes, even at 79 anime I'm annoyed with school children because:
a) they're every fucking where and
b) they act like 30 year olds. In fact, in anime like Shinsekai Yori, I would say they showed the intelligence of 40 year old trained military personnel, because I'm almost 30 and there's no fucking way I could have done half the things that those fucking 12 year olds did.

I did go through Aoi, but it seem a little too dramatic for me. Even so, I'll give it a shot.
Yes, SNK = shingeki no Kyojin and AoT is Attack on Titan. Ah, why didn't you finish s1 if you liked it?
fullmetalbender Jun 16, 8:40 PM
Ohh I see, you switched to NHK too suddenly lol I wouldn't have picked up on it. But I completely agree on that point and I recall I disliked a lot of things in that anime, enough that I dropped it midway.

Saiunkoku is a 'costume drama' I guess, but I didn't know you were averse to them? The historical genre is probably my favourite so I watch it a lot, especially outside of anime. I keep forgetting it was a Madhouse production, maybe because the style's so different from their usual fare, but I don't really follow any particular studio in any case. And Koyasu Takehito actually became one of my favourite seiyuu from this anime!

I don't have a deep enough understanding of the Japanese society, but from what I have seen I think your critique would be better directed their society and culture as a whole, rather than anime specifically (since it stems from it). Indeed, I think anime is more diverse in comparison to other Japanese media, probably because of its development and influences over time from western animation and culture in general, to the point where some anime were even targeted for international audiences. And I mean when even Hollywood still has problems with representation and diversity despite being in a country of such heterogeneous population and diverse history, it almost feels unfair to expect it of Japan just yet. They can work towards it, like making more stuff with a 'fictional reality' where they don't have to necessarily reflect real-life but 'create' their own diversity, eg FMA:B (which I can't believe you haven't finished yet!?!). So yeah, I guess it's not a complaint I personally have (they're all reserved for western media), because I look for Japanese content in anime anyway, but diversity is always welcome when done convincingly and respectfully.

Ah yes, I'd seen those graphs around, but never really felt the need (or inclination) to use anything beyond MAL for anime tbh. I'd hoped it would give me some quality recs based on such lengthy analysis of my anime list, but it turned out to be just as unhelpful as MAL ones lol. Josei is unfortunately the genre with literally the least titles, in fact, except the ones I can find anywhere, I think I've seen them all.

(Your tone is fine?? Lol I'm not so sensitive.)
-Exile Jun 16, 7:18 AM
That's nice to hear. So you like that opening too?
If Hainabe Renmei has pathos, then I am going to watch it, but probably later. I don't know why, but I would prefer watching something violent right now.
fullmetalbender Jun 15, 3:14 AM
Mm fair enough. I definitely have enough favourite anime adapted from ongoing manga...which I hate reading, but have started some due to severe withdrawal lol.

Agreed, in fact, it felt as though Shouko never even minded being treated that way to begin with. Which I find to be problematic and the reason why I thought the portrayal of her disability needed some work. Simply by showing us her side of the story - her emotions, difficulties, experiences etc - we would've had a better understanding of her as a person, not just as 'the deaf girl'. As for NEET, were you referring to Shoya? If so, I didn't think he was one...? Their relationship was okay I thought, aside from the aforementioned issue. But yes, I did find there was a bit too much drama, especially involving side characters, not to mention Souko's suicide attempts, which imo wasn't explored very well (if at all). Anyway.

Basara is very dear to me, I have read it so many times, let me know if you start it! And for Saiunkoku, do you have any particular reservations about it? (It's not actually a reverse harem.) The protagonist is one of my favourite characters and one of the best female characters in all the anime I've seen, which is another big reason I rec'd it to you. Same goes for Chihayafuru tbh. Almost all my faves have to have at least that one requirement of having decent treatment of female characters. But I have to say I don't expect too much in the diversity aspect, since very few anime is targeted beyond the Japanese audience and it's a fairly homogeneous population after all. Btw I'd also suggest Otona Joshi no Anime Time in you're looking for mature female characters, it's short-story anthology. Josei titles in general do better in that regard.
Sonal1988 Jun 12, 10:47 PM
tired of high school students as main characters, or are you just tired of them put in sexual situations> Both. But since teenagers in real life always tend to act as if they're double their age, I ignore the sexual part, even tho it pisses me off how girls and women are unnecessarily sexualized in pretty much every shounen anime ever.
I'm just saturated with seeing 15 yr olds looking like they're 12 and being put into situations that most actual 30 yr olds would fail to succeed in. I mean sure, suspension of disbelief and all, but till what point? Every second anime is like this. I'm annoyed. Shinsekai Yori is a perfect example of what I'm saying. I see you rated a 4.
That's one reason why I enjoy Quan Zhi Gao Shou so much - no children whatsoever. And even tho I don't know anything about gaming, I do enjoy seeing adults in real life adult situations.
Kakegurui look interesting but I don't watch anime that's airing - too impatient to keep up. Will wait for when it's completed. I generally avoid chill and sweet stuff. I'd rather have anything with a solid plot that moves quickly - another reason why slice of life isn't really up my alley, or even romance.
Psychological, mystery, thriller are good and I enjoy them. However, with anime like Psycho Pass, there was so much potential (it being in the future) and they wasted it all on making it yet another thriller. Plus, the female MC was fucking annoying with just how fucking stupid she was, so I dropped the series. Death Parade and Zankyou were both good, and my only issue with the former was the flat character development, and with the latter was flat character development+plotholes+clunky direction. I see you enjoyed both too.
I don't like philosophical stuff much. When I watch anime, I want to watch it bc I want to be entertained, and psychology demands too much of my attention and brain to enjoy anything. Plus, I mostly miss all the 'deep' meanings, symbolism and what not, so why even bother, huh?

I see you rated s2 of SNK poorly. Why so?
Seiya Jun 12, 9:48 PM
Well, I would like to live by myself someday, but that's kinda impossible when I'm poor.

Besides that, I simply want to continue to learn more things. I've been playing the guitar for 17 years, but I never learned how to read sheet music, so I want to learn that in the near future. I also want to learn more about Linux, so I can have full control over what I put on my computer.