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UQ Holder! OVA
UQ Holder! OVA
Apr 12, 6:17 AM
Watching 2/3 · Scored 6
High School DxD BorN: Yomigaeranai Fushichou
High School DxD BorN: Yomigaeranai Fushichou
Apr 12, 5:41 AM
Dropped -/1 · Scored -
The Big O
The Big O
Apr 8, 6:03 PM
Dropped 3/26 · Scored 6
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Yuutai Nova
Yuutai Nova
Mar 26, 5:34 PM
Completed 20/20 · Scored 5
Mar 24, 8:33 AM
On-Hold 34/? · Scored 7
Natsu no Zenjitsu
Natsu no Zenjitsu
Mar 24, 7:56 AM
Dropped -/38 · Scored -


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Amberleh Apr 23, 2:36 PM
I definitely ship them too how cute are they. But heaven forbid she end up liking other girls D8

How have you been? It's been another few months again ahahaha.
TeKSMeLater Apr 22, 12:04 AM
Hi, I just wanna say that even though I ended up liking Texhnolyze, I thoroughly enjoyed your review. It was short but straight to the point, and captures a usually unaddressed criticism about the show.
AltoRoark Apr 16, 9:54 PM
So about Citrus:

First off, thanks so much for the compliment! Putting the review together actually took quite a lot of effort, and I'm glad to see it paid off.

I really don't think Citrus was at all portraying gay people as sex-crazed maniacs. Those actions were symptomatic of Mei's constant abuse and depravity. This would go on to rub off on Yuzu as well. As for Himeko, I don't see her as a lesbian. Remember that sexual conduct among students is common behavior in Aihara Academy. To my interpretation, Himeko made out with Mei as a desperate measure to claim Mei as her own, kind of like how a dog urinates on its territory to preserve it.

I stressed a point in my review that sexual assault was not being romanticized. Yuzu fell in love with Mei well before that moment. She fell in love with Mei once she saw her being kissed by Amamiya. Mei's feelings for Yuzu were fully realized far into the story in episode 7. I think it's best not to view Citrus as a conventional or wholesome romance, since looking at it from that angle can stem some misguided conclusions on its intentions.

It also irked me how Citrus glossed over Yuzu or Mei coming out, and having any kind of a discussion about being gay or bi. This is an integral part of the lives of most LGBT people since there's still a lot of stigma attached to being LGBT in most countries.

Now that you mention it, I actually agree with this to an extent. Although this quick progression could simply be a byproduct of the sporadic pacing. And there's also a case to be made that Yuzu's might've been too blinded by her love to consider pondering over it. But nonetheless you do bring up a good point about this. It would be interesting to see what paths the story could've taken with this concept in play.

Aoi Hana, eh? I'm actually in the middle of that show myself and it's quite interesting. I especially like the down-to-earth tone it has which adds to its somberness. And Fumi is so gosh darn loveable! <3
Seiya Apr 13, 6:51 AM
I'm sorry to hear about your review getting removed. I can fully understand why you're angry, because I would be if the same thing happened to me.
Sam_Hyde Apr 6, 5:01 PM
Nothing, you?
AltoRoark Apr 3, 7:29 PM
Nice review. Short, sweet, and well-worded. I'm kinda impelled to watch the show myself.
Shocked Apr 1, 1:36 PM
Abigail- Mar 31, 9:47 AM
I agree, it was a good one time watch, had fantastic visuals and exceptional soundtrack, the animation left me in awe. I'm hoping for a second season.

Haha, that's my girl Kagura, she's my favorite character. I'm matching with one of my friends in here lol.
Abigail- Mar 31, 12:16 AM
I watched the finale yesterday, what's your opinion? Did it live up to the expectations? Also do you think we will get a second season some time?
MoriSummer89 Mar 29, 7:25 PM
Well I haven't watched 'Koi wa Ameagari no You ni' yet, so i can't state my opinion.
Comic_Sans Mar 29, 12:27 PM

Comic_Sans Mar 29, 10:49 AM
”You found this review helpful” (Also your review really makes me want to finally finish the series, sadly I haven’t had time to watch anime lately)
kimkotsu_ Mar 26, 8:31 PM
Wow *_* that surely is gorgeous. I don't tthink I watched it in 1080p... now i rlly wish i had
kimkotsu_ Mar 25, 8:07 PM
yes yes ^^ Oniisama e........ Such a good anime! Uhhmm actually I don't remeber exactly how I found out about it but there are two possibilities:

1. I watched Hana Yori Dango and I enjoyed the older flair so I searched for something similar
2. I am a big fan of the Drama genre soooo I was browsing through all of them and that one looked really lovely to me

Actually I think it was a combination of the two.. I must have been in the mood for older anime and then through browsing I selected that one :D
AltoRoark Mar 25, 3:41 PM
Ah okay then. I won't push you into it.

So how have you been?