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Uranimesucks Aug 13, 5:41 AM
Because we live in the same city
Uranimesucks Aug 11, 8:35 PM
Ok I was just like to do references
Uranimesucks Aug 11, 1:01 PM
i will find u and kill u for ur texhnolyze review
Sonal1988 Aug 11, 7:25 AM
I always delete stuff that I don't want on my profile, for various reasons, including random hate comments.
There's no denying protesting and shaming works, But if it's all done online and not at the heart of the problem (aka actual protests in Japan), I don't see how far reaching their effects can be, until and unless sales are hit.

Frankly, it's surprising India is way ahead of Japan when it comes to treatment of women and gays. I always thought it would be the opposite.
Aqualake Aug 10, 7:07 PM
you're welcome! Nothing much, just playing some games.
Sonal1988 Aug 5, 10:35 PM
I had deleted that comment. I do that from time to time
As for yaoi, ecchi etc, it's my understanding that so long a these genres are making money, the Japs couldn't care less what they're offering to the world. They're stubborn that way. Also, the LGBT community isn't as ostracised here as it is in, say, American or Muslim countries (that hate them mostly for religious reasons). I mean here we have a tradition or trans people showing up at your doorstep to get money as an 'offering' for something good that happens in the family, usually marriage, or the birth of a child. This is considered to be auspicious. We also have Gods and deities that can be said to belong to the LGBT community, so yeah. At worst, gays are made fun of. I don't think people really hate them here. We've also had movies showing gays in a positive light, sensitizing people to their plight, which I think is fantastic.

Sonal1988 Aug 5, 7:07 AM
Interesting. I'd say I'm more sensitive to the plight of women (and by extension, children) bc I've been where many of them have been, so relating with them comes naturally to me. I think you're mistaking my not caring for something as being equivalent to tolerating it. That's not the same for me. Even tho I don't 'care' (by normal standards) much for what happens to several groups of people across the globe, I always make it a point to sensitize people towards their plight, esp when jokes are cracked at their expense.
I'm constantly educating my mom and peers about what's considered racist, sexist and homophobic, and ask them not to encourage such "jokes" which propagate negative stereotyping. But do I necessarily care? Not really, bc I know my caring won't do anybody any good - my taking actions against negative stereotyping etc (by educating people) however, will. With stuff that's related to women, I cannot help but self insert. I wish I could, and be more objective, but I sadly can't and that's bc I know how it feels to be discriminated against, just bc you're a female. I also know discrimination of any type sucks ass, but I can at best sympathise, and not empathise, with those people.
And having said that, I will never deny I have my own set of biases and hypocritical attitudes. Sometimes I break thru them, sometimes I live with them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Again, that is how I view things and I'm sure your view point must differ.
Sonal1988 Aug 5, 6:18 AM
Did you assume that I was White for some reason?
Yeah, maybe it had something to do with your 50-yr-old-white-man name.......

Japan's a shit hole for women, there's no denying that. India is a bad place too, but at least we're having our revolutions, our heroines are taking stands against sexism and we've seen the highest number of female oriented movies in the last 2 yrs, since the inception of Bollywood. Infact, just last week I watched this movie called Lipstick under my Burqa. Wasn't happy with the ending, but hey. It was a massive step forward. I don't know where Japan's at :/
Yeah, the Delhi metro too has separate compartments for women. Women can hop on into the general compartment, but God forbid if a man shows up accidentally in a women's compartment πŸ˜‚

I didn't say rape etc in anime is okay. I just said that its translation into the real life and implications for real people (gays/bis) is minimal at best. Bc women aren't gonna go about forcing gays to rape each other so that they can fetishize about them, right? But reverse the genders, and you have men asserting their rights on women and even forcing themselves on them. That was my point.

How can that be taken lightly in any way?
Nobody said anything about taking it lightly. Look, now jokes are very, very subjective. I'm chill with Hitler jokes bc my country has nothing to do with the gassing of the Jews. On the other hand, rape/terribly sexist jokes are completely repulsive and I always raise my voice against them bc that's something I can relate to as a woman. That's all! Plus, opinions evolve. 5 yrs ago I would find abortion jokes distasteful, but now I'm like, meh. Back then, I myself forwarded sexist jokes, but today, I give an earful to anybody who shares such jokes with me.

And look who didn't respond to my Discord comment ( Ν‘° ΝœΚ– Ν‘°)
Sonal1988 Aug 5, 3:01 AM
Imagine how amazing that would be—especially to fly around the rings. *weeps*
Aww. Never thought I'd get to see the day where you'd weep πŸ˜‚

And what nahhhhhhhhhhh?? How are you so confident about what the average non-white person thinks or doesn't think?
The problem isn't with ecchi - it's how it influences virgin boys and their perception of interacting with and treating members of the opposite sex. Lack of consent is a universal concept in ecchi, which is almost always followed by zero repercussions and the female falling in love with the MC. And when such anime start affecting the way you view reality, that's when we have a problem. Off topic, but look at how Maid Sama normalizes stalking women and being controlling and overly possessive of them - all of which is justified because you are a victim of unrequited love.
With lolis and yaoi anime, the thing is, even tho the concepts are similar (rape, sex with children) the difference is that barely any of the fanboys or fangirls would actually expect (much less do it) for this to happen in the real world bc it's fucking illegal. Women can fetishize as much as they want about gay boys and even if it does alter their perception of the LGBT community, there's little to no actual harm from them to members of the community. Which isn't the case in ecchi.
Well, at least that's m perception.

Hahaha. Edge Lords. Haha. Nice title. Yeah, I dunno. Americans and Europeans tend to take greater offense to the entire Hitler-Jew fiasco. For me, I'm not as affected. Also, nobody said Americans invented social anxiety. You know I'm not that dumb. However, whenever something is popularized/normalized by a group of people, it's often attributed to them, irrespective of the actual origins of said topic. Which ofc, was the case here.

Discord is for chatting, right? Yeah, no. I chat a lot on MAL and that's more than enough for me :p Why do you ask? Do you wanna bond with me on Discord or smth? ( Ν‘° ΝœΚ– Ν‘°) ( Ν‘° ΝœΚ– Ν‘°)
fullmetalbender Aug 3, 7:18 PM
Oh well, different people process things differently I guess, and I know others who are the same when it comes to visualising. But I actually like the freedom to imagine as opposed to being given an image straight out. (Which is also a reason why I'm very fastidious about screen adaptations of books.) But hey, being able to read programming books without being bored is a skill too! ^v^

So are you reading anything else beside that programming book?

I had heard good things about Twin Peaks though, I was looking forward to watching that...someday. Only it's not readily available, at least not in Netflix which is my only source of western tv right now.

Same here. I mean there aren't many people who wouldn't like to travel more as far as I've seen. But I'm not sure I'd recommend Australia just in the hopes of getting punched by our wildlife - weird as this place might be, that doesn't happen nearly as often. Pity, since 'Tourist Punched by Kangaroo' would make an amusing headline. You said you were living in Chicago, are you originally from there?
Sonal1988 Aug 3, 12:50 PM
omfg that's the randomest collection of comments from you, EVER πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I wish someone would prioritize space travel so I can go visit Saturn
Lol, okay, Ms. "Lackadaisical."
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Legit LOLed.

Yeah. I think abstraction is a small portion for these characters being as Western as they are. The truth is that basically every non white person low key strives to be white.
I don't know about autism, but a surprisingly high number of children here classify themselves as 'anti-social', 'shy', 'shut-in', prone to 'anxiety attacks' and facing trouble initiating conversations with people. I did find it very odd, but I brushed it off as just another American thing. Maybe it really is true about that link between autism and anime.
But those two guys, ugh. I don't think they're autistic. They're just fucking demented. And then that person whose link I once PMed you.... No autism there, for sure. Some people just aren't right in the head. And don't gimme that 'people are allowed to have their own opinions and likes' BS because there's no WAY that what these people think (and maybe even do) is okay. Eww.

You might have seen him too
He's a collector. He collects profiles on his friend list πŸ˜‚
After that, you should check ZephSilver's review
Some people take MAL too seriously.

Sonal1988 Aug 3, 10:50 AM
Here's a good video on Japs fetishizing Western culture and Western people.
Altho, let's be honest. You know any Eastern country that doesn't?

Should I even ask what you think of burqas.
Sure. Go ahead ( Ν‘° ΝœΚ– Ν‘°)
Nah, but seriously. I thought you'd be among those brainwashed extremists who'd defend such symbols of patriarchy as either religious freedom or a woman's 'right' to wear what she wants (or both). Glad you aren't among those dumbfucks.

You realize English isn't my first language, right? I don't understand such big and complicated words. Dumb down your words for me, will ya? Had to look it up. And yeah, if you've been on MAL long enough, there are certain profile you always manage to come across every now and then. tbh tho, I don't think even I have such a passion for anything, as these dudes have for over-sexualized fictional characters, ya know. Makes you wonder exactly how far gone are they when it comes to interaction with real women........
I guess with people like you and I, old age does make you more lackadaisical. I mean sure, you wanna make me do some good, yeah. But will I make it my life's mission? Nah. Too lazy for that, honestly.

As for that video, I do find it ironic that that lady would laugh at a religious joke but would balk at a racist joke, because that's where she draws the line. I'll bet you good money that if that joke had been on Mohammed (and not Jesus), she'd have left her date on the spot. #Hypocrisy.

Do you enjoy such vids? I do.

8oomer Aug 3, 7:31 AM
Maybe I'm not discerning enough but I rarely have issues with Japanese va's -- even if an anime is shit in every other department the voice acting will almost always be without fault for me. Yeah it was a nice change to have a more mature-sounding female lead. I recently finished Little Busters and the va for Kurogaya had a deeper, sultry voice that suited her perfectly (she also was the yuri element and I loved those moments when she was making yuri advances, even if in jest).

I thought the conclusion wasn't too sad -- more of an inevitable moving-on situation that couldn't really be helped. I could see myself re-watching the first couple of episodes and the 2nd or 3rd last one (the competition one). It was the art, character designs and scene selection that wowed me the most and just on that alone I knew it would be an 8 even before finishing the 1st episode (barring something later that might've pissed me off). I was actually hoping for something that would pump it up to a 9 for me but there wasn't enough "somethings" to do so. In some ways it was superior to Nana -- actually I'll go ahead and say it was stronger overall than Nana mainly for the reason that Nana started to drag a bit in the middle episodes. Nana did have a bit more drama, though.

As I mentioned the OP and ED are fantastic -- only the 2nd or 3rd show ever that I never skipped one or the other. Will be adding those to my OP/ED collection for sure.

On a totally unrelated note I came across this yesterday:

For a laugh it's worth a minute to watch a bit of this (look for the "Gokigenyo", "Oniisama" verbalisations and also Sachiko casually walking up to people and bitch slapping them lol):
Sonal1988 Aug 2, 7:37 AM
Meet a 28 yr old virgin πŸ˜‚
And then we have this creature


Sonal1988 Aug 2, 6:00 AM
That image is A+++
My point about sharing the video was to show how lack of consent is totes okay, be it yaoi, yuri or ecchi. That's terrible. Especially when portrayed in ecchi.

I've heard that a lot of Japanese people are very self-loathing.
Really? I've heard they're very prideful. Damn.

burqas are pretty fucking sexist in concept because they're made for the convenience of men, to cover women to quell male desires