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3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season
3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season
4 hours ago
Watching 6/22 · Scored 6
Mahou Shoujo-tai Arusu
Mahou Shoujo-tai Arusu
6 hours ago
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Houseki no Kuni (TV)
Houseki no Kuni (TV)
6 hours ago
Watching 7/12 · Scored 8
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Kanata no Astra
Kanata no Astra
Nov 13, 4:21 PM
Dropped 20/? · Scored 3
Made in Abyss
Made in Abyss
Nov 12, 1:45 PM
Reading 43/? · Scored 7
Koi wa Ameagari no You ni
Koi wa Ameagari no You ni
Nov 6, 9:42 PM
On-Hold 48/? · Scored 5


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Clayer Nov 11, 4:09 AM
So Phos is your favorite character?
Meh, my instinct tells me I won't like it too much from that point on.
Clayer Nov 10, 6:25 AM
Is your favorite's listing accurate and in order?
animeiscool561 Nov 5, 7:24 AM
OK. I’ll probably watch the anime first and then hit up the manga if something interesting happens down the line. I appreciate the colors on all of the Gemstones which is lost a bit with more black and white. By CGI standards, it actually looks really good and benefits the metallic shine of the gems more than traditional information.

Potentially so. I’ve heard great things about Nodame Cantabille which makes both of the protagonists adults rather than teenagers and is less heavy on the drama.
animeiscool561 Nov 4, 7:34 PM
On a different note, is Land of the Lustrous legitimate stuff?
animeiscool561 Nov 3, 9:53 AM
It’s cool. Study. It matters way more in the long run anyways, in a matter of hours I’ll probably end the convo for now

animeiscool561 Nov 3, 8:12 AM
There's a certain balance I hold between logical and emotional value, being too high on either end generally doesn't work for me.

I justified Shigatsu to someone else and I intend to do the same thing here:

How many? You never know, the show can do a lot of good in 8 episodes, or it can get worse. Your move CotW.
To some extent, it varies in execution.
animeiscool561 Nov 2, 9:28 PM
*Notices Your Lie in April, which shares a director with Whales, at a 2/10*

Aside from generally really liking that show, let me guess: you hate that show for basically the exact same reasons you listed, heavy on monologues and despite impressive animation, visually getting their point across in ways that aren't the most subtle? Sometimes hiding it too much can be a bad thing, as since Lain was SO cryptic, it made it hard for me to get attached to anything without some sort of conspiracy chart and made what things I did get seem really heavy handed (like the bearded sweaty guy collapsing on the street for being obsessed with virtual reality). While Shigatsu wasn't the most subtle with what it got across, it still felt like it came from a genuine emotional place, enough to form an understanding.

Going back to Children of the Whales, I think you're overreacting a bit, helped to elaborate on a few events and even Evangelion had its share of "what does it mean, tell me I'm special" moments but that show, for the most part, had well handled characters. Here, ultimately the world's idea still kinda intrigues me for what's to come, the art direction is still very nice and for all intents and purposes Chakuro could grow to become a better character/leader (most monologues are, fine, for what his character is meant to be), or Ouni could still have some cool moments, but the other major characters and the dialogue......I have to wonder if the writer thinks Kingdom Hearts is a brilliant masterwork because that's what the writing feels like here minus the Disney charm. That one eventually explained why "emotionless" beings have emotion, hopefully this show comes up with a proper excuse, otherwise it's an elementary school level plothole.
animeiscool561 Nov 2, 7:03 AM
YU hating on Children of the Whales? I get they broke the whole "emotionless" thing in Episode 3, which unless the "heart" thing was a lie and kind of a flub, but the show in general isn't awful at what it's trying to do.

To go back to the Made in Abyss thing, what my review pointed out about Ozen's arc was strictly a pacing thing likely present in the manga as well. What they wanted to get across with her character and the adventurer training was still very well handled.
Sii_Kei Oct 29, 12:09 PM
Great and detailed review of Little Witch Academia, I enjoyed every word of it.
Marsune Oct 25, 8:42 PM

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CatchyUsername Oct 5, 7:29 PM
Greetings from Brazil. Your review was one of the best I've read in a while, I imagine it was hard to write it down. Too bad only 1 :(
animeiscool561 Oct 1, 6:15 PM
I was mainly referring to the pacing at that point and the facial expressions.
I still understood and appreciated her character, just didn't want to elaborate in the review cuz spoilers, and I really liked that flashback scene with her and Lyza with the insert song. Bondrewd's voice actor definitely suits him well, and in general despite the incomplete adaptation, the surrounding stuff was handled so well by the production team. The soundtrack is fantastic and as I bring up, the animation can be majestic in the best of times, even like the chinks in Reg's robot parts.

Still, anime of the season.
animeiscool561 Oct 1, 5:36 PM
Also I reviewed Made in Abyss:
animeiscool561 Oct 1, 5:36 PM
Well, good thing I avoided it then. Even a friend of mine who normally is positive about anime couldn't see what anyone saw in that show. Our anime club at my college watched one episode and then we had a 10 minute debate about whether the main character had a personality. Eventually we said no. Even Psycho Pass it feels like had more dignity when using famous quotes, because at least that show had a serious setting, attempts at philosophy and not boob fanservice.

Regarding Princess Principal, I found it entertaining in general episodes taken on their own, especially Episode 8, it looks really nice, had a spiffy soundtrack, but in terms of the plot/worldbuilding, not the best put together. Unlike Baccano or Haruhi where the timeline split either felt purposeful in keeping one tone, or for being a meta comedy, here it felt needless, like why did we need backstory on the Japanese girl when she didn't do anything from that point on? I give them credit for carrying the Ange/Princess plot all the way through as I saw it as the best part of the show, but a second season is required, which for an original show not based on an ongoing source isn't very favorable.
animeiscool561 Sep 29, 10:38 AM
Finished MiA. Wrote it a review.

On a side note, what'cha dislike so much about Classroom of the Elite and Princess Principal