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The Sorcery-Party's Portal

Dedicated to watch, analyze, research about, curate and provide fansubs to retro animated obscurities, I go by the name of Ziusudra. For the very best or the very worst, join me in exploring the concealed side of the medium!

~The Sorcery-Party's Commandments~

1: Sacred geometry is above everything: tonal consistency, production design coherence, dedication to pivotal theme's development, writing not entirely biased to anyone, presence of a dramatic stake or a believable struggle, thorough exploration of already established plot elements, optimal use of characters (including secondary cast), no air time padding (filler aside in particular cases), no time reset or consequence erasing, balanced respect of Chekhov's gun theory, pre-designed triggers... These are ideally what you're looking for in a quality anime.
- 2: You dedicate yourself to productions which time forgot in high priority.
- 3: You are more lenient in your appraisal of them, for fate already hasn't been too kind to them. Overhyped shows, on the contrary, are to be more rigorously judged for they're showcasing the medium in the public eye.
- 4: Unlike hipsters, you don't praise something solely because it's underhyped or known only to you. You launch effort to make minor gems or diamonds in the rough more known (review writing, discussions...) Sharing is caring. Be a decent supporter.
- 5: You always value versatility of concepts, or are curious about an eccentric production pattern (for instance, if JC Staff executed a Police Drama instead of the perpetual Ecchi).
- 6: Always respect art styles, even very dated ones. Unless they're tonally jarring, obstacles for the readability of action or have uneven quality breaking immersion, you give it a pass. It's not a decisive factor, unlike visual aspect of storytelling (Mimesis). Don't be a shallow pretty color drone.
- 7: A member of the sorcery party is a completionnist. No drop. No going through long franchise as an afterthought: it goes against the concern of second commandment. First impression watching doesn't engage anyone in completion, that's the only acceptable exception.
- 8: You don't only hunt for the very best, but also the very worst to satisfy your intellectual curiosity. Being a garbage connoisseur isn't a shameful thing as long as you don't value it over sacred geometry.
- 9: You participate in fansubbing uncovered titles if you can.
- 10: "Retro always wins" is your motto. If it's been done well in modern times, chances are that an older title outdoing it exists. It's at least right for certain departments. Even if proven wrong, it still represents a valuable experience to think about.

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My Discord Server

My main place of stay. Along with a few select partners, we coordinate efforts to locate and provide subtitles to vintage anime, some of projects being uncovered to this day. It is a place suited for more general talk, as well.


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Ekati Jun 24, 12:17 AM
Wow, so busy! Gambatte!

I happened to watch Isekai quartet and now I am watching all the series that were in it.. I'm finishing Tanya the evil and then it's Overlord turn!
Re:Zero and Konosuba were pretty good!
Ekati Jun 22, 1:20 AM
Yurusanai! ­čśť

Thank you very much my friend! Not much is happening here, except I have more time now to watch anime because of the school holidays..
What about you?
AlucardNoYuuutsu Jun 22, 12:57 AM
Grazie :)
sorcery Jun 17, 2:20 PM

From my Discord Server. I don't need to justify myself, but I'll do it anyway because this way, people get an insight about who I really am. I am annoyed at random friend requests. I don't owe you anything, certainly not my best disposition. In fact, I am likely to despise you, because I believe by default that your lack of discernment and your willingness to endorse even the awfully executed shlock with mindless words of hype is what made anime into a medium falling greatly from grace since the start of the 2010s.

You have to earn my respect or interest in some shape or form if you hope to get my indulgence. In litnerd's case, while I think Elfen Lied is sewerage, He's shown to be a generally sensible reviewer and a helpful intermediary in my endeavors. There are faults, and then capital sins, in my book... After all, I too, was approving of garbage in my younger years. However, there are these capital sins that will instantly destroy your cred if they come to my awareness early on. Rearing your head in my server with an avatar of Oreimo is pretty much an invitation to bill you as "the self indulgent assclown who thinks this nadir around otaku culture is a masterpiece". If you hope to get my respect, don't compromise yourself early on, showing that you're essentially the throwaway type of spectator I revile.
Here listed, some of the major deal breakers for me:
- unironically thinking that Oreimo is amazing, totes not self indulgent crap
- unironically thinking that Re: Zero is amazing
- unironically thinking that Lucky Star is a textbook example of a perfect comedy
- unironically thinking that Clannad: After Story has masterfully written drama
- generally thinking that "moe girls doing moe things" is quality entertainment that should embody the very identity of the medium, and gatekeeping the vision.
Weeaboo_Bomber Jun 5, 2:44 PM
Sorry for the late answer, btw I see you like older shows as well. Since you mentioned Meremanoid, is the show good? Midnight Panther looks interesting as well, is it worth a watch?
God, I like your taste in anime.

Edit: Nevermind Midnight Panther, I see that it's a hentai...

Edit 2: Holy moly, you have a youtube channel where you upload hard to find retro shows. Guess, who's your 700th subscriber (if I'm not mistaken). Do you plan on uploading more shows?
CrimsonCW Jun 5, 2:18 PM
I quite appreciate your rating description. I hate how so many people fail to properly utilize all this nuance given to us.
Weeaboo_Bomber Jun 5, 3:16 AM
Props for giving it to that retarded vegan but you're probably just wasting your time. These people have no life and no hobbys and whatever you tell them, they'll just answer with prefabricated standard phrases.
AntiBeyonder Jun 4, 8:43 PM
Oh you finally actually respond to my premises, but you are still obviously illiterate and attempting to dodge the questions.

Of course, because any logical person values the hierarchy of sentience which plants and fungi are not apart of. Sadly we cannot live off inorganic molecules, and plants are the victim. However they don't have any pain receptors, nor any type of central nervous system. Stimulation and reaction is not sentience.
You seem to think cutting a broccoli and cutting cow is the same thing.
We can see through out nature, the evolution and development of sentience, from sponges, to fish, to dogs, to apes, to humans.
The 70 billion land animals you contribute to killing every year, eat far more than the 7 billion people, meaning the vast majority of crops and displaced habitat is due to animal agriculture, not humans eating plants. So you will have less displaced wildlife habitats if you went vegan.
What matters is intention and what's necessary, we cannot live in a world with 0 suffering, until advanced "magic" like technology allows us to do so. We can improve these measure through vertical farming, rewilding etc.

If you eat a whole foods plant-based diet, you are going to have no trouble reaching your adequate protein intake.
Like I said before, I guarantee I have a lot more muscle mass than you.
We may be classified as omnivores, yet we do not require meat.
Again that is not true, if everyone went vegan we have more than enough crops to feed over 10 billion people, which there is not. The animals you eat, eat more crops than humans, so we could actually greatly reduce the surface area of crops. You absolute dumb fuck, you don't know facts from fiction.

No, because that is no different from saying " I choose the option with a little rape" or "choosing the option with a little murder". You don't need it at all, it's unnecessary, making it immoral. Any unnecessary harm and suffering is immoral.
We cannot appeal to futility, because we will always cause some harm, but we actively look to pursue least harm which is eating plants, not animals.

Vegans are not hippies. Many vegans, including myself support nuclear energy. There's absolutely no laws of physics that permits vegans from being physicist. You are just being an ignorant cunt alluding to false stereotypes. Really no different from saying "You shifty Jew" or "math loving asian".
Not to mention, you may not need nuclear, there may be other alternatives.

In your inconsistent view there's no reason to not beat dogs to death, particularly if its for food. You must think it's okay to rape, just to get some milk from a pregnant lady? How about gassing pigs to death like the Jews?
Your position is literally defending the animal holocaust.
sorcery Jun 4, 11:32 AM
>You can easily divorce from the Samsara due entropy and heat death of the universe.

LMAO. This quote is just golden. It exposed you as a pedantic fraud not knowing what concepts are channeled. Somebody to ship that tard a red clown nose ^^
AntiBeyonder Jun 3, 8:21 PM
Anyone can see you're a coward that has dodged every premise, is illiterate and cannot straight answer any questions all because you realize you cannot defend your position of defending animal abuse. Your foundation is weak and illogical. You lack moral consistency.

Just remember your choice, is not a personal choice because you have a victim involved. All science indicates you can be healthy and thrive on whole food plant-based diet, meaning animal products are unnecessary, meaning you intentionally inflict suffering on sentient beings. Because your position is so weak you attempt to make it if cutting a broccoli and cutting a cow are equal. The choices are, you can live a life with animal abuse, little animal abuse or no animal abuse. Why not pick the latter?

You know if there were an extra-terrestrial species you would want them to treat us with compassion like how vegans treat animals, rather than how farms and abattoirs treat our farmed animals.

sorcery Jun 3, 4:45 PM
Hypocrites trying to make themselves feel better. They think treating plants however they want is any more right, because the lifeform isn't so vocal in expressing distress and pain, while it's scientifically proven they can feel these. They only see a little part of the big picture.
AntiBeyonder Jun 2, 9:02 PM
My God you are actually fucking retarded. You have been dodging ever premise I have made and keep making false claims. You cannot even answer any of my questions.

Are you illiterate? I never said I appealed to existential nihilism. I subscribe to the methodological natural, which predicates that there's no inherent meaning to anything (once applied Hume's Guillotine). I accept there's bootstrap axioms in existential nihilism, once you peel the tautology of why to everything there's no meaning.
I obviously don't appeal to the utility of nihilism, due to it's futility, I appeal to either absurdism or existentialism.

There's absolutely nothing unrealistic about veganism. It is literally the future. If you don't think the first world is leaning towards mock meats and lab grown meat you have Ostridge syndrome.
No you are just fucking stupid.

My God, you literally can't read. I'm asking what would be your preference to alien life form. Read carefully. Would you rather they show compassion like a vegan, or would you rather they do to us what we do to farmed animals. Easy, your preference is you would rather happen to you what happens when vegans interact with animals.

You call me a hippie for appealing to logic, while your beliefs are logically inconsistent. You just pick and choose when it's okay to be immoral.
You can easily divorce from the Samsara due entropy and heat death of the universe.
The grass is not sentient. The cow is, there's no loss.
Yes, we've all heard of Terrence McKenna. We all know a great deal about the complexity of mushrooms, but they're not sentient. No different from a calculator responding to stimuli, making complex algorithms. If you think chopping up a mushroom is the same as slitting the throat of cattle, you are mentally deranged.
Personally I'm getting cryonically frozen, and then I will probably have an artificial body or have my consciousness uploaded with A.I hivemind.
Oh yes, I'm so arrogant because I say you shouldn't harm animals. It's not arrogant at all to impose yourself to "the cycle of life" and top of the food chain and say might makes right. "I can do what I want to who I want you".

Simply why do you think you can contribute to the breeding, enslavement, rape, torture, exploitment, killing of innocent beings and not want the same thing to happen to you? This literally happened in the Jewish holocaust, except instead of a few million, 70 billion + trillions of fish every year.

Where's you moral consistency, can I punch a dog to death? Can I punch a dog to death if I intend to eat it? Why not humans, we're just animals after all. Why not just rape, its sensory pleasure like meat is to the tongue. You're a morally bankrupt thug.
We literally don't need to eat animal products to survive, so why cause unnecessary harm when you don't need to? Cause your selfishness for momentary pleasure of the taste buds.
AntiBeyonder Jun 1, 8:14 PM
Omg, how can a person appeal to so many logical fallacies and be so wrong? You have not made a single sounds argument and nothing you have said is true.

I personally am borderline nihilistic (bootstrap axioms), I don't have an ego, I don't think highly of myself, everyone is basically the same decaying organic molecules. That said, I appeal to maximising wellbeing and minimising suffering of sentient beings.
None of that matters, even if every vegan thought they were the second coming of Jesus, what they are doing is moral regardless of their virtue signalling. It's no different if an abolitionist virtue signalled about freeing the slaves, and you got sick of the preaching and decided to continue owning slaves just to spite them "because you've accepted the world is a cruel place". You support a literal holocaust you sick fuck.

Fuck capitalism, veganism isn't a diet, it's a philosophy minimising unnecessary suffering to sentient beings...
You've accepted that you can do more to make the world a better place but choose not. You choose to infringe on the rights and lives of other sentient beings.

I don't give a shit about how healthy you are, it's the fact that you infringe on the rights of another being. Why not eat mock meats, tofu or tempeh instead? You monstrously seem to think mere momentary pleasure of the taste buds are more valuable than that whole chickens life. Well it's not, in the same way orgasmic pleasure doesn't justify rape.
That meat was only there in the first place because your supply and demand, if you stopped paying for it, it wouldn't be there.
Not true, the world is slowly but exponentially eating less meat.
You are on the wrong side of history. We will look down on factory farming, and eating animals in general the same way we look down upon the holocaust and slavery.

I advocate rewilding and vertical farming, where no animal habitat is displaced. Secondly, more animal habitat is destroyed to grow crops for the animals that eat them. The 70 billion land animals you pay to die every year eat far more than humans, thus being vegan you grow less crops and less habitat displacement, because obviously we can't live in a world where we avoid all harm.

It simply comes down to: If you were in the farmed animals position you would want as many people as you can to protest for your inability to speak human.

Hypothetically, if an extra-terrestrial species came to earth that had the same cognitive dissonance with us, that we have with wild animals, would it be ethical for them to treat us the same as how we treated our farmed animals and would you like to be in their position? If you're honest, I believe you would say no. Then why is it not good enough for you, but good enough for them?
AntiBeyonder May 29, 5:33 PM
Sensory pleasure doesn't justify morality. I understand you're just a selfish asshole that doesn't think of anything but himself. You would not like to be in the position of these animals, yet don't care about the torture you pay to put them through.
Weak? I'm guaranteed fitter and stronger than you, but at least I am not morally bankrupt and strong enough to give into basic biological urges.

Only thing that will achieve is increased risk of cancer and heart disease.
Talk about fallacies... I've been suicidal since for 15 years. I've been vegan for 4. For 3 years prior I ate only animal products and it did nothing.

Maybe if you were vegan, your brains arteries would unblock and you wouldn't be such a dumbass.
AntiBeyonder May 28, 4:59 PM
I just liked some of your reviews. I regret sending the request, I did not expect you to be a very unlikable dumb cunt. No vegan thinks they're better than non vegans, just better version of themselves. Rapist like raping too.