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Soul Eater
Soul Eater
Oct 20, 1:56 PM
Re-watching 7/51 · Scored 8
Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de
Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de
Oct 16, 2:12 PM
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Natsume Yuujinchou Movie
Natsume Yuujinchou Movie
Oct 8, 4:44 PM
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Luke72 Oct 1, 5:52 PM
Hey, that is a cool song. It's very in-your-face, but in a good way. It's a really catchy hook. Lyrics are deep and beyond-my-comprehension as ever too. I feel like it would be one of those ridiculously hard songs on Project Diva lol. I r8 8/8 2 m8

My SOTW is meant for easy listening for sure. It's actually been successful on the Japanese charts, so clearly it's meant for normies ;) It's the theme song for this movie which I hope to see sometime, so I guess the MV is mostly footage from the film. It's animated by Shaft, so the hanabi looks real good. And you may recognise the female singer DAOKO, she's worked with vocaloid-associated producers on ME!ME!ME! and Girl.

And I did read your thoughts on Your Name. Well said. That movie really is one of a kind. I'm thinking of re-watching it sometime, picking up on all of the foreshadowing I might've missed first time.
Luke72 Sep 26, 6:08 PM
Hey, just happened to look at your profile and noticed you watched Your Name (Kimi no Na wa). I saw it a few months ago, what did you think of it? :)
Luke72 Sep 11, 2:15 PM
So that comedy dub I told you about, It's called Ghost Stories (Gakkou no Kaidan), here's a clip so you can see an idea of the difference between the sub and dub: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIgmvyHhc6w It's worth a watch! And it's episodic, so I just watch an episode whenever.
TwinBee20 Sep 1, 3:26 PM
No problem! :)

I enjoyed it! Though it was a little slow, the ending was great and pretty exciting. I really liked that it was set in the late 90's, as I'm a fan of that era, and I also LOVED Mei.
She is such a little cutie.
TwinBee20 Aug 25, 11:22 PM
Good waifu choice and cute profile.
Looks like we got into anime at about the same time too ^___^
Luke72 Aug 15, 1:25 PM
Had to check out that Kawaii Anime Openings video. It was pretty fun, and agreeable. I totally think the no.1 deserved it, I've come across that OP before. But I can smugly say that they failed to balance their audio volume - rookie mistake! And it was nice to see Platinum Disco there :3 Renai Circulation too. And it made me really happy to see Coolish Walk that high.
Luke72 Aug 7, 11:35 AM
Oh yeah, I was sure about the onion one being Haku. I just somehow forgot about best girl Kamui Gakupo. My bad :P

I've decided to give my new sotw to an absolute classic. Though I'm not obsessed with it right now, it totally deserves a place.
Luke72 Aug 6, 1:46 PM
The fact that it's Rin and Len really emphasises the co-op thing, really good feels :3

That's definitely Zombieland. Very cool picture. And wow, I like that plants vs zombies thing - idk who the purple one is though!
Luke72 Aug 6, 9:39 AM
Yeah, I tend to forget to update it >.< and not know what to change it to.

And wow, that is cool xD what a reference, not sure how many people will get it but I certainly do ;) I approve the zombie theme, that is a pretty good song you've chosen. It's impressive that you've gotten to 115 weeks!
Luke72 Aug 2, 4:21 PM
Honey and Clover eh? Just searched it on MAL and yeah, it also looks like a SoL type of thing. I doubt it has the flare that Shaft gave their adaptation though! I honestly don't know what I could compare 3-Gatsu to. It's quite melancholic but very engaging.

Ah, "GOD SLAYING MACHINE" is the name. Now that does sound badass. I love the idea of someone asking, "what are you listening to?" and you reply with "GOD SLAYING MACHINE!!!" xD and of course there is a Miku version, she gets all the songs :O from what I've heard of the song, it suits Lily just fine!

Yeah, it's kind of a cheesy boyband thing but I do like the dance they do xD that song got me straight away, further helped by that cool ED video zooming down a city road, really atmospheric. (Checked out the second ED to Ao no Exorcist and was totally disappointed in comparison!)

BoA is a new name to me, guess you know her from InuYasha. Really nice voice!
Luke72 Aug 2, 2:16 PM
Eyyy :)
Shocking Blue I found through making my Top Silver Link Themes list, really gets me fired up. Kinda wish I'd given it an even higher place on the list now. Sayonara Bystander really grew on me after a while, it's different and I like that. The anime it's attached to is really great btw. Shaft's recent "3-gatsu no Lion", would recommend.

Your current SOTW is very dramatic! Lilly sounds great, and the backing track has an intimidating "final boss" kind of feel to it.
And your previous is an absolute classic! Glad you gave it a SOTW spot; for both of us it was one of the first VOCALOID songs we heard :3

And I couldn't help spotting "Take Off" further down your list, I've been really into that song recently since starting Blue Exorcist, nearly gave it a SOTW place myself! And apparently it's K-Pop but they're singing Japanese. Very catchy.
otakuweeb Jun 21, 11:48 PM
dam we havent talked since april what happned lmao u watcing my hero?
otakuweeb May 18, 3:37 PM
was up B
Luke72 May 7, 3:51 PM
Yes, song of the week material! Truly wonderful song, I'm familiar with Aimer and really like some of her other songs. Very distinctive voice. Search for her on YouTube for a bit if you haven't ;) thanks for showing this to me!
sonicfan7474 May 2, 8:56 PM
Hey man it has been a minute, and sorry for the late responses since my first semesters coming to a close I decided to take part in the 2017 anime challenge. I've been watching anime non-stop just to try and finish up some seasons so I can finally finish a challenge. (Lol it's my first one) But I promise I'll be more active after this challenge is over because I'm not used to not talking to all of my friends on MAL.

Anyways,I'm super happy you like Code Geass!!! It feels great knowing I actually recommended something good that they like it's very hard to do so with me, but I usually like what they recommend me. Speaking of Nichijou is one of my series that I have to do for my challenges, but right now I'm watching JoJo for the first time and I'm loving it. Back to you, who do you like most in Gintama because I never was really able to answer that question when someone asked me from before. I'm surprised you know what season your on because crunchyroll doesn't keep up with that. Glad you like it though. Either thanks for coming back to me about it I really happy you liked them, But still surprised you never seen them before. Also thanks for reccommending me some new comedies for me because I really was running out of anime in that genre bad. Plus they've already been added to my WATCH LIST since I'm actually gonna remember to watch them because there's just many anime on my "plan to watch" list it's unreal. I promise to let you know of what I think about Mitsudomoe & Joshiraku.