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Jul 17, 2015
~ People have to save themselves. ~

As chronological sequel to the events of the the beloved "Bakemonogatari", and contraversial "Nisemonogatari" installments: "2nd Season", is the fourth, and longest, multiple arc addition to the "Monogatari" series. Up until this point, the various "Monogatari" installments have become increasingly specific, and consequently adopted more narrow scopes. None of them with anywhere near as much comparable coverage in terms of sheer plot development, as "Bakemonogatari". However, with the birth of Nisio's "2nd Season" in 2013, SHAFT have put an end to this trend, and provided more Monogatari-oriented substance than you could ever shake a stick at. Ladies and ...
Jul 10, 2015
Terra Formars (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
~ Don't underestimate... ~

Terra Formars had the potential to revive the Sci-Fi/Horror genre, but indefinitely fell short of this...

This is a perilous and action-packed journey into uncharted land, Inhabited by a particularly formidable alien race. An apocalyptic epidemic-like fate looms over the shoulders of humanity, and metaphorical titans are sure to fall. It is an unpredictable, and fast-paced sci-fi/horror series of epic proportions. And whilst touching on the subjects of both sentience, and betrayal, I cannot deny that it's certainly a story with substance.

A slightly-cliche, though appropriate, isolated-feeling, and otherworldly Martian landscape sets the stage for this 13 episode series. Invading both the sci-fi and ...
Jul 4, 2015
~ Do you live in the country? ~

Intense action anime getting you too heated up? Then look no further for a relaxing cooldown...

Another heartwarming, moe-infused anime, documenting the lighthearted antics of 4 cute and quirky female protagonists. This is undoubtedly the definition of "cute girls doing cute things", and should be considered a staple of the "moe fan" diet.

Uplifting, charming, casual, and humerus from start to finish. This is another prime example of a dedicated Slice of Life presentation, which relishes in its simplicity. Now it goes without saying that the Slice of Life genre is met with mixed responses. Some are appreciative of these ...
Jul 2, 2015
Mixed Feelings
~ Let's have a discussion about love. ~

As a chronological prequel to the events of "Bakemonogatari": Nekomogatari (as I will slightly abbreviate), is the first short, fast-paced, single arc installation of the "Monogatari" series. Some may be skeptical at first about the franchise's storytelling prowess, following the fanservice ridden antics of "Nisemonogatari" (that tilted many heads to say the least). But fans following the series up until now will be pleased to know that Nekomonogatari very much reverts back to its highly praised, "Bakemonogatari" inspired roots.

Taking on the task of presenting the "Curse Cat" arc alone, Nekomonogatari brandishes a relatively simplistic, and more so romance-oriented ...
Jul 1, 2015
~ Is it not natural to want to escape such a fate? ~

There are many things that the evolution of humanity can tell us.
From the fact that power exists to be corrupted...
To the fact that war is a self-inflicted bitter end...

To watch Shinsekai yori means to have a vividly depicted world of secrecy and deception built up, and broken down before your eyes. In spite of the significant supernatural influence of the show, this "New World" is essentially a model of our own. It's a highly politically and morality engaged mystery series that exposes the tragedy behind a social infrastructure striving for power. Indeed ...
Jun 21, 2015
Mixed Feelings
~ Just poke her breast already! - Dragon ~
[Pure Review: Anime Only]

The prior seasons have been a "big hit" to say the least; drawing viewers from both the fantasy, and ecchi realms. "Dragon of Dragon" has always been a franchise in my eyes with more storytelling and character development talent than the marketing lets off. Do I even have to quote FUNimation's introduction to "New"? ("more outrageous Oppai Battle Entertainment"). The series has always retained a curious mixture of action, intensity, suspense, realism, and of course: Oppai... It's a combination that in theory should drown out any seriousness, and while it's by no means a ...
Jun 18, 2015
School Days (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
~ Makoto: I'm the worst ~
The most accurate quote in the entire show
[TL;DR Below]

An example of great artistic intent - that isn't fully supported by technical merit.
It's probably the most infuriating show I've come across. But this aspect in itself does NOT rub off negatively on the quality. To summarize: It is a dark and powerful production oriented about deception, desperation, love and betrayal. Make no mistake: it seems to hide behind an uninspiring "Slice of Life/Romance" facade to begin with; but soon you'll start to see its true colours (about at the halfway mark).

School days is a frighteningly effective and manipulative anime that will ...
Jun 12, 2015
Chobits (Anime) add
~ I don't think it will be for nothing if I still remember... ~

Not the best in technical terms, but offers a BEAUTIFUL personality and flavour...

In a world where artificial life can comprehend abstraction, have free will, walk, talk, and act like you or I, it becomes harder to distinguish between man and machine. Though we must remember that they are devoid of sentience and feelings...

Or is emotion more subjective than that?

Chobits is a rather cutesy, heart warming and delicate depiction of this fine grey line between brains and Motherboards. It's leisurely-paced (to say the least), and for the most part: a light-hearted slice of ...
May 31, 2015
~ I am Not a Friend of Justice... ~

The cryptic occult mysteries plaguing Araragi and those around him, continue into this second installment of the highly reputable "Monogatari" series...

As a chronological continuation of Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari is the controversial follow-up to significantly alter the production's overriding tone and focus. In the books of many "Monogatari" fans, there was little "wrong" with the first season; and so we turn to Nisemonogatari with hopes that it would principally further our knowledge, understanding, and in turn our admiration for the vivid and supernatural world that Bakemonogatari presented us with. While it appears to have retained the distinct presentation style ...
May 28, 2015
Working'!! (Anime) add
~ Never Change, Senpai! ~

The everyday antics and documentation of life at Wagnaria continue into this sequel installment to the first season of Working...

Introduction / Context...
As a direct continuation, "Working'!!" or "Season 2" as i will refer to it to avoid confusion, picks up where "Working!!" left off. The prior season of 13 relaxing episodes, was a "minimalist-styled" depiction of everyday life within our favourite family restaurant. It embraced its identity as a heavily slice of life oriented production, and so favored character development, over complicated plot development; hence the "no story, no good" argument used by those who generally dislike the SoL genre. Prior ...

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