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nexuro01 Sep 21, 9:18 AM
nice forum avatar
Chisuku Apr 20, 12:30 PM
Your profile is super pretty.
URSSO Mar 2, 3:32 PM
I like your profile.
I thought the bash was real, so I tried to write a command.
CMYK Mar 2, 2:05 AM
>ie. time to dawdle away and feeling up to it
Me, currently, stuck in the comfort of high stake card games: this is where I belong.
Me, in the future, forgetting the political details of Ciconia: TIME TO R-R-RESTART.

..Actually I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that, lol at least not now. The only consequence of a sluggish ambition is losing memories with the game but honestly, a price worth paying if it means peace of mind. There's like a couple other interests I've put on pause while I collect the drive again. Thanks for keeping me grounded. I’m sure Phase 2 will have to bring things up again anywho, considering the worldbuilding, and R07 does have a strange way of bringing my mood back around.

>The scope's rather massive when you compare it to previous installments, so a slower, steadier first chapter might be a pretty good idea after all.
It probably wasn’t that long, but I remember Umineko’s beginning feeling endless with all the business talk. Hideyoshi and som' bout his company? Yeah went right over my head. Not surprised Ciconia’s feels similar, but that’s just how introductions go. We’ll all be thankful later. After some reading, I've realized I stopped at the end of Chapter 7 - maaaybe that's halfway?

A chapter a year, wait they announced that already? Then maybe it’s not so bad to lag a little on my play time. I hope he’s taking care of himself through this, we got spoiled with Umineko’s quick releases honestly. Don't know how legit this site is but the word count still blows my mind.

One thing, I wonder if they’ll do anything about the sprites flipping in future releases- it’s a little jarring when suddenly the gauntlets switch arms. I even doubted which arm Miyao was using through the action scenes.

Is that an android phone or android tablet? Looks like both? That’s amazing that you have it working, I’ve never tried it myself. GBA has been the most simple and painless emulation I’ve so far experienced on a phone.

>Not even trying to be subtle with it
Lest we forget his handle: “DragonKnight07” a.k.a “yes HELLO pls talk to me about FF” god I love this nerd.

>auto-tuning to the point of distortion
That could be interesting; slightly grungy? Experimental?
Haven’t heard Em’s album but gave my ears to Darkness - nice opening mood, good sounds. Would not be able to listen to this often, or stomach it, I’d think about the news and get upset. Oh I wondered why it sounded familiar, sampled another song I love. What a sad but uniquely gripping concoction you gave me. There’s only a handful of songs that take me somewhere and bring me to tears. I have to skip them when they come up on shuffle, usually, this would probably be one of them. Music video afterward oof takes it to another level.

Had to pause and think about the 1 banger vs boring album. Discovering *that* one music piece to play over and over again is the best feeling, for sure, like *the* emotional wave you always wanna ride. But I can’t say I’d reject an entire album completely, if I’m already going out of my way to listen to the whole thing. You can bet there’s a time and place for me to replay them to death, even if they’re all average. I’m of the sort that finds at least a couple per album to kill; it doesn't happen often with you?

..oh my GOD speaking of - I’ve had this going for three weeks, almost four now. Help. No idea what it’s about bc I zone out until the chorus oops, it’s just catchy as hell and I’m mad. Like, catching myself singing while cooking eggs in the morning kinda mad.

>Let's seal them away, and stash them on that shelf that not a single ray of light ever touches upon.
Say no more, grabbin’ the brain bleach.

>as long as it's 8, not 4 chapters
this is so threatening I love it LOL

>I also love it when I expect the worst of a show and - out of spite - it ends up being the season's darling.
If only it would give us a good surprise, we'll get a better read on it once we see how it looks stylistically. I'm hoping Eiko Shimamiya was invited back for the project ;; wouldn't be the same without her haunting voice, but if not, even just a killer OP would satisfy me.

>full-fledged 48-episode adaptation of Umineko by ufotable
Speak it into existence! Bring in the good juju-!! Damn I almost said the same thing on the forums no lie, but since I’ve only seen clips of their animation/scattered scenes from KnY/don’t personally know how they handle adaptations I was like WELL.. Don’t know who else I’d rather pass the baton to, probably Madhouse? But isn't that safe to say for anything haha. 48 episodes, WTC fans would combust. If that Higurashi project brings in a modern, new audience, who's to say we won't get Umineko adapted down the line.. wistful sigh.

>Ah, and speaking of adaptations and not knowing how to feel about them:
Apparently they’re doing the same thing to One Piece ?? Be cautiously concerned but in it for the laughs. I myself have never checked out these live action attempts but am aware they’re, uh, never good.
TyDrian Feb 25, 10:35 PM
I like your taste in anime :)
CMYK Jan 12, 11:09 PM
Happy New Year! It’s still the start of a new decade /o/ Hope your end of the year activities were wholesome and I welcome more positive happenings for you in 2k20.

I blinked and didn’t read, watch or even play much of anything around/especially after November. That includes Ciconia.
…I know, I know. Shame me. Ryukishi might as well have dropped all the sequels at once and I would have missed them all.

So good to hear you’ve had your fill of Ciconia. Dang how I wish I had a finished playthrough to bounce thoughts off you with - but I agree, the worldbuilding in particular (especially compared to prev WTC) is different in a strange and colorful way. Maybe in the beginning a little overwhelming, but as it went along I could understand where characters were and what they were doing, like the simulations for example. I’m not totally sure where I am in terms of length, that little bit where the frog pops up & tells you the thing about streaming? Yea, right there. Is that.. no, not even halfway I bet. Y’know it even took me a while before I figured out the doomsday clock were phases of the moon? I’m appreciative of the lighthearted cutesy tone so far because I wonder how far or how dark it’s going to go.

Hesitantly opens that spoiler button… I’ll touch on these more once I’ve got the full picture, will let you know when I do.

So Linux is similar to Mac in that regard ey, having to boot up another system. I’ve heard of wine but I’m too much of a weenie and am afraid of inviting damage. Maybe if I was younger I’d take a leap of faith and venture into new computer territory, but alas, gonna hold out til I get Windows again. Maybe if someone would do it for me I’d feel better about it lol. Thankfully it seems there’s a market for VNs on Switch so that’ll keep me at bay for now.

Oh my god I have to find out what this is. Also, another from your stash, this is hella cute ;; I don’t believe we’ve ever had a mascot character before but I 100% do not trust the frog. I’ve taken a few screenshots to use out of context myself because they’re hilarious to me, but this line especially, just knowing he must be a fanboy.

>Mumbling’s the new high, it would seem.
Ah, so even Poland couldn’t escape this disease. I thought it was mostly a plague here in the USA, but I think it’s been dying down? Then again I’m never on the lookout for it.

>if it is means I'll be finding such gems till the end of my days, then I'm all in.
Imagine what sounds a new decade will inspire! More greatness to find. Since my last post I can confidently say Spotify’s radio feature is a blessing. I’ve been meaning to burn some of these discoveries onto CDs for cruising, but gotta find time.

>So the PS4 just feels off; like something extremely important was lost in translation. Like it's yet another generic vn. You don't mess with success.
As they say, don’t fix what’s not broken. R07’s drawings could be read as crude but like you, I think they have heart. They’re expressive in ways shiny Umineko sprites just aren’t, and in comparison, the latter feels stiff. Nothing will probably ever beat the chunky deformed hand style when He writes. That being said, PS4 sprites > Steam sprites. Now those are just. so …..ugly.

>project has flopped
So it would seem. Lots of time has gone by and not even a whisper of an update, but holding out for that kakera it’s not. I was apprehensive at first, especially Battler’s higher pitch, but became convinced after the screams. As a starving and desperate Umineko fan, I’ll take anything. I think it’d just be so cool to experience Umineko one more way. I’m interested in how they’d handle Beato and Erika’s laughs, for one thing, as ridiculous as they are.

Thanks for the links! While not as dramatic (so far?), I feel like Ciconia’s put me in a limbo state. Less of a mysterious feeling and more like, “let’s wait and see what happens” instead of “oh my god what’s going to happen”? nvm he just answered that ambiguity for me in the interview:

Ryukishi: However, after seeing how players reacted to the first two entries, I decided to change it up a little. Now you can simply enjoy the story, or you can think and speculate as you like. Ciconia is a game that doesn’t force you to solve it.

As for favorites, at the moment, it’s Chloe and the green haired gremlin -I mean, Koshka. Ok, all of Grave Mole is pretty interesting as a whole. Then it’d be Jaiden, for the laughs he’s let us have so far. My reaction toward Miyao was surprising, I assumed a lot about their gender before the text gave us pronouns but now I’m mad at myself for not already believing R07 would absolutely expand on his interest in identity themes. At the moment, here’s a tier list but of course I’m not familiar with everyone just yet. Oo, looking at yours, I see my stance on Chloe probably won’t budge ;p

Also, very weirdly, it seems we've got another Higurashi entry on our hands. I don't have any particular feelings about this tho. Hmmmm.
CMYK Sep 30, 2019 9:07 PM
There’s nothing to miss by avoiding the demo; you’re probably doing yourself a favor by keeping that hype at bay. I only played myself by thinking I could absorb only a pinch of R07’s writing and not think about how much more I’ll love it. The whole thing could be finished in ~30 min? It’s very, very short. I enjoyed my time with it immensely and took a whole hour instead, just re-reading some lines because of the new terminology. I’m definitely starting from the beginning once the whole thing is out. There were some surprises in there for me, for sure. I originally started this reply like 2 weeks ago and now the vn's out in a few days, so you might as well set aside the demo (both of them) and anticipate the actual release now.

Interesting that you would mention letters, that’s how I think of writing as well! There’s a lot to think about and then organize. Still feel a little guilty and still feel like I had to say it though, can’t help it. Must be the anxiety. I appreciate the understanding, so likewise, take your time as well if ya need or ever want to. This time of year is crazy at my work and just leaves me exhausted by the time I get home, unfortunately.

>change system locale to JP, install the game, tinker with various cracks and whatnot, apply some cranky English patches…
“bAcK iN mY dAy” is how this always feels like, haha. I was that person that would take screenshots of the process and use mspaint to help others install. I should have some remnants of that on photobucket somewhere? If I can remember my old account.. eureka. We’re no longer in the dark ages qq

>I can only hope she didn't venture too far into the tunnel.
You madman! Sending another poor soul into the loop. We can assume she moved onto the others if she already invested that much into just the first one.

If no Photoshop, what does Linux offer you for editing? yepyep, I use mac, but it’s a love/hate relationship. Definitely haven’t emulated anything on here in fear of breaking something. Those huge Steam sales for vns have me shed a single tear every time.

>You must admit that when you first heard them a shiver of excitment travelled down your spine.
Is it difficult to pick a favorite song from Umineko's ost? Nay, impossible! Changes like the weather!

I’m looking forward to see what Ciconia things you end up collecting. Oh no, that’s devastating. I’m surprised there couldn’t have been a back up to the back up :-( I tried looking for the rosatrice one and yeah, it’s gone. Luckily we still have the forum archives on animesuki and some on rokkenjima. I don’t know where WTC fans will congregate this time, but I hope it’s another forum.

>I reckon that the way to go is: I listen to what I like. And what I like is what I like. No matter what it is.
This is the lead up to you unveiling your secret stash of music found on the “weird side of youtube” lmao no, but really. I’d believe it.

>… music is the staple of my existence (as edgy as it may sound), so knowing that what I recommended, through some meticulous pondering, was actually enjoyed is amazing to hear. Thank you.
Everyone’s relationship with music is deeply personal, I don’t think there could be one right or wrong way to enjoy it, but finding others who also consider it a defining force in their lives makes my heart grow 3 sizes. The care put into your thoughts and recs is recognized. Don’t strain yourself tho, I’m sure I’ll enjoy pretty much anything you share, whether with lyrics, only instrumentals or diff languages. +small update: sloowly making my way through more of Lorn. Folding has been repeated one too many times.

>I wish I had enough willpower to do it.
I wouldn’t call it willpower, per se; more like a comfort I find difficult to break. This habit probably leads me to getting sick of a song/artist too soon. How does one restrain themselves when it’s too good oof. Since the last reply I’ve used Spotify more for the radio feature you mentioned. Radio AND replay ability? What a godsend. Besides Pandora, I’ve only ever used the ancient method via yt recommendations. That song radio will become my new home brb packing my bags and jumping ship.

Gave the Atmosphere ones a listen, I'm suddenly thrust into the mid-2000s when I feel like we had more of this sound. I added those you linked to my playlist and waited for when they'd pop up on shuffle, the first one came on after NF's Mansion and the transition was so perfect, completely unexpected that they would match so well. I love how the chorus includes a little singing melody in contrast to the rest of the song. Makes it all the more melancholic, which I love. I know there’s no vid to samsa, but ngl seeing Bakugo first I thought maybe I clicked away on accident lmao. Moving this to my quiet playlist.
Anywho, this day/week’s share bc that Spotify radio feature is ssso lovely: furtivo

Does the patch implement the assets from the ps4 version? You mentioned voices so that's what I assume and hope, because the Steam sprites are so... ugly, lol. Oh! Speaking of voices, that actually reminds me: have you heard/are aware of the attempt to fully voice EP1 in English? I had reservations about it, but mid-way I was totally convinced.

>Apparently dai is going to be in Ciconia, but I'm unsure if zts as well
Ciconica comes out in four friggin days and the Steam page is even up ;; such beauty ;; ZTS will definitely be in there if the opening credits are anything to go by.

Best OST with two of the best composers - wouldn’t have it any other way.
CMYK Sep 4, 2019 10:41 PM
Don’t know if you saw this but oh my god, not much longer and we’ll have the full thing. I sunk my teeth into this SO quick.
CMYK Aug 24, 2019 10:56 PM
Hey! I apologize for my lateness. There were a lot of unexpected things going on this month for me @@ I don’t know how others do it, but I’d rather give a reply all my attention when I’m in the mindset. It’s been a hot minute so lemme steal borrow that format you do to make it easier. As for what color you remind me of, gonna go with a reliable purple for now.
>You can't do it in a short novel or movie (as a rule of thumb), more so in media spanning several hours, and with vns... well, there's plenty of time to spare
It’s a good thing we’re not intimidated by length. The investment put into not just playing a vn, but finding/downloading/installing in general takes a bit of care. I can easily see why some are put off by the time, same thing with long-running shows, but I… still try my best to get people/friends to at least try haha. Maybe that’s why I love long-running shows as well, I’m always up for experiencing new characters to invest myself in.

>Never expected her to read it
Wait wait wait hold your horses. She read the first chapter? I imagine she must have read your whole thesis since that’s what professors do, read and grade, so, first chapter like the episode? There may be no H-content but I wonder what she must have thought of Battler openly harassing his cousin. Amazing.

>Staying all cliquey and in the know for the entire speech
>Let's just say that I was in love with the decalogue as well
Hmmm is this a precursor to a Ciconia layout in the future, perhaps? I see someone’s a ZTS enthusiast hehe

>The fact that R07 has endorsed them and stayed open and happy about the western fanbase makes for one brilliant icing on the cake
Hopefully Higanbana, RGD and the others get an official translation sometime soon as well. I’ve yet to get my hands on those, mainly bc I don’t have a Windows right now.

>As if anyone would ever think of small bombs and record 8-hour rants about that!
Oh my god....,, war flashbacks to Rosatrice. I don’t even know if the website documenting all that still exists. Once the Ciconia ones pop up, pls gladly share them with me, I'm all eyes and ears. Memes here I come.

>Added a couple new entries to my playlists as well. Damn, I love finding such gems.
Alright, now this makes me incredibly happy. I’m so glad you’ve found something new that resonates with you! I love when that happens, especially in music. Recommending songs can be difficult, but I think being thoughtful about it in the first place shows how much meaning a person put into both the music and the person they’re recommending to. If it comes from someone who aligns with me, my trust is theirs. I'm sure I'll like whatever they give me, in varying degrees. Thanks for sharing those jams with me, and I’ll have you know they weren’t glaring misses at all! Some thoughts about the ones you linked:
1a. I’m not familiar with Lorn and went to their wiki page to see if maybe somehow I was- Flying Lotus was linked there and that’s an artist I do know, so hm! An interesting and quiet happenstance.
1b. The music video was so creative and fit the mood perfectly. 0:45 startled me (my fault, volume up) and my anxiety acted up lol. I’m gonna be listening to this for weeks to come. Sounds like something I’ll put at the beginning of a playlist.
2. This video is still as strange as the first time I saw it. I know this track but it’s been years and takes me back! Thanks for this. Seems our musical journeys may have crossed paths at some point? :p Going to check the other artists you named as well.

I don’t know squat about genres; seems like the list is ever growing and more subgenres get named wherever I go. I tend to cling onto artists and listen to only their discography for a while before moving on and finding other similar artists. Right now I don't have anything quite as dazzling as Mr.Kitty, but if I remember something in that ball park I'll throw it your way. As for songs, maybe:
1 and 2 - similar vibes. RAC specifically produces some pretty catchy tunes *_* the music video for this track struck me the first time I watched it. Same to you, if you discover or already have anything you're itching to share, lay it on me. I'm pretty much down for anything.

>>Let the reread commence!<<
How’s it been going-!! It must be one of the easier vns to put on a phone. Oh, when Hope.mp3 plays for the first time when you enter the rose garden ;-;… the memories. I literally stopped clicking the vn/moving the text forward just to let the song play.
CMYK Aug 2, 2019 12:39 AM
When we’ve exhausted long hours into the medium, it’s hard not to feel that way (honestly I’d be more surprised with someone who doesn’t feel that way after experiencing a good vn). I hope we’ll be seeing even more good things come out from them soon. Some have shown us what the potential can look like and it’s beautiful :*) Maybe it’s the familiarity of reading a book, or the art, music, sfx, animation etc, but the genius that is having all those ingredients mixed together results in a worthwhile experience. // I took a peak into your vndb, there’s a handful of titles there I’ve been meaning to get to, for years now. It’s great how interest in them is rising, but so is my to-play list, without me actually playing any of them ahaha.wav

What! I’m so happy to see you could incorporate it into your thesis, woah!! How long did it end up being? Did your professor leave any comments about it? I… did something similar once, for a speech class, just for an essay. I talked about Ronald Knox and his commandments only because R07 introduced me to the decalogue. Amazing: Umineko even helped us academically.

I’m ill-informed about Sekai Project so v quickly read through its wiki. I think the same thing happened with Lemnisca, for the same reasons you listed. Despite the slow output, going from simple fans to professional translators and working closely with the creators is such a dream come true. When I think about Witch Hunt and how far they’ve come, ngl I get kind of emotional. It’s a happy butterfly feeling all around.

The thing I look forward to most about Ciconia, besides Ciconia itself, is the fan reaction. You know 07th fans are ready to combust and write those fan-theories. No wait, scratch that, they’ve already started.
I'll gladly invest him with an immense credit of trust.
This. I don’t know how different it’ll mean to have someone else as the director, but it must be a good thing that he’s not throwing himself into it alone like he has been, in terms of workload. This may be selfish but, well, anything that keeps him inspired and writing. I will love anything that comes out of that man’s brain. A SoL comedy to soothe us after that heartache wouldn’t be so bad, hehe.

I’m glad you brought up the inner child bit - I think it’s important to be aware of our original feelings, otherwise it’s easy to get jaded. There’s already too much of that over on the forums.

Wow I am blind, I didn’t notice the blinking stars until you mentioned it. That’s what I get for scrolling too fast and missed the subtlety. The effect is soothing, your struggle paid off. It’s my first time hearing about APNG so I’ll definitely be looking into that.

r.i.p Lustre, I’ve lost you to the land of synths. My initial exposure to him was through Destroy Me, then 44 Days (horrifying backstory, kept me restless through many nights..). From there, I just kept listening. I’ve yet to hear everything in his collection, but I’m currently enamored with the most recent album as a whole. (Sanctum of Ash may be the one to check out off it, since you mentioned Heaven, if you haven’t already.) I’ve no regrets getting you into this little exploration with me <3
btw: feel free to share any good tunes you may have as well. Revenge can be sweet ;~)

+It's alright, don't apologize for having something to say. Longish replies are comfortable with me. My own here is pretty uh, chunky as well.. oops. I'm also fond of your splash of color added onto my dreary page - muh fav color *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
CMYK Jul 30, 2019 1:57 PM
I am here and applaud you for this Erika appreciation crusade of yours. The more Umineko propaganda, the better. I may just change my own some time and join you in your efforts.

I know! Concerning Ciconia, the date is so close, but so far away, but so. close. I get chills just thinking about it. Still blows my mind how we’ll be getting a simultaneous English release - sometimes I forget and catch myself thinking about where and when the heck I’ll get my hands on it, like I did with umi lol. People are definitely still speculating whether it’ll follow the usual 4 question/4 answer format. Ryukishi answered it, but his response was still vague for me? I hope it’s 8. Though apparently, it’s not a mystery this time.. @@

Damn. I could use the energy you have for binging. I get pooped so easily nowadays.

That’s nice of you to say, thank you! I see you’ve decided to grace us with a lovely layout as well, very nice. The patience and creativity behind it is impressive - ofc my eyes zoom 200% into those snazzy gifs.
Mr. Kitty's been on shuffle for an hour now. So. Good.
Oh dear, don’t go too far down that rabbit hole LOL
CMYK Jul 28, 2019 3:22 PM
Yo! Just wanted to stop by and comment on how gorgeous I think your forum set is.
There's many Berns and Lambdas around, but I never see Erikas, let alone animated like that. It was a pleasant surprise ♡
Good luck on that backlog!
SchylerAM Apr 17, 2019 7:48 AM
Thanks you, dude!
_Ayase Apr 17, 2019 3:07 AM
ayeeee its fine, i only compliment just because i like it :) you dont have to reply me tbh but thanks and ofc you're welcome ~