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Sonny Boy
Sonny Boy
Sep 16, 1:38 PM
Watching 10/12 · Scored -
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu
Sep 8, 2:40 PM
Watching 11/15 · Scored -
Kaizoku Oujo
Kaizoku Oujo
Aug 17, 2:21 PM
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Suzumiya Haruhi Series
Suzumiya Haruhi Series
Sep 17, 7:27 AM
Reading 63/? · Scored 9
Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai: A Lollypop or A Bullet
Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai: A Lollypop or A Bullet
Jul 27, 10:33 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 7
Jul 24, 11:48 PM
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LunarStarGirl345 Sep 14, 7:58 PM
Hello. ^^
How are you doing?
iiKrina Sep 9, 10:53 AM
my pleasure haha, and thank you for accepting :>
Antearion Apr 5, 2:58 PM
Same bro. I was horny kid who thought he was the "King of Anime" lmao. I was going through my old comments trying to find an anime quote and saw people dislike my reviews. Hell apparently I also did hentai reviews lmao. If that not cringe worthy I don't know what is lol. Thank you for replying. Hope you doing well and in good health.
Antearion Apr 5, 12:24 PM
Hey, um... been awhile. How have you been? How the kids, quick question. What review did I write to make you get into your feelings? What anime was it? I can't remember and I don't have any reviews on my page. If you don't remember I completely understand lol.
LiberNetiz Jan 14, 1:16 PM
Hey mate I couldn't help but notice you're a coder, ever heard of Pleroma?
RobinLopez Oct 25, 2020 2:59 PM
Oh man do I agree with you about F/GO. I remember when Zero came out, even though there were a bunch of secondary's at least people were thinking up new creative shows and servant types etc. Stuff like Fate/Apocrypha was a great example of something I'd like to see more of, even if it was extremely rushed and had easily the blandest mc I've ever seen. Unfortunately, Japan saw a milking cow with the Fate franchise, and now so many servants and ideas are put to the side for the sake of making every historical waifu as is possible. Why? Simple, money.

Reading your extra analysis of Holyland has made me appreciate it even more, and I kinda get why characters are made simply a lot of the time. Plus, the usage of those tropes is pretty realistic all things considered, I guess because I've seen the same things done so many times in other series, I've began to lose my appreciation of well done stories just because I've seen the same tropes before. The repetition that goes on through Holyland is realistic and portrayed well from a fighters perspective, and the all of the side characters were, at the least, fun and not annoying (Aside from the female MC, Holyland's mangaka does not know how to write a good female protag.)

If your looking for some underappreciated manga like Holyland, I reccomend Yomawari Sensei and Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa, as both cover topics similarly to Holyland like finding a place of belonging and living in the moment (Though Yomawari Sensei is a lot more pessimistic about the hole topic.) Also, sorry I responded so late, I have been really busy lately and only have spare time on the weekends. I really do enjoy writing like this and meeting people of similar tastes in the anime community.
RobinLopez Oct 13, 2020 12:24 PM
I will always be mad that people rushed the release of the original VN when it was supposed to have not only an Ilya route, but a goddamn Shinji route. And it doesn't help Hollow Ataraxia's case when the 2nd best character in the Fate universe (Kirei) is dead.

And I think simply for this alone it breaks out on my top 10 manga list. Only a few things that I have read have realistically depicted the world in which our characters live. The entire cast feels fleshed out, aside from a few exceptions, and the interactions they have with the MC are even better. In a typical shounen manga (I'm using the term "shounen" broadly here, it could easily be argued to be seinen as well) our MC would find a mentor who would train him out of nowhere, then become stronger and take down weaker opponents. In Holyland, however, a lot of the time the MC is given no advice or ways to beat his opponent, and with every lost battle he doesn't always try to figure out how to win next time. He gives up, he loses his rhythm, and usually the way he gets out isn't by fighting but because the only thing he strives for is to fight. It depicts the sense of not fitting in anywhere else, so he picks himself up not because he wants to, but because without it he will lose the one thing that made him feel human.

But to be fair, there is a lot of mentoring and typical shounen tropes in Holyland. For example, the girl that likes the MC for no apparent reason only existing so she can lift the MC out of a depression. As well as the extremely strong fighter who helps the MC occasionally because he sees talent in him. No series is perfect however, and I feel the mangaka had a good balance of shounen junk to keep the readers who just wanted to read a traditional shounen engaged, while also contributing with a realistic coming of age story about a young boy who desperately clings to find a place where he belongs in the world.
JeremiahOrange Oct 11, 2020 11:32 AM
Nice profile page
RobinLopez Oct 8, 2020 9:47 AM
I have read Hollow Ataraxia but my opinions on it are mixed, sure Slice Of Life stuff with my favorite characters is cool but I wish that the original cast had more to do with the side plot of Angra Mainyu, but I might just be salty because the only thing close to an Illya route that were ever gonna get is Prisma Illya. And early on in Holyland I wanted to drop it badly because of how an untrained lengthy kid took down almost everything in his path, but seeing him repeatedly get beat later on made up for that. I especially liked how it showed his good and bad days, just because your a good fighter does not mean your head is in the game. A lot of the time in shounen fighting manga the characters become stronger with their emotions becoming stronger, and to be fair Holyland does this as well. A lot of the time though, MC had lost against easy opponents because he was under some kind of stress, leading to further doubt and a spiral away from his original goal and into desperation to become good again. As an athlete this was a really accurate representation of the fluctuation you go through while practicing your craft. It really pissed me off when in the comment sections of the manga site I was reading on people would call MC a pussy and threaten to drop it unless it started to get good, but I guess that's why most people read shounen battle manga in the first place. /:
RobinLopez Oct 7, 2020 1:09 PM
Same can be said for you good sir, Rin is the reason why I ever explored anime as a medium after I read the VN 7 years ago. I owe a lot to her. which is why she's 3/10 of my top characters. And Holyland is up there not only because it's a brilliant piece of literature, but because the author really knew his stuff when he would touch upon street fighting. It's unfortunate that the Author's other works were not up to par with it...
nexuro01 Sep 21, 2020 9:18 AM
nice forum avatar
Chisuku Apr 20, 2020 12:30 PM
Your profile is super pretty.
URSSO Mar 2, 2020 3:32 PM
I like your profile.
I thought the bash was real, so I tried to write a command.
CMYK Mar 2, 2020 2:05 AM
>ie. time to dawdle away and feeling up to it
Me, currently, stuck in the comfort of high stake card games: this is where I belong.
Me, in the future, forgetting the political details of Ciconia: TIME TO R-R-RESTART.

..Actually I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that, lol at least not now. The only consequence of a sluggish ambition is losing memories with the game but honestly, a price worth paying if it means peace of mind. There's like a couple other interests I've put on pause while I collect the drive again. Thanks for keeping me grounded. I’m sure Phase 2 will have to bring things up again anywho, considering the worldbuilding, and R07 does have a strange way of bringing my mood back around.

>The scope's rather massive when you compare it to previous installments, so a slower, steadier first chapter might be a pretty good idea after all.
It probably wasn’t that long, but I remember Umineko’s beginning feeling endless with all the business talk. Hideyoshi and som' bout his company? Yeah went right over my head. Not surprised Ciconia’s feels similar, but that’s just how introductions go. We’ll all be thankful later. After some reading, I've realized I stopped at the end of Chapter 7 - maaaybe that's halfway?

A chapter a year, wait they announced that already? Then maybe it’s not so bad to lag a little on my play time. I hope he’s taking care of himself through this, we got spoiled with Umineko’s quick releases honestly. Don't know how legit this site is but the word count still blows my mind.

One thing, I wonder if they’ll do anything about the sprites flipping in future releases- it’s a little jarring when suddenly the gauntlets switch arms. I even doubted which arm Miyao was using through the action scenes.

Is that an android phone or android tablet? Looks like both? That’s amazing that you have it working, I’ve never tried it myself. GBA has been the most simple and painless emulation I’ve so far experienced on a phone.

>Not even trying to be subtle with it
Lest we forget his handle: “DragonKnight07” a.k.a “yes HELLO pls talk to me about FF” god I love this nerd.

>auto-tuning to the point of distortion
That could be interesting; slightly grungy? Experimental?
Haven’t heard Em’s album but gave my ears to Darkness - nice opening mood, good sounds. Would not be able to listen to this often, or stomach it, I’d think about the news and get upset. Oh I wondered why it sounded familiar, sampled another song I love. What a sad but uniquely gripping concoction you gave me. There’s only a handful of songs that take me somewhere and bring me to tears. I have to skip them when they come up on shuffle, usually, this would probably be one of them. Music video afterward oof takes it to another level.

Had to pause and think about the 1 banger vs boring album. Discovering *that* one music piece to play over and over again is the best feeling, for sure, like *the* emotional wave you always wanna ride. But I can’t say I’d reject an entire album completely, if I’m already going out of my way to listen to the whole thing. You can bet there’s a time and place for me to replay them to death, even if they’re all average. I’m of the sort that finds at least a couple per album to kill; it doesn't happen often with you?

..oh my GOD speaking of - I’ve had this going for three weeks, almost four now. Help. No idea what it’s about bc I zone out until the chorus oops, it’s just catchy as hell and I’m mad. Like, catching myself singing while cooking eggs in the morning kinda mad.

>Let's seal them away, and stash them on that shelf that not a single ray of light ever touches upon.
Say no more, grabbin’ the brain bleach.

>as long as it's 8, not 4 chapters
this is so threatening I love it LOL

>I also love it when I expect the worst of a show and - out of spite - it ends up being the season's darling.
If only it would give us a good surprise, we'll get a better read on it once we see how it looks stylistically. I'm hoping Eiko Shimamiya was invited back for the project ;; wouldn't be the same without her haunting voice, but if not, even just a killer OP would satisfy me.

>full-fledged 48-episode adaptation of Umineko by ufotable
Speak it into existence! Bring in the good juju-!! Damn I almost said the same thing on the forums no lie, but since I’ve only seen clips of their animation/scattered scenes from KnY/don’t personally know how they handle adaptations I was like WELL.. Don’t know who else I’d rather pass the baton to, probably Madhouse? But isn't that safe to say for anything haha. 48 episodes, WTC fans would combust. If that Higurashi project brings in a modern, new audience, who's to say we won't get Umineko adapted down the line.. wistful sigh.

>Ah, and speaking of adaptations and not knowing how to feel about them:
Apparently they’re doing the same thing to One Piece ?? Be cautiously concerned but in it for the laughs. I myself have never checked out these live action attempts but am aware they’re, uh, never good.