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Kaze Tachinu
Kaze Tachinu
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Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä
Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä
Mar 7, 1:51 AM
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Tonari no Totoro
Tonari no Totoro
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Freezing Zero
Freezing Zero
Jan 23, 8:14 PM
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Strike Witches: Katayoku no Majo-tachi
Strike Witches: Katayoku no Majo-tachi
Dec 20, 2016 11:38 PM
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Aug 18, 2016 5:49 AM
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animeiscool561 Mar 22, 7:13 PM
Princess Tutu is pretty dang good stuff. I quite like how it takes inspiration from both ballet, fairy tales, and classical music. Ahiru is adorable.
animeiscool561 Mar 10, 3:03 AM
That's why I wasn't afraid to give away a few spoilers there. You told me before you wouldn't see it, so I added a quick rundown

AKA I only brought that up because I knew you wouldn't care to see anything about it.
animeiscool561 Mar 9, 8:31 PM
Just saw the film myself. While I agree it is flawed, I don't think completely undermining what it did right is the right thing to do.

Some spoilers below:

I DO get that the writer wanted to honestly make a solid standalone character story more than ever before. I still think it's the Best SAO anime thing EASILY.

With more emotional stakes more like Mother's Rosario, more interesting villains, more of an attempt to show Kirito wasn't "too cool for school" immediately, FAR less fanservice, genuinely solid foreshadowing, better comedic timing, more of a place in the original idea the show went for, actual advancement of the Kirisuna relationship that was basically gone in season 2, the best animation and music the franchise has seen yet, and well utilization of many of its characters it proved that the writer is getting better at his craft.

animeiscool561 Feb 24, 3:59 AM
"As a fan of the .Hack franchise growing up"

Funny enough I only knew about .hack thanks to Project X Zone (played it before hearing of SAO), it's a 3DS game starring characters from Namco, Capcom, and SEGA. No Sonic though :(. The game actually has...a lot of its story content based around .hack. There's this white program called Aura and two of the characters Kite and Black Rose are one of the pairs in the game. You know who else is in that game? Soma and Alisa from God Eater. Which ALSO got an anime adaptation semi recently.

"I've never been able to self-insert and I don't think I ever will want to."

I shrug at the whole "power fantasy", "wish fullfillment" ideas every time they come up. You can almost always tell when a show makes their protagonist for that purpose. It's VERY common in Light Novel shows especially, manga shows tend to have the lead show more personality because there's more time to see that character in action rather than reading his thoughts out loud. However, that is not always a bad thing. Especially in shows like Kyo Ani's Clannad or Hyouka, in which the viewer could easily put himself into the protagonist, but there's actual character growth over the course of the plots that make their leads feel more like people. Shows like Kino's Journey, Welcome to the NHK or hell, even Neon Genesis Evangelion create their protagonists for that purpose to analyze them and making their content more effective to hold a mirror to the viewer.

In Kirito's case it didn't bug me because I expected its type of story to focus on him and there were attempts at character, just don't think it paned out well past the first 13 episodes or so and especially into GGO (did like when he felt bad about shutting Suguha out emotionally though).

Interesting....a lot of my problems with the show are case specific and to an extent fixable. Things like, Kirito hacking Yui into an object, or bringing himself back to life, or Kayaba's ghost showing up for ID, and a surplus of touchy feely moments, or having girls fall in love with Kirito shunting Asuna to keep the harem going, timeskipping constantly in the first arc, etc. I'll watch the film with a friend of mine who introduced me to the series (and is also a big fan of Steven Universe like me) and let you know how it goes, but I understand why you want to avoid it
animeiscool561 Feb 23, 8:39 PM
Funny enough that EXACT idea ended up being mentioned by The Pedantic Romantic when he was talking about how people began to shift their views on the series following Digibro's review and how it spawned a cascade of other reviews bashing it. I think since in that episode it only lasted for about a second and was overshadowed by the "Kirito blocks seven people through higher level and healing skill" part.

Chunnin exams definitely seems high on here. And the other one seems decently ranked too, even if some overshadow it. Pain takes the poll though.

The Hunter Exam arc is definitely good, however it still seems typical by comparison to what comes after. One part seemed to bug me a bit where they spend about 3-4 episodes (it felt like) just in one prison room. Trust me, there's really great stuff in the show and if you're hooked already you'll love the rest of it for sure! Funny enough, many people don't realize that Naruto's ninja exam stuff was directly based on the Hunter Exam.

Treesicle summed it up well:

"But people still enjoy SAO because the show itself is entertaining without being overly difficult to understand. And there's nothing wrong with that! Especially on YouTube! Appealing to the lowest common denominator AKA the widest variety of people. Children, teenagers, adults, men and women, etc. Because of that, an idea that could've created something unique and exceptional was instead written to make sure anyone can like it. Stories like love interests and plots have to be kept to the basic level. The focus of the show is on fighting, with bits of character relationships stirred in there to give viewers a deeper connection to the characters. What made DBZ so popular."

He then digs deeper into the "SAO has bad writing" ideas, by contrasting the grander, immediate visions of Kirito and Asuna and what they seemed to be at the start as a flawed hero who learns to get over his insecurities + unite the players to beat the game and a hot tempered badass with a natural love-hate relationship to Kirito (something Progressive has them live up to) with the "flawless hero" and "perfect obedient waifu" they got associated with by dissenters later in the show. It was designed at a basic level with a high concept, a few cool looking fights, lack of huge plot developments and stopping for a honeymoon idea. Because in the end it's about how many people WATCHED it, not whether reviews were positive or negative. And TONS of people like watching an uper powerful dude (especially one with his cool black cloak and sword wielding) win a bunch of girls and kick the crap out of a ton of monsters and bad guys.

Mahouka might've taken after the Light Novels seeing as it started a year before SAO became anime and the "trapped in a fantasy world" thing existed before (great shows like Now and Then Here or There) but only after SAO became a ticket for mainstream success. Even then those shows tend to get a better rep than SAO among the critical parts. Likewise to how Attack on Titan being a success resulted in a ton of shows going after THAT craze (Black Bullet, Sidonia, God Eater, Seraph, Kabaneri).

I still LIKE SAO, but mostly for the mentioned book series and some of the better elements or parts in the series (like Mother's Rosario). The movie could improve the show or make it worse, only time will tell.

animeiscool561 Feb 23, 2:41 PM
Also, regarding SAO, that’s an interesting point, and I think a huge factor would be that most of those things come up in SAO's second arc, or even later. Aincrad was able to hook viewers early on with its premise, and a full 3 episodes with few outstanding flaws, getting people for reasons Gigguk brought up. I wasn’t at all attuned to the community back then, but I would assume that by the time the more problematic elements started cropping up, especially in the second half, the audience had already swelled to a huge size. And that's ALSO why the show has so many droppers for a 25 episode show moreso than say, long runner, Inuyasha. So many people watched it at the start and when the elements started accumulating for them some dropped it. And even then not everyone would see the elements as immediate negatives. For instance, one might look at that tentacle scene and then "Sugou that bastard! Now I really want Kirito to get up there and tell her everything's gonna be OK" and another might say "show, you went too far, so now I like you less, might think you're sexist and drop you". Those who enjoy the show tend to ignore elements like those in discussion

To my knowledge, Naruto didn't exactly start very strong but peaked at the Pain arc which came later and then hit seasonal rot around the point when one of the mangaka's editors left. Hunter X Hunter 2011 wasn't that exceptional right off the bat either, for many it was the Yorknew arc and later Chimera Ant that made the Shonen series as beloved as it was to move past basic expectations of the genre
animeiscool561 Feb 10, 4:37 PM
Gankutsuou is kul stuff.
animeiscool561 Feb 1, 4:03 PM
New polls up. Vote if you want to!
animeiscool561 Jan 18, 4:00 PM
I suppose so. But nowadays their reputations aren't and probably won't be at the same level (with the exception of One Piece's manga). All of the Big Three have very broad easy to follow ideas of pirates, ninjas and grim reapers and it's easy to see how they came to popularity from the start. And inevitably the early arcs WOULD be hailed as amazing then by fans who got into them, and the shows continuing to go on but not for too long would attract more viewers, before the Internet started to become insanely ironic in later years and it was too hard to jump in. The ingredients were already told from the start of the video, and including the additional element of the rise of virtual reality and Internet gaming made it inevitable Sword Art Online would become a hit. People would be grabbed by journeys of a hero trying to conquer 100 floors of trials, tribulations, and encounter friends and enemies along the way in the most dangerous video game with cool fights and a Kajira soundtrack, the description makes it seem intense (and Progressive ends up delivering on that promise in novel form). Nothing else in the summer 2012 season matched anywhere near its possibilities. And not everyone watching would be able to pick up things like plotholes or contradictory writing if the premise, teaser, fights, and a romance that actually gets together as a battle couple drew them right away. A-1 Pictures, the studio behind it, also made a name for themselves with shows like Fairy Tail (especially this one), Blue Exorcist, Black Butler and Anohana, coasting off the novels which were popular even before the show for the same reasons as the show

Shows always have a honeymoon period right after they end before they get the most bashing. The popular shows are easily disgested and SAO goes on to pull many of the stops anime is notoriously known for. Hence why some haters claim it explefies the problems with modern anime.
animeiscool561 Jan 18, 2:24 PM
In case you were wondering, regarding the question at the end of your review "why does this show have so many fans?"
animeiscool561 Jan 7, 8:32 PM
What did you think of Grave of the Fireflies. Just saw it today. Feel emotionally moved?
animeiscool561 Jan 6, 2:23 PM
I suppose they could've done more with Nyunyu but for what it's worth, the show was a consistently enjoyable experience. Sure, they could've been expanded on further, but the ideas were there and it turned out pretty solid in the end and the animation definitely did a lot to convey the style and be stylish and colorful to see in general. It makes each world feel alive. Another enjoyable thing was the exploration of fantasy. AnimeEveryday did a great video on the subject. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dm2VWAQaHA
And same for this blog here: https://formeinfullbloom.wordpress.com/2016/10/30/coconas-emptiness-in-flip-flappers/

"Angel Beats was a total mess and a train wreck imo. Very little about that show worked for me."

With a 6? That really says a lot about how your ratings look to mine. The show could've needed much more time for itself to explore some of the more interesting characters rather than leaving us with the rather basic weak links as main characters. I wanted to know about TK, the ninja girl who liked puppies and the purple haired weapons guy. The only time we see this perspective built up gradually was with Yui in episode 9. It NEEDED more time to it, and ending on a plot hole didn't help. That said, the production values were solid, the humor was nice, and the overall message was strong. Makes me wonder what you'll think of Charlotte which is like repeating the flaws of Angel Beats but with a bit of trainwreck thrown in for good measure.
animeiscool561 Jan 5, 10:42 AM
Truth be told I never really felt bothered by any kind of fan service in there and yes, I wish Nyunyu had more use but I think like Angel Beats, 26 episodes would've been too much. Charlotte though, that needed WAY more. Someone suggested Madoka would've been better with 24-26 episodes but I disagree there entirely.

I still enjoyed the amount of visual storytelling, overall fun and creativity mixed in there with nice foreshadowing too. I quite liked where the characters of Yayaka and Salt ended up, same for Cocona finding self-acceptance to have an impact in the world. The show was consistently entertaining in my eyes, even if it wasn't perfect.
animeiscool561 Jan 5, 10:04 AM
How went Flip Flappers?
animeiscool561 Dec 31, 2016 10:16 PM
I see. I've heard mixed things about that show. Lapis is surely better, right?

Also, I've finished my Top 10 Favorite shows I've seen last year here: