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Pokemon Sun & Moon
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Nov 10, 1:26 AM
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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2nd Season
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2nd Season
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Freezing Zero
Freezing Zero
Jan 23, 8:14 PM
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Strike Witches: Katayoku no Majo-tachi
Strike Witches: Katayoku no Majo-tachi
Dec 20, 2016 11:38 PM
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animeiscool561 Nov 9, 3:28 PM
Considering it's the top of your favorites I guess I was wrong in assuming? As soemone who has FMA Brotherhood as their favorite I don't fault you at all for picking Bebop. Just feel like Brotherhood has a little bit of everything you look for in an anime.

I didn't expect the review to be so wordy, but that's how it ended up. None of my reviews previous were as long, and I highly doubt any future reviews will be as long. There was a lot I wanted to talk about. Though if you think that's long, check out some reviews from my MAL pal CodeBlazeFate. https://myanimelist.net/profile/CodeBlazeFate. Some are GIGANTICALLY long.

I kind of attribute that to the exigent circumstances and emotionally vulnerable state of a young teenage girl, though I'd argue it was conveyed well. And yes, 10 is the best episode, and to this day is one of my favorite single episodes in anime I've seen.

Other things:

Yes, I stated that.

I believe it was a way to show that even with Madoka's wish, that there would still be consequences people to deal, the cycle, Soul Gems, dying in general, etc.

OH YES. The soundtrack is incredible. Even in SAO you admitted the music (also done by Kajira) was fantastic, though Madoka is definitely her best. All the background music, character themes, oozing suspense or epicness depending on the scene. OP and ED were great as well.

Yeah....surprised I didn't mention that, though I did say everyone else was flavoring.

That's what I'd heard from some. It's also why I disliked Rebellion, because it took a complete story and put what came off like a last minute twist because FRANCHISE.

Maybe should, dunno. It's for Metacritic Club, basically where MAL reviewers get together to make aggregate scores for different shows as opposed to thousands of no-names.

animeiscool561 Nov 7, 9:56 AM
Hey, been a while.

Since it is your favorite show, here is my review of Puella Magi Madoka Magica
SupremeEdgelord Nov 5, 8:00 AM
I came here expecting to see tons of angry SAO fans in the comments, why there is none?
TheDoggoneGirl Oct 2, 5:23 AM
Kudos to you, maaan. You pretty much summed up everything I want to say about that show, so I thought after reading your review "I don't have to post my review anymore". Hahaha.
TheDoggoneGirl Oct 2, 12:16 AM
Your SAO review literally speaks to me. Lmao. Great review! I agree with everything you said and ugh sugoi.
Drasill May 18, 4:12 AM
Great choice :') I love Rana..what would Freezing be without her xD Same here..^^
Awesome ! I have 11 now with 2 volumes of Zero, love them :)
Yup yup !
Drasill May 17, 8:59 AM
Yup :/ ! Same ! would have been awesome to see the Valkyrie Arc and the 12th Nova clash too :')
I kinda felt like they stopped at the good part.
Yeah it was really cool ! and the drawings of the other world were pwetty neatttt ! (totally buying Volume 30 XD)

Sooo whos your best girls ? Mine must be Arnett Mcmillan, Lee Soona, Chiffon, and Cassandra :') So badass :D (tried to keep the list down lol)
Drasill May 16, 2:45 AM
I love the manga too :) and the also the anime ! I m just kinda sad they havent made a 3rd season.
Theres so much more potential in these 30 volumes :')

Yeah I heard that one of the authors was ill, and its said to come back soon so Im waiting eagerly for it.
Things are starting to get quite fckd up XD
Drasill May 15, 7:27 PM
Freezing fan ! thats pretty nice to see :)
animeiscool561 May 11, 3:14 AM

As someone who wrote reviews before, here's mine on Ga-Rei Zero
animeiscool561 May 6, 7:31 PM
Battle Tendency is a joy, thanks to both Joseph Joestar and the generally improved strategy, stakes and pacing. Stardust Crusaders, although more "monster of the week", still has a fun cast and creative scenarios. Diamond is Unbreakable is really great stuff as well.

I was surprised too. The first episode made it seem like a cop show in vein of something like Psycho Pass only to change direction entirely in the next when we find out that the squad was decoy protagonists the whole time. Mystery has me interested to learn about the blue butterflies, that white haired guy, and how Yomi turned to the Dark Side. In the flashbacks, I quite like her relationship to her sister. It feels genuine and cute. A great prequel is one that can provide needed supplements for its main story, yet still have its own plot to not feel like just setup. Hopefully I'll keep liking it

Same face is so common in anime series in general nowadays that I won't hold it against shows if the actual character design as a whole feels distinct. That said, I will give a show additional props for averting it, like with the male characters of One Piece, or the whole casts of Fullmetal Alchemist and Gurren Lagann.
animeiscool561 May 6, 2:31 PM
Glad you liked Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. That series is super fun, and will continue to be.

Also, you liked Gai-Rei Zero? I was looking for something not a lot of my friends had seen before and the first episode was quite a fun ride.

The guy below me is just dissing SAO for the sake of it. It animated quite well, occasional stills are common in just about every anime ever and to its credit, the show's quality of animation was pretty consistent the whole way through, and got even better in Season 2.
EriitoSenshi May 2, 6:22 AM
Took me a week to get over and there's a reason why its the #1 top rated anime. U'll see what I mean.
EriitoSenshi May 1, 4:46 PM
I understand your points man and it also has been a long time since I saw SAO so I don't remember everything, but I know that when I watched it I was nervous throughout all of it, I remember even wanting to stop after episode 3 after that little girl's death because I barely handled it. But yeah man we do like different things and I completely respect your opinion :D but for me, it's a 10/10 and the only reason why it's my favorite is that when I look at every other anime I watched, none of them is even close to topping it. Of all the anime that I've watched, only 1 is at SAO's level, maybe even better, and that's kimi no na wa, but I don't think it's fair to compare a movie to a series they're 2 different types.
EriitoSenshi May 1, 2:14 PM
Hey man, I wanted to discuss SAO with u. I saw with ur review that you didn't like SAO at all, but you were wondering why people give it 10, and I speak on behalf of everyone who considers SAO a 10. I myself am a huge fan of SAO and it's my favorite anime.

Story: The reason why people hate SAO so much is because the episodes that follow 1-2 don't follow their content at all. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure most people expected to see some boss battles and some farming and missions and quests after seeing the setup, and all they got were side stories which is why they absolutely hated it. The essence of the hate is the fact that SAO didn't live up to people's expectations for that matter. However, there's a reason why SAO has a rating close to 8 and not 6 or 5. The reason is mostly us. We don't mind that there are side stories and all that. We absolutely loved seeing the romance and the developpement between Kirito and Asuna. Those side stories, even though they had nothing to do with the setup, were enjoyed by us because just the fact that Kirito and Asuna are doing things together made us love the anime, from everyday things to risking their lives. Let's skip to the ending of the first part. You're right, it is a deus ex machina. However, ask yourself this. Isn't a deus ex machina a classic cliché in anime? I watched around 70 anime and I can name a lot that have at least one last second moment where someone comes to save the guy or the guy himself, with his will to live, does something that the average character can't do. My point is that I really don't mind having a cliché like this. It's personnal of course.
Onto the second part: Mario saving peach in a castle. I think that it's kind of what this is, but with more complexity. It's not just Bowser capturing Peach out of nowhere just like that, The villain of the second part snatched 300 players from SAO onto his new game to test his mind control system. Kirito wants to not only save Asuna but also stop what Sugou is doing. I loved the side stories of the second part as well, but that's preference. The ending was so suspenseful for me I was watching with my eyes wide open at the end of my chair. This is the deus ex machina where someone comes and saves him instead of just him saving himself with his will to live. That's perfectly fine by me. They even added an IRL fight between Kirito and Sugou which I found to be absolutely insane.
So that's it for the story, I personally loved it. 10 for me.

Art&Sound: If you say that there's nothing wrong with it at all, then it should be a 10 right? If not, there would be something wrong with it. I give a 10 for both because I loved the drawings, the animation, the openings and the soundtrack.

Kirito. I just want to start by saying this: He's not God, you know. He's super OP in the VRMMORPG called SAO because he was already high leveled in the beta, because he trained a lot. He's not the "You name it, he'll do it" person you think he is. He's simply just the top player in a single video game. And his stats got transfered to ALO so obviously he's still gonna be OP. Proof of what im saying is that when he returned to real life, remember when he fought his sister? He lost. That's because welcome to reality, Kirito. You're super OP in a couple games, but you're not God. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

Asuna: She was presented as a strong player yes but then she gave the spotlight to Kirito, which is the ONLY flaw I found in the anime. But that doesn't mean she's completely weak she's still pretty strong. Also, in ALO, she was weak because she litterally was trapped in a cage that she can't escape and she had no weapons. If Kirito was trapped in that cage even he wouldn't even be able to escape because there is no possible way unless Yui is with him, or Kayaba saves him like the ending of the second part.

Yui: This character was, in my opinion, the best thing you can add to Asuna and Kirito's relationship. You do realise that if she wasn't here, Kirito would be useless in the second part. She's a key element to the anime. She's here to help the protagonist. Also, she's just adorable... but as always, its a question of preference.

The first villain I found was pretty cool, he didn't completely forget his motives, he just wanted to reunite people in a world different than the corrupt world we live in (I wouldn't even call him a villain) and the second villain was a complete dick I took him way more seriously than the first one because he litterally caused so much pain to Asuna and his motives are completely criminal. What was at stake here was the relationship between Kirito, Asuna and Yui which is the reason why we love SAO.

His sister is a less useful Yui who helps him in the second part as well. I have nothing negative to say about her since she's the guide for the side stories of the second part that I personally loved.

I give 9/10 for the characters, because they really did put the spotlight on Kirito too much.

Finally, my enjoyment (this one is obvious): 10/10
I just want to say that I finished SAO in 5 days and after I finished my sleep schedule shifted 4 hours forward because I wasn't able to sleep I had to keep going. That's how suspenseful it was to me. I absolutely loved this anime and I will always remember it. Season 2 is a 10 as well but that's another story. I live in Canada so I didn't get the chance to see the SAO movie in the theaters cause it was only out in the US and I can't wait for it to be released on DVD or on streaming websites.

Final message: My main motives for writing this wasn't to counter your arguments. It was to answer your question as to why a lot of people give 10 for this anime. That's it, hope I get your thoughts on this :D