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EGOIST 3 hours ago
Sorry for the late reply, been doing other things and I'm probably going to be busy this week with schoolwork. Yeah, that one. I don't like the Idolized version as much though D:

I've reached an all time high with a Rank of 131 with the Lunar Event songs and I've placed at least in Tier 2 in the Adventure Stroll so I'm guaranteed to at least get the event card Idolized :D . I also bought all the backgrounds since they might've been limited. What a hectic event! Although I had to spend a few(who am I kidding it was a lot lol 15 probably) gems to maintain my rank for the event. I preferred to the 5 LP songs tbh D: even if they are repetitive.

I actually got tired of reading through the main story because of how far behind I am (Story 12 for muse) so I'm skipping them in the meantime to atleast unlock the songs and I tried playing some Masters songs w/ and w/o sliding and I failed big time on the sliding masters XD.

I'm actually planning to rewatch the whole original love live to rekindle my adoration for the girls since I've been to fixated on aqours lately since they came out XD and I recently rewatched season 1 and currently rewatching season 2. I remember Kotori being my best girl though :3

Anything interesting happened on your end the past few days? :)
MrGiriKun Yesterday, 3:19 PM
Thanks for accepting the request ^^

Right now Im into Monster Hunter World and K Shoot Mania, but I already played every type of a game.
Actually I prefer Open-world games :)
You are playing games too right? I saw your profile , looks realy nice btw
Vikki-kun Feb 18, 8:29 PM
Thanks for accept and nice to meet You ^^
EGOIST Feb 17, 7:47 PM
I just did and I got nothing... I don't have enough for Step 2-3 :( I just YOLO'd the green scouting tickets and I got an SSR Dia (The one with them feeding rabbits)
EGOIST Feb 17, 6:52 PM
Congrats! I really want the Chika counterpart of that card :( it's really beautiful ;-;
EGOIST Feb 17, 7:23 AM
I abused the hell out of those x10 experience songs. I went from 93 to 116 in a matter of minutes. Perhaps the thing I mentioned about getting 100 energy before playing competitively may no longer be just a pipe dream. XD

Do you try holding back on some special scoutings or not? Because I couldn't D: I want to taste those fresh URs since I only have 3 so far.

Oh, I though you buy those R,SR,SSR,UR muse cards or did you buy them already? I've been thinking of buying those before anything else but I can see how using those on Blue Scouting Tickets can be effective considering how low they cost and with a better chance than Honor Scouting. Most of the time I usually just use them to idolize SRs or even Rs when impatience gets to me (which is a pretty bad habit of mine)

Yeah! Looks like it ;) I hope Chika gives me some love on my future honor scoutings. I actually wasted 50 gems on honor scouting because I accidentally scouted at the muse tab instead of the aqours one. Although I did get 2 SSRs out of it which isn't entirely a bad thing ;) but I have yet to include them on my team due to my desire to atleast separate their group from one another.

How long did it take you to idolize most of URs? I still haven't idolized any of them up to now, even my SSRs >.>

I've been catching up to the event as well. I want to atleast be inside the bracket that gets two Event Yoshiko's since I failed to do so in the past one with Kotori and Maki :(
EGOIST Feb 16, 5:55 AM
Update: I just did the step-up scouting

It's a sign that I should really main Hanamaru :O I always get her most of the time!
EGOIST Feb 14, 8:35 PM
Yeah it's a minor thing but I can't just help but get distracted XD. I see, it's pretty hard to figure out since it feels kinda random at times and I still have the starter costume of Chika in the Top 3.

The event is loaded! There's also the Lunar New Challenges and the B-side songs which give 10x exp plus the event songs which you have to clear 20 times(which I used to grind with on expert for both points, bond and exp) I don't know what to focus on with so little Energy(70) >.< I might try alternating them hehe.

I'm actually trying to aim for 2nd year -focused team as well but I still haven't gotten any SSR,UR You's I might soon though and probably a 1st year and 3rd year as well to balance it out :) I still haven't maxxed out the level of my Hanamaru, I already added her to my team though although she's not yet my center. I'll do that when I max her out :) Where do you usually spend your N stickers btw? I don't know what do with them haha.

It's too soon D: I only saved up to around 70 gems I'll think about whether to skip out or not since I failed my last step up scouting D:
Stark700 Feb 14, 7:29 AM
Ah yes, Togashi...

I hope I'll be alive by the time Hunter x Hunter ends. same with Berserk
EGOIST Feb 13, 10:18 PM
Honestly, the one thing that's preventing me from using my UR hanamaru and riko and others is mostly due to me hoping that those do not exceed the points of other characters. Atm I have Chika at around 5k followed by Dia at 2.8k and Hanamaru at 2.6. I'm fine with the first 2 but I'm hoping to atleast insert You there but I haven't gotten any good cards of her as of now.

I see. I really like this event! G Senjou no Cinderella isn't available for me yet but it's really nice to play it on the event :) (it's so fucking good) I'm hoping for other songs to play that I still haven't unlocked.

The new Dia card looks great :) She really does have the best UR cards :o even her SSRs and SRs look nice. I'm using the mature chocolate Dia as my leader for my smile team
Moune-Chan Feb 13, 4:48 PM
It was confirm Dia will be the UR, I was expecting a new hair style (twin tails xD) but it is wavy hair, anyways I really it x)

Yeah totally agree with you, Klab shouldn't have let the 5 LP songs give out on the event tokens or not at the same level as normal song (I don't know why it is this event, normally it should be an Aqours event instead of this). I rank up everyday, going to 239 -> 252 x)
Stark700 Feb 13, 6:37 AM
Hey man, how are you doing? Enjoying this Winter season so far?

I noticed you've been reading Yakusoku no Neverland recently and it's one of my recent favorites. The current ongoing shounen lineup is really good imo. My favorites ares Yakusoku no Neverland, Nanatsu no Taizai, My Hero Academia, and Hunter x Hunter.
EGOIST Feb 13, 5:27 AM
Yeah I am, but it's going to be a long way before that happens XD

I tried 2 master maps and the swipe thing was just too new for me and I still haven't adjusted to that. :(

My favorite sub-unit goes to Guilty Kiss and it's for the same reason as you mentioned, I really appreciate the sub-unit for that. Yoshiko has the 2nd most beautiful voice out of them 9 and Mari's #3 and Riko sounds pretty good too(a bit plain sometimes). CYaRON's second of course. I'm not really a fan of Ruby's singing voice but there are songs where she did great. Same as You :( I'm not much of a fan of AZALEA even though they're voices are all pretty good as well. I feel like they haven't unlocked their full potential yet like the other 2 sub-units did. I hope we get something more from them :D

My smile team is actually the weakest, still 6 rares on the team. My strongest team is actually the cool team because the cards I get are usually those and their idolized at that so they're mostly SRs now. I've included some URs and SSRs that are unidolized on the pure team since I still haven't gotten an idolized SR for it hehe.

I'll take up your advice on that, I've been trying to rearrange my team from time to time and I haven't gotten a permanent one yet. I check the abilities as well but I usually disregard the health ones since I rarely ever fail on songs (might use it for some masters when I'm practicing some time) I also heard event cards are significantly weaker than the ones you get on scouting

I'm not really sure if they haven't added new stories to the main story of aqours since mine stopped at Yuki wa Doko ni. D: or is it also unlocked based on level? The new event looks pretty neat as well, seems like a change of pace and it's an aqours one this time which is a big plus for me :)
Unurag Feb 12, 9:07 PM
You are welcome^_^
EGOIST Feb 11, 1:12 AM
Yeah, I'll probably try playing competitively once I reach around 100 energy so I can maximize the number of songs I can play and I'm still finding it hard to full combo some expert songs (usually the 10 ones) until then I guess I'll sit back and just farm rewards :D

You're not that far away from Yuki wa doko ni. It's after 4 more songs XD (The 6 songs included in the sub group singles and the 2nd OP and the last two songs included in happy party train) I really like the CYaRON! one especially so It's about 4 stories hehe since some gave out 2 songs in one story.

this one:
*deleted video* :(

I actually got my 2nd UR using the blue tickets(I used only 5) which is pretty lucky of me. It's a hanamaru one this time :D

Although I try to not include cards that I haven't idolized on my team (Is that a good thing or a bad thing D:)