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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
3 hours ago
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Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Yagate Kimi ni Naru
5 hours ago
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Comic Girls
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Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
Apr 23, 6:55 AM
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Apr 23, 5:50 AM
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One Piece
One Piece
Apr 20, 8:54 PM
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Viltas Apr 24, 3:57 AM
It's a beautiful book. Something about it feels so innocent, I'd love to see the world through kids eyes once more. The sheep in the box! Adorable. I wanna tell these stories to my nieces. :)
AnimeZ0id Apr 23, 10:16 PM
It was supposed to downpour today and all I did was sprinkle and become drastically humid. I want to die lmao.

Tbh it just came to me on day the summer before my junior year of high school. Like most teenagers I was pretty back and forth with what I wanted to do, but if you had told me at 15 I would want to be a therapist/psychologist (haven't quite decided) I would have laughed. But I've had my heart set on this since then so I doubt it'll change haha. I just always had an admiration to help others. I get enjoyment from watching people grow and become a better version of themselves. I also find the brain fascinating. I suffer from general anxiety disorder (I have never been diagnosed by an actual professional but it's genetic as both my older sister and grandmother have it) so the way my brain works is different then neurotipical people and idk that's so interesting to me.

Oh lol I guess that's probably because I'm out of the loop when it comes to a lot of seasonal anime (I basically stopped watching anime for over a year because of school).

How did you quote my other comment to your comment?? I've never seen that before :o

Anyways, I was gonna go to bed but THEN I saw this and couldn't just not reply. I honestly 100% agree with you. I can't tell you how hard I've looked for this well of an articulated phrasing. The only things I like are the setting as you mentioned. The action is good from what I can see but it lacks that hype. Like in a good action anime like anything shounen you get so excited and start mentally rooting for them. But I feel like that is heavily missing for me. Every battle basically ends the same without much variation. My other issue with the story is just--where is it? As you mention later, they focus too much on characters in this pointless drama. They're dragging out pointless things and petty drama. What was with that Girl vs Boys episode? Honesty one of the most useless 24 minutes of my life. They took all these episodes to do development them and yet I feel almost no connection to any of them. I'm currently watching The Rose of Versailles (an anime from 1979) and already in the same amount of episodes of Franxx, I feel more connected and emotionally invested into the main characters. I felt more connected to Mob Psycho 100 characters and that only had 12 episodes! I felt more emotionally floored by Spirited Away in a 2 hour long movie than I do with the garbage that is Darling in the Franxx's characters! And you're right when you mentioned writing. It's lackluster. The way the characters are written are just poorly done stereotypical archetypes from any anime ever.
I'm getting kind of heated a little bit so I'm sorry if I come off crude a little in the following xD But Jesus the story feels like when a person is about to have sex with you--giving you what you desire--and then jumping out of the window leaving you "worked up" and frustrated. And people tell me "oh there's 9 episodes left Amber!" SO WHAT LOL! That means literally nothing. As you also mentioned you said the writing is horrid. I have no idea where this story is going and that's not a good time. If done write, the mysteriousness of the plot is inviting, but in this case it's alarming and making for all sorts of awful outcomes. I want to compare more anime but I haven't done a lot of looking onto your list so I'll keep that to a minimum, but let's just say I've had my letdowns with anime over the years. That would be a whole other discussion.

This is not the worst anime ever, but it's not worth the praise in my opinion because of all the things I just mentioned in a fumbled mess. My favorite episode is still episode 13. I loved the theatrical feel of it and the just the camera angles. Sorry if there's any typos or if I don't make sense but it's 1:16am lol
AnimeZ0id Apr 23, 3:00 PM
Really want your opinion on Darling in the Franxx tbh
Viltas Apr 23, 6:45 AM
Thanks, I'll check it out.
Viltas Apr 23, 6:25 AM
Hello, I like your forum banner. :) Where is it from?
AnimeZ0id Apr 21, 5:08 PM
I hate the bipolar nature of Florida's weather. One day it will be in the 50s, the next pouring all day, and then the next it's clear skies with a high of 90. Like why lmao. Winters can be pretty cold here sometimes which is crazy. Climate change is real my dude.

Your body naturally adjusts to climate changes if you live there long enough. Had everything to do with your blood so yeah. I want to live New Hampshire or Maine. I'd also consider going to Australia since my Fiance is a geology major and Australia would be a good place for it. I want to be a psychologist so I can go anywhere tbh.

Anyways, watching anything this season you're enjoying? Or are you not a seasonal watcher haha
kazuichi Apr 20, 9:44 AM
No problem at all... you seemed like an interesting person so I thought it'd be a waste not to send a request!

I 100% prefer writing over speaking, it's a lot easier to express myself that way because you get more time to think about what you actually want to say instead of feeling the pressure to reply quickly to keep a conversation from becoming awkward. From reading your bio I'm guessing you prefer writing too?
EGOIST Apr 19, 3:40 AM
I guess I'm just tired of tsunderes in general XD

My favorite girls are Saaya, Maya, Lisa, and Ran too :) I actually only read Roselia's story so far and a bit of Poppin Party because of how lazy but I'm thinking of catching up soon enough.

Yep, sounds so good! To be fair, I never really disliked any of their covers. I think they're all good in their own way despite being an obvious downgrade to the OG (Hikaru Nara, etc.).

It's healing quite nicely and am back at the game now :3 although I'm still focused on SIF more. and yay You's B-day! <3 Yeah it's sad that we didn't get a step up scouting for her like jp has. But Damn KLab is literally handing out free 10+1 scouts for 5 times for both groups! A total of 10! I already got 1 UR from the 6 times I scouted. I just can't hold my disbelief on this freebie we're having. It's also Maki's B-day :)) With them actually doing a step-up scouting, it seems like Chika's going to have one too! Her b-days not that far(August) although my jp account is specifically for muse :(

3?! I actually just set it to 9 since it's the default speed for the master songs on SIF but wow 3 :o isn't it hard to read the notes? Considering how near they are to each other. There are times when the game doesn't register my taps which is annoying at times x.x

You should, Lupin's pretty good than I expected it to be. Megalo Box actually doesn't have that much ties to the OG and from the discussions, it seems like it does have its similarities and our MC is actually
but I can understand the urge :D

Is Captain Tsubasa lean more on kids/shounen or realistic story? I'm really hesitant on watching it just because of that. I agree, most of the shows I've started as well are pretty good :) Hinamatsuri is probably what caught me off guard the most. It's fucking hilarious XD. Caligula feels like a dark horse to me, I'm really liking it so far, seems kind of like Occultic Nine to some extent hehe. There's also that one edgy anime (Dorei-ku) that might end up being good. Just read the synopsis XD

Nice pick, Lyn's vocals is amazing @-@ The OST of P5 is just so good in general. Lol, I think that fits the OP visuals more, I still think it's one of UVER's weaker songs :p
AnimeZ0id Apr 16, 10:05 PM
Ah yeah India has a lot of issues in multiple different parts so I'm not entirely surprised. It's definitely a lot different compared to the states here. Never been there so I can't account to much but I'd assume you probably enjoy the weather here more, right? I love the snow myself so up north is where I'd like to go
AnimeZ0id Apr 16, 7:41 PM
I mean I think our score difference averaging all the anime we share is less than 1 point so haha.

I'm technically from De Pere, Wisconsin, grew up in Cape Coral (Near Fort Myers & Lee High), and now I reside here. I'd really hate to live in Orlando simply because I've never seen worse traffic than there (because of UCF, Disney, Universal, etc). I think Florida is the warmest place I've ever experienced. Are you from a South American country or Australia? Those places are 10x worse I agree.
AnimeZ0id Apr 16, 5:50 PM
OH YEAH and also because I live in Tampa, Florida lol. I wanted someone to understand the heat death trap that is the "sunshine" state xD
AnimeZ0id Apr 16, 3:22 PM
No problem ! Seems like we share similar tastes haha
EGOIST Apr 10, 11:42 PM
I don't know. Arisa and Kasumi kind of annoyed me haha. and Rimirin is just there :x I'll take a look at the other members to see who I'm going to scout for in the future.

I haven't really gotten to like Digimon as a child like I did with pokemon and yugioh but that cover is still fucking lit! I'm seeing Ayane Sakura in a new light :o I never would have expected her to have such deep vocals due to the characters she voices XD.

I like that cover too but I still prefer the original ;) but they always never fail to disappoint. I just recently submitted an entry for them because they did the ED for Vanguard and the OP for the new series >:) The first song I actually discovered from them was Everlasting Guilty Crown because of osu! haha but most of their songs sound f'ing great. Afterglow is a close second and the others bring something to the table from time to time :) I wonder if they'll cover sony arists too like LiSA and clariS :)

Yeah! I was kinda surprised as well! I got a 3-star Kasumi as well but I haven't played both sif and bandori for a while due to my warts removal which leaves 4/5 of my left hand fingers with craters. I'm gonna catch up then. But holy hell Sugar song & bitter step is soooo hard. Like it left me saying wtf when I first started playing it but maybe it's just because of a small screen xd.

I play at 9 speed for most of the songs :)

With my fingers all bandaged up, I decided to get around and finish a bunch of shows and bingewatched Lupin III (2015) in the process. It's so addicting to watch, never had this much fun watching a series. Now that almost all series have come out, what caught your attention the most? I'd say Megalo Box for me and Lupin III of course >:D I'm trying to watch DxD s1-s3 as well but it's pretty hard to watch in the open with the amount of lewdness it has but hopefully I can catch up before the series ends. I heard that it's going to be faithful this time :) I also have my eye on Caligula , seems really promising although kinda confusing.

Any favorite OP/ED this season? Mine are

Not too much a fan of the new bnha op though but persona 5's op is pretty good too :)
EGOIST Apr 5, 8:09 AM
yep! She's may favorite on the whole series :) I just love her personality and after reading some Roselia band stories I can say that it still holds true. Didn't know Yukina and the cyan haired girl were kind of strict haha.

This cover really made me love this song even more. All I can say is that it outdid the original imo
EGOIST Apr 5, 3:39 AM
hey man, what's your ID :3 let's play some time