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Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation
Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation
11 hours ago
Watching 21/25 · Scored 9
Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho
Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho
Today, 9:51 AM
Watching 8/12 · Scored 8
Today, 4:39 AM
Watching 76/112 · Scored 8
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Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Yesterday, 10:50 PM
Reading 40/? · Scored 9
Robot x Laserbeam
Robot x Laserbeam
May 25, 12:56 PM
Reading 10/? · Scored -
Dr. Stone
Dr. Stone
May 25, 5:13 AM
Reading 12/? · Scored -


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Duvid09 May 26, 5:22 AM
Thanks for accepting my request ^-^
SmoovePlayer May 25, 10:13 PM
Thanks man, sorry about the super late reply lol
Knight May 24, 9:50 AM
Sure, and thanks!
shonen-kun May 24, 4:49 AM
Haha ! =D

Yes, me too~
stickermans50 May 23, 8:40 AM
Hey... that could be it... Maybe my dream girl is Kyoko-san..... O___O Please investigate and find out who she is and then tell me her address >__>

Yeeee. And yes, that's what I mean lmao. A weeb could only mean one thing when they say they want to be productive :3

Ye, it was a crappy AND a narrow road.

Agreed LOL

I see, and that's true. The movie is full of sugoi and emotionally powerful moments ;-;

Oh you'll definitely love the romance. :') And I've heard fantastic things about Tsuki ga Kirei. I plan to watch it soon. As for whether Kimi will surpass Koe... Well, it won't >__>

Yeeeee, and if I had watched it when I watched Naruto or stuff, or was just getting into the medium, I'm pretty sure it'd be one of my favs :D
Also, sure, it's cliche but it's also pretty average?

Ye, Reboot. Casshern Sins is going to be a sugoi experience. I've heard it's a masterpiece :D
Also, keep in mind that JoJo p1 and p2 are kinda... crap. So s1 might not be a good experience enjoyment-wise.
shogunwolfdyvine May 22, 11:10 PM
oh thats awesome and true that ha
stickermans50 May 22, 5:56 AM
I SWEAR I WASN'T DRUNK LEL-SAMA, I swear I wasn't. Sleep got to me sir.... Sleep.. got to me. ;-;
Me neither, I knew I did terrible last night but after waking up and reading all of it again - with a clear head - holy shit, I instantly realized I was night-dreaming or something while writing it lol

Alright, the official reply starts now for your 2nd message and 1st reply lol ALSO I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I PUT "KYOKO-SAN DESU" and what it even means... Hoorrry shitto, nevah evah replying to peeps when supah sleepy ;-;

Agreed, very long. 4-ish months I'd say. IT WAS A CRUELCIAL (CRUEL + CRUCIAL) TIME FOR ME SIR.

Ikr? Gonna do lots in this free time :') Rewatch Hunter x Hunter (2011) in its entirety and maybe even watch 5-6 fav arcs from One Piece though I do want to be as productive as possible in these vacations so we'll see.

"The accident wasn't a big problemo," The motorbike just got my left leg lol and I only got a few tiny booboos except one big scratch but that's also no biggie either, it's all kewl. My friend didn't suffer mucho either so that's all good. The pain wasn't mucho but the fever I got after this thing definitely did suck away all the enjoyment of watching-ish things I'd try to watch, so ye. It was kinda hard :'/

Oh, going to my dad's sister to see her and stuff, I had to go out of town since she also lives out of the town. This is also the reason I replied late but guess what... I'M A FREE, ENTIRELY FREE SOUL NOW. YAY. *tears of happiness* ;-;

Totally. Silent Voice got to me despite being 'silent,' I heard what it tried to say to me loud and clear. Visual-storytelling is a bliss and KnK had lots of it, specially in the facial expressions of the characters. :D

A 10/10? I, sir, want to read the thoughts ASAP now lol and as for the VA, TOTALLY AGREED! Fav scene? Mine was when the girl just snaps and tries screaming "I'm trying my besto." She does her best to tell Shouya.... That got to me man, that really got to me. ;-;

HOLY SHIT! Awesome thoughts :D "despite the heavy melancholic moods present in the show, it comes off as optimistic." SO MUCH AGREEMENT HERE!

As for Kimi no Na wa, let's see. It's definitely not as good as this one, Katachi is just too brilliant and its character writing is what elevates it so much higher than Your Name for me. Your Name is a fun little romance with almost too beautiful animation but its character writing is where it just feels average. There are things that could've used some explanation, its romance is definitely top-notch and I do enjoy what little character dynamics are in the movie and my personal bias for the romance genre gets in the way but I found the movie to be overall average maybe just above average, aside from its animation of course. BECAUSE THAT'S THE BEST THERE IS (not fluidity-wise though, specially in characters >__>)

Toguro vs. Yusuke isn't bad per se, it's just that... well, it also has the asspull-ish thingy but this time the asspull, you'll know when you see it. Also, the first arcs are great lol and the final arc is also p damn good. The final arc feels like HxH if you ask me, it's gewd stuff :')
And agreed, YYH's stuff was new for its time when for us it's the good old shounen formula. If judged for its time, then maybe, sure, it is good but eh, having seen all other good shounens, not really. It ends up being average to me >.>

THAT SOUNDS AWESOME! Good luck for States, Lel! It'll be really coolio :D AND HORY SHITTO! WAIFU MERCHANDISE, Get ready for the great Lelouch is coming to get you in the States. ALL HAIL LELOUCH :3

I'm all good now :D Well almost :DDDDD

Reply number 2:

JoJo p4 is fan-fucking-tastic! It's coming from someone who found the first two parts to be almost garbage lol and the 3rd to be just ok. 4th is the shit, Lel-sama, you'll love it. It's got one of the best villains ever and probably the best villain of 2016. Specially anime-wise :')
stickermans50 May 22, 12:50 AM
Proper reply in the process of being written... seriously LOL, wtf does "The accident wasn't a big problemo, It as a thing where bet, I shot in my feet was enough anyone'd happy. We gotta find something else. Thanks for the months, good luck to me! Stick book :" even mean???
stickermans50 May 21, 2:03 PM
Ye ye ye ye :(

Ye ye ye ye, Free AF :')

The accident wasn't a big problemo, It as a thing where bet, I shot in my feet was enough anyone'd happy. We gotta find something else. Thanks for the months, good luck to me!
Stick book :

and ye, worth it lol

You even knew about the VA thingy but assures me that peeps like Anata will keep on going! :D Your thoughts on it are sugoi and I just love the themes! as for Your Name, well it's fun and the best of the animation but Kyoko-san desu....

Ye, this is what everyone tell me about YuYu lol
Also, I'm glad you're enjoying it. :D

P4 JoJo is the freaking shit. PLs watch >__>

AWESOME LOL "SO HERE COMES Lel-sama, Waifu Merchandise!" This'll be fun! :D

I shee... I shee... YOU ARE TOO KING ;-;

P.s- if the reply is half-assed I'll edit it tomorrow later because #SleepyOnMyEnd
YukiTakashi May 21, 9:37 AM
thank you to for accepte

stickermans50 May 21, 2:20 AM
And also sorry for the long AF message. :3
P.s: Yo! How's laifu? :')
stickermans50 May 21, 2:19 AM
LEL-SAMA! It's been a long time, too long, I KNOW! Long-story-short time!

I got done with exams around last Friday-ish and yeah, there were some formalities left with College but around yesterday is when I got fully super duper free. SO YAY! :D

The reason I wasn't active on MAL for a few days was because I got into an accident and well, I'll tell you the details about it later and maybe on message-y thing >.> but like, because of that accident I got sick and had fever for a few days and just yesterday I got somewhat gewd. I couldn't even enjoy anime until, let's see, yeah, I couldn't enjoy animu in the fever-condition AT ALL. ;-;

My pacing of watching animu will go super fast AFTER MONDAY because still a few things left to take care of :/

Anyway.... THANK YOU FOR THE KOE NO KATACHI REMINDER! I knew the BDs were coming out on 18th (I'd check everyday >__>) but because of the aforementioned condition and the risk of not being able to enjoy it to fullest got to me and well, I waited till today.

Just finished it a few minutes ago, like 20 minutes max AND HOLY SHIT. I'M IN LOVE. I was sick so it was much more relatable, it's not really a 10/10 enjoyment-wise but I loved it too much and my bias and love for it is at the max rn so not going to drop it for a while but the actual score is an 8 LOL

The VA for Shoko NAILED the performance! <3
Your thoughts on the movie? :O

Also, How is YuYu for you so far? I personally found it to be extremely average except maybe it's stylistic animation/art and unique battle scenarios. The fights themselves were just eh and asspulls are almost always present here and there, oh and the final fight in the arc just sucked balls. Referring to Toguro vs. Yusuke >__>
It was a fight that had an emotional weight behind it and it was hype-ish but eeeeh, it just couldn't live up to its build up for me. But that's just my thoughts :D what about you?

Also, have you seen JoJo yet?

shogunwolfdyvine May 20, 11:30 AM
thanks ha and these are some cool looking projects i like that capstone one the most,which programming languages are you learning?
shogunwolfdyvine May 19, 5:54 PM
lelouchh im so glad you accepted my friend request i always see you on the comments of all the anime i watch your episode reviews are amazingg i wish you could join this group im in called a.p.c also yes im tryin to get into the industry as a 3d artist somewhere along the lines of 3d prop/environment artist for starters in the past i collabed with little small indie teams and made small browser titles pretty booty games lol but finishing them gave great experience into the process and heres a little example of what i created for my portfolio https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dbw4X
MrDarkGalaxy May 17, 1:18 PM
You're welcome