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FireFistYamaan 10 hours ago
Yes you would love Nioh, specially is you like the Soulsborne games. The bosses are not "as" hard as Dark Soul, but on the other hand what game bosses are as hard as Dark Souls? They're hard but just not as hard as Dark souls. But I think that the game punishes you more for dying that the souls games do. But yea if you like Japanese history and hard games, this is pure candy for you to digest!

I'm thinking about NieR, do you think it's any good? I've heard mixed things about it
Ryunuosuke Today, 3:08 AM
Hahah yes, I am. Gintama is life XD
The Four Devas arc was really amazing as well. If I had to chose a top 3, it'd probably be the same ^^
Yes yes, I get what you mean. Really hard to express them in words but it was a great scene that had me tearing up :') You're making me want to re-watch Gintama now xD

Well I'll admit, I didn't really have much expectations before this season began :P The only thing that I had high expectations of were Ballroom, Kakegurui and Owarimonogatari 2. But I gotta say, I'm really enjoying the shows this season so far. Nana Maru San Batsu has to be my biggest surprise. Only anime can make me like stuff I usually hate in real life XD But seriously, this show has really piqued my interest and despite what a lot of them think, I kinda like Fukami's voice for some reason xD As for my favorite, it's gotta be Ballroom :D Made in Abyss comes close and I've been wanting to try Princess Principal. Probably will this weekend ^^
What about you? What do you like the most so far? How's the BnHa hype train coming along? XD

I know, sucks we don't have a lot of options :/ And yeah I got the 2 volumes of OP on Amazon. All you need is Kill however I got it at a viz stall during a comic con held in Bangalore. They had quite the collection but I was broke af and couldn't buy a lot. Rip me XD
Ryunuosuke Yesterday, 10:37 PM
Appreciate the wishes man. Thanks :D

Ah, don't worry about it, it's cool xD
Alest Yesterday, 10:24 AM
Yes it was!
Jaegar19 Jul 15, 3:59 AM
We're friends on Steam :D
And thanks... :)
Tokoya Jul 14, 4:42 PM
Lol, I am slightly disappointed in you sir =P

And yeah me too.....The second episode was a step up from the first thankfully and if it maintains this course, then it'll be a pretty decent watch imo

Apparently Togashi made some comments this week stating that his back issues are gone thanks to the medical attention that he got, so hopefully this means that we'll break that 10 chapter every 1-2 years trend

And you better watch Princess Principal by tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! Lol XD (Episode 2 comes out on Sunday)
Jaegar19 Jul 14, 11:21 AM
My name is Sadhanand. I'm an ECE student. You would have actually seen me a couple of times in our college's dota tournaments :)
Jaegar19 Jul 14, 10:46 AM
I'm actually your junior in VIT xD
stickermans50 Jul 12, 6:03 PM
I think there probably must be stores like that in there, but the thing is, we went during the Ramadan time and most of the state would be closed till like 4-ish P.M and so yeah, I never saw stores like that. And I totes forgot to ask peeps there. :/ Gomen but can't really answer your question with full accuracy.

Ikr? And again, if it was an episode worth of animation then it's somewhat understandable but the colossal titan --at most-- had like a minute of animation and that's all. S3 will be the best one if it's 2-cours, the 2nd cour will be fantastic! :D And yup, AoT's gonna end soon. 2-3 years? Not sure, but 4-5 for sure.

Ah! Tsuki ga Kirei, I love that show, I really do. Tsuki ga Kirei is really great, it's got great pacing with a sense of progression in the story in almost every episode with the story never ever feeling rushed but never too slow either. The art was great and the visual-storytelling in the anime was just freaking AMAZING. Little expressions, hand gestures, Azumi getting excited in his bed while LINE'ing Akane, all of it was just sooooo damn adorable and above all else was TgK's character writing.

Akane and Azumi are not only well-written but one of the better characters of the entire romance genre from anime tbh. They are believable, relatable and just so endearing to watch. Their relationship and its growth is slow but extremely realistic and with little to almost no drama. And the lack of drama is does wonders for the show because when there is drama and our Akane-chan cries, we almost break down with her. ;-; Mhm, Akane-chan....

The show's music does an extremely amazing job of setting up the atmosphere and since you've seen the show, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. TgK's atmosphere SCREAMS realism, it's just always so calm and with just the right amount of music too. The insert songs were great too. The biggest issue I had with the anime was its sloppy editing and jarring animation at times (referring to the CGI moments) that'd always break the mood and take me out of the immersion and I honestly, did not appreciate that....

BUT THAT'S JUST ONE THING! If we look past that, everything and almost everything this anime does well. And when all's set and done, TgK leaves you with not an open-ended ending but a beautiful full-on epilogue in the form of that one final shot of Azumi and Akane joined by the thread of fate, as if fate itself wanted them to be always together and ofc their kiddo with them too. It's just such a well-done anime.

I've already recommended it to 3-4 peeps and they have all enjoyed it so far and I intend to make my older sisters watch it too. I wasn't able to answer the merchandise animu properly so I hope I made up for that :P

Mhm, definitely. Specially since if Karasuno lost that match then we'd be 3rd-years-less for..ever ;-;

O-Oh, I-I'm glad they get you o__o
All of what you said is the truth, Lel-sama. Seirin in first season was them all working together to beat people. And S3 is pretty much asspulley for the most part :/ As for Kuroko, eh I like him but his personality can be irritating at times.

REALLY!? That's what the new Gintama animu is about?! FREAKING AWESOME! Can't wait to see dat comedy again! ;-;

YOUR VOLUME?! +___+ *room* *shambles* it's mine now >___>
And agreed LOL, Wish we could see more of Whitebeard when he was young and THE STRONGEST and could also see Shanks nowadays :'(

Thanks! I watched the 2nd OP and the song aside but the visuals and the animation are great :O The way All Might landing near Deku in the opening sequence is shot is just great. I love that angle. I honestly can't wait to binge it!!! Buuuuut.... #MustoWAIT!

Mhm, Rurouni does and agreed about Eva too. As for YYH, I'm glad you liked it, and as you said... too bad for me ;-; THOUGH ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, I also liked and enjoyed the final arc quite a bit. Maybe because it was the most HxH-ish thing in YYH? I don't know... probably because of that though. Mhm... On another note: The general consensus around the last arc is that it could be great but was shit lol and most peeps don't like that arc. :/


Yeeee, to pace himself yet he goes Blue and fires a Kamehameha again anyway.... #DBS -____- DragonBallSupersucks
And hey, I liked that action half too! :D But I've heard Toei is reusing animation, like a lot of it and that was quite heart-breaking to hear ;-;

LMAO! You do good Lel-kun, good job Robin's backstory, you made Lel supah emotional for Wan Pissu LOL.

Yay! Hope you the 2nd vid too. AND SAME! It's just that that's the general criticism peeps that don't like OP criticize it for.

Soooooo, in other words... It's Ul-cool-ora... this joke turned out to be shit! ;-;

Yeah, you lead. Smh -_____-

Same, can't wait to get nostalgic af and emotional and cry again ;-;
OH MY BAD, I MEANT SYRUP VILLAGE! Dunno how I got them confused :O

LMAO THAT'S A DREAM?! Damn it >__> Do give it a read though, pls. thnxs.

Yes sir! Oda's message in the latest chapter was emotional AF (almost cried :( and he is going to deliver like crazy till the ending happens so I shall be patient. :)

It's okay, I was late too this time. We are even desu :,/
speargoblin Jul 12, 6:36 AM
youre welcome
TrafalgarLucy Jul 11, 3:07 AM
Youre come :)
FireFistYamaan Jul 10, 2:20 PM
Well tbh I don't like Mass effect so I don't play that. Overwatch is a game i've played alot of but not for a few months now. Still think it's
a great game though. Right now I'm playing trough Nioh. Awesome game but very hard, and I mean VERY! I'm pretty ok at games but I have tried beating a level boss for 3 hours now!

Tokoya Jul 10, 1:30 PM
I'm shocked that you haven't seen it lol....It was fairly talked about on here too

And that's fine, Vatican can easily be a hit or a miss at this point so its probably better to wait it out....I'll let you know by the halfway point if its actually worth it and then again at the end of the season (Just in case is somehow gets better)

And wow, I didn't really look at the chart for Fall yet....I think the only series that I know of so far for Fall is S3 of Food Wars - Which I LOVE to death, but going off of what you said, I'm gonna look at the list right now lol

And as for Togashi, I'm praying that this won't happen with Hunter (I saw the rankings last week and it was pretty low which is VERY odd)
Tokoya Jul 10, 12:26 PM
I'm liking Altair too....Reminds me of Arslan Senki a lot more than it should be (I love that series so I don't mind lol) and yeah, Vatican seems like a show that would be nice to binge although it does have a mystery aspect to it that could be interesting to think about every week

And yeah, that whole situation was just messed up....Kinda wish we could have seen the Demon World Tournament arc become what Togashi intended it to be but oh well....I still loved the arc regardless
Tokoya Jul 10, 8:19 AM
Haha, good :)

The other 2 shows were Altair and Vatican but I don't see those coming close to the level of Princess Principal and Made in Abyss (I still enjoyed them both though and I feel like the negative reception in the thread for Vatican is pretty uncalled for)

As for the YYH thing, from what I heard a few years back, Togashi had some issues with his staff (Or with Jump, I can't remember which) and as a result he had to rush the ending because of disagreements etc