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Mar 22, 2017
Nanbaka's second season starts off with an episode that restates a certain quote and reinforces the meaning of this quote multiple times during the episode - "Nanbaka is a gag anime", Nanbaka has always been at its best when it's portraying the daily lives of our eccentric innmates and guards of Building 13 in all their fun, frolic, heavily contrasted colors, sparkles and comedic glory. The occasional appearance of characters from other buildings adds some nice diversity to the regular formula delivering an overall fun and enjoyable experience. After a first episode that seemed to draw focus to the show's best element, it felt as read more
Mar 22, 2016
When it comes to sports anime there is something that all of them have in common, In fact that common thing is what in essence makes most of them such a pleasure to watch. Haikyuu, Hajime no Ippo, Kuroko no Basket, Diamond no Ace and pretty much every other Sports anime out there has it. Of course what I'm referring to is 'Passion', 'Energy' and 'Excitement'. By Energy I refer to the energetic nature of Sports anime, Any good Sports anime will make you feel energetic, lively and perhaps even make you perform a little exercise or so. This inherent quality that every sports anime read more
Dec 22, 2015
When they first announced a new Aria anime I assumed we might be getting a sequel to the original Hidan no Aria, Granted the original was by no means a great show but it was at least half decent. However instead of a sequel we got something called Hidan no Aria AA a spin off series that takes place around the same time.

Spin off's are normally an outcome of a surge in popularity for the main or parent show, From my viewpoint I don't really think the original Hidan no Aria was popular or even good enough to adapt a spin off but nevertheless we read more
Dec 17, 2015
I first began reading Boku No Hero Academia after hearing people say that it would be Naruto's successor in the Big 3. It's very easy to see the similarities and influences of these shows especially Naruto and One Piece on Hero Academia provided you're familiar with them. That being said if you think that this is some kind of rehashed Naruto 2.0 (As I have heard people calling it this) then I must tell you that thought is completely wrong, Boku no Hero Academia might share the common Shounen tropes but it does set itself apart from them to have it's own unique style and read more