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こんにちは (Kon'nichiwa)!

just a wanderer who loves watching anime and reading manga that irks my curiosity. i delve into doing some paper crafting too & writing (lately both hobbies are inspired by whatever anime/manga i just recently finished).

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Tala-Is-Eternal May 12, 4:49 AM
Haha I know that feeling and I hate it so much to wait a week for it
Tala-Is-Eternal Apr 30, 3:46 AM
Ah yes. I get that, I did that with the other two. Sometimes it is better so you can relax and watch it all the way
Tala-Is-Eternal Apr 25, 6:11 AM
I get that, all I am wwatching is Maou-Gakuin right now
Tala-Is-Eternal Apr 23, 5:17 AM
I get it, I personally enjoyed it a lot

Umm, I check regurly the lists but so far no like. A new season of Nanoha comes but with the kids, so I do not know i f I wanna watch it
Tala-Is-Eternal Apr 19, 4:49 AM
Glad to hear that

Shaman King Flowers and Classroom of the elite s3. Both loving it,and both unsure when the next season will be. Like Maou
Tala-Is-Eternal Apr 16, 10:49 AM
I agree with that. You can ger easily scammed

Glad tto hear, still enjoying the job? um I finally got around to watching 2 animes, that are finished
Tala-Is-Eternal Apr 14, 6:04 AM
lol I can't disagree with that haha. How ya doing, sorry that it took me forever to answer
Alfredo-Sauce Apr 12, 11:40 PM
oh lol i just felt like not capitalizing the first letter at the beginning for faster typing i guess lol
Really? That's the only reason why? lol, well since you did it again in this reply I think this time it was on purpose (don't deny it!) 🙄 Naughty...

usually when they show some characters at the end, those characters often has something to do with how the rest of the series goes from where it ended. of course some series don't get a second or third season, so showing those characters is kinda annoying (unless they do it to entice viewers to buy the manga and read what happens next lol).
Yeah if no other seasons come out the manga is the only way to go. What I find kind of crazy is that anime is usually created (at least that's how it's mostly been in the past) to promote the manga which is weird to me considering how much more expensive it is to create an anime vs. a manga. I say in the past because I've noticed more animes that are original series (not based on any manga) and some of them have been pretty successful, like Lycoris Recoil.

On that note I'd like to add that it is kind of disappointing how many good animes don't get a 2nd season and some mediocre ones do, like huh?! So I've been thinking of focusing more on animes that have had multiple seasons that I still need to watch and focus less on new animes that only have 1 season and catch up on those later, especially if they get a 2nd season. As you know I plan on watching SH soon followed by someday watching DBZ, Fairy Tail, Is it Wrong..., etc.

i don't think other platforms are streaming it. but hey, now i know what i wanna use that "magic" for: The Irregular at Magic High School The Movie - The Girl Who Summons The Stars 😂😜
Hmm ok, stay tuned :p

About Slime
rimuru sees the goblins and the kaijin as his family, and majority of the dead were goblins, plus his beloved tantrum-throwing secretary lol he also realized that their deaths were on him coz of the rules he instilled in them and of course they were ever so loyal to him that they followed it to a T until they were cut down by those bastards 🤬
Yeah that's true, he definitely felt responsible for what happened which was the right thing to do. While it was sad that Shion and company were killed once Eren revealed the story of how a demon king was able to revive a dead character back to life I figured Shion and most likely the others would be too. Regardless it was still great watching Rimuru and his companions mow everyone down.

that just proves how "worthy" of a human being Shogo was lol they were all selfish egomaniacs whose heads grew bigger coz they were summoned and received powers; they probably thought they are OP'd already coz they were summoned like those heroes from manga and anime, but little did they know that there are actually far more stronger non-summoned beings that can beat the snot outta him lol

a person who is blinded by their own self worth and self justice or whatever the heck they are so full of themselves about, won't bother to listen to what anyone they considered "beneath them" in stature, especially if they were mere monsters whom everyone seems to think were dumb, stupid and just after killing off humans.
Yup, it was easy to dislike them given how arrogant and merciless they were and it was funny to hear you compare them to other isekais where the MC is strong in a certain way but most of them are at least somewhat humble, esp. compared to these goons.

Speaking of otherworlders, even though I also dislike Hinata she at least isn't arrogant in as so far as to think there isn't anyone stronger than her, hence her putting up a barrier before attacking Rimuru. At this point I'm not sure if her and Rimuru will fight again before S3 but I know she's around since the poster you linked a week ago showed her.

i think that 3.14% was calculated based on Rimuru's current mana level, which was a lot considering he ate Veldora and basically received his blessings, but after he massacred those Falmuth army and earned a new skill, Merciless, he probably just leveled up exponentially, which added to him becoming really OP after he evolved and Great Sage evolved to Raphael.
Hmm, so you think that the % chance was a lot higher? Any idea how high, like close to 100%? I thought it was odd how they explained it since they kept saying 3.14% but also that Rimuru would have to be a demon lord in order to be able to revive them, maybe I didn't understand how it was worded but regardless it worked out as I figured it would.

he wasn't called "Diablo" back when he first crossed paths with Shizu. he was still called "Black" or "Noir" as he was nameless when he was summoned. Rimuru was the one who named him, otherwise, if he was already named "Diablo" when he first crossed paths with Shizu, that would mean he was already named by his master and won't be summonable anymore coz he already has a master he's serving.
I see, I thought he was called by Diablo before but since what you said makes more sense so I think some forum posters probably called him by his given name by Rimuru since many posters read the manga before anyone knew that name. Side note, it's a pet peeve how some of them post spoilers from the manga by saying stuff like "oh I can't wait until so and so kicks so and so's butt" or something, like dude you just spoiled an upcoming fight and who wins 🤦‍♂️

i think after all the excitement in the previous episodes, this 12th episode was a breather episode, infusing it with humor before introducing the next headache the Tempest gang is about to face 😜
Yeah it's a good stopping point as when it aired part 2 started up again 3 months later w/ Dairies filling in, speaking of which, it's very SoL so it's not as exciting as the main series but it does have some funny moments such as in the 1st ep. Gabiru and his guys were rehearsing a ridiculous song about Rimuru lol.

The 2nd ep. was about farming and it was ok and slow. Ngl, I'm definitely missing the main series already and I liked the earlier OVAs compared to this. Hopefully there will be a beach episode (or 2) to mix things up. What did you think of Dairies as a whole?
Alfredo-Sauce Apr 10, 10:39 PM
why did you ask if shift key was broken? 🤔
Because for some reason your responses for Apr 7th did not have the first letter of paragraphs capitalized and you usually do capitalize them like in your latest reply :) Maybe you were tired or in a rush, or traveling?? 😛😉

I'd be interested to watch a match on TV if they ever show it. Hmm...come to think of it, I might end up checking to see if it gets televised lol
Yeah not sure what channels you have up there but some sports oriented channels may at least show highlights. Ngl I won't go out of my way to see any of this on tv but in person if I'm in the area I'll see how close I can get without paying for a ticket for the beach volleyball lol.

About Wrong Way...
I make sure to pay attention to any new characters, and if I see a new face after I skipped some scenes, I go back and find out why or who that new face is lol I already know they added the fox beastkin to the cast of characters, but didn't they show some of the demon characters in the end there? Or I might be confused with a different ending sequence for a different series all together lol
Girl, you do have a good memory, they did show brief scenes of some demons which I'm assuming were ones that were previously shown but I didn't count them as new characters for that reason but also because of their very brief appearance although I could see them being expanded upon in the next potential season. In particular if Felm does get rehabilitated I take it they would target her since I would imagine they would see her as a traitor.

I'm almost done catching up to S2 of Irregular, and I'm kinda bummed that the movie isn't available on CR (they showed it for a limited time when Funimation was still around); hopefully CR gets the right to stream it again coz I enjoyed that movie before they showed the second season.
Hmm, unless its on another streaming platform like Hulu, Netflix, etc it may be available on a "magic" site if you're interested.

Well, when you think about it, IRL, it is true when you look back and read about history. And the Great Cleric, some of the people involved in the church are OK people, but still, the healers who are supposed to be working for the church are all greedy bastards, which reflects badly on the church itself lol
Yeah true that there were some bad apples in the Great Cleric and I think generally there will always be some especially in large groups but I think the MC was on his way to change that habit. Speaking of which, that was another series that was getting good as it ended /sigh

About Slime,
Shion would've had to be one helluva strong warrior to survive the attack dealt to her. But I think they needed to kill off some key characters to help move the story along and give Rimuru the push he needs to considering taking on the task of becoming a Demon Lord 😁
Yeah great point as I also think Shion was the main driving force in pushing Rimuru to do what he had to do.

Hakuro's group showed more satisfying fight scenes, especially when Geld was beating the crap outta that Shogo guy after he just killed the female otherworlder to gain her power.
That was such a slimey move that even I felt a bit bad for her as she got strangled to death but she was no angel herself so that bad feeling didn't last since she got Gobta's friend killed.

They have one of the high ranking priests from the church with them, so of course they were told of Hinata's face off against Rimuru. Since Hinata didn't bother double checking to make sure that Rimuru was indeed dead, they all just took her word for it that he was defeated and left it at that. I think that information was what made them confident in attacking Tempest knowing that their leader is supposedly gone now.
Hmm, another great point (I can tell you've watched this multiple times lol) that with Rimuru out their chance of success would be very high if not 100%. So now that it's confirmed this is the same group that Hinata is working with I think it's only a matter of time before she realizes her big screw up in not ensuring Rimuru's death although I think her bigger screw up is not hearing Rimuru out when they fought.

I just finished up watching part 1 of S2 and in ep. 11 Rimuru officially became a demon lord, and it was a sight to behold! The demon named Diablo returned when Rimuru summoned several demon lords and the Great Sage evolved to become Raphael with the same subtle attitude lol. Also, Shion has been resurrected which I pretty much expected to happen despite there only being a 3.14% chance. They did add that the 3.14% chance was before Rimuru became a demon lord (but that doesn't make much sense since he couldn't revive anyone unless he became a demon lord right?) so I'm guessing the chance of resurrecting increased quite a bit after his transformation.

Ep. 12 was another packed episode with some humor and confirmations of the storyline. First about the humor, it was funny how Benimaru made a password w/ Rimuru to ensure he was still the same person by coming up with the phrase "Shion's cooking tastes like shit" and it backfired thanks to Raphael lol. Also it was nice how Rimuru woke up in Shion's lap w/ her boobs resting on his head, he probably missed that haha.

About the confirmations, it was confirmed that Milim did declare war against Eurazania and fought it out w/ Carrion for unknown reasons and its also confirmed that Clayman is somehow behind that and on that note I'm surprised that Milim left herself vulnerable to allow Clayman to either control or manipulate her. I'm assuming that will be explained later on at some point. Oh and it looks like Veldora is free now! So I'm guessing part 2 will have Veldora play a role for Rimuru.

There was another confusing part regarding Diablo as I thought he already had that name? Wasn't that his name back when he saved Shizu??

Anyway, part 1 of S2 was an enjoyable and entertaining watch but I'll be taking a break w/ S2 since I now have to watch the Dairies since it was released between part 1 & part 2 of S2. Did you like those episodes because I'm assuming it's very SOL considering the name of this series?
Alfredo-Sauce Apr 8, 10:20 PM
Hello, I have a question, did the shift key on your keyboard break? 😛

the indoor uniform needs more coverage since they often end up sliding on the court to save the ball, so bare skin will freaking hurt if they do that! lol beach setting doesn't require a of sliding, just diving for the ball to save it and hitting the sand bare skinned is probably better or something lol And let's face it, beach volleyball is more of a fan service compared to the indoor volleyball setting lol
Lol, I didn't even consider them sliding on the court bare skinned so your explanation makes sense. And agreed that beach volleyball is more fan service than indoor :p Btw, do you follow volleyball? AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) will be in my area in May although I don't really follow it but I may check it out.

it was before Wethermon. i think him being escorted to Rabitzua (or however that place is spelled lol) is already a unique scenario quest as it is.
I see, well he has much to do so I think we'll see that play it too when S2 starts up.

There better be a second season coz...well, they can't just leave it like that after showing some other characters in the end there (or didn't they? i'm probably getting confused with all of the series i'm watching lol).
Haha, this is why you shouldn't fast-forward through scenes and stuff although I understand watching too much stuff as I've gotten confused too. To answer your question, the last couple of characters they introduced were the fox girl that is going w/ Usato and Felm herself so not sure if you thought there were other ones beyond them.

it is a good start after missing watching new episodes for over two years now since the second season ended. i can't wait to watch next weeks episode and find out more on what happens next. as for Irregular, I became a fan of the series after binge-watching it on Netflix a few years back, and I was ecstatic when the second season was announced and now that the 3rd season is out, I'm back to rewatching the series again starting from S1 lol
Good to hear that S3 of Slime is starting out strong and that you're excited for the next episode 👍

Also, good to hear that you're refreshing yourself for Irregular so that you don't miss any part of the new season. As I said I have that on my PTW list but I don't know when I'll get started because I had planned on watching SH after I catch up on Slime.

i watched the first episode too. i wasn't sure if i was gonna like this or not, but the synopsis was intriguing enough and although it felt kinda slow to me the start of the first episode, it did become interesting midway through so now i wanna know what happens next episode.
So I watched the 2nd ep. and I know you did too and I thought it was better than the first but I'm still thinking this is ok but not as good as Slime. It's a shame they waited so long to adapt this as some consider this the "father" of isekais since the LN came out back in 2012, 12 years to adopt this, wow.

Ok now about Slime
if i recall beginning of S2 rimuru had to travel back to Tempest real quick to wish his delegates good luck going to Eurazania, so him being at the school with the kids in E5 isn't really confusing me much to me lol
I think that the anime producers didn't know if Slime would get green lit for a S2 and also for 24 eps. so I still think that they went back to add scenes that they were originally going to omit because it was weird how they repeated Rimuru leaving the school twice but it worked out in the end and I'm glad they added the new stuff at the beginning of S2 to flesh out the storyline of Falmuth and Rimuru (most likely) becoming a demon lord (I say most likely because I haven't seen that happen yet) and of course adding the Eurazania storyline which I also think will come into play later on since, for some reason, Milim declared war on.

Btw ngl, I kind of miss her as she added her own silliness and comedic moments to this show and she hasn't been around since S1 except for one brief moment looking out a window from a demon lord's place which I think was Clayman's but not completely sure.

what i noticed after watching countless anime series, the "church" is often depicted as not the source of good, but rather a buncha lies, deceit and all the mean things stem from those places lol
Yeah I've noticed that as I watch more isekais which I'm not a big fan of as but I think for the creators it's a "safe" group to make the bad guys rather than picking a race or something lol. At least the Great Cleric series from last year showed the church as mostly good.

the episode before, when those falmuth shitheads invaded Tempest and wrecked havoc in town, was my most skipped episode during my rewatch lol but this episode was bittersweet, and i honestly cried like Gobta when I saw Gobzo lying there lifeless. i was shocked when i saw Shion's lifeless body and broken horn, and i honestly felt Rimuru's anger after seeing what the humans did to his people and his town. that story Eren told Rimuru about, i think that is Milim's backstory on how she became a demon lord.
Aww, yeah it was tough and shocking to watch but the way the previous ep. ended with the otherworlders about to attack Gobta's friend and Shion I feared the worst and yeah they got killed. Yeah I thought it was Milim, especially after in the latter part of the story showed her in her current garb but makes me wonder how old she is since she looks like a teen girl, my guess is that since she's half dragon plus demon lord she either doesn't age or ages very slowly like an elf or something.

So I watched ep. 10 yesterday and it was a satisfying watch with the revenge beginning. Benimaru had a very easy time taking down the side he was assigned to, the fight scene between the elder ogre, Hakuro, and the otherworlder w/ the all seeing eye was great, but it sucked that Shogo was able to escape although the old sorcerer guy ended up using him for his body, literally lol. So I believe that all of the otheworlders are dead, at least from the group that attacked Tempest.

Oh and that old sorcerer guy that took Shogo's body was surprised to hear that Rimuru lives as he knew that Hinata fought him so that confirms that Hinata is working for the same church/group that also attacked Tempest. What did you think of ep. 10?
Alfredo-Sauce Apr 6, 11:31 PM
🤣🤣🤣🤣 I don't think women's beach volleyball team uniforms are that revealing, are they? Unless it's a non-competitive beach volleyball match, then yeah, they can show off so much skin for peeps to ogle at lol
I've seen some women's volleyball on tv in the past and sometimes their outfit rides up but enough about describing it, you know how they say a picture is worth 1,000 words? Well technically it's 2 pics but this shows that indoor volleyball can be a bit revealing too...

But good for that area for receiving tourist to boost their economy, but only downside is the place gets trashed coz quite a lot of people don't know how to respect the places they are visiting.
Yeah that's the unfortunate part of having too many tourists, that a few are disrespectful and make it so the locals start dreading tourists as a whole which ruin it for the rest of us. I've recently heard that Japan is going to ban tourists/foreigners from going into certain parts of their cities due to having to deal with a bunch of headaches/hassles which is a shame.

Regarding SLF
I thought it'd be a short, one-season series myself, but I realized they will need to add a second season when Vash gave Sunraku more quests to complete his unique quest. He barely made a dent on that list (I think) and they better not end the season without addressing that matter lol
Oh yeah I remember that, was that after or before the Wethermon fight? Besides them better not forgetting to address that, they also better not forget to address Sunraku's curse and the fight against Lycagon.

About Wrong Way...
I think she fell for Usato's kindness and indifference towards her. He was more worried about her injuries when he came to see her when she was in jail, and I don't think he insisted on interrogating her before healing her injuries. It was his act of kindness that endeared him to her and I think that's what made her not wanna be away from him.
Yeah good points, and I'd like to add that Felm probably doesn't want to stay back w/ Rose alone lol. Wondering about future possibilities makes me hope that they eventually announce a 2nd season. 🤞

About Slime
Slime and the Otherworlders:
Yeah, those guys are pieces of trash lol And I really wanna get my hands on 'em and bash their faces in coz of how full of themselves are, a trait that Rimuru warned the monsters to not develop after they evolved. Those Otherworlders were clearly displaying those traits of belittling those they deem beneath them simply because they're low level monsters. And if they hadn't cheated, those so-called low level monsters would've beaten their sorry asses in zero time flat lol
I pretty much feel the same way, they got me a little upset especially with that damn barrier that weakened the monsters, argh! Speaking of which, I recently watched eps. 7, 8, & 9 and they were shown in ep. 9 guarding one of the exit points and barrier points with the elder ogre, along with other monsters, heading over there to eliminate everyone and to get the weakening barrier down.

I didn't pay much attention to the actual timeline once I started watching second season lol I was more engrossed with what was currently happening and figured that Rimuru was just traveling back and forth between Tempest and the school where he teaches.
Since I had recently watched the 1st season and currently going through S2 I realized that they repeated the same scenes in S2E6 as what was shown in S1E23 when Rimuru left the school and gave Chloe Shizu's mask but main point is that everything after S2E6 is back on track. Although as you said prior to him him leaving his teaching position he was traveling back and fourth.

I think Rimuru's guilt of not being able to save Shizu made him say/think that he was responsible for killing Shizu. Hinata's belief that monsters aren't trustworthy because of the church's teaching probably was the reason why she doesn't want to spare a single second listening to Rimuru explain what exactly happened.
Hmm, yeah I can see that, although now with the church helping out Falmuth I wondering if a high ranking member from the church filled Hinata's mind with a bunch of lies or half-lies and she just accepted it. If she is part of that same church then I can see someone giving her grief because they will find out the hard way that Rimuru is still alive.

I want to add that in ep. 7 Rimuru cloned himself to escape Hinata's fatal strike but you'd think that she could've felt his presence still, unless her barrier masked his mana/life force.

Girl, ep. 8 was pretty morbid with confirmation that Shion and Gobta's friend were killed by the otherworlders and a bunch of other goblins were killed too. Also, Myulan confessed to everything and told Rimuru what she knew of Clayman. Ooh, also Eren, whom I had forgotten about, appeared and told Rimuru of a fairy tale about resurrection where a half dragon/half human eventually became a demon lord and the illustrations of the girl looked alot like Milim!

Ngl, after hearing the story and with Rimuru having a "3%" chance of success in resurrecting Shion and the others I think that it will happen because of plot armor lol, what do you think?

Lastly, ep. 9 was mostly a buildup ep. w/ Rimuru planning on taking on the 20,000 troop army to become a "true" demon lord (this is one of the first times I can recall them implying different levels of demon lord), so I think ep. 10 will be crazy w/ action & violence.

I just finished watching the first episode of S3 and I felt like it was over in just under 5 minutes! lol Okay, maybe 10 mins lol But it was a good start to the season, and now my Friday night line-up is set with Slime & The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3. I was feeling kinda bummed out coz after Monday, the season's new series that were released weren't to my liking. I started watching some of 'em on a whim, and some were good, while the rest were blah lol
Well that sounds like good news that S3 of Slime felt like 5-10 mins lol. I haven't watched Irregular at Magic High School but it is on my PTW and it seems to be about magic with a mix of action and fantasy elements, sounds good. Are you a big fan of that series?

Speaking of new series, there's still a few more to be released but I have 3 I'm watching on Monday including one that is supposedly an OG that influenced Slime and that is Re:Monster. While the first ep. was decent it seems like it's more basic than Slime and some posters that have read the manga have implied that. Have you watched that one, and if so, what did you think?
Alfredo-Sauce Apr 4, 11:07 PM
I played volleyball for fun when I was back in junior high. I never joined any team, except when our school had our sports festival week and our class competed in the girls volleyball. I think I was only on the court for one set and I scored 1 point which happened purely by fluke lol
Hey a point is a point, good job lol. On the topic of volleyball, I went to CA State University Long Beach (not far from where I currently live) and the girls' volleyball team is known for being one of the best in the US. Also, that's a sport I don't mind watching and I'm talking about womens volleyball, especially beach volleyball (don't ask because I'm sure you can guess why 😆)

About Slam Dunk
I heard it was a good series too (my brother wanted to watch it and I dunno if he eventually did watch it or watched a completely different series lol). It's a really old school anime, back in late 80s or early 90s. It was interesting; I watched nearly halfway through the first episode, but never finished it. At the time I wasn't in the mood to watch any sports series and forgot about it after that lol
Yeah it's an 'OG' anime that I may someday watch. Recently there was a movie and the reason I know that is because there was a Youtube clip of an abnormal number of tourists congregating on a certain street that was shown in the movie and locals were saying how they had a harder time dealing with the large number of tourists that were taking selfies at that spot.

I knew they won't be able to tell the full story in just one season of SLF, especially with all the stuff they keep injecting in there and whatnot. Plus that unique scenario quest Sunraku received early on in the series, they presented it as something that can't/won't be resolved in just one 24-ep season.
Early on I had no idea how long this series might be and it really wasn't until they got to the Wethermon fight that I realized they're going to need a bunch more episodes to get through all of this. I also didn't realize how big a deal that scenario ended up being and for that we get to see Emul almost as much as the MC himself.

Wrong Way was an interesting series. I'm curious to know what becomes of Felm since she seemed to have grown attached to Usato. She was gonna stowaway on Usato's ride when he leaves for his mission with the heroes lol But too bad for her, it's the fox beastkin that ended accompanying him. And I think Rose took a liking to Felm too, otherwise, why would she waste training her even if the king asked her to do it, right? I mean, she'd take Felm under her wing, but she won't give her the same treatment she gave Usato when she personally recruited him to her rescue squad team lol
I think Felm grew attached to Usato because he was the only one that would go visit her in jail and (I think) healed her up after he kicked her butt. One way she can become more trustworthy is if it comes out that she was being mind controlled by some demon person or some accessory she has or had because what's to stop her from transforming again down the road? And Rose really only trained her to appease the king but if Felm learns to heal she could become another valuable asset although I laughed when the king had Rose train her because as Felm said, the training is worse than chilling in jail lol.

Anyway, I hope this gets a 2nd season because this has the potential to be better than this 1st season.

Slime time! lol
So you're enjoying S2 already, and 4 episodes in already. That's good. Things are starting to get turned upside down now, but that will only propel the series to moving forward a bit faster.

And I think Hinata dislikes Rimuru coz the Western Holy Church doesn't like monsters; to them, monsters needs to be killed. So Rimuru will have to work real hard to convince her and her team that his Tempest crew are the good kinds of monsters with almost OP abilities lol
Girl, I watched eps. 5 & 6 and Hinata is a bitch, although Rimuru didn't help things out and I'll explain in a minute.

As for the other Otherworlders...can't talk about them much until after you've seen a few more episodes. I'll be spoiling it for ya if I do lol
Thanks, and so far those otherworlders are arrogant aholes and I think they may have killed a goblin (Gobta's friend that stood up to Shuna) and the elder ogre guy but it hasn't been confirmed yet.

So about eps. 5 & 6, yeah things really took off and shit hit the fan to say the least. In ep. 5 the otherworlders entered Rimuru's capital city and tried to frame Gobta's friend but Gobta stood up to them and knew they were lying (my fondness towards Gobta went up in this episode). Myulan revealed who she really is and it was confirmed that she's being used by Clayman and they said he has her heart (do they mean that in a literal sense?) Also 2 barriers were put up to weaken the monsters and Milim declared war on Eurazania, what's up with that ??

Ep. 6 confirmed that this season actually started before the end of S1 which is weird and confusing. My guess is that the producers weren't sure if this would get more multi-cour seasons and since it was approved later they added scenes that were probably going to be omitted, what's your thought on that?

About Hinata and Rimuru, Rimuru messed up when he admitted to "killing" Shizu since I think that made Hinata more determined to kill him. And Hinata is a bitch because for one thing, she weakened Rimuru with her barrier (although I'll admit it's a smart tactic), but also because she has refused to listen/reason w/ Rimuru. With that said, this ended w/ Rimuru using gluttony so we'll see what happens next.

I've been pretty excited watching that last couple of episodes but man did things take a turn for chaos, good stuff although it irritates me how the bad guys are cheating w/ those barriers but I'll admit that makes things more interesting. Are you excited for S3 starting when you read this? :)
Alfredo-Sauce Apr 2, 10:55 PM
The episode that came out this past Saturday was more of a recap episode, but this time the commentators were Veldora and Diablo. 😝
ANOTHER recap?! Haha this series is the king of recaps jeez :p

Hahaha it was one of those "must watch" series when it came out, and after not finding any luck with the seasonals, I decided to check it out and ended up enjoying it. And yeah, sports anime are fun to watch, but I easily get bored with it. The only series I didn't get bored watching and can't help but want to watch more is Haikyuu!! 😍 Maybe because I love volleyball.
Glad to hear that you like some sports series and volleyball in particular. I've seen a few matches on TV for volleyball and near me they have volleyball competitions at the beach in the summer.

And another sports anime that I binged to the very last episode/movie is Kuroko no Basket. I don't mind watching basketball too since growing up, my bro, dad and uncles are all big basketball fans, so whenever it's the NBA semi-finals and finals, it's a big deal. I don't follow any particular team; I mostly end up cheering for whoever is the underdog, unless both teams duking it out in the finals both haven't won any championships in a very long time, then I just cheer for whoever is winning ATM lol
Haha, your cheering the underdog reminds me of what you said about the super bowl and doing the same thing :p I do like watching basketball although to be honest I haven't watched as much since Kobe from the Lakers retired and especially after he died. Having said that I've thought about watching a basketball-themed anime and I heard that Slam Dunk is good and popular and looking the one you linked up it also looks solid. Have you seen Slam Dunk and if so what did you think of it?

Emul is Sunraku's number one bunny gal! lol And didn't you notice how she was making faces at him during his attempts to beat those crystal scorpions? It was hilarious. And yeah, I noticed that both Emul & Sunraku both ended up having the same expression, but I'd be mirroring the same expression as theirs too given how much Bilac was salivating over those loot that Sunraku presented her.
I can imagine you looking smug while Bilac looks over the loot if you were in Sunraku and Emul's shoes lol. Regarding the 2nd season, yeah I don't mind them slowing down if the producers know there's another season coming but for those series that don't get another season it sucks when they end after what seems like a big prologue and then don't release another season.

On that note I hope that The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic gets another season because I thought that was a good series this past season and it ended when I thought it was getting better. While I don't care much for that new girl character, Felm, because I don't trust her after what she did, I still want to see where this series goes. Back to Felm, I actually thought she was going back to her demon group to tell them what she knows when she sneaked out and instead she was going to wait on Usato but I'm still relieved to see Rose keeping an eye on her. I ended up giving this series an 8, what about you?

About Slime, brace yourself lol:
I was confused too when I saw this episode, but since Diablo is interested in Rimuru, and he is indebted to Shizu or something like that, he kept an eye on her and her charges, and since the kids became Rimuru's charges as well, he just wanted to return Shizu's favor I guess by answering the summon when the kids and the teacher were in danger.
Ok I'm glad I wasn't the only one confused because Diablo's "debt" seems more like a favor he chose to do then.

Based on the S3 poster, I think we'll see them face off once again.
I think Hinata's given the wrong information about how Shizu died, and since Rimuru wore Shizu's face on his humanoid person, Hinata most likely assumed that he ate her corpse and gained her features.
Hmm, ok then if they do end up facing off in S2 then they might face off again in S3 then, and good point about her assumption but I'm not fond of her just jumping to conclusions so I'm thinking they'll fight it out and when one or both of them get tired, or take a break, then the truth will come out or something, but seeing them on S3 poster I'm guessing that doesn't get resolved in S2.

Btw I started watching S2 yesterday and have seen 4 episodes total. Ep. 1 showed that Rimuru was still teaching at the school w/ the kids so that was a bit confusing since last season he said goodbye to them so not sure if he returned or this started a bit in the past? I'm guessing based on a couple of episodes later that they went back to before the end of S1.

Anyway, got introduced to a caravan from the animal kingdom with the leader being Carrion which I remembered from S1 and being behind the Charybdis enemy. Him & Rimuru established diplomacy so this episode focused on that with one of beastketeers being overly aggressive and Shion wasn't having none of that lol.

Ep. 2 was pretty good episode with Rimuru's village coming to an agreement with trade with Carrion's group. I thought it was funny when Shion threw a tantrum when Rimuru was going to have her stay behind while he and Shuna visited Dwargon lol. Speaking of Shion, in ep. 3 she got drunk and passed out while Rimuru was talking to Gazel, funny stuff, and of course the ending was more funny w/ Rimuru and the boys going to that elf chick bar that they went to back in S1 and unfortunately Shion and Shuna found out by asking one of the goblin guys that had no idea what he did lol. So now Rimuru has to eat Shion's cooking for a week... RIP :p

Btw the mysterious wizard girl, named Myulan, that was shown w/ Demon Lord Clayman is trying to get with Youm's group, presumably to get closer to Rimuru. She is pretty but I don't like her much so far because she's following Clayman's orders although it looks like he may be blackmailing her so we'll see I suppose.

So ep. 4 seems to be a turning point where things are about to get darker. Falmuth sees Tempest as a nuisance due to business downturn, Myulan is spying for Clayman, Milim made a brief cameo and it looks like she's with Clayman (or maybe it's another demon lord?), definitely curious as to what's she's been up to and what's going on with her.

Also, Rimuru is still with the kids but he has told them that he's leaving soon so it appears that they did backtrack from episode 23 from season 1. There's also new "otherworlders" that are going to confront Rimuru but also seem irritated at being told what to do so I could see them turning on their bosses especially if Rimuru offers them manga or something lol. What did you think of these early S2 episodes, I'm liking what I'm seeing 👍
Alfredo-Sauce Mar 31, 10:28 PM
OK, I'll try and watch it and not be annoyed by the drama lol But really, it's harder for me to watch something that I really don't feel like watching and enjoy watching it. So until my mind decided it wants to watch an episode of this series, then that's when it's gonna happen.
So it looks like that ended up happening sooner rather than later huh (more on that series in our other conversation thread).

I enjoyed Ao Ashi, but finishing that series also took me a while. And, I didn't start watching the series until the season was almost over (I think it's a 24-ep season).
Diamond no Ace is actually pretty good, and I like the characters. None of 'em are the annoying, cringe-y types. But I think after binge-watching the first two seasons, I was all baseballed-out and can't concentrate on watching the 3rd season lol
Hmm, Ao Ashi is another high scored sports-themed anime, gotta say you pick good ones when you're in the mood to watch one. Regarding these types of anime, it seems like you like them but to an extent. Like you'll pick one and watch it and then be good on that for a while, is that a fair assessment? Also, did you ever finish the 3rd season of Diamond no Ace?

About SLF, so the finale just happened, and I thought it ended at a decent spot since there wasn't a cliffhanger but it felt like it slowed down a bit too much after the Wethermon fight. Also that fight and the build up to it felt like it dragged a bit, you know? Having said that, I did enjoy watching it and I liked the goofy/humorous bits littered throughout. For example, Emul really started imitating Sunraku especially towards the end of this season. Not sure if you noticed but in the beginning of the final episode Emul was copying Sunraku's facial expressions when he was showing off the rare materials he was showing off to Bilac, it was pretty funny.

One thing that impressed me was finding out that S2 is coming out this fall and it will be another 2 cour (~24 eps.) season again. What specifically impresses me is how fast they're releasing S2, it must've been greenlit before S1 came out since these take at least a couple years to animate 2 cours so someone gambled on this series. It seems popular enough, what are your thoughts?

About Slime,
Yeah, those two episodes are just fun fillers serving up quite a lot of fanservice for the fans lol But it just showed how closeknit the Tempest people are, and how bad Shion's cooking really is lol
yeah I remember shortly after Rimuru took in the ogres and gave them names there was an episode where Shion cooked and it was really bad and poor Gobta took one for the team by inadvertently eating a spoonful lol so this was the 2nd time they showed her cooking skills, or rather lack thereof :p

So I watched the 4th & 5th episodes of the OVA and I gotta say I liked both of them as they were almost on par with the regular season. It's funny how Rimuru got that "camping car" which is way better than the carriages the others were using. Even the teacher assigned to his class used the built in shower lol. I didn't realize how powerful Shizu's students were but they pretty easily took care of those adult bandits and it was cool to see their abilities in action.

Regarding the butler, apparently he's a spectre of some sort (I don't recall them mentioning that type of monster/ghost before) and that's how the 4th ep. ended. NGL it sucks how long these were released in between each other, this one came out in July and the 5th ep. came out in Nov! For these it may definitely be worth waiting to binge them all at once.

Regarding the 5th and final OVA ep. I did not expect Diablo to come out of nowhere. On that note I thought that the teacher was going to die to give up her soul to him as part of their contract but the only thing he requested was for her to keep quiet about him as he only wanted to repay his debt to Shizu. I remember he appeared in ep. 24 of S1 but what was the debt he owed her? Thinking back was it the fight they had that led the corrupt human leaders and the other demon revealing themselves to kill Shizu which allowed him to find and kill them? Because I can't recall what else he's talking about.

Lastly, the final ep. before S2 was from a new character's perspective named Hinata and this ep. gave me some info about her. While this is yet another recap (is this a record?) I liked this a bit more than Veldora's Journal, probably because they focused on Shizu more and teased who is going to show up in S2.

About Hinata, apparently she was one of Shizu's students and I'm pretty sure was the one that eavesdropped on Rimuru and Ranga having a conversation after they left the kids at the end of ep. 23. What I don't like is her assumption that Rimuru killed Shizu and so therefore has a bone to pick with him, I hope he smacks her around and she ends up realizing the dumb mistake she made in her assumption. What did you think about these OVAs and the other recap episode?

Oh btw, it looks like Slime S3 started a week early so if you weren't aware it should be on Crunchyroll in case you want to get started on watching. I'll be starting S2 very soon 👍
Tala-Is-Eternal Mar 31, 5:06 AM
Haha Yeah it is. I usually payafter I get the item, for some people that can be tricky as I heard some need to pay for 1000 euros or something. Which looks like credit card stuff.

Mostly I pay it when I get my salary.
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