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Boruto: Jump Festa 2016 Special
Boruto: Jump Festa 2016 Special
Sep 27, 3:51 AM
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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
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Gin no Saji
Gin no Saji
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rick1-2 Nov 30, 12:04 AM
Hello, Kitsu-nee, are you there?
Schlopsi Nov 17, 6:00 AM

Autumn arrived. While it becomes cold and somber outside every day, this marks also the perfect time to get into a reading mood. Don't you think? So why not have a seat in your most comfortable place? Grab a warm blanket, maybe some hot coffee, chocolate or tea and make it yourself as much cozy as you want. Pick up a manga and dive into adventures! The Manga Reading Challenges Club offers a bunch of different challenges for every mood. Just want to challenge yourself to read more manga in general? Do you want to explore a specific genre? Maybe want to discover new artists? Or do you feel like your Completed-list lacks some manhua/manwha/LN/etc.? You might even be brave enough for some really tough collections? Then come on in!
We are looking for new members to keep the club active and excited! We will do our best to add new challenges, which ensures to push your reading further and beyond! Want to join? You are welcome. :)

If you don't want this entry in your guestbook, feel free to delete it. I don't intend to annoy you with it by no means, since you seem like you enjoy reading manga! :))
Ginji23 Nov 11, 7:23 AM
You smell nice
gagantos Nov 3, 5:44 AM
my apologizes, in my language, we spell poland as "polandia" :)

nice te meet you Kitsu nee
Jersie Nov 1, 7:40 PM
Nice taste in the animus XD
gagantos Oct 16, 12:47 AM
you live in polandia ?
Namiszon Oct 2, 2:22 PM
Dzięki ^^ myśle ze z tego co wymieniłaś zabiore sie za Akatsuki no Yona i za Kuroko bo od dawien dawna miałam zamiar to obejrzeć, ale nie mogłam sie do tego zabrać. A Yuri on ice to raczej nie dla mnie bo nie przepadam za yaoi a z tego co zauważyłam to ma jakieś gejowskie podteksty xd Ja właśnie zauważyłam, że nie oglądałaś Shokugeki no Souma!!! Dziwne aż. W sumie opinie są różne, ale jeśli ktoś lubi jeść, lubi cycki i drame to się spodoba także polecam jak coś to właśnie jedna z moich ostatnich obsesji, myślałam że znudziło mi sie anime aż nie zaczęłam tego oglądać i przypomniałam sobie tą absurdalność i to, że anime tak na prawde można zrobic o wszystkim. Tak mi się to spodobało, że już 6 tomik mangi kupiłam pare dni temu, najlepsze jest to że do wszystkich dań są dołączone przepisy także nie jest to wyssane z palca. Może kiedyś je wypróbuje na razie nie mam na tyle odwagi bo w kuchni moje wyczynowe danie to jajecznica XD
rick1-2 Oct 2, 12:10 PM
Yeah, it's very likely that he only lived for roughly two weeks until he died from the complications of the surgery. In the credits, we see Tomoyo helping Tomoya through rehabilitation. In a scene, we see Tomoyo and Tomoya looking at the sunset near a cliff. Does this exist in the English version that you played.

Also, the Bad Ending you're talking about. Is it the one where Tomoya doesn't take the surgery and would remain having relapses to his memory? I mean, he doesn't die, and this "Bad End" is FAR better than the True Ending we got. I don't even think there was an epilogue that shows how Tomoyo is doing sometime after Tomoya's death. What do you think, Kitsu-nee. Also, thank you for your answers about the VN so far.
TwinBee20 Oct 2, 9:31 AM
I've also followed it since then, believe it or not!
I remember how excited I was, downloading the demo for the first one back in 2014, good times!
Sayori has since become my favorite character artist!
The art is sooo cute, and the h is also really great :p

I'm guessing vol 4 will be the longest one, and it'll focus a little on all of them!
How amazing would it be in Vol 4 had routes?!
I can dream~

I don't think they'll ever do anything lewd to Shigure, I've heard that she is Sayori's self insert, so Shigure will probably remain unlewded, methinks.

Also love your new icon!
Seiya Oct 2, 5:59 AM
I see.

I like porn, but I don't like cute things. I prefer sexy, mature women.
prusyxaustria Sep 25, 4:08 AM
Cześć! Mialam pisac do Ciebie po angielsku dopoki nie zobaczylam wiadomosci pod spodem i nie sprawdzilam lokalizacji xD
W kazdym razie chcialabym sie spytac o to jakiego kodu uzylas do ulozenia obrazkow dokladnie w takiej kolejnosci i szablonie jaki masz na profilu?Czy sama przycinalas grafiki ,a jesli tak to w jakim programie?Bardzo mi sie podoba ten uklad i nie ukrywam ze bardzo chcialabym miec cos podobnego na swoim profilu,ale nie wiem jak sie za to zabrac.Jak widac ,podejmuje rozpaczliwe proby ,co znajduje odzwierciedlenie w moim 'favourite male characters' ale obrazki sa przesuniete w jedna strone i zajmuja zbyt duzo miejsca co jest strasznie nieestetyczne.

TwinBee20 Sep 24, 9:59 AM
She is such a cutie, yes!

Chocola is my all-time favorite, but I love all the kitty girls in Nekopara.
They are all so loveable. I'm super excited for vol 4!
Forsh Sep 23, 11:00 PM
kurwa wódka
rick1-2 Sep 23, 12:53 PM
Hello, Kitsu-nee, thank you for replying. You can reply to my Tomoyo After comment here or in the Tomoyo After thread in the TA manga forum section, doesn't really matter, but I prefer it here if possible. I think I just want to talk about the original source material of Tomoyo After, the visual novel itself.

I like the story of Tomoyo After, however, the final arc between Tomoyo and Tomoya just felt contrived and forced because of how random the conflict was. How the heck did Tomoya lose his menories just from hitting his head while on Tomo's arc? Tomoyo and Tomoya have already got their own problems solved in the prequel, which was Tomoyo's route in Clannad. Also, I couldn't stand the ending. Like, did Tomoya died or not!? In the original PC adult version (released in 2005), he was heavily implied to have died from the complications of the surgery, with Tomoyo typing that he did die while typing her story as a counselor. What do you think, Kitsu-nee? Did Tomoya really died? How much time has passed between Tomoya's supposed death and Tomoyo typing her story? Some months later?

Also, the manga adaptation is based on the version of the VN I described above (the one released in 2005), with an epilogue one year after Tomoya's death. Hope to hear your replies. I would like to talk more about the ending.
Namiszon Sep 23, 8:53 AM
Nie ma problemu ja też lubię chociaż wole demoniczne dziewczyny z rogami na przykład xd Mogłabyś mi polecić jakąś serie, którą ogląda się z odcinka na odcinek i pragnie ciągle coraz więcej, bo dawno niczego takiego nie oglądałam i jakoś się doszukać nie mogę