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Days: 116.1
Mean Score: 4.19
  • Total Entries3,030
  • Rewatched39
  • Episodes6,963
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NieA Under 7
NieA Under 7
3 hours ago
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Crayon Shin-chan
Crayon Shin-chan
Jul 1, 9:44 PM
Watching 20/? · Scored -
Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan
Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan
Jul 1, 2:20 PM
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Days: 30.4
Mean Score: 4.72
  • Total Entries464
  • Reread4
  • Chapters4,814
  • Volumes564
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Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte
Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte
3 hours ago
Reading 3/138 · Scored -
Seikimatsu Blue
Seikimatsu Blue
3 hours ago
On-Hold 1/6 · Scored -
Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Jul 1, 11:22 PM
Completed 181/181 · Scored 3


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FierrzaOSU Jun 12, 12:39 PM
ah yes I see ur into the classics
Razerratz Apr 13, 7:21 PM
Hello, your profile caught my attention. I saw from your profile picture and favourites that you like Punpun a lot. Why do you consider it so good? I finished it recently, and in my opinion, it has many defects.

Joyuu Feb 6, 8:43 AM
Great, thanks! I didn't remember my discord password so I wasn't able to fully log in. I'll joining soon.
Ignoramus- Nov 30, 2019 1:49 PM
My view in a nutshell:
We all came from single cell organisms that evolved over time.
They evolved to be stronger and more powerful.
They started to work together. ( endosymbiotic hypothesis etc.)
So everything in life slowly goes that way as I see. Everything fights against infinity by evolving, getting stronger and learning.
Our purpose is nothing but same with the single cell organisms in this infinity.
Whatever we do should be a helping block ,
film , series should enlighten viewers at any kind of topic to help us continue.
So I score stuff by looking at that.

But I agree what you said. I judge the continuing story, charcters etc. by looking at their coherence with the movies' , series' fiction and story.(I said wrong that I only score by looking at 3 ingredients)
I dont only score stuff by looking at 3 ingredients. They are the purpose of the show. the ''perfect show'' would have all of them and enlighten everyone and open new ideas, worlds to us people. Im being utopic I guess.
This is my bias.

Artist can do whatever they want but they should be aware of this to be remebered for a bit longer time.

Ignoramus- Nov 9, 2019 2:32 PM
You are right we all are not all logical but we don't have to be %100right to say our view is logical. Just explanation without judging with your emotions and having tangible reasons. I do agree with redlines' future car race idea and the unique art fundemental but exploding lazer shooting baby and the war with the car race and the military of 'peaceful' roboworlds' attack does'nt add anything with the meaning or aesthetically. Right? I see them as action addings. I could'nt find anything on fandom wikia about theese either.Why the creator add theese then? If we have to know creators view.
I really can't understand but I want to digest the ''it's pointless to critique it for something it never tried to be'' so I ask, what does Redline try to be? Does the answer resides to the creator? or the viewers? How should we score? If we can't see what the creator sees It does'nt make sense. Well we already cant see what the creator sees but the creation must make us understand/think whats really going on on the show. Is creators view important? Or how we see and query the show is more important?

I dont think I have huge bias. (IhopeIdont) I would have rated few more shows 9 or 1 by now.
(I like this conversation if it does'nt bother you)
Ignoramus- Nov 9, 2019 12:00 PM
Of course everyone can create what they want but If you are going to score Redline and.. lets say Fate/zero, they both have good visuals (Redline has a bit more outstanding animation) but Redline is devoid of meaning as you mentioned. Fate/zero gives the viewers some thoughts on how a leader must be...etc They both are entertaining but Fate/zero should get a plus for that because creating a meaningful creation is what makes the show a lot more effective and it helps lining the occurrances. Redline may have made an great impact on visuals but the whole 2nd race part is truly fked up, makes no sense by visual art and by meaning. It does'nt deserve the same or close score as fate/zero. Thats just an example of how I see things.

Of course we are to question what is worth what they are doing. Art is for everyone we (viewers) should help them to make better and more effective creations in exchange of their art. Most of the viewers can come to close conclusions.(Not with everyone ofcourse) Viewers just have to think more to come to logical conclusions.
Ignoramus- Nov 4, 2019 12:45 PM
Hey! I'm interested in your view. I don't understand why should we look from the directors' , creators' view and criticizing by looking at what the show is trying to be. How I see it is, Every show has to make us feel the emotion in a different point of view or they have to teach the viewers unique life lesson in a effective way or they have to boggle our minds with vague and deep writing.
What I'm trying to say is soap operas , ecchi , shounen etc.. Even If theese shows succeed their purpose , they do not deserve any points if they do not contain any of these 3 main ingredients. There should be a general critic formula to every show.
CodeBlazeFate Oct 19, 2019 7:06 AM
Music stops racism so Carole and Tuesday 9/10 plz ur nitpicking and bias bye bye I win
CodeBlazeFate Oct 14, 2019 7:46 PM
Even the nice in theory character episodes are kinda rushed af and so is the end of Carole's whole arc about her parents. The politics shit is ultra bad. So, so, so many wasted ideas here.

lol episode 15 with that peak moment
CodeBlazeFate Oct 14, 2019 5:49 PM
I get the feeling Carole and Tuesday's gonna get a bad writing tag by the end of it
literaturenerd Sep 15, 2019 6:58 PM
I joined the Critics and Connoisseurs club recently and found your profile. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on critiquing anime. My own system is...flawed to say the least. Firstly, I've watched so many unspeakably bad anime like Dark Cat that I give generic shonens an automatic 4-6. I try to critique fairly and with some level of objectivity, but I also grade on a curve. That means I'm overly generous with things like shoujo and overly harsh on ambitious anime like Eva. My final issue is that for anime that had a huge impact on me personally, I basically toss all objectivity out the window. This explains a lot about my favorites list.

Anyways, cool profile!
ArakakiLaurant Aug 10, 2019 10:51 PM
Good games.
ladyxzeus May 18, 2019 11:18 AM
ladyxzeus Feb 3, 2019 12:52 PM
Gonzo-lewd Nov 12, 2018 5:22 AM
Nyaa~ =^.^=