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Ryukohana May 14, 10:26 AM
You responded to my thread five years ago
Ryukohana May 13, 3:13 PM
Long time no see
Mila91 Nov 4, 2018 10:59 AM
So in the anime you reviewed Nikola Tesla has a child or a person he possessed? I cant decide If I think that's really stupid or cool :)
Nikola Tesla was the greatest scientist and human being to ever live and he was Serbian/American scientist. My hero and idol! I loved Steins;Gate:)
I'm from Serbia,thanks for your reply and have a wonderful day!

Mila91 Nov 3, 2018 5:53 PM
I read your review "Nikola Tesla never had an illegitimate child as he was a virgin who devoted his love towards a peculiar pidgin. What if I told you he did father a child, and this child capable of being a poltergeist, has managed to possess someone all this time. "

I didn't watch that anime,but wanted to ask you

1.You just like Nikola Tesla or is he mentioned in the anime?

2.What did you mean "he fathered a child and this child capable of being a poltergeist, has managed to possess someone all this time. "
Are you just joking or was it also in the anime or are you serious? haha:))

MozillaFennekin Oct 4, 2018 10:32 PM
That's pretty cool, dude. I wanna get into reading some LN's this season myself (literally bought the first volume of HakoMari so it can just sit on my shelf and be worthless), and when the time comes I really need a PS4 so I can play Kingdom Hearts 3. My time is running out....

'I wish his username would change incrementally by one each time he submits as it's a review we've seen elsewhere probably.' kek
MozillaFennekin Oct 4, 2018 7:58 AM
Sup. I "came back" to defend the shows I like, to vent about them so to speak.

Lol I didn't mind at all, my minimum-effort comment was just a joke but i wouldn't have responded if I didn't actually care lol.

Reviewing is pretty garbage unless you actually care about what you're talking about. I stopped worrying about whatever anime is gonna get me the most helpfuls and exclusively go after the stuff I like a lot that the general community looks down a lot (which is at least one show per season now.) But seasonal anime in general is really bland--I'm working on a video right now about how it's become such a tiring process that's no longer fun for me. I'm gonna try out a bunch of the new stuff, but this season will probably just see me watching older things.

He probably calls himself Stark because all I see in his reviews is a stark nothingness.
Skittles Sep 24, 2018 12:03 AM
DQ is such a meme in Japan to the point that advertisements for the game are high-caliber trolling. I'd show you an example but I couldn't find the commerical anymore on Youtube lol. You're right though in that everyone looks like Trunks, but Toriyama's artstyle is already married to the series so it's unlikely that Square Enix will ever find another character designer.

Oh wow, I'd never expected you to be the type of person who reads visual novels lol. I'm a fan of the genre, but I've never got around to reading the entire Muv-Luv trilogy because goddamn the first game is slow as molasses LOL. Pretty sure I've already made three separate attempts to read it before dropping. Such a shame really because I've heard so many excellent things about Alternative. Ever17 was my first visual novel ever and I loved every moment of it.

I fully agree with you about the 9S segments. I'm fucking terrible with bullet shooters so I find the higher difficulty hacking games to be tougher than any enemy in the game lmao. Not sure if you've reached the tower by now, but the hacking segments required to unlock the chests in there were easily the most rage-inducing moments in the game. It was the only time I've ever dropped the game to Easy so the cursor can friggin' auto-aim and help me get over the damn thing.

Yep, and A2 is easily the strongest of the androids because of her berserk mode. Don't count on it for the booty thing though because Yoko Taro (the creator) himself admitted to intentionally making 2B sexy. In his own words, "who doesn't like hot girls" and "if you ever make rule 34 pics based on my characters... be sure to share them with me." What a fucking legend xD

LMAO I remember that specific mission in Valkyria Chronicles. Yeah, the fact that you need to utilize an Order does escape the mind of many players. Since you dropped the game, I'm assuming you're not looking forward to the fourth game releasing tomorrow? I'm honestly a huge fan of the series and I'm even more hyped about the fourth game than I was with DQ11 lol.

GoW is surprisingly hard even on the default difficulty. Usually I always crank up the difficulty to the max in RPGs, but I couldn't do it for GoW because even the regular mobs can one-shot you there. "BOI" is a great meme that'll forever live on in the gaming world. I have the game on-hold for some reason, but I'll definitely get back to it once I've finished DQ11 and VC4.
Skittles Sep 14, 2018 1:36 AM
Lmao those angels were a real pain in the ass. The one where you had to do a roll of faith off a cliffside and onto a wavy branch is From trolling at their finest. Also I didn't know about that contract, good to hear. It's definitely going to be a spiritual successor because Miyazaki has already firmly stated there will no longer be new Souls games.

That's definitely a solid list; I agree with it 100%. However, playing Dark Souls Remastered has taught me that O&S is far easier in subsequent playthroughs once you get accustomed to their predictable attacks. Meanwhile, Kos will always be an unpredictable crazy-fast bitch no matter how much you fight him. Because of this, I'd switch those two bosses around.

You're actually correct that DQ11 is as vanilla as it gets; however, Dragon Quest is one of the oldest JRPG franchises ever so the traditional feel of the games is part of their trademark charm. I'm actually a fan of Tales (Vesperia is my all-time favorite JRPG), but even diehard fanboys of the series won't deny that it's nothing more than a cookie-cutter JRPG. Moreover, the newest Tales games have all been utter shit so the franchise is in a bad state right now.

As for Nier, I found the game to be slow in the beginning before gradually evolving into one hell of an experience. It won't ever be a 10/10 game for me simply because I dislike hack-and-slash, but the fact that I found the game to be highly enjoyable despite its genre really tells you something. Btw I read in the video games subforum that you need some kind of motivation to pull through Route B. Well, the best motivation I can give you is that Route C/Route D is the main reason why the game's story received universal praise. Shit really hits the fan and there are enough twists and turns to leave you in awe. The only difference between Route C and Route D is the final battle, so you can just use chapter select later to replay that part from a different perspective. The reason you'll want to complete both Route C and Route D is to unlock the true ending. Furthermore, Route B shouldn't take too long since the enemies don't scale and that you're now decently equipped. Route A/Route B opens the game nicely while Route C/Route D is the true experience.
Skittles Sep 3, 2018 12:03 AM
U4 is fun, but tbh I'd rate it below the first and second game. For the mainline games, I'd rate them like 2 > 1 > 4 > 3. I don't dislike any of them though since I find each entry to be enjoyable in their own way. The driving and improved stealth mechanic is great, and I didn't mind the platforming since it's actually a huge part of what made the game enjoyable for me (and that's saying something since I usually hate platformers lol).

Lol yeah true, I think it looked like one of the levels in Absolution? I have hazy memories of that game so I kinda forgot.

The Darkbeast is pretty bonkers yeah, but I still think the Chalice Amygdala fight has worse camera angles. The cloudy arena looks dope; in fact, that entire peak was one of my favorites levels of the third game.

Since you beat her fair and square without phantoms, just assume you're not a scrub xD

I did hear about the Souls franchise not being as big of a seller as most AAA games. Dark Souls 3 is the biggest seller in the series and Bamco's most popular product, but it still sold far below the Assassin's Creed and Uncharted games. Because of this, I'm surprised to hear that Seikiro will be exclusively singleplayer as the multiplayer aspect of the Souls games is perhaps the biggest selling point of the series. The game looks extremely fluid and the poise mechanic (blocking at the right time causes enemies to stagger while the opposite causes you to stagger) seems like a great balance of reward and punishment. This is the first time I heard about not being able to level up though... and it turns out you're correct lol. If all this is true, then From wasn't joking when they were claiming that this will be harder than any of the Souls titles. Learning about all this is making me more hyped than ever for the game lmao.

Btw do you have any interest in the Dragon Quest series? I'm picking up the 11th game soon which just got released.
Skittles Aug 29, 2018 12:20 AM
Slaying Maria with a vileblood weapon, oh the irony :P

Bloodtinge is a godsend for the chalice dungeon because of its mastery of both melee and ranged combat. Have you finally reached the Yharnam Queen btw?

Great Club is one sexy-ass weapon, although I use it mainly for the first Dark Souls. I'm surprised you find the Lothric Princes harder than the Nameless King. Although their second phase is pretty BS because of the annoying magic missiles, I'll still take them on any day over the Nameless King, his dragon, and the godawful camera. I'll admit the NK is far more predictable than the princes since he's far slower, so a good dodging game will wreck him.

The DS3 DLCs are pretty neat. Interestingly, I find the levels to be far harder than the bosses themselves. The Painted World has those gigantic Viking mobs with nearly infinite hyper armor, whereas the Ringed City has those huge Harald Knights sporting boss-level hitpoints. On the other hand, the final bosses for the two DLCs are easily some of the most challenging and badass fights from the entire Souls saga.

I haven't asked you this before, but what do you think of From's upcoming game, Seikiro: Shadows Die Twice? Actually looks friggin' amazing! It looks like an extremely polished Bloodborne mixed with Tenchu elements and set in feudal Japan. The lack of multiplayer kinda saddens me, but I'm still hyped either way!
Skittles Aug 19, 2018 12:40 AM
What makes Kos so difficult is that he's the most unpredictable boss From Software has ever created. His first phase is manageable, but all hell goes loose once he goes berserk and starts smacking you with his umbilical cord. I actually can't imagine beating him without my Evelyn since he has very little openings. His projectiles seem hard to dodge at first, but as you said, it's actually his most easily avoided move if you always stick close to him. Overall, I'd consider him one of the best video game boss fights since he's a shining example of a difficult challenge without being cheap (unlike *cough* Nameless King *cough").

LMFAO I know that goddamn well xD Those big fishies are easily the hardest mobs I've ever encountered from any Souls games. Thankfully there is a dirty trick you can use to make the fight ridiculously easy, which you can see here. Basically, use the Shaman Bone Blade to make them fight each other to the death, then finish off the remaining survivor.

Living Failures are a piece of cake, but Maria can be quite a hassle when she becomes enraged. Good thing the Chikage is designed to fuck up human enemies so that's a huge help.

Tbh I kinda forgot which melee weapons were good in DS3 because I used arcane builds for most of my runs lol. I think I used either the Zweihander or Claymore for my first run since greatswords get some much needed love this time around. Where you at now?
Skittles Aug 14, 2018 1:19 AM
Arcane builds in BB can be good, but they'll always be much inferior to those in the Dark Souls games (especially the first, jesus christ them Dark Beads lmao). Like you said, you're gonna need lots of bullets to cast magic, so bring gems that increase your vial count. I tried an arcane playthrough before and it was hilarious melting everything with Blacksky Eye and A Call Beyond. One thing's for sure: the Moonlight Greatsword dropped by Ludwig is pretty much the staple weapon in 90% of all arcane builds because of its awesome magic-scaling, moveset, and aesthetic.

Micolash can be easily staggered, but you shouldn't underestimate the stupidity of random players. 7 out of 10 times I got partners who run away instead when Micolash starts casting ACB lol. Even more common are players who can't dodge his Augers to save their lives.

Great to know you're able to play the DLC! Old Hunters is definitely one of the best expansions in gaming because of the wealth of its content. Ludwig is hella annoying at first, but you're correct in that his second form gets easily baited despite dealing higher damage. Lawrence is a pain the ass especially after he splits his body, so you gotta be extra careful. I'm curious about your thoughts on the Orphan of Kos once you fight him.

Aite m8 I'll resspekkk WaaaHHhmEeenNNn and their feministic rights.

Enjoy Dark Souls 3! Strength build is a good choice because the game has a wide selection of powerful greatswords. As you said, two-handing gets buffed so a high-damage weapon is now more important than ever. You should tell me your thoughts on the Nameless King once you reach him because he's honestly one of the most BS boss From has ever created xD

Coincidentally, I recently started playing Dark Souls Remastered because of my friend. The nostalgia is hitting me so damn hard lol.
Skittles Aug 9, 2018 8:01 AM
Nice to hear your BT build can wreck shit now! Seriously, the game becomes a million times easier once your Chikage can clean up everything. To Micolash's credit, he's no longer the easiest boss once you reach NG+ and beyond. His Auger of Ebrietas (tentacle porn move) and A Call Beyond (AoE missiles) can one-shot you even with good arcane defense.

Chalice Rom is annoying af yeah. You no longer have the luxury of an endless arena, so his children can gangbang you quickly if you're not careful. However, it's also to your advantage because Rom has less room to teleport, meaning it's now possible to chase him down before his children can reach you.

Chalice BLB in lower levels can be a pain. My advice is to just take it slow, bring lots of antidote herbs, and wear poison resist garbs. Tbh I just adopted the same strategy I used to kill the story mode BLB, but with extra precautions.

You can still get the Platinum trophy when co-oping, but trust me, some bosses are waaaay easier to solo because there are so many dumbass players out there. Essentially, the bosses get buffed while you don't receive the benefits. The biggest offender for this is the Watchdog because it becomes impossible to read his moves when there's more than one hunter in the fight. I tried killing him with other hunters more than twenty times and I kept failing, but after switching to solo and watching some Youtube strategies, I was able to defeat him in my seventh attempt. Believe it or not, Micolash also becomes much more difficult in co-op because his A Call Beyond tracks both hunters, so sometimes the entire room gets filled with missiles.

If you can beat the Watchdog and Chalice Amygdala, then you can easily destroy all the DLC bosses. Even the hardest boss of the DLC, the Orphan of Kos, isn't half as difficult as them.

The Yharnam Queen might be easy, but she's far from a pushover like Pinwheel. She's able to deal massive damage if you're not careful and carries a unique one-hit kill mechanic that can catch you by surprise. What makes her much easier than Chalice Amygdala and the Watchdog is that you're able to make the battle much easier just by watching Youtube videos of her fight beforehand (whereas the two prior bosses can destroy you over and over even after countless trial-and-error). It also helps that she's pitifully slow (she can't run cause she's pregnant lmao), so a BT build is a godsend since you can chip away at her HP with your gun.
Skittles Aug 6, 2018 9:19 PM
The DLC weapons are fiiiireee yeah. The gatling gun is a fun weapon to use despite being very gimmicky. With a pure BT build, you can mow down enemies before they can even reach you xD

Yiiikes, jailbroken PS4 lol. I'm all for free games and such, but the fact that you lose access to online features and trophies is too much for me to bear :'( A huge part of what made BB such a long-lasting game for me was the multiplayer. I've spent countless hours just dicking around by helping other players clear levels, bosses, and chalice dungeons, as well as good ol' PvP.

Once you get your parry game going, Logarius is indeed a pushover (the same case with Gwyn in DS1). And yeah, the Chikage spamming is broken on humanoid enemies. If you're able to access multiplayer in the future, watch the hate mails come in as you destroy most players by spamming R1 with that broken katana lmao.

I remember having to only kill the NPCs to make their gears appear for sale in the fountain. Perhaps it's a bug? Try killing them again in your next run.

The chalice dungeons feel repetitive as heck since they're similar to the Tartarus from Persona 3. On the other hand, there are a few bosses inside there not found anywhere else in the game (such as the highly secret Yharnam Queen) and also exclusive gems/alternate versions of weapons. Perhaps the most worthy reason to tackle the dungeons is the chance to fight Bloodborne's two most challenging bosses: Watchdog of the Old Lords and Chalice Amygdala. The Watchdog is a boss you fight multiple times when traversing the dungeons, and it's laughably easy the first time you fight him. He gets harder in every encounter, and the very last time you fight him before facing the Yharnam Queen is arguably the most excruciating boss fight in the entire game (in fact, he's the main reason many players gave up on getting the Platinum trophy). Not only is the Watchdog fast as hell, but his moveset is very random and he can often one-hit kill you just by brushing against your character. The Chalice Amygdala looks exactly the same like the one you encounter in the story, but it's far, far harder because of its much higher damage and the stupidly small arena you fight him in (it's so small that you almost always have to perfect roll to avoid taking damage). As for the secret final boss of the chalice dungeons, the Yharnam Queen, well... she's a sad joke comparing to the two aforementioned bosses above lol. Fun fact: you met here in the story as a non-hostile NPC after fighting Rom and before Margo's Wet Nurse (the pale-skinned woman wearing a wedding gown).
Skittles Aug 2, 2018 2:33 AM
Congrats on beating the game! Gehrman is officially recognized as the final boss, but there's actually a true final boss after him should you find 3 of 4 secret key items. It's called the Moon Presence, and while it looks huge and scary af, it's actually much easier than Gerhman. Try get these items in your next playthrough so you can fight him.

Great choice in using the LHB! Definitely a superb weapon overall, although I shelved it in later playthroughs since using it all the time gets boring after awhile lol. If you're willing buy the Old Hunters DLC (which I'd highly recommend), you'll be able to gain access to an alternate version of Yharnam where the best quality-build weapons await.

If you're willing to challenge yourself, I suggest going for a Bloodtinge build based around the Chikage, which is hands down the most broken weapon in Bloodborne. The Chikage has an S scaling on BT at +10, so fully upgrade it and you can pretty much melt every boss in the game. Even better, your guns hit like a truck since they also scale off BT! The major downside is you literally have to devote your entire stat points to BT to maximize the damage output (since Chikage's BT scaling falls off at 60), so be prepared for a very, very difficult time before you're able to reach the Chikage (which you can only buy after defeating Logarius). Easily the strongest build (helped me clear the chalice dungeons and obtain the Platinum), but nearly impossible to use in your first run since you're stuck with base level STR/SKL for roughly 70% of the game, meaning you have to master the combat system and enemy patterns first.

As for the bosses...

Yassss, fkin Rom that annoying ass spider LOL. Believe it or not, most players consider her to be one of the easiest bosses in the game since she's practically defenseless without her kids. but I find myself dying to her lots of times even in subsequent playthroughs. It helps if you enchant your weapon with thunder and clear out the kids first, but still, one stupid mistake is a guaranteed death sentence. She's one heck of a painfully gimmicky boss.

You're right about Paarl being much harder if you fight him earlier since he's actually one of the most difficult bosses in the game. At the point where you get kidnapped, you do very little damage against him, and a prolonged fight is dangerous since his massive hitbox can catch you off guard easily.

I'm surprised you were able to beat Logarius in only two tries because most people find him and Ebrietas to be the two hardest bosses in the base game (even more than Gehrman). He has little to no openings, and his skull blasts have such wonky hitboxes that you can still get hit even when you're nowhere near it. The only reason I was able to beat him in my first playthrough was because I manned up and started parrying his attacks.

As a final note, I recommend you play Old Hunters since it contains the hardest bosses in Bloodborne.