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NihilisticLoner May 24, 6:30 AM
I'm talking about his PERSONALITY
NihilisticLoner May 23, 10:40 PM
Ichise matches how I APPEAR in real life, that's why he's my avatar. Hachiman is who I ACTUALLY am; a cynical pretentious little shit.
Zefyris Feb 6, 9:09 AM
I seldom read digital releases, only cases are when physical release is not an option (out of stock everywhere, not sold any more). so 99% of what I read in Japanese was with physical releases. I don't like digital releases that much.

Zefyris Feb 6, 4:34 AM
I don't know, maybe he's a fan, or maybe his editor thought that would sell well.
He actually has a lot more than that, since there's several series that AFAIk he left unfinished.
Baccano! doesn't sell compared to Durarara (which sells like 10 times more IIRC), and most of his new started series sells more as well. Baccano was never popular in Japan, that's why it's a good thing they licensed in US, it's probably more popular there than Japan.

Youjo Senki is the best reincarnation novel I've read together with Honzuki no Gekokujou, yes. Strategy, and all the things that comes with planning military opérations, like supply lines problems, weather problems, soldier's morale and psychology, and so on.

In Japan, Both Overlord and Youjo Senki are a bigger format, so they cost quite a bit more than a bunkobon like baccano for example (1000-1200 yen vs 600-700 yen). Only bunkobon that reach above 1k yen are anomalies like KyouHora books, and that's because they're the size of a small dictionary.

Farabeuf Feb 5, 12:02 PM
I'm worried about the new adaptation too. I think they might miss on what made the Artland adaptation so charming and well put together. CGI, Hiroyuki Sawano songs...too many elements that might not fly in what is a series that should have an old school feel. For this to be a success, they should have gone the Yamato 2099 route.

Yeah, hiDive has it but I cannot stream it in my country. I really want those BD's released in the West.
Farabeuf Feb 4, 11:56 AM
Hi there. Nice to hear from you.

It's funny that you should write this now since I'm in the middle of reading volume 5 (Yang is just leaving Iserlohn!). Loving it. as you say reading it is a breeze.

I cannot be sure of anything regarding the release of the novels, specially since we have no idea of how they're selling, but I can at least see that volumes 6 and 7 are scheduled to be available in April and August on Amazon. Best we can do is try to get as many people as possible to buy them, so that 8,9,10 are also released.

Of course a physical release of LOGH might increase interest in the novels, but since it seems that Sentai is just squatting on the license, we'll probably get no help on that end. Sad.

Phaetons_Folly Feb 3, 4:41 PM
I create discussions for ever chapter for anything I read, so I plan to do the same here.
ichii_1 Feb 1, 4:34 PM
The fan translation is better imo but the official is decent and you'll still understand it, of course they take a more liberal approach to it and have some mistranslations like calling shalltear a rabbit instead of a lamprey (I hear they fix them though since other people who bought it later on don't have that error).
Zefyris Jan 27, 3:25 PM
Hey, almost 1 year and half indeed.
I guess the difference is in the "effort" that the license holder has to pull out to publish the work in their own country. There's far more to translate in a novel, sure there's no drawing but it's not like you redraw the manga's original drawing (well, baring specific places here and there).

I'm a bit mad at Baccano!'s author (or the publisher if it's the publisher side causing problem) about how that work should have ended a while ago but still isn't because the author focus on other works, including new works. Left in the middle of an arc 3-4 volumes away from the end of the series for like 2 years and half while publishing many books and starting several new series, that's annoying.

Baccano!'s author is really good at making crazy peoples having entertaining dialogues. It's mostly that I'd say. if you don't enjoy the dialogues in there, I'd say just watching the anime and being done with it is enough.
Youjo Senki is only a good choice if you enjoy hard military works as this will be really heavy if you don't. Contrary to LOGH that focus a lot on battles yet doesn't know shit about it at all, and therefore takes it the space opera way without caring about making it correct and logical, Youjo Senki's author cares. A lot. So if you don't you will probably not enjoy it that much. The anime was far more action focused, and focused on the struggle against god, that isn't a main focus in the novels. Can't speak for overlord, I only watched the first anime but enjoyed it so-so.

assyrian Jan 24, 2:41 PM
fullmetal alchemist brotherhood is overrated, it should swap places with the k-on movie
assyrian Jan 24, 2:34 PM
what do you mean slowly dominate? we already do!
assyrian Jan 24, 2:32 PM
wow I really wanna hug Ritsu
Seiya Jan 9, 1:44 PM
I love bishounens as well.

What pretty boys are your all-time favorites?
Seiya Jan 9, 1:17 PM
So, based on your avatar/signature, I'm taking it that you like bishounen?
Deus Dec 27, 2017 10:43 AM
Nah, I'm fine. It was work of art.