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AzzurroKurai97X Yesterday, 8:15 PM
Thank you so much bud. XD I completely agree with the feeling of Bakuman! :D

It's alright bud. I personally prefer the classics from a long shot. I played Awakening and it was pretty fun. But I noticed the cliche was being shown everywhere from a viewpoint of a veteran FE fan. What's your favorite fire emblem game? Mines is New Mystery of the Emblem(2010 NDS).
AzzurroKurai97X Yesterday, 10:47 AM
Yo! You have an AWESOME profile and favorites list dude. How's the day bud? By the way, are you a Fire Emblem fan assuming your profile name? :)
Naman97 Yesterday, 8:31 AM
Naman97 Yesterday, 6:39 AM
I didn't like the anime much but it was ok enough to watch.I wanted it to be a bit deep but the storyline is meh and i wouldn't have minded if Revy got a bit ecchi. xD

If you liked the anime,you should definitely read the manga but it's just unrealistic action scenes or maybe,that's just me.

I remember reading many months ago,you said to someone that you will update your profile pic soon and that you didn't like your new haircut,something like that.I said this because i just can't seem to forget it..haha

Naman97 Jun 22, 10:01 PM
Just woke up.Gonna complete Black Lagoon.

How much Breaking Bad have you seen?
Naman97 Jun 22, 9:40 AM

How you doin?
RediceRyan May 28, 6:05 PM
Major S5 should be the season on your favorites list.
Adi Mar 14, 4:28 PM
I actually do all of those things, what happened was I accidentally pressed one of my keyboard shortcuts that either refreshed the page or tabbed back to the previous page (can't remember exactly which one) which is just a result of butterfingers lol.

Yeah, that story actually sounds like something straight out of an anime lol a totally unique freak of nature. I wonder why Durant is much more durable than AD since like you said, they have really similar body types. Funny how while I ask this Durant is injured too lol. Is that really why LeBron hasn't received a major injury in his career? I just think it's because the dude is a freak. 6'8 250 and can run the floor like a starved wolf hunting prey, it's ridiculous. You think the coaching staff of the Pels could be to blame as well? They might not being putting Davis in a position for long-term success. Similar to how Thibs on the Timberwolves is notorious for driving his players into the ground by playing them insanely high minutes.

That's the point though, the Raptor's strategy WAS to get the defensive switch on DeRozan so that a poorer defender had to guard DeRozan instead of a better one. I know, right? T. Ross has the sexiest jumpshot in the game, like it's really picturesque. But the dude just misses soooo much, his shot selection is really garbage, I understand that he's capable of shooting off-balance 3-pointers but someone of his shooting caliber should always be looking for the best look. Just because Klay Thompson can score in virtually ever situation, that doesn't mean he's shooting 3s while falling down. T. Ross would be ridiculous on the Cavaliers, the looks he would get from LBJ would be incredible. 2Pat ain't even the true Raps 6-Man, it was T. Ross before and now it's Norman Powell. Can't wait to see where his game goes after next year.

I can't wait to see how the Rockets perform in the playoffs, they seem like a team focused on outscoring their opponent vs outstopping them (via defensive stops). I doubt they'll sweep anybody in the playoffs, in a 7-game series they're bound have some poor shooting performances, but when they get HOT I truly believe there are no teams they can't beat. Loool too true, even Casey said during a postgame interview that Lowry "probably knows the offensive schemes better than some of our coaches"

Yeah, I really try to like him since he represents that hustle, hardworking playstyle that focuses on doing the dirty work and earning his spot on the roster with elite level defense, play-making and passing. But then again he makes liking him such a difficult task with all the bullshit he does. Nah, that's not what March Madness is; March Madness is the NCAA's Championship Tournament. I struggle to find places to watch it but they're way more entertaining than the NBA playoffs. March Madness is one of the best sporting events in the world imo, if you're interested in college ball by any chance I'd recommend checking it out.

I would have loved to experience something like that, I think that more Basketball games should have that authentic no-sound experience. I heard that almost all the players hated it though, which is unfortunate. I've been at a Raptors game before and I won't lie, the music and the noise is part of the experience, but I still think there is a certain novelty to pure Basketball that the league should try to exploit a bit. Maybe use it for certain games only?

LMFAO So true. Fucking hell Toronto tax.

I don't think coaches do, but he'll probably get some sort of video tribute of him. Or even better, maybe a statute.
Harrymanhunter Mar 13, 8:34 AM
Look at that, a month lol. Well, yeah. I'm still busy af, will be so for like a month now. But after that, I can reply earlier since no more work.
Lol, Reddit for Anime is actually pretty terrible. The majority of the people there are salty skrubs who can't accept anything other than their own opinions. Maybe because most of them are also on MAL. Cancerous af. Like, last year I repeatedly criticised Erased and Re : Zero and they were all flaming at me.

Nice Uni ya got there since much diversity. Any French or Japanese there?
'' All I remember is his shiny mustache''

Topkek. Guess he must be from places like Rajasthan then. They got noice mustaches there. O wait, read the name. It's definitely a dude from goddamn Tamil Nadu or something like that cuz long af name that begins with Sujay.

Lol yeah, I know that feel. I love fish. But yeah, it's pretty annoying having to pick out the bones. What kinda fish do you generally like and get from there anyway?

Lol I'm saying 5'3'' for a guy is very short, not anyone in particular. Albeit, I do have a friend on Facebook who's that tall. Oh and do you jog regularly? I've been walking every day for a month now since I kinda put on weight and so I decided to shed some. Lost over 2 kilos, so that's nice. Tho even if you aren't looking to lose weight, walking's great anyway. Also lmao doge shite, I know that feel. :V
Oh and about your hair - you look a lot like Nanba Mutta, one of my favourite characters ever from Space Brothers. I approve!

I'm fine with my ratings, so yes.
Yeah, Yuri on Ice was meh. Could've been more subtle with its gay undertones, but nope. Not every Anime can handle homosexuality with the level of subtlety that Cardcaptor Sakura did, so.

Little Witch Academia best new Anime this season. It's consistently good with a lot of fun! Full of charm and endearing as hell. Akko is love! <3
ACCA I decided to see after it finishes airing since I'm not really into it right now. 3-Gatsu is decent now, but yeah. Gintama is great as usual. I'd say I like this season for the most part. Shittiest Anime is Ao no Exorcist of course.
Adi Mar 11, 10:45 AM
Apologies for the late reply, been a hectic week, and while I was replying to this comment it was deleted and that made me rage quit

Yeah I agree, and it's really disheartening because he looks to be so good. Speaking of injuries Anthony Davis was out with a wrist contusion again recently when he was playing against the Raptors, that man is made of glass too. I don't get it.

There are no guarantees in basketball, it's just about getting the highest percentage shot you can get, and a crunchtime shot over a mismatched defender is one of the higher percentage shots you can get.

But if you rewatch that clip you'll notice that PJ Tucker set a screen that forced the Wizards to switch defenders on DeRozan, which is the play that was drawn up and a part of the strategy. They did nearly the same thing vs the Knicks when DeRozan shot that gamewinner. Bogdonavic is a scary person to have on your team though, the kind of player that can singlehandedly win you a game if he gets hot. I remember when he played the Raptors for the first time as a Wizard the dude scored 27 points on 8-10 shooting from 3. That's ridiculous, he reminds me of a more consistent Terrence Ross. Did you know Ross holds the franchise record for most points scored in a single game with 51? He then proceeded to score 2 points the next game smh lol, I can only imagine how many more games we would have won had he made half of the threes he chucked up. Yeah, Lowry leads the league in minutes too. and 2Pat said he wants to come off the bench because he leads the unit and is one of our best defensive communicators.

I agree that they're fun but to me that is only because they are the only team that has that kind of system. If every team in the NBA devolves into that shooting system it would lose its novelty. Yeah and he's been sitting on the bench next to the coaches giving them advice and drawing up plays and stuff lol, his new nickname is "the highest paid assistant coach in the NBA".

I don't know who exactly it was but I know for sure that he did it, it might have been some Suns player or something. He should have been fined and suspended for that IMO. LOL, I didn't even know whether or not he was joking when he said that smh, Kyrie though... I've no words for that man's stupidity. Yeah I agree, I enjoy watching Regular season games, even though playoffs are at a whole other level. Watch any March Madness by any chance?

Nah, home game definitely means something. It's no coincidence that the Raps won game 7 of their two 7-game series in the 1st and 2nd round of the playoffs at home, and it's no coincidence that the two games they took off Cleveland were home games as well. Having home advantage didn't make Curry and Thompson play like ass throughout the finals.

Actually the income deductions are far more nuanced than that, for example if NY has a 15% income tax rate then the player's salary will only be taxed 15% half the time he gets paid because home games are played only 41/82 times a year. And anyway, DeRozan plays in Canada half the time which deducts like 40% of your salary lol, so I really do not mind if he eats into our cap space into the future. They may, but Mark Cuban and the GM don't seem to give a fuck since they get to witness Dirk playing everyday. That man is a legend. DD will most likely play out his entire career in Toronto, can't wait to see #10 retired up in the rafters.

Lmfao. Let's hope he coaches that long. It will be a huge loss to sports the day he retires.
Adi Mar 4, 9:25 AM
Too ideal for sure, too much chance for human error with scouting reports. It sucks but the term exists because it does. On a similar vein, did you hear about Joel Embiid being out for the rest of the season? At first his injury seemed just like an another unlucky accident, but now it's starting to make me worry about his future in the NBA. Same with Ben Simmons, what the fuck is the 76ers medical staff doing?!

But in the same breath though, if you have a big man shooting deeps 2s or 3s in a drawn-up play who's going to guard them? If the defending team wants their big man in the paint to get the rebound, who'll guard the big man on the perimeter? Anyone you put on him he's just going to shoot straight over. So it works both ways, and that's why Basketball is so much fun. I heard about that too, his free throw shooting is seriously holding his game back for no good reason loooll. I wonder how many career points he'd have if was an 80 free throw shooter lol.

Against Washington yesterday DeRozan shot perfect from 3 (3/3) including a dagger 3 point shot over Bojan Bogdanovic to bury the game. So I guess if anything it's a mental thing, not much to do with his form I guess. And btw speaking of the Wizards game, on Wednesday the Raps 1st unit kept the game at 26-24 after the first quarter, then the Raps second unit let the Wiz go on a 24-8 run in the second, putting the game out of reach. That night the leader of our second unit Patrick Patterson (2pat) said everyone "should forget about that 2nd quarter and flush it down the toilet. We did every conceivable thing wrong". And then last night, the 2nd unit went on a 20-4 run to absolutely destroy the Wiz bench. I loved seeing how everyone on that second Unit improved in two days.
I think the game might be a little more boring. I like the diversity of it right now, and I hope not all basketball games turn into Rockets-type games. Lowry is most definitely capable of it, I remember vs Utah Jazz he was out of the 3rd quarter because he was getting stitches on his upper lip and the Raptors were now losing by a couple points by the time the 4th started. He came back in and scored 19 points in the fourth to win the game for the Raps.

I agree that he should have been suspended, especially after one of his kicking incidents resulted in the dislocated finger of another player. Man, Green is a likeable person because of his defensive hustle, high BBIQ, and passion shown on the court, but jesus man that kicking shit makes it so hard for me to like him. Haha I like watching Regular season games just to see what records are broken and what amazing things happen. At the end of the day, these are the games that are going to go onto player's career highlights and whatnot.

So now the Raps won the season series 2-1, meaning they have the tiebreaker which is good. And I swear the Hawks are like the Spurs-lite of the East, they've been to the playoffs for like 10 straight years.

The idea is that when franchise players like that are in their prime, they take paycuts in order to make their team good. DeRozan took a 21-million dollar discount, LBJ and Nowitzki took multiple million dollar discounts, and so on so forth. So after they won championships for their team, franchise and city it's time to pay back those players the money they should have gotten. That's the idea. I visit the Dallas Mavs subreddit and virtually everyone there wants Dirk to play for even more years and doesn't care that he's eating up 25 million dollars of the capspace, because after all he brought them a championship. DeRozan strikes me as the kind of player to retire as soon as he starts declining noticeably, but we never know.

I know right, Craig Sager is a hero. I don't understand how that kind of relationship begins to develop lol

I'd bet on the later. It's clear basketball is strictly a profession to him and I think after 20 years of this shit, he's done lol
Adi Feb 28, 4:14 AM
Yeah, that' exactly what I'm saying. But the more that I think about it, it's less about the draft system and more about poor scouting. Even if there was a summer league, shitty scouting would still result in bad picks and draft busts. As long as their is a draft pick system, the label 'draft busts' will never die. Having a summer league is impractical because the teams want to get their picks ASAP in order to get them acclimated to their team.

Honestly that's got to be part of it, that and also big men never being given an opportunity to shoot when they're developing because any decent high school coach would flip their shit the second their center takes a shot further than 4-feet from the basket lol. LBJ always makes the deepest 3s and seems to miss ones where he's right behind the arc which tells me he's exerting too much force on his shot and that he should take deeper ones.

I think his lack of a 3 point shot is a combination of two things; 1) DeRozan's shooting form isn't designed for three point shooting. His form has his elbow right in front of his face in order to purposefully draw fouls from his midrange jumpers, and as a result makes it difficult to shoot threes and 2) it's a mental thing. I swear, if his shoelace is on the line he'll drill the three, the second he's 1 foot out the ball just grazes the rim lol. That deep 3 against the Knicks last night as hype as fuck, and then he proceeded to shoot a fadeaway game-winner over Rose damn, the Kobe comparisons are too much! He's taken so much inspiration from his game. DeRozan also outscored the Knicks in the last 3 minutes by himself, scoring all 12 of the Raptor's points to the Knicks' 11. The true Kobe System lol.

Ah, makes sense. Well I still like a lot of other commentators like the Kings, Celtics and Knicks commentators a lot. I don't think it's that humiliating unless your announcers are as obnoxious as the Charlotte ones. The Warriors announcers are also straight garbage, I can't believe how they'll watch a reply of Draymond Gren straight up kicking somebody only for them to say "it's a natural shooting motion". They're lying to themselves with that homer bias. I mean I never said that IT4's offensive game isn't incredible... he's just a dick.

Lmao, that's 1 isolated case with LeBron goddamn James, are you saying Isaiah Thomas is comparable? XD I want the Raps to finish minimum third seed otherwise that means they'll have to face the Cavaliers in the second round I believe. Raps gonna now play the Wizards 2 times in a row which are gonna be some seriously important games.

That's the same thing to me, Kobe is the one who brought them 5 championships. It's an unpopular opinion, but I don't mind when organizations do that with their players because it shows that loyalty is a two-way street; the player stays with the team his whole career and wins multiple championships, the organization rewards the player with a generous contract at an old age. I see it with Dirk Nowitzki too. And that's why Dwyane Wade left the Heat, because they didn't want to reward him with the same contract. I mean in a business-sense it makes sense and it's fair, but all I'm saying is that if DeRozan won a championship for Toronto I wouldn't mind paying him a near-max contract to him while he rots on the bench.

Rodman was always a crazy person, now we see he's like best friends with Kim Jong Un lol. Basketball kept him grounded and now that he's retired he's let loose.

Curry isn't a good enough defender for Irving, I believe he always gets marked up by Klay Thompson who even then struggles to defend him. Wall is also the fastest player in the league right now, which is never not useful. Can't wait for the Raptors vs Wizards matchup on Wednesday. And of course, that's the Tim Duncan system for ya. Also how good are the Spurs' scouting to go from David Robinson to Tim Duncan to Kawhi Leonard. Will their organization ever suck?
Adi Feb 27, 3:30 PM
Looool, I was briefly reading something on /r/nosleep today with a similar vibe. Cool coincidence.

Yeah, it's certainly not fair, especially for players like Anthony Bennet who were never cut out for NBA basketball but because he was picked as the number 1 in the draft he's been forced out of the league. It's a bit unfair and sad, but honestly overall I still think the NBA drafting system is good. I'm not sure what I would replace it with. Though, almost all elite players in the NBA now were top 5 or top 10 picks, so when the scouting works it works wonders.

I agree, Rodman definitely has a case as the best defender of all-time. 6ft 7 and he could lockdown every single position and outrebound entire teams by himself. I remember he once had a statline of 0 points and 28 rebounds, like goddamn. He has 2 DPOYs I think. Drummond still sucks at free throws, and so does DJ. At this point I think you have to blame their work ethic. Free throws are not hard. High school students in varsity basketball average at least 70% which is good. All it takes is one off-season, I don't understand how you can't shoot free throws as a big man in this modern nba era.

That's not really a viable long-term strategy I don't think haha. Basketball basics HAVE been breached, which is why he's a constant liability for his team on the defensive side. And I think Danny Ainge has done his best to build around IT4, almost all of the players on the Celtics are above average defenders so they're clearly trying to compensate for his biggest weakness. IT4 is 28, he's still got a few prime years to go before he declines, but like you said being that short might mean a shorter career overall. Sucks, but that's just the way the wind blows. DeRozan is only 27, he's definitely an unfinished product, he's got minimum three more years of improvement before he starts declining. Between now and when he's 30, following the trend from since he was drafted, I'm expecting him to shoot the 3 ball at a high rate and to be an above average defender. I think with those two additions, plus the refinement of his current game, he'll be a consensus top 10 player in the game in a few years. Kobe is a top 10 all-time great lol, the comparsion isn't even fair to DeRozan xD
LOL I'm not really comfortable hopping on board with that meme, a lot of the "evidence" people have proving it can reasonably be disproved so I don't think it's all that true. Same with Biyombo.

LMFAO that's so true, it's iconic though man. The announcer's "OHHH BLOCKED BY JAMES" during the Warrios/Cavs finals is still as fresh as ever in my mind. Plus, it's LeBron James man, I'd get excited too if he's on my team. I don't mind the announcers bias (e.g. I like the Celtics broadcast) but when it's the Charlotte Hornets and these two announcers literally defend everything that they do and praise every little thing they do as the greatest shit ever, even though their team sucks, that's when it begins to annoy me. First of all, in a pick-up game of Ball there are no such thing as fouls, second of all, pump faking works like twice in one series. It's not a reliable strategy. And trust me, playing against someone significantly taller than you is easier said that done. There are so many strategies I come up with that theoretically work on paper the night before I 1v1 him but I always come short (pun intended). IT4's offensive game is incredible especially at his height

One-man teams never work in the playoffs man, I highly doubt he does much of anything especially being 5'9. Playoffs are when teams start playing the most intense, physical D and when refs start being very loose on the whistle and allow many physical plays to go without calling fouls. Teams will easily double team IT and since the Celtic's offensive strategy is simply just "Isaiah Thomas" I don't see how far they go. But it's Basketball you never know. Yeah the Celtics suck, they have such a horrible record against teams above .500. Washington skunks them, Raptors 3-1 the series, etc. Honestly they just had one amazing stretch in February where they won 7-0 in a row and now have the second seed. Again, their future is brighter than anyone's in the NBA, I wouldn't be surprised if they win a 2019 or 2020 chip. Meanwhile, Toronto's win-now time is now and next year, and considering Lowry has just been announced to undergo wrist surgery I don't think it's this year. So sad.
Idk, I think for some teams they don't really mind a few years of sucking shit after many years of dominance. Kobe brought the city 5 championships so I think it's fair if they wait patiently to rebuild. The problem is when they pull a Sacramento Kings and rebuild for decades, now that's a problem lol.

IIRC the Bulls front office willingly pushed Phil Jackson out, even while knowing that without Phil Jackson = no MJ, no Scottie and no Rodman. Not sure why they did that but that's the narrative that circulates.

Lol, really? Wall and Lowry are much better than Kyrie in my opinion. Lowry and Wall are two of the best defensive PGs in the East and the only one who competes with them in the West is Chris Paul. Irving is a whole on defense too, he fouls out more than he gets defensive stops. I think Wall has the edge above them all being an elite defender, above average scorer and elite playmaker. Lowry is only two of those three things. Kyrie is just an elite scorer.
Adi Feb 27, 3:35 AM
Oh well of course if you buy a house in those megacities it'll be expensive, but Canada is far more expansive than just those two places. On average, the housing prices are far more reasonable.

Yeah, the news has been circulating for a while so no surprise it happened. Bogut is effectively a draft bust as the number one overall pick but he still has his uses (hint: illegal screens).
Eh, +/- wasn't really relevant there. My point was that they had three star-players, not that that they had three effective players. Any decent player with a PER of 10+ can get a good +/-, but none of them could average 20ppg. Plus, the number of teams that have more than two players averaging 20ppg can be counted on one hand. Yeah TT is Canadian, he's actually from the specific city that I live in (Brampton) but nahh, calling him Rodman-esque is direspect to Rodamn, without a doubt the greatest rebounder of all time. The closest thing to Rodamn in this league today is Andre Drummond, who rebounds at a historic rate. Thompson is just an slightly above average center, and that's just because he plays with LBJ who knows how to use him.

That's true, he's still a liability. There are plenty of players who score or can score just as much or do score just as much but aren't giant holes on defense. The Celtics literally have to hide Thomas on the defensive end because it's virtually 4v5. Nobody in their right mind would choose IT4 to build a team around over any other high-scoring star (Westbrook, Harden, DeRozan, Boogie, AD, etc). DeRozan isn't an average defender, nothing more nothing less. I'm thinking that with the addition of PJ Tucker, who is a very, very vocal defender, DeRozan will get back into it and hopefully become a more dominant two-way player. Much like Kobe, every off-season DeRozan comes back with something new. He has steadily improved since he has been drafted and I'm predicting that over this off-season, he either becomes an effective three-point shooter or becomes a better defender. No, this Raptors roster is already the most talented one in franchise history (on paper) it's just up to the coaches and the players to make it work and take it as far as possible. PJ Tucker is 31 and Ibaka has been to the NBA finals and WCF mulitple times so they both have veteran and playoff experience respectively.

Lmaoo, I hate the Hornets announcers, they are so, so garbage. Incredible homer bias and unless Charlotte is your team, they're obnoxious. No, that's definitely not what I meant, especially since there's no way a 5'11 person can goal tend on a 10 foot NBA rim lol. What I mean is as soon I hit let go of the ball, their fingers graze it so it's off-course and almost never goes in. I didn't know that was legal in FIBA, honestly that's dumb. Goaltending is a necessary rule imo.

I mean, it could be an off-day. But he only started sucking after the second-half when our defense started prioritizing stops and after shit shittalking clearly pissed of Cory Joseph. Definitely not, especially someone like IT4 who's been playing in the league for a longer time. The Celtics suck right now, but their future is brighter than anyone's in the league, so that's something to be scared of. Dude, Dirk Nowitziki won an MVP of the league and the only reason the 2011 Championship is so memorable is because that's one of the first and only times a team with one superstar won a championship. Not discrediting his teammates, they were all role-players centered around Dirk, but he was their one star. Just look back at the last 10 championships and see when that happens. Cavs have LBJ, Love, Kyrie, GSW have Curry, Green, Thompson, Heat had Bosh, LBJ, Wade, Lakers had Kobe/Gasol, Celtics Allen/KG/Pierce, etc. championship winning teams always have two or three stars. Dirk's championship run in 2011 is so legendary.

It's 11 rings. 6 with Bulls, three with the Lakers and two more in 2009/2010. He's a legendary coach as well.
Yeah man, I wish they allowed some of it. At least compromise on allowing trash-talk and staredowns, but hand out technicals when it gets physical (i.e. a push) otherwise it's too boring.

Basically. Everyone knows the Cavs handed them those two games.

Paul George is a better two-way player than DeRozan but I mean come on, your team has to be winning at least. AD and Boogie both are top 5 league scorers AND rebounders, so they have to be in there regardless of their losing teams. If Wall is in the top 10, that'd mean Lowry would have to be there as well since he's way better two-way, but he's definitely not top 10. And actually, I'm not sure of DeRozan is number 10. I'm always quick to say that Lowry is the Raptor's best player so it doesn't make sense that DeRozan is top 10. I think switching him out for someone like Chris Paul would be more ideal.
Adi Feb 26, 6:55 PM
A few years back the average time to payoff a student loan in the States was 14 years. That's what happens when you have Universities run on a for-profit business models. I don't know about that, there is a lot of space in Canada so land is relatively cheap, and therefore by extension housing as well. When you buy a house you're really just paying for location more than anything else, otherwise it's fairly reasonable.

Yep. It also takes a load off of LeBron's shoulders because he no longer has to play nearly 40 minutes a night to make sure his team doesn't lose. Timberwolves are my second favourite team, their combination of having three players averaging 20ppg all under 22 years old and one of them being Canadian is super likeable to me haha. Hopefully they get it together real soon and get good

ACL tears are almost completely a freak accident, a senior high school girl playing varsity basketball has just as big a chance of tearing her ACL as the players in the NBA. Not much can be done about it. Some people just have more delicate ACLs too.

I respect Thomas' game because I for one know how insanely difficult it is to 1v1 someone who is significantly taller than you, but outside of that bleh. And yeah, he's statistically the worst defender in the league. I mean, lowlights is the verbal counterpart to highlights, and you wouldn't say that a block or a steal isn't a highlight right? Same concept. Bad screens, turnovers and just poor overall offense also fall under lowlights. Wing defenders like Butler/Kawhi/Green are the only players that give DeRozan a problem. I'm not even being a complete toronto homer when I say that DeRozan has reached that 'unguardable' tier that players like LeBron and Kobe are in, albeit of course to a slightly lesser extent. He drops 30 on everybody, he dropps 29, 34 against Golden State, he drops 26 on SAS, 36 on CLE, 36 on Bulls, etc. all on minimum 42% efficiency, which isn't even that bad for a minimum. He scored 34 against GSW on 51%. He's unguardable at this point, just tonight he dropped 32 on the Trailblazers on insanely efficient shooting. God I love how the new Raptors look, PJ Tucker brings a level of defense this team hasn't had in years, goddamn. Try, they upload the games in full.

Charlotte sucks lol, even though they beat the Raps by nearly 50 points earlier in the season lmfao. Walker is the only good player they have. Exactly man, just a few days ago I was playing 1v1 with my friend who's 5'11 and I'm 5'7. I lost 11-2 because every single shot I took he would just tap out and it would never go in. I respect his game, not him as a person. Lmao, I really wish I had NBA2K. Do you play much MyLeague? That seems like fun. Altercations clearly choke him, after his shittalking in the first half he disappeared from the game. More proof that he will choke in the playoffs like the rest of his team, he's not that good, especially defensively. Very, very rarely do 1-man nba teams win championships, and that list might as well begin and end with Dirk Nowitzki and Wilt Chamberlain.

To be fair Kobe had Phil Jackson, who's the second best coach of all time haha. 11 rings ain't nothing to scoff at. I didn't mean to imply that either one is better, I'm just saying that it's a unique thing. DeRozan doesn't celebrate either, just puts scowls on his face and screams like Lowry lol I love their intensity when they do it. And Spurs also are called a boring team to watch very often because of their monotony, so I guess it goes both ways. I've heard that when he retires from coaching one of his assistant coaches will take over, and he's supposedly great too. But those are some big shoes he'd have to fill.

Yeah, that happened, but everyone knows that the Cavs handed Toronto those two wins haha. Still a sweet moment in the saga of Toronto's quest for a Championship.

Damn, you'd but DeRozan in top 10? And Curry over Durant? Damn haha. My top 10 would be

1. LeBron
2. Kawaii (;)
3. Durant
4. Harden
5. Curry
6. Anthony Davis
7. Westbrook
8. Boogie
9. Chris Pau
10. lDeRozan

Damn, it got really hard to list out after the top 5.