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Jun 28, 2017
You were brought to this foreign land.

In this Corner of the World is a Japanese wartime drama set during the second world war but plays out more like a slice-of-life show if you were to examine it closely. The movie features around a young girl named Suzu Urano who spends her childhood in Hiroshima. She is suddenly shipped off to another family as a product of arranged marriage to meet her would be husband Shuusaku Houjou who is the successor of the household.

A significant portion of the movie centers around the household activities that Suzu is soon accustomed to. She is for the most ...
Feb 12, 2017
Monsters only appear if you believe them - Nakano, best boy (2017-2017)

Story (10/10)

The movie story is very original, much better than the game as it only relies on shock value. This movie has no plot holes and has excellent foreshadowing to boot.

Art (6/10)

I did not like the CG used in this, it reminded me of SIMS. It was ok but it could have been hand drawn instead.

Dec 24, 2016
Occultic;Nine (Anime) add
TLDR: Skip to final paragraph.

Water’s bottom, many people, drowning, giant cow-tits…transmission died.

Clearing out the elephant in the room. Nikola Tesla never had an illegitimate child as he was a virgin who devoted his love towards a peculiar pidgin. What if I told you he did father a child, and this child capable of being a poltergeist, has managed to possess someone all this time. Occultic;Nine is a show that explores the occult and probes into the spirit realm. The series scrutinises paranormal activities and tries to rationalise it in a scientific manner, hence tries to inform us that anything can be disproven my science. ...
Dec 23, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Disclaimer: This is the 3rd instalment of the WIXOSS and would advise watching Selector Infected and Spread beforehand. Spoilers for prequels in this.

For a quick summary, skip to bottom paragraph.

The chains that bind us the most closely are the ones we have broken.

The ‘lost storage’ part of the title is some great wordplay as it can be substituted for lost memories which is what defines this anime. The protagonist in question Homura Suzuko has returned to her hometown only to find out she must participate in a WIXOSS game that involves LRIGS. Morikawa Chinatsu, a childhood friend who has experienced hard times with her ...
Dec 23, 2016
Drifters (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
I’m throwing this out here, the Japanese sure are obsessed with Isekai related works. The concept of being transferred to a fantasy world where the use of swords and magic is commonplace is noticeable in Drifters. Many light novels and manga are based around this setting, due to the fact there are more constraints associated with the regular world. How does Drifters differentiate itself from other series that use the Isekai format?

The answer is it doesn’t, the plot is relatively straightforward with it being a large-scale war fought by two opposing sides. The Drifters along with the support of the Octobrist organisation are pitted ...
Dec 22, 2016
Fune wo Amu (Anime) add
DISCLAIMER: Amazon Prime have low-balled this series hard. Crunchyroll would have done better with advertising.

This anime has gone under the radar, sure it may just revolve around the mundane task of creating a dictionary. However, the real beauty lies in its simplicity with it being complementary to its setting. This will appease slice of life fans but for those seeking something different, you may need to look elsewhere as nothing ground-breaking occurs.

A dictionary is a ship that traverses the vast ocean of words. This tool that we take for granted enables us to search up any word we like. Now I can only represent ...
Dec 21, 2016
DISCLAIMER: Had to re-upload because of fallacies in my opening statement.

Matoi the Sacred Slayer is an under-viewed show but don't let that stop you from watching it if you are a fan of the magical girl genre.

An area that I find MtSS to be particular lacking is the plot/story department which is what this show struggles with to a large extent. I can’t confirm whether it wants to be an episodic show with an overarching storyline or that it undergoes the linear format which is not the case through retrospection. It all takes off with shrine maiden Sumeragi Matoi being shocked with the fact that ...
Dec 17, 2016
Mixed Feelings
The battle royale theme is no stranger to the anime medium, with many series incorporating it in their storyline from Mirai Nikki to the Fate Series just to name a few. The method of execution is what usually enamours the audience, which is a quintessential requirement for its overall success. Now can be it done with magical girls? The answer is a yes but the degree to which it is provides an entertaining storyline is variable. Anyone who is well versed with a last man standing format should have a complete grasp of the problems associated with it.

The conspicuous social experiment that enables a total ...
Dec 17, 2016
What could go wrong with combining a WWII setting with some cute magical girl(s)? Everything I tell you…

Izetta the Last Witch is something I was optimistic for considering it was an alternative take on the second world war which I’m sure many of us have studied at some point before viewing. The Germanian Empire is our like for like replacement for the Nazi Regime which was led by the infamous Adolf Hitler. To summarise, the Germanian Empire has gone on the offensive using arguably one of the best tactics in modern history. The ‘Blitzkrieg’ was designed to create disorganisation among the Allied forces which was ...
Sep 27, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Before I begin this review, props to Waseda University Shockers for giving us this anime!
Watch the link to get an idea for the anime:

Men doing something like cheerleading? Not unheard of but this show is the definition of male empowerment! I believe no activity should be restricted to a certain gender with this show being the beginning of countless opportunities. This a series that has the sport cheerleading under the spotlight as we follow the lives of two former judo participants who embark in this new challenge.

The main character for this show is undoubtedly Bandou Haruki, who is a college student that has the ...

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