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Anime Stats
Days: 38.4
Mean Score: 4.44
  • Total Entries159
  • Rewatched3
  • Episodes2,130
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Yesterday, 9:36 AM
Watching 6/101 · Scored -
Master Keaton
Master Keaton
Aug 15, 1:54 PM
Watching 17/24 · Scored -
Aria The Animation
Aria The Animation
Aug 8, 5:49 AM
Watching 2/13 · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 8.6
Mean Score: 4.48
  • Total Entries50
  • Reread0
  • Chapters1,323
  • Volumes172
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
Aug 12, 1:26 PM
Reading 22/259 · Scored -
May 21, 6:58 AM
Completed 37/37 · Scored 8
May 18, 4:43 PM
Completed 28/28 · Scored 6


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Blarey Yesterday, 12:27 PM
I hope you like Touch, it is a great anime also pretty similar to Maison Ikkoku XD
Warriors_of_God Aug 15, 1:07 PM
I love the feel of it, it feel like I am watching an rpg. The artstyle is very nice and simple, reminds me of Dragon Quest. Alot of the jokes are funny, each one made laugh so far. I am liking the character of it so far, Kukuri is so cute. I have yet to see them reuse a joke yet though, but glad to know that the only complaint about it.

Looking forward to seeing more of it, however might take a while to finsih as I still watch other things at the moment and I wan to take my time with it. Heck I am think about watching the 94 version of it maybe after I am done with the 2017 version.
Warriors_of_God Aug 15, 12:51 PM
So far I am loving it, it a high chance of making into my favorites.
idcgaf Aug 13, 9:39 AM
I've already seen Touch and Orange Road. (Ive read basically all of Adachi's manga) and Touch is one of, if not my favorite sports anime, which is a genre I love. Yawara I need to watch and plan to soon, especially as a huge Naoki Urasawa fan.
idcgaf Aug 13, 7:39 AM
I really don't like the idea of such a low *mean* score, but it also has to do with the fact that I think all ratings should be based purely on enjoyment and through that would mean you are saying you don't enjoy most of your time watching anime. (Had to say this, it annoys me every time I see it, but w/e.)

Glad to see another person with Maison Ikkoku as their favorite anime though, anything you'd recommend based on that? (Or just any 80s anime in general?) I need to watch Patlabor tbh.
Blarey Aug 12, 1:45 PM
With my last comment I kind of made Ryo sound like a bad guy, but he really is a good, kind-hearted dude. The show has been slowly showing more of his hidden good side which I realize after the past couple episodes.

How is Keaton so far btw?
Blarey Aug 12, 11:59 AM
I’m definitely liking it, Ryo is a savage lol. He literally just goes around feeling girls up and acts like an idiot so they hate him at first, but they can’t help but end up liking him in the end because he’s too awesome.. At first it feels like a typical episodic “catch the bad guy of the day” type of show, but it’s really more about Ryo and how he helps everyone around him and with seemingly little effort. The individual stories can be pretty good too and as you know, an episodic series can be boring if they get repetitive, with City Hunter I haven’t felt that way at all and it’s been a very entertaining and hilarious show so far. The VA who plays Mitaka from Maison Ikkoku, Akira Kamiya is really good at playing Ryo too.

And I’m glad you are taking the time to check out more Naoki Urusawa series! Yawara and Master Keaton are pretty much the only other Naoki Urusawa anime worth mentioning besides Monster, I think. I plan on watching them sometime. I’ll probably end up reading Billy Bat first though.
Coolspot Aug 10, 10:21 AM
I've seen that poster around for ages, I'd be down for a re-boot with similar characters but I think they are gonna start fresh lol.
AestheticOnion Aug 8, 9:32 PM
Anyone who appreciates 5 Cm is my friend by default
Konakana Aug 4, 1:17 PM
Ah yeah, I could add Gundam, either War in the Pocket, 8th MS Team or Turn A. It's not particularly based off popularity, but a meme pointing fingers at the same titles recycled in similar combinations. It seems a lot of people more or less end up with a rather similar set of shows. I could definitely add more popular stuff like Lain or Ping Pong or Perfect Blue as well, but I'm trying to round it out to cover some more of the "out there" titles and not just all the entry-level ones. :)
Konakana Aug 2, 8:21 PM
Lol, I've honestly been conflicted over my scores for years. For now, I've just kept the very top, my 9s and 10s and such since they're the most important. There is honestly just so much that I either haven't seen in a long time, or have completely changed my mind on and needs to fit in somewhere again, or else a combination of both. I think most of it comes down to how, the foundation of what I had based my system upon, has crumbled. Far too many works that I had upheld in the past I now revisit only to realize they no longer carry nearly the same weight. What I had believed to be great is great no longer. Too much is in disarray to the degree in which only the very important titles have been scored as nothing else can be organized.

I see you started Planetes too, what are your first impressions? :)
Konakana Aug 2, 5:14 PM
Ah, yeah. I didn't like Crybaby at all either, so much so that I dropped it. Feels like a mess and isn't nearly as visually strong as some of Yuasa's other work. I haven't seen much of Kemonozume, but from what I have, it does feel stronger than Crybaby.

Do you mean titles that are like, sexually explicit or merely imply it?
Konakana Aug 2, 12:41 PM
Lol, didn't like Crybaby either?
Unowen Aug 1, 8:40 AM
Well it takes 6 or so episodes for Erin to be on the move, so if you didn't make it that far it would explain things.

Turn A is pretty good indeed. I wasn't watching it because I thought I needed to watch more from the franchise before, but it's pretty standalone.
Unowen Jul 28, 10:42 AM
And not only the fantasy elements, the series struggles to set a consistent tone throughout. Nonetheless it did a better job than I expected with the transition between the two parts towards the end.

Have you ever thought of watching Kemono no Souja Erin? I think you'd like it.