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S-quare22 May 27, 2:03 PM
np :)

totally agreed.
S-quare22 May 27, 1:52 PM
np :)

hmm I'm interested in medicine if that answers your question.
and nice profile pic btw!
S-quare22 May 27, 1:28 PM
thanks for reading what I wrote! I thought that no one would be interested in reading that wall of text lol.

yeah! I'm really interested in this. my father is a doctor and he motivated me to become like him :p
S-quare22 May 27, 12:56 PM
hey! :3

romeo no aoi sora is indeed a piece of litterature that snatched my heart and made me view the world from different angles. romeo really relies on its atmosphere and characters providing a realistic setting and nailbiting events.
first off, this show is based on real events so keep that in mind.

I'm french and I'm currently living in the UAE.
TerrenceMalick May 20, 8:12 PM
TerrenceMalick May 16, 6:51 PM
Sorry, mate. Good to hear she's doing better. I'm fine, although my situation's quite similar to yours. Come talk to us again if you have time. I'd like to know more of your thoughts on 5 Centimetres per Second, as well as Usagi Drop ;)
TerrenceMalick May 15, 5:27 PM
How's it going?
RedInfinity May 15, 10:54 AM

Unfortunately, to my knowledge, there are no available torrents of Sharp in high enough quality. I (and I assume everyone else) streamed it instead. The other seasons have high quality torrents similar to that of the first season, so it's not a problem in the long run.

Hope you enjoy the rest whenever you're planning on getting back into it!

Pullman May 9, 9:45 AM
Haha, while I quite liked the Golden Compass trilogy when I read it that's not where the name comes from.

I got it from the main antagonist from the comic 'The Unwritten'.

It's a fantastic comic and he's a very intriguing antagonist so I choose my name to give tribute to that ^^.
Unowen May 5, 6:37 PM
I don't know if the word is glorifying. If anything they pander in that direction, I guess. But I'd drop this analogy since it makes no sense.

"glorifies eating animal products" I don't see how this is a thing really. Why would they glorify something normal? I know from people travelling to Japan that is astonishing how virtually anything in there has meat in it. You stopped eating meat a few years ago, right? So you should know perfectly how this goes. Odds are I don't eat what I see people eating in a series/movie, like 90% of the time. Does it ever get under my skin? Not really..

And yes, I've seen the documentaries. First time well over 10 years ago, actually. I'm astonished you arrived to your 20s without knowing how this works (at least in the industrial, bigger scale). Then, you also have to take into account that regulation is different in Europe than in the US for instance.
You can even avoid this as a whole by buying local products. I've never eaten an egg that didn't come from a local farmer for instance (those that almost take care of their livestock as if they were pets).

You can find plenty of depressed people working "peacefully" at offices. The industrial world being a loud, stressful, and even more repetitive makes it undeniably tougher. And if you work in certain industries (this one, for instance), even more so. I don't think that fact alone is an argument, though.

Well, it's understandable that they get defensive. I personally don't agree with you calling it "bad" by itself. Precisely because we live in first world countries we are more accomplices of this whole system. Everytime we drive a car, or go on a bus, or use electricity, etc. Virtually anything we do is sustained by taking advantage of nature, by constantly taking advantage of animals. What I can be clearly against are certain corporations deliberately contaminating, or illegal animal hunting just for their skins, amongst many other examples. Not a local dude eating a steak. He's doing nothing wrong.

Ultimately, I think there are things more important to be worried about. Animal suffering is just too vague for me to care, particularly when there are millions of humans suffering in this same moment. I respect the decision you made out of your own volition, and I certainly don't think it is completely futile. But don't let your stance obscure the few things that shouldn't be hard to understand.
TerrenceMalick May 5, 4:11 AM
How far did you get? It's an interesting show with plenty of memorable characters. Somehow, the story managed to engross me, even though I don't care for politics and warfare. Similar to Maison Ikkoku, the OP puts me in a good mood, which is important given the nature of the show. As for annoyances, I didn't like the abrupt cuts and inconsistent art. However, the writing is fairly consistent, although some episodes didn't engage me as much as others, but with 110 episodes that's to be expected. What do you think of the soundtrack? It definitely stands out in a good way.
Unowen May 4, 4:50 PM
Of course you care, you couldn't trick me to believe otherwise!

That loli example though, I feel like I could mock anyone for all eternity just for coming up with that. What kind of a harmful activity do you see in eating meat that could correlate to that? Lol

Also, what do you mean by eating because of survival reasons? You refer to the non-availability of other options? Thus, condemning the idea of eating meat in any situation that is not, well, being in the middle of the wild with no other alternatives?

And just for the record, I ask all this while being a vegetarian since birth myself.
Unowen May 2, 11:29 AM
Haha well, he is indeed a weirdo. He does sort of redeem himself later on, but admittedly the whole "tanuki eating" topic being less prevalent in the second season is one of the main reasons why I like it more over the first.
Unowen May 2, 11:07 AM
It's better safe than sorry, you could say.

But I don't think it could bother you :P
Unowen May 2, 10:56 AM
Well the fact stands, many animals are eaten raw in Kamuy.