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Smile Precure!
Smile Precure!
6 hours ago
Watching 10/48 · Scored -
Fresh Precure!
Fresh Precure!
Feb 11, 10:12 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Hug tto! Precure
Hug tto! Precure
Feb 11, 10:12 PM
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Days: 43.6
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Helter Skelter
Helter Skelter
Yesterday, 1:21 AM
Reading 2/9 · Scored -
Feb 10, 2:45 PM
Reading 9/20 · Scored -
Koi wo Hitokuchi
Koi wo Hitokuchi
Jan 19, 10:30 AM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 3


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BRUTALOCLES Yesterday, 1:32 AM
How goes it, man.
BRUTALOCLES Yesterday, 12:40 AM
Interesting avatar choice and taste in artwork. Also hi!
qiwie Feb 15, 10:36 PM
no need to apologize i'm the one who replied almost a year later >< don't die on me CMYK you can survive work (◠﹏◠✿)
I'll be replying tmr since i'm heading to bed rn!
MAYOISM Feb 14, 9:09 PM
I had no idea to use reddit too when i got into it then i realized its quite convinient and easy to navigate (though i do acknowledge some of the users are problematic lol)
*where are you from? if you feel comfortable revealing ofc, because i do think reddit is more of an american thing

oh yea, me too i was considering of using anilist as a backup but i believe mal would come back eventually
not a rant but i do think mal is becoming less and less appealing as an anime website these days since it hasn't been updated nor improved for years (we do see a lot of people making suggestions on the suggestion board, but we're just stating our opinions there; the devs would not go through them and see for themselves if they would implement them)

i like your favorites btw!
tutu, flip flappers, hxh, conan and yuu yuu :>
i definitely should continue watching yuu yuu hakusho sometimes
i found this gem after i finished hxh and my friend informed me the original manga was drawn by the same mangaka

MAYOISM Feb 12, 6:39 PM
yes ofc! i've even had a dream once about them
tho its practically impossible now since there are no ways for me to contact them beside using the forums and messaging apps on which they were no longer active ...

oh thats simplier than i thought
yes, thats how i met a lot of other users on the forums, via friends of friends or through clubs (you know, when your friend invited you into another group in which they are a part of, you get to expand your connections)
do you use forums often? (beside mal) or reddit perhaps?
i wonder if there are other anime/non-anime forums you're active on
so far mal is the only anime website i'm a part of; i've tried anime-planet and reddit but i don't like em
mal is much more informative and easier to navigate

and thanks! tho its been a month already LOL
I was born in january c:
MAYOISM Feb 11, 9:22 AM
hey im the one who made that thread about online friendship!
i can relate to you tbh
when i was in middle school i got into forums too (not anime forums however) and i met a lot of gaming buddies on a gaming forum
we kept greeting each other on forums and added each other on messaging apps, which were magical to me because i've never had online friends before; we pretty much interacted among the community on a daily basis (giving reps to each other, replying to posts, @ting people, creating clubs, inviting new members)
it was one of the best memories of my middleschool life tbh
sadly we no longer contact each other nowadays...
i wonder how did you guys met each other on crunchyroll
did crunchyroll has forums back in 2007?!
qiwie Jan 28, 7:09 AM
I'm sorry I'm late omg I'm terrible with birthdays!
mifti Jan 24, 4:25 PM
happy birthday! :3
CrashRHCP Jan 24, 3:33 AM
I just want to thank you for making a Emanon badge for the MRC 2019
It may sound stupid, but it really makes me happy!
qiwie Dec 22, 2018 7:06 PM
yess!! It's kind of sad that hs is coming to an end but I'm super excited for uni (that is, if I can get in >.<) It's crazy how fast hs goes by, I still feel like a 9th grader at heart yikes. Hmm I'd say they're closer to design than programming from what I've heard but I'm not completely sure, I gotta do more research about the two. Yeahh they involve website design!

Yesterday was actually my last day of school! Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year! I've never read the manga but I'm sure I would prefer the anime more since the art and music give the good feeeeels. Have you watched the two movies? Oh gosh LMAO NOW I CAN'T UNSEE IT.. PeRNeRT... PVNRT...!! It stands for P (pressure) × V (volume) = n (number of moles) × R (the gas constant) × T (temperature in Kelvin) <--Idk why pvnrt was first to pop up in my mind when creating my username.. I blame gr. 11 chem.

One day when I'm an adult, I will send you a real life letter :P
Hmmm…this one kid I had, (prob in gr 4) really liked licking the ice and he would do that every class .-. I also had a kid with autism and he's the cutest little thing but he starts losing focus halfway through class and so he always ends up running away. It's quite exhausting to bring him back all the time. Most of my older skater groups are okay but the bears are always difficult (we call the 3-5 year olds “bears”). We rotate stations every 10 minutes, and since the bears are still learning how to walk, I have to carry each kid one by one to each station. Rip arms. Most of the time work goes smoothly so it’s quite fun and being paid feels great! Ohh gosh screaming kids are the WORST. We always have 3 or 4 screaming, crying kids on the first day. Idek how they can scream that loud. OOo a photographer!! Since you’re working with people all day I bet you’ve got good stories! Do you have any to share?:P Oh photoshop, it still confuses the heck out of me but I’m getting the hang of it! I mainly just create layouts on photoshops so I don’t use my tablet very often. HAHAH OH MY THANKSS THAT’S SOO CUTE! Look!!
it’s a random cmyk meme I found!!

Ohhh I finished the first season of Chihayafuru! I just gotta finish the 2nd season. Eyyy I also see DC and Gakuen Alice on your list!! Those two are on my favourites!! are you up to date with the manga for DC? Ah this is pretty hard, you’ve basically watched all my favourites already. I actually have another mal account (that’s pretty outdated) for my whole list so if you ever want to see that list, I’ll send you my account name.
qiwie Dec 17, 2018 1:51 PM
Sorry for disappearing out of nowhere again ahh! Aside from school, life has been getting better! I’m getting more sleep than usual and I’m growing!! Man you are a wise one and thank you for all the support you always give me, I hope you’re healthy and doing well :) You make me feel flattered, it makes me happy to know that you feel inspired from my paintings!! It’s really easy to feel art blocked especially with our wild lives running in the background. I’m already in my last year of hs so I’m already out of time to decide what major I should pursue but business is quite broad so I’ll start from there once im in uni. Yes definitely, I was also planning on learning about UI or UX design during my free time. Have you heard about them? I think they’re still pretty new fields.

Oh gosh it’s been months but I haven’t started watching it, I’ve watched numerous clips on youtube already tho. I’m super excited to start it during Christmas break! Christmas vibes + Cardcaptor Sakura I can’t wait!! Oh wow 7 years!! I think it’s best to keep your account. It’s really nice to see older accounts that are still active on mal.

Long styled replies are my favourite! Makes me feel like I actually have a connection with the other person :D Life has been treating me well! Since June, I’ve started my job as a skating coach and I absolutely love my job.. well sort of.. sometimes kids can be a real pain. I’m also the senior editor of my schools yearbook so I’m slowly learning more about design and photoshop! Another plus is that I just got back my math test today and I’m super happy since I got one of the highest marks in the class! Aside from that, want to recommend each other some shows? :)
qiwie Dec 14, 2018 6:11 PM
ahaha I forgot my pass to cells ahh but I'm alive :D
I'm def gonna reply back to you once apps are finished but anyways how are you ??
SadMadoka Aug 25, 2018 10:48 PM
Gon/Yusuke, Killua/Hiei, Kurapika/Kurama, Leorio/Kuwabara...the similarities are uncanny. They feel like modern replacements of their corresponding YYH characters! XD And there are so many plot points that are recycled, which is fine, really. I actually haven't had this much fun watching an anime in a long time.
I do plan on watching the original once I finish the remake.
SadMadoka Aug 25, 2018 9:14 PM
*clicks random profile...sees YYH and HXH!* Very nice. YYH was one of my first anime and I'm binging HXH for the first time now. (Actually considering drinking a soda to stay up later and watch more.)
Ace_Detective May 18, 2018 11:19 PM
You got detective-level observation skills!

Then I should definitely enjoy it. Danganronpa and Ace Attorney got me so invested and teary eyed at times. I love games that can do that for me.

A crossover between those ZE and Danganronpa would be cool! I hope it does happen!

Also, thanks! :3