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Yu☆Gi☆Oh!: Duel Monsters GX
Yu☆Gi☆Oh!: Duel Monsters GX
Yesterday, 8:23 PM
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Noein: Mou Hitori no Kimi e
Noein: Mou Hitori no Kimi e
May 29, 2:02 AM
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Zetsuen no Tempest
Zetsuen no Tempest
May 28, 9:46 PM
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Tajuu Jinkaku Tantei Psycho
Tajuu Jinkaku Tantei Psycho
May 12, 5:51 PM
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Ao no Flag
Ao no Flag
Mar 17, 8:08 PM
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Yoru wa Tomodachi
Yoru wa Tomodachi
Mar 2, 2:36 AM
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arderine May 7, 3:13 PM
listened to the new song in your profile too and it's nice too :o i'm such a sucker for the retro vibes ;w; lmao
arderine Apr 25, 10:42 PM
haha, i tend to miss sometimes, but i've found a few good songs off people's profiles before too. the song that you shared is really nice as well!!
Fario-P Apr 25, 10:19 PM
I only hope this is successful so that the anime industry realizes that people miss the light-hearted magical girl shows and want them again lol
Don't get me wrong, I love Madoka, but nowadays it seems that the industry thinks that that's all we want... and it's pretty much killed off the traditional kind of show other than Pretty Cure (which only survives cuz it's Toei's cash cow lol)
arderine Apr 25, 10:05 PM
tyyy >< i'm so glad u like the song \o/ didn't think anyone would click it hahah
Fario-P Apr 25, 9:20 PM
oh no i totally agree with you. i sure hope you get to watching that one film you still didn't touch lol
oh i'm not struggling with which one to finish, i just haven't thought about watching them lately. i actually like both series tho i understand why most people find azumanga daioh more appealing than lucky star.
yeah i'm not super excited about TMM either, if anything i'm really only hoping that A La Mode gets adapted. i'm like the one person in the whole world who actually likes Berry and her relationship with Tasuku way more than Ichigo and any of her popular ships (fight me).
arderine Apr 22, 8:57 AM
your profile is absolutely gorgeous :o !!
latissimusdomsi Apr 19, 10:11 PM
Thank you for the Spy x Family banner!
Fario-P Apr 6, 9:55 AM
Can't just buy anime DVDs without actually watching them, that'd just be sad amirite?

Me at a bookstore considering buying Aria despite not having watched it because it was on sale and I heard good things about it: haha yeah who would do that? -sweats-

Oh no, I meant that what's the point of buying DVDs/Blu-Rays if you're not gonna watch them after buying it? I mean you can buy a DVD without having seen it before, that was the case for me when I bought Prétear. I read the manga but I didn't see the anime before buying it, so I wasn't sure as to what I was getting into lol. Good thing that it was still decent.
I'm guilty of this as I haven't made time to finish those Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh DVDs I bought like a year or two ago XD

Yeah, you saw the announcements related to Tokyo Mew Mew and Bleach? It's another instance of nostalgia sells and so was a marketing trend during the last decade... only that it's a new decade now, so the trend will continue to... well, continue lol. Would be great if there was something nice done for Uta Kata's anniversary. :)
Fario-P Mar 18, 12:12 PM
Yeah I guess they do resonate with me a lot nowadays haha... and yeah, I will! Can't just buy anime DVDs without actually watching them, that'd just be sad amirite? I don't think I really need to post a review for the anime cuz there is a review on the DB page already that sums up my thoughts, but hey I might change my mind and put my thoughts there!
Keiji Gotoh's art style is pretty nice, he should probably make more manga... But yes, Megumi Kadonosono's art style is indeed really cute, and I definitely wish she worked on more stuff! She's not a bad character designer at all and I really loved the Sun Djinn outfit she designed for Uta Kata's episode. It says that Hidefumi Kimura worked on art but I can't find any of their artwork, just the fact that he was a screenplay writer.
Either way, it's really sad to hear that gímik disbanded and don't plan on making anything new...

Oh and as for the streaming thing, it's okay, thanks :) Maybe I'll give them a chance someday...
Fario-P Mar 4, 5:21 PM
I agree, though it's cuz I'm pretty sure Madoka's story wasn't really about self-love unlike Ichika's story. I felt that Madoka Magica was more about never giving up on hope when everything seems extremely bleak, while Uta Kata was more of a coming-of-age story, as it seems like it was about learning to mature as a person. I personally love Madoka Magica more, but lately I cannot stop thinking Uta Kata, so I pretty much like both a lot.

I definitely understand that the fanservice was there for its intended audience, but it doesn't really stop me from disliking it. It does however say a lot that it's not as blatant as most ecchi anime usually are and that I was still able to enjoy the show despite its presence. (Also, Nanoha actually came out on the same exact season as Uta Kata lol)
The creator for Uta Kata has previously made Kiddy Grade, which is a more known anime but I don't plan on seeing it as I'm obviously not really into ecchi. Apparently it's stated on TV Tropes that the director of both Uta Kata and Kiddy Grade is fond of panty shots, so I guess that shouldn't be a surprise (though the first two episodes of Kyokou Suiri thankfully didn't have any panty shots, that show's okay but idk if I'll even finish it).

I do watch anime by streaming occasionally, I've got a Netflix and Hulu account atm but idk I'm a bit skeptical towards Crunchyroll. Not entirely a fan of their translations, either. I know, I'm weird when it comes to this kind of thing lol
Fario-P Feb 25, 11:05 PM
Maybe that's why I liked Uta Kata a lot—not just because it does the parts I love about Madoka Magica somewhat similarly (in tone at least), but also cuz Ichika starts to have thoughts about herself that are similar to those that I've had of myself throughout the past couple of years. Seeing how Ichika eventually learns something more positive through those thoughts made me think.
I guess you could say I actually kinda needed a series about self-love like this haha

Actually, Uta Kata's transformation scenes showing actual skin in magical girl anime wasn't too awkward to me, since a transformation scene like that did show up towards the end of Madoka Magica, but I do completely understand what you mean—especially with how old Ichika is and how some of the early transformations were clearly more fanservice-y than the rest. Thankfully there wasn't anything graphic, otherwise I probably wouldn't even finish this show lol
It's more of the camera angles that disturbed me, that's literally the only real thing I don't like about the show lol. Every other aspect of the show is pretty good, especially considering its age and budget (like, you can tell it's not the most expensive anime ever made, but the animation and art always felt consistent imo).

Oh yeah, been meaning to watch Flip Flappers sometime; I've seen a few screenshots, it looks experimental as hell and I really like the main duo's magical outfits... Too bad it's not on Hulu or Netflix though, looks like sailing the seven seas will have to make do for now? I dunno I just know that I really want to watch it, the OP is hella awesome too.

Hahah thank you for the compliment and the birthday wish, hope you have a good day now~
Fario-P Feb 22, 8:27 PM
Hahaha that's nice to hear, thanks XP
Might be, I'm pretty forgetful and forget things even if they are related days or even hours ago. Saint Tail's manga is fun, need to watch the anime sometime.
It's a little bit of that, more people are seeing the show's name cuz I'm spreading it all over the Anime & Manga Recommendations forums. It's really really underrated, I seriously don't know if I want to rate the show a 8 or a 9 (unfortunately not 10, because I cringe at the fanservice so that kinda hurts the enjoyment factor)... I'm gonna have to re-watch it, I even bought the anime new sometime ago lol
After involving myself in a forum game, I can safely say that I'm infamous for recommending Uta Kata everywhere now lol
Lustreless Feb 9, 7:21 AM
I blinked and didn’t read, watch or even play much of anything around/especially after November. That includes Ciconia. …I know, I know. Shame me.

Nah, not really. It's a sine wave of whimsical passion juxtaposed with present cirumstances, ie. time to dawdle away and feeling up to it. Some months you'll read, watch and play like there's no tomorrow, being interested in so many things, and sometimes - especially when real life intensifies - there are months that you're basically on standby. No shame in it.

I’m appreciative of the lighthearted cutesy tone so far because I wonder how far or how dark it’s going to go.

It kinda feels like the first chapter was a prelusion to something much more grand. Placing chess pieces, estabilishing the setting and rules, introducing the cast and all that. The scope's rather massive when you compare it to previous installments, so a slower, steadier first chapter might be a pretty good idea after all. And there sure are some overtones suggesting it's going to turn full grimdark. As I said previously: R07 is one of those select few writers I'm totally willing to give a huge chunk of the benefit of the doubt. The only thing I'm unhappy with is that it's apparently not going to be biannual after all. With a chapter a year it's going to be oh so painful to wait for subsequent chapters.

Maybe if I was younger I’d take a leap of faith and venture into new computer territory

Don't be like that. There are old teenagers and young 50-somethings. It's the mindset I tell you. But then again, there's little reason to swap to Linux if you don't code, don't have to due to work, or don't feel the itch to just try it out.

Thankfully it seems there’s a market for VNs on Switch so that’ll keep me at bay for now.

For real. These days there are just so many ways to read vns. Android for instance. You've got ports of a couple of engines, so you can play hundreds of vns OOTB. And with Windows emulation the list expands by a mile (I doubted it at first, but after tinkering around with it for a bit I was shocked at how great it works). Switch, backwards compatibility of current-gen consoles, old but gold PSP and DS... no matter what device you're rocking, there's at least a handful or good vns for you to experience. And it warms the cockles of my heart.

just knowing he must be a fanboy.

Haha, yeah. Not even trying to be subtle with it, but just YO, NEVER TOLD YA, BUT I'M TOTES DIGGING HxH, SO YEAH JUST WANTED TO LET YA'LL KNOW, NOW BACK TO THE STORY.

Ah, so even Poland couldn’t escape this disease. I thought it was mostly a plague here in the USA, but I think it’s been dying down?

Not really, no. I'd take mumbling over our current fad: auto-tuning to the point of distortion. Ugh. And yeah, I do feel like recently there's been a trend shift from mumbling to crossing over rap with other genres and finding more unique sounds. Which is dope. Oh, and that new Eminem album? Pretty average on the whole, yeah, but man, Darkness is just so ridiculously good. I'd rather have an album with one amazing song and others being just plain garbage, than one with even, decent songs throughout, but not a single banger to put on repeat.

PS4 sprites > Steam sprites. Now those are just. so …..ugly.

Let's seal them away, and stash them on that shelf that not a single ray of light ever touches upon. It's going to fit nicely between the Tsukihime and Umineko anime. Those spirtes bring me back to Heart of Darkness and its The horror! The horror!. They're nightmare-fuel tier.

Ciconia is a game that doesn’t force you to solve it.

Or so he says. And I say it's a ruse and trying to dull our mindfulness. Still, whatever it unfurls to be, I'll speculate, theorize, and muse over it to my heart's content.

At the moment, here’s a tier list but of course I’m not familiar with everyone just yet. Oo, looking at yours, I see my stance on Chloe probably won’t budge ;p

Nice, good taste all around. Your stance on Chloe can only improve, she's as olev as one can get. Looking at all those characters I'm yet again reminded that introducing all of them, estabilishing the setting and showing the readers in had to take time. So as much as this first chapter was a bit slow, I'm perfectly fine with an introduction like this (as long as it's 8, not 4 chapters).

Also, very weirdly, it seems we've got another Higurashi entry on our hands.

I was surprised as well. I'm generally not a fan of vn adaptations, and the reposinble studio's repertoire is... lacking, to put it mildly. But! As much as I like it when a show delivers and matches my expectations, I also love it when I expect the worst of a show and - out of spite - it ends up being the season's darling. So: I expect this rehash of Higurashi to suck, but I hope it proves me wrong. And while we're at it: I'd sure love me a full-fledged 48-episode adaptation of Umineko by ufotable supported with their Unlimited Budget Works :(

Ah, and speaking of adaptations and not knowing how to feel about them:
Lustreless Oct 22, 2019 4:49 AM
Same for me, what with the workload and all. I'd think that Q4 is hectic in a huge chunk of the market, so no wonder. Shame it got between me and my rendezvous with Ciconia on the release day; I only finished it this weekend. Buy boy! was it worth the wait.

I'm still not sure how I feel about it, and how to interpret it as a whole since there's no telling where and whether the meta takes place (R07 said he wouldn't give us the privilege of being on the player side this time) just with what we've gathered from Phase 1, but... I like what I see. The setting, music, worldbuilding (absolutely top-notch), characters, and yes, sprites as well. We don't really know much by now, but the numbers of theories and candidates for spies are off the charts. The last couple thousand posts on /jp/07th were a blast to read and a nice throwback to the good ol' Umineko days. And as much as I hate how time seems to mockingly fly by (and the more I try to catch it, the more it seems to leak through), summer '20 can't come soon enough. Ciconia's officially my raison d'etre until further notice.

If I can remember my old account.. eureka. We’re no longer in the dark ages qq

THAT screenshot. From Daemon Tools, through isoHunt (rip), up to Win XP. I didn't have a ticket for this nostalgia ride, but I'm glad I caught it.
I was that person that would take screenshots of the process and use mspaint to help others install.

May your righteous soul be forever blessed for all the guidance you had bestowed upon the community. *clap*clap*

If no Photoshop, what does Linux offer you for editing?

Frankly: virtual machine with Windows, on which you can run Photoshop. You can do some things with GIMP, but it's very limited. Other than that it's either dual booting 2+ OSes or running a VM with Windows/PS.

Those huge Steam sales for vns have me shed a single tear every time.

You can run most of them via though, so that shouldn't be a problem, I think? Not sure how stable it is though as I've always opted for non-macOS machines at work and have no experience with them.

I’m looking forward to see what Ciconia things you end up collecting.

For now it's a couple dozen in-game screenshots, all sprites (there are 2403 of them, sick) and other in-game-files assets, and what I've saved from /jp/. I'm attaching most of what I got from /jp/ HERE - some maybe be a bit out of context, but oh well. Take from them what you will. And there WILL be more to come. And I didn't know about the rokkenjima archive, thanks! I saved a couple from there that I was missing.

Gave the Atmosphere ones a listen, I'm suddenly thrust into the mid-2000s when I feel like we had more of this sound.

Ah, about that. That's your fault. But in all seriousness: I listened to more of Slug as well, and damn there's something unique about his vibe. As you say: this style's gotten a bit few and far between out there. Mumbling's the new high, it would seem.


It's dope. Super chill and comfy. All I can say, really. Well, other than "I'm listening to its radio atm" anyway. Making music these days is easier than ever, and so is sharing it with others. It might have oversaturated the market, but damn if it is means I'll be finding such gems till the end of my days, then I'm all in.

Does the patch implement the assets from the ps4 version?

It does. Sprites, voiced lines, CGs, everything. And while I do enjoy seeing Umineko remastered like that, there's something peculiar about R07's sprites. There's just so much - pardon the corniness - soul in them. So the PS4 just feels off; like something extremely important was lost in translation. Like it's yet another generic vn. You don't mess with success.
have you heard/are aware of the attempt to fully voice EP1 in English?

I wasn't. And to be honest I'm not convinced. Yes, the quality is good - much better than most dubbed anime - but it still sounds off to me. Not a fan, to be honest. Godspeed to them though, since the undertaking is absolutely massive. It also seems that it's been inactive for 6 months or so, so either they're working hard or the project has flopped.

Oh, here's a recent interview with R07 (Famitsu) if you're interested:

And, of course, an invitatation to rank the cast into tiers:
Here's mine: and I'm curious to see who ended up being your favs.

Togata- Oct 16, 2019 1:25 AM
Thanks. I think the main problem with the visual novel is the prose, lots of dry exposition and repetition. The characterization is also pretty unimpressive but that can always develop later on. The background mystery, worldbuilding and few of themes are pretty interesting, so those are some positive signs at least for the next episode. Hopefully the soundtrack will also improve though.