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ThatRazorGuy Jun 17, 2:52 AM
Oh hey dude.

I live in the Western Cape myself and have been to Kwa-Zulu Natal (used to live there as a matter of fact), Gauteng, Mpumalanga, the Eastern Cape as well as, very briefly, the Northern Cape and the Free State (albeit very briefly) so I think I can help you out.

When it comes to botanical gardens, the one in Durban is absolutely worth checking out since it's got some of the country's oldest living plants and is generally speaking quite beautiful (not to mention entrance is free of charge). I'd also recommend the Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town, which is similarly beautiful and also more organized than the one in Durban, though there is an entrance fee.

Those aside, Table Mountain and Robben Island are absolute musts due to their cultural significance as is the Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga. Other recommendations include the Western Cape's Tokai Forest and Hermanus (a seaside town where you can go whale watching), the small, quaint towns of Bathurst and Richmond in the Eastern and Northern Capes respectively and Gold Reef City in Gauteng (a former mining town which now doubles as a museum and a theme park).
Deathko May 19, 7:02 AM
Who are you calling kid? What are you, 25yo? Try again after growing some beard (^:
Fijure Apr 24, 9:51 AM
Veeery long break this time, I haven't really been motivated to be on MAL for a while, so I apologize for that.

A suppose that is an interesting viewpoint, but I suppose Finland going through a proportionally harder WWII certainly also played a role.

Lmao that sounds funny, what was that dance like? Did you have to dance with someone you never met before?

Since I wrote my last post to you Finnish esports has soared, as ENCE the Finnish team made the finals of the biggest CSGO tournament against Danish Astralis where they lost however. To see just how Finnish they are, watch the first thirty seconds of this documentary about them:

Interesting. I don't really know much about Kalevela or Finnish mythology beyond Don Rosa so its itneresting to know. Divine Comedy is pretty funny, though all the fire and brimstone Christianity is a bit hard to take seriously. A good book in the same vein as that is Paradise Lost by John Milton, that essentially has Satan as the main character.

Google translator is certainly a gem lmao, and I'm always for throwing Sweden out.

Btw, these days I'm reading a lot about insect pests, and since you work as a gardener, is that something you have some interesting knoweldge/experience on? I especially find locust swarms and how destructive they can be interesting.

The spring insects have begun turning up here, and yesterday I caught a queen wasp so we won't get a wasp nest in the house like last year.

Once again, I apologize for the long break this time, I will be back to more frequency now hopefully.
Veronica44h Dec 31, 2018 11:33 PM
Yeah, that's me. And thanks! Pink is my favorite color.
Fijure Dec 23, 2018 2:35 PM
It was before 2024 I think. And yeah, recall that UK is pretty war-mongering so its not really too weird. Lots of countries had support units there, Denmark participated with the real deal though. And I fully agree with you there.

Be careful your Russian minority doesn't end up as an oppressed Russian minority lmao, then you'll have Putin-samas tanks steamrolling your borders in no time. Do you know why Finlands economy is worse than the rest of the Nordics, on the surface they seem to be doing quite well though I've heard there is a lot of unemployment there.

The lifestyle in South European countries are toxic for us Nordics. I was an exchange student in Spain back in the day and them mofos actually kiss each others cheeks every time they great somebody of the opposite sex, that was the worst time of my life lmao.

I think it is. The calendar comes with the last November magazine of Donald Duck each year and its kinda funny though nut a super big deal. I get a calendar you can win money on each year, and this year I got a chocolate milk calendar as well. Any good litterature you gotta go English too, that's the same in Denmark, only some really mainstream stuff like King you can find in Danish. Except if you read Danish novels of course, but in that case good help you.

More proof that Swedes cannot be trusted.

E-sports is weird but I do find it entertaining especially when you play the games yourself. Screw runescape, that shit annoyed the crap out of me back then lmao.

Kalevipoeg is that Estonian Kalevela like epic isn't it? Its good to read naitonal epics like that. I've read some from around the world, like the epics of Nordic mythology (Gesta Danorum by Saxo and the Heimskringla of Snorri Sturleson) I've also read some more exotic, like the creation myths of certain native groups, and I have the Kojiki, the Japanese Shinto creation myth in my library.

The 1600'es is kinda long time ago certainly, but I know lots of Finns settled in Minnesota and Michigan. The colony failed mostly because Sweden couldn't motivate people to immigrate to North America which was a giant forest filled with Indians, which makes sense when you consider Sweden and Finland were basically a giant forest just without Indians trying to kill you. No reason to cross half the world for that.

In the interest of anti-Sweden banter, maybe you can see the humor in this article, depending on if you can understand other Scandinavian languages with your Swedish skills:
Fijure Dec 16, 2018 11:29 AM
In 2014 NATO made an agreement that the member countries should "strive" toward spending 2% of their GDP on their military to honor the agreements. Only a few members as of now, including the US, Estonia, Poland and UK actually spend that much. Denmark spends around 1,2% I think. The orange man has many times said he doubts the integrity of their alliance when we take advantage of them like that, and he's implied he won't come to our aid if we are attacked. This is in spite of the fact Danish soldiers died in the Middle East to help the Muricans, but I guess money is what counts. And yeah, the frog-eaters are not to be trusted.

The Nordic military isn't really a mainstream idea, its mostly fringe people like me and rarusu who like throwing that around.

You had just mentioned living somewhere small and hating the city before I think, and I just took it to the worst possible extreme lmao. But I think if you dislike cities you are certainly in the right country.

American Psycho should be a classic, but I don't read a lot of fiction anymore. I have however gotten the annual Donald Duck advent calendar this year, and all the questions are for scrubs.

Lmao, that has to be the best event ever. The closest thing we have is that there used to be an annual Sweden-Denmark football game, and since the Danish national team sucked back then the only game people ever cared about was whether they could beat Sweden, and it was always the greatest thing ever when we succeeded. I guess the Finland-Sweden relationship is pretty special, but if you look at Swedish meme pages all their focus on danskjävlar, not Finns.

It is the order of nature that Nordic countries shall dominate in e-sports as we have to stay inside more than half the year. In Age of Empires, which I follow, Finland actually won the last Nations Cup and is in the world cup semifinal against Norway which is in progress right as I am writing this. In CS;GO, ENCE is the only strong Finnish team tho a singly Finnish player is in another team. Denmark is completely dominating the CS scene at the moment though, so you have to step up your game.

Interesting, I guess not a lot of stuff is known about the Finnic peoples that once lived in Russia but have now more or less disappeared. I'm not the big poetry man though so it might not necessarily be for me.

I read a lot recently about New Sweden, the Swedish colony in North America in the 1600'es, which actually had Finns as about half their colonists because they couldn't convince common Swedes to migrate to America, so instead they forced a bunch of homeless forest Finns instead lmao.
Fijure Dec 5, 2018 1:08 PM
There are German communities close to borders but they are so tiny they have to know Danish, otherwise they can't participate in society. They do still have their own schools though.

Ah yes, Finlandization, the art of bowing to the east without mooning to the west. Tbh the NATO membership has given us more trouble than use in recent years, we joined the retarded Middle East wars for little reason, and despite that we are now being told by the Muricans that we are not paying enough to the alliance and they threaten us with abandoning it. I dislike dependence on America through NATO, but then again I also question the idea of a EU military as I don't trust the Germans and French either. A Nordic military union is the only feasible alternative that really exists, and like I've said before, that'd just involve hiding behind the Finns. And yeah Russian economy is shit, I think a Nordic Union with have about the same GDP as them, with like a tenth of the population.

You seem to go there about as often as I go to Copenhagen then. And Copenhagen has the same problem, too many people and too expensive kebab. Everything thereis crazy expensive and i only go there if I need the airport, or there is an event like a Comic con or something. I had kinda pinned you living somewhere in the woods far away in the North, but I guess the Southwest will have to do. I kinda had the impression Turku was an interesting historical town, while Helsinki is kinda new and dull, but maybe I'm mistaken.

Yeah, Hellfest, that's what it was. Didn't see it though as I usually don'y watch slashers, but I have the impression they are very formularic in form.

One coudl say that your other problems is actually an excuse for alcoholism.

Lmao, I love that Finland have a beef with Sweden as well in that way. When watching football the only thing more important than Denmark succeeding is Sweden failing. Motorsports don't really interest me, but I heard heard the name Raikkonen at least.

Litmanen was king back in the day. Sami Hyppiää was also a Finnish footballing legend back in the day. Other than that they mostly suck historically though. Their recent success plays into big success for the Nordic national teams recently, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark are probably top 20 teams globally at this point. Never heard of the Hetemaj brothers though.

Fijure Nov 29, 2018 7:20 AM
Åland was probably different, but Finland is not really a big country, so I'll admit I'm rather surprised there are parts of the country where people speak no Finnish. I can't really imagine a part of Denmark where no one speaks Danish. No doubt Finnish is hard to learn tho.

Russia is mostly annoying because of how provocative they are. Even here they sometime write articles with implicit threats targetted on us because of NATO exercises. I don't think Denmark has anything to fear from them though, but I'd be hopeful we'd be ready to help Finland or the Baltics this time around if Russia goes bunkers. I don't find Russia attacking an EU country likely tho.

Sounds like a sound decision. How often do you go to Helsinki yearly btw? And in what general region of Finland do you live, if you don't mind me asking.

Mediocre space opera is a good description, tho its animation is high level. I considered Castlevania but I'm not really motivated to watch shows at the moment as I've got a lot of stuff going on.

I didn't manage ot see any horror films this year, but I saw Halloween get good reviews. There was also some slasher movie about a guy murdrirng people in a travelling circus, but I don't remember what it was called.

Lmao, do Finnish really "suffer" alcoholism or just experience it tho? Nothing I love more than bad acting, so that won't discourage me.

I don't watch car sports at all, but isn't that Finnish Raikonnen (or something like that) guy in F1 and a big name or something?

As for football, many Finnish players are in Denmark, so there national team has gotten a little more coverage her. Players like Joronen, Sparv, Pukki and Arajuuri have all played respectably in the Danish league.
Klad Nov 26, 2018 12:43 PM
you got a pretty forum avatar
Ardanaz Nov 19, 2018 2:07 AM
I'm sorry my boi >_<
Fijure Nov 4, 2018 1:15 PM
Finno-Ugrics are all weird af, so it wouldn't suprise me. Estonian probably has as well.

You can get doctrs diagnoses for anything these days lmao.

So you are telling me there are people in Finland who don't know Finnish? Aside from Åland? You are a strange country anyway. Learning Russian is understandable as well, though your relationship with them probably mirrors our perception of Germany. (with the difference that Russia is still scary, while Germany isn't really anymore).

Lmao, Imma steal that stereotype.

Yeah Egmont has the rights, so I suppose the problem is hte perceived market contra the price of translating a book directly form Danish into Finnish, keeping in mind that there isn't a market for translating it into English first - professional translators are few and far between I suppose. Isn't hje in Helsinki half of the time though?

I finished it now and think its sorta a mediocre to fine show. I was entertained but its not anything I'll remember for anything special. We may have, but life is circular, so MAL conversations may as well be.

Thanks for that list, I'll probably check out one of the historic films to see if its worth anything. Only thing I've seen so far from Finland is the two part documentary called Östersjöfinnerna, which is half in Swedish and half in Finnish, about Viking Age Finland, can be found on SVT website.

You probably don't follow football (as in real football, not rugby for sissies), but Finland have generated a lot of hype recently for winning all their Nations League games so far and standing a real chance of making the Euros. They have lots of players playing in Denmark too now.
Satyr_icon Oct 17, 2018 2:28 PM
Yup, i had forgotten how funny the manga was sometimes. The last few chapters were pretty good.
I started reading Franken Fran btw, and I'm loving everything about it until now. Never thought it would be this fun. The art is also constantly great, which I didn't expect since the cover on mal is kinda ugly. It's much more lighthearted than I expected too.

Last manga I bought physical was Blame!. Totally worth every penny.
Fijure Oct 15, 2018 8:35 AM
They are called that in German and that's where I've previously been acquainted with them so I'm used to call them that. German, Swedish and Finnish are the only languages I can think of to use them atm.

I see a slowworm approximately once a year, but I've only seen wild vipers a few times.

Lmao, the old bombing in school due to being rebellious and then realizing later you should learn the stuff actually, that's a classic. Russian seem like a difficult language that would have little use for me regrettably, so I doubt I'll ever get around to that. If ever finish Japanese my next will probably be Chinese. Finnish would be a cool bragging language but does far form justify how hard is it to learn lmao.

Yeah they do, because Iceland was a part of Denmark for centuries because of the Kalmar Union, they only got full independence in 1944. Back in the day learning Danish was the only way for them to get an education so it was something they all did. It has stuck around for tradition and to keep a connection with the other Nordic countries but AFAIK its a subject all Icelanders hate at school, and they are generally pretty mediocre at it unless they end up moving to Denmark. Denmark is the number one destination for Icelandic students outside Iceland though, so I'd say its pretty useful for them. I see, but don't forget Swedish keeps Finns connected to the Nordic countries by making us all mutually intelligible in theory.

Lmao, exchange student awkwardness is really a thing. If anything Danes are known to be the most extroverted of the Nords though, tho I generally perceive Swedes as being party-like.

That is pretty surprising, you'd think Finland had a market for it with how popular the shit is there. It was written by a Dane as a passion project though, so I'm not sure it really sold in any meaningful way. It was interesting to get the deeper story though, for instance the fact that he had a conflict with Barks I didn't hear about before. In the hardcover forewords, which we ahve too, you mostly get the rose-red version of the story, and not the unpleasant stuff from behind the scenes. That Mickey book does look spectacular tho it seems its only in French, I wonder what it reall is.

Voltron actually got better in season 5 and 6 IMO as I've finished it now, tho it doesn't really deserve being called a masterpiece. Altogether it was pretty good. Nice tradition, what is your favorite horror movie?

Btw, if I were to watch a good Finnish movie, is there any you'd recommend?
Satyr_icon Oct 14, 2018 4:12 PM
The goblins are just there to raise the body count so that shouldn't be a problem. And the mc is a lot more stern than most and borderline madcap, so it's easy to root for him.
That's good, actually. I usually like more the less gory and more creative type of body horror like Cronenberg or Tetsuo. I gotta read it soon., manga got too expensive lately. I stopped buying it with very few exceptions.
Satyr_icon Oct 14, 2018 1:23 PM
Yeah, but the Goblin Slayer character does a good work of making goblins threatening so it's easy to take it seriously. And oh, I meant more that Franken Fran looks fucking weird, I dunno much about the levels of gore.
Dorohedoro is great, each chapter gets crazier but it's constantly fun all the way. The fact that you end up caring about all of the characters is impressive too.