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Intelos Jun 29, 5:11 PM
Oops, I forgot to reply to your question, sorry!

I'm very well. It's fantastic to have a relaxing vacation after a year of hard and fulfilling work. How are you?

Also, I just now completed Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari and what a disappointing watch! I actually sort of enjoyed around episodes 2-6 since it appeared as if there would be focus for each of the characters, but that seemed to be an illusion. I was hoping for an episode to be dedicated to developing the main male character but to my disbelief there was little. Such wasted potential imo. Nice to see you've given it a 3/10, fantastic taste as per usual! :D
Intelos Jun 22, 5:58 PM
Finally, the apocalypse is over! How have you been? :)
Intelos Apr 4, 7:42 AM
Thanks man, I am enjoying it for sure so far. I have some issues for sure, but I'm liking more and more as I go on.

Also, great to see you put Mahoutsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora in your priority list to watch. Such a special show to me.
Intelos Mar 12, 4:15 PM
Hey man, thanks so much for the Yuru Camp recommendation! I'm enjoying it so much as of episode 2. I didn't expect there to be nothing to irritate me since with shows like these there is usually an imbalance between comedy/drama. Lovely themes, engrossing atmosphere and surprisingly entertaining characters for me make this a quality iyashikei!
I hope the quality is maintained to this degree.

Rin is such a lovable and quite frankly intriguing character as well I'm so pleased :D
Intelos Feb 27, 3:37 PM
Alexander Senki
5 hours ago
Dropped 6/13 · Scored 1

Jeez, must be truly horrific. Makes me embarrassed for being born a Greek, hahah. What made it so terrible? Cheers
D4mN Feb 9, 2:54 PM
good review for perfect blue.
It was very disappointing , way to overrrated.
i guess anime cant compete with real thriller movies after all, such a shame though
Intelos Jan 28, 5:09 AM
Lol yeah I thought that might have been the case. Please do continue to enjoy Takagi-san since it seems very much up your alley. :)
Intelos Jan 25, 10:11 AM
Hey man, sorry about this tardy reply.

Karakai Jouno no Takagi-san is an interesting case. I've read the manga up to it's latest released chapter and although I enjoy reading each chapter it has become an unbearably redundant and repetitive story. The same stuff is rehashed over and over again so I've found myself to be quite bothered by this. The anime, however, is pretty much exactly the same as the manga; pretty much a frame-by-frame adaptation.

This sort of adaptation can be fine in some cases, but man I just don't want to see the same thing again. Plus, I've found that full-length episodes was simply not the right decision to make, it should have been 5 minute episodes or half-length episodes. The jokes are far too over stretched; where you would have say a couple pages in the manga which would take 1-2 minutes happens in about X6 the length in the anime. A shame really. This doesn't even take into account my original issues I had with the manga which are plentiful: despite the repetitiveness, I feel like the characters are really weak even for a gag-esque manga. We never get to know the characters full names even, nor about anything more intricate or complex than the fact that Takagi likes the main character (the surprise! lol). This is exactly the same reason why I dislike Lovely*Complex (the same reason why you love that show it seems hahah).
Intelos Jan 21, 12:55 PM
Thanks for the recommendation, I'll certainly give it a try!
Intelos Dec 16, 2017 8:34 AM
Oh really, one of your first Sci-Fi? Interesting.

It is quite a special little work. The animation is so skillfully fluid, the character designs are gorgeous and the setting is certainly unique. But I must say, the main character isn't the most well developed and written I've seen. In matter of fact, a decent cohort of side-characters are sort of flat to be honest. But then again, this is based off a work from the 1970s, where all characters were very much like this as well. I also don't really have too clear of an idea of how the whole universe works in this story; hopefully where Ataraxia is situated for example is a little more understandable. Anyways, it's a nice watch and I am definitely appreciating it's fantastic directing. Hope it progresses well!
Intelos Dec 3, 2017 10:52 AM
Oh, I see. That makes more sense. I have always been wondering why you have 100+ anime on your watching list at all times, but your reasoning is very logical. I'm very excited to see what you will think about it.

Also, you have Anne of Green Gables a priority! You can't believe how happy that makes me. It is by far the best Slice of Life anime I've seen. It reminds me of the level of quality that something like Hyouge Mono offered. Truly a classic for all times imo.

Yeah, Perfect Blue. Just the fact that you mentioned it made me lower it from an 8 to a 7. The only reasons I have it a 7 is because of the brilliant animation, memorable soundtracks, chilling atmosphere (especially for the earlier segments) and pretty sharp directing. I mean the movie did flow pretty darn well for a good amount of time. That's pretty much it.

I completely agree with your review. The characters are very much 1-dimensional and it is far more simple than all the over thinkers like to believe it is. I also don't hold Satoshi Kon as highly as most critics and reviewers on this site. Once again the reason why I have it a 7 is because I count directing as being part of 'story' in the overall rating. So I would score the Story a 5.5, the animation a 9, the sound an 8, the characters a 4 (1-dimensional but I wouldn't say insulting or anything which would make me score it lower than that) and enjoyment a 6 (at least there was atmosphere to it for the most part, and I liked the first half, second half was candidly a huge mess). Overall is a 6.5/10 which is pretty much a 7. Good to see you make your own opinion as always and not pandering to the critic culture!


P.S truly a marvelous review as per usual.
Intelos Nov 23, 2017 8:29 AM
Oh, Koi Kaze! That makes me really excited. Just to let you know, the early episodes are far weaker than the last 6 episodes or so. I highly recommend you watch all of it, it's so worth it. :)
Rodrovich Oct 21, 2017 8:54 AM
You too!
Intelos Oct 19, 2017 5:43 AM
As much as I would like to delve into tiresome depths of detail to give you my thoughts on MSMM, it has been about 3-3.5 years since I've watched it. My memory is slightly lacking, but I'll give you my two-cents worth on the matter: As beautiful as the animation & artwork was for MSMM, I always felt that the characters were heavily lacking. There wasn't much substance to them for me, plus some backstories of the characters (particularly Kyouko's) were difficult to swallow.

Although the time-travel plot-twist was a large surprise, I always thought that it was perhaps too convenient for the story. It felt synthesised to simply act as a saccharine way to build tension for Homura's character. I'm not the biggest fan of stoic characters and Homura is a prime contender for that statement.

The ending of course was pretty shit as well. Comes out of nowhere and opens up a whole bunch of questions, which are begged to be answered.

Overall I thought it was okay at best and forgettable at worst. Hence a 5/10 or so. But, like I said, it has been far too long for me to make any grand & conclusive statements. How about you? What do you think about MSMM?
Intelos Sep 30, 2017 8:27 AM
Well, it shouldn't be too surprising. This is what I said to ya a couple weeks ago: "I find it to be okay. Not great or innovative or anything, just fine. The world design is beautiful and the setting is sort of creative but the whole experience is dulled down by passé character tropes and painfully slow pacing. I'm 11 episodes in but the past 4 episodes have felt quite uneventful, which is a shame considering this is a high fantasy anime rather than a contemporary fantasy. I wouldn't stop you from watching it though, I'd say give it a try.. you may enjoy it.

Overall I would score it a 5.5/10. But my enjoyment is more leaning on a 6/10. "

The final episode was pretty fantastic though, so my final overall score is a 6.5/10. I simply had quite a few issues I couldn't ignore, so I sadly couldn't give it any higher, although I sort of want to. I'm really glad that you love it so much, it makes me happy that you experienced a show that you wouldn't otherwise since I recommended it to you. :D