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Vatican Kiseki Chousakan
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Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai
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Intelos Aug 11, 7:19 AM
No I haven't read Kokoro yet, I will soon.
Intelos Aug 9, 6:13 AM
Man, I am utterly confused. As you so correctly said yourself, Aoi Bungaku is a show for pseudo-intellectuals who automatically throw a 9/10 if sex is included, or a dark colour palette is used. I finished it last night and I can't even begin to understand why this is even remotely liked by anybody. Those last 2 episodes in particular with that bloody fucking paint village pissed me off so much I can't even contain myself. Was that meant to be a serious story?? All ep 11 was, was a typical showcase of a baddie who kills others (because why not lol?) and gets sent to hell. Ummm, okay.. and? There wasn't any value to pretty much anything in this series.

I still can't believe that they decided to adapt Kokoro in ONE EPISODE. A masterful classic like that deserves at least 12 episodes, if not much much more than just that, I'm certain. How dare they insult literature like that. "They are Evergreen, because they are masterpieces" my arse. At least convince me that they are masterpieces you piece of shit anime!

I'm so infuriated right now... giving it a 3/10 is being so kind. Just as you said the critic community is laughable some times, I must say. I think I will go ahead and read all the literature adapted eventually just to hate this insulting series even more.

You are seriously my only friend who feels the same way as me. All my other friends think it is at least a 6/10.. sigh.
Intelos Aug 8, 2:18 PM
THANK YOU FOR GIVING AOI BUNGAKU A 3. I'm currently watching it and I can't help but feel strongly disappointed by this. Even the first 4 episodes were sorta rubbish edge without much to them and it is widely considered to be the best part of the anime. The cherry blossom episodes, however, my god. Some of the silliest and most unrequited comedy I've ever seen come to fruition. Are we watching the wrong show? Lol
ChiisaiInu Aug 6, 3:26 AM
Curious as to how you gave Shiki a score of 3? Can you elaborate?

EDIT: Nvm... saw your scoreboard. it looks like your idea of good and mine are just different.
Intelos Jul 28, 9:17 AM
I too have almost completely grown of the shounen demographic, I'm with you on that one.

Thanks man, I feel honored to be told that you agree with everything I wrote about Tsuki ga Kirei even though you didn't enjoy it as much as I did. It feels very uplifting to be told this by such a talented reviewer and critic such as yourself. I also understand that after having watched shows like Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, TgK may seem like less of an impactful show, but like I've already said (hope I'm not getting preachy at this point, hahah) it is all about the details that TgK boasts that makes it so great to me. Anyways, hopefully you'll like it more once you get round to watching some more. If you don't like it any more, please feel free to drop it; in the end of the day you should spent your valuable time enjoying a series that is more suited for your tastes. :)

Can't wait until you write a review on it Animeindian, Cheers.
Intelos Jul 25, 1:10 AM
Ikr. BnHA was amongst the most shockingly bland and pointless experiences I have watched in an action anime as of recent. There is absolutely no payoff in any respect as everything feels random and without much weight. The characters are blank slates, women are completely objectified and there are 1.5-2 bloody minute recaps in every episode for a 13 eps series (I have heard that the 2nd cour has 3-4 min recaps so I'm preparing myself for that). A total waste of time, I would say. However, If you'd like to be a masochist, you could still give it a try, but knowing that you already dislike action series, I doubt that would be a good choice for you my friend.

Btw I noticed that you dropped Tsuki ga Kirei. As I'm sure youve seen from my favs list and my review of it, I truly, truly adore TgK. I went into that show with very, very minimal expectations (thinking it was going to be just another RomCom BS you see every season) but it turned out to be one of the most poignant and realistic experiences I have ever had with anime. It is a shame to see you didn't feel anything from it,giving it a 5/10. I'm sure you have perfectly correct and intelligent reasonings for why you weren't too impressed by it, but I would still suggest you try it once more if you ever feel like it in the future, as I believe the payoff of that show is too great to skip out of. If you haven't yet, why don't you check out my review on TgK and maybe it will change your mind on it! (even slightly hahah)
Jimmykudo3000 Jul 21, 1:43 AM
I don't hate Naruto, just consider it an avg / below avg shounen for the reasons I listed.
Jimmykudo3000 Jul 21, 1:28 AM
Comeon man let's try to put some common sense together here. All 10 of my favourite shows are from 2016. Surely that's not a coincidence. Everyone's favourites are meant to portray an image.. something I'm trying to convey.

For my favourite anime - those were my top 10 shows that began airing in 2016

For my manga - As you can see I don't read manga. Those just happen to be 5 manga that i read at one point as a child, just getting volumes at the local Barnes n Noble.

For my characters- I rate Naruto overall a 5 or 6. It's length was nearly unprecedented. 722 Episodes to tell a story is nearly blasphemous. Of that more than 40% was registered as filler. Even in the 60% that wasn't technically classified as filler, the pacing at times was lethargic, and there was an unprecedented amount of flashbacks and repeated scenes. The animation at times was as bad as I've ever seen.

So why have all top ten characters Naruto characters? Very simple solution. It's a show I was invested in for over 8 years, and spent more time watching Naruto than any other anime franchise of all time. #facts. So the fact that finally this very tedious journey finally came to an end, I decided to dedicate my character section to that show. Are those literally my ten favourite characters of all time? LMFAO of course not. Not one of them would be there.
Jimmykudo3000 Jul 21, 1:20 AM
Maybe there's a simple solution for that you know... like the fact (not only is it not one of my favourites) but I actually consider it a very mediocre anime.
Jimmykudo3000 Jul 21, 1:13 AM
But no Konan :(
Intelos Jul 19, 12:45 PM
I'm so glad you loved Zegapain. It is an extremely intriguing anime that tackles challenging themes that not a lot of other shows even bother to explore. In that respect, it is a Sci-Fi that is a diamond in the rough as few other series in its vain compare to Zegapain; with Gurren Lagann definitely being a strong contender. If I may ask, what is it exactly about Mecha series that you seem to dislike? I can definitely understand why someone would dislike them (as you clearly explained they are sometimes difficult to get through due to some pacing issues), but isn't Mecha simply the presence of giant robots? A giant robot shouldn't affect the storytelling too much I don't think. Care to suggest why?

Sadly I have no thoughts on Black Rock Shooter, as I haven't watched any version of the franchise, hahah. I see that it is in your favorites, so you must have clearly loved it. I have heard that it is quite controversial amongst viewers, so I cannot assure you that I will like it as much as you do when I get around to watching it, sadly. What exactly do you think about it? What makes it so great in your opinion?
Jaguar-chan Jul 2, 8:33 AM
Yo bro. I'm flattered by the friend request. You seem like an intelligent guy from your reviews, and you seem like the kind of guy who knows exactly what he thinks about a show and manages to word it well (which is a skill that takes some time to develop and something many don't have). I feel like you'd be a fun guy to talk with, and it seems that you're acquainted with Intelos who's someone I like to talk with too.

Unfortunately, I do feel uncomfortable accepting a friend request from someone I have never talked to or don't know beforehand. Please don't take it the wrong way. To call someone a "friend" is an action that has lots of meaning to me, so please excuse me for denying this friend request.

If you really do want to be my friend despite this, just come talk to me. Start up an intellectual conversation. Share a thought or two. Then, after talking a bit, we'll see if we can hit it off.

Cheers, man. Enjoy life. Have a good day. :D
Intelos Jun 30, 6:03 AM
I'm glad that I somehow made your day, even if ever so slightly. I read your review on AoT btw and I think you are being a bit too harsh on yourself, I quite enjoyed reading it since you made some pretty nice points. At least, you have convinced me that I won't enjoy it myself if I ever decide to check it out in the near future, hahah.

A thought-provoking, story-driven anime, huh? Well, I am quite confident in recommending Zegapain to you. It is a show that not many people have heard of and those who decide to give it a try and watch it in its entirety fall in love with it! I personally consider it to be an absolute masterpiece (as you can see its my second favourite show of all time) and a very complex show at that! It starts off rather slow, but the payoff is unlike any other story for me, definitely give it a try: I think you'll love it. :D

Hopefully you can find motivation in the future man, if you ever need any recommendations just ask!
Intelos Jun 29, 2:46 PM
Hey man, its been a while. How are things? I can see you have been busy experiencing masterpieces like Taboo Tattoo, so I assume everything is going well, lol.
raegazel Apr 6, 12:32 AM
I honestly hated writing that review haha. It's not even well-written, there's a typo in the first sentence, but I just never felt like going back and cleaning it up because it was such a frustrating review to write.

I was so disappointed with the show and wrote that review five minutes after I finished it. And I wasn't disappointed in the show because it was bad, but because the plot SQUANDERED what would've otherwise been a great series with fantastic animation and a likable ensemble cast. I mean, everything was there to have a great sci-fi, space-opera classic. But that plot...was just atrocious, to be honest I don't really see any two ways of looking at it.

They're apparently working on Season 2, and I hope that they can move beyond the asinine plot of the source material and do some original storytelling. I'll gladly give it another shot if that ends up being the case.