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raegazel Apr 6, 12:32 AM
I honestly hated writing that review haha. It's not even well-written, there's a typo in the first sentence, but I just never felt like going back and cleaning it up because it was such a frustrating review to write.

I was so disappointed with the show and wrote that review five minutes after I finished it. And I wasn't disappointed in the show because it was bad, but because the plot SQUANDERED what would've otherwise been a great series with fantastic animation and a likable ensemble cast. I mean, everything was there to have a great sci-fi, space-opera classic. But that plot...was just atrocious, to be honest I don't really see any two ways of looking at it.

They're apparently working on Season 2, and I hope that they can move beyond the asinine plot of the source material and do some original storytelling. I'll gladly give it another shot if that ends up being the case.
Tropeskiller Mar 30, 8:02 PM
Thanks man, I don't normally write reviews but I was just so disappointed by that show I felt I had to speak
Son_nish-kun20 Mar 30, 12:32 PM
Hey :) I'm Indian as well. Nice to meet you
Cinefil_original Mar 20, 3:22 AM
Slam Dunk is pretty good, definetly better than KnB and way more realistic. It has lots of funny scenes and hilarious moments that suit the series but it is not a show you can take seriously, because of the constant funny scenes that sometimes ruin the moment.

Its biggest flaw is its pacing, the pace is very, very slow sometimes and another big problem is the way the creator treats the MC. Not gonna go into details cuz I don't want to spoil anything.

Conclusion: Hmm. If you want to watch a show that changes you mood and puts a smile on your face, give it a try, but don't go into it expecting a "serious" tone sports anime. I would recommend giving it a try anyway and decide for yourself.

I rate it between 6&7/10.
Intelos Mar 15, 6:13 AM
Wow, completed Hyouge mono already! How was it?
BlueBlur2000 Mar 14, 12:31 AM
Ponyrita Mar 8, 11:51 AM
Thank you!
Intelos Mar 7, 11:43 AM
No, don't get me wrong, its not that I didn't like Kamichu its just that some episodes really fell flat for me. I read your review and although our scores deviate a lot, I can agree with most of what you said regardless- nice review btw! Its awesome that you're enjoying Hyougemono; like I said, its in a league of its own! Also, do you recommend watching the Kamichu specials, giving that you rated them higher than the actual series?
Intelos Mar 4, 6:44 AM
Wow, I'm so glad you loved it. You don't need to thank me, I'm just trying to enjoy as wide a range of anime as possible! hahah

If you seriously want to experience something legendary though, do give Hyouge Mono a go, I implore you to watch it. Its pretty much a 10/10 from the first episode from my point of view and is seriously in a league of its own. Nobody really has seen it, so you are really going in deep in the anime medium with Hyouge Mono, so give it a go please!
Intelos Mar 4, 5:34 AM
Kamichu is certainly a unique and interesting watch. Some episodes, however, are definitely superior to others. Episode 4 (the one with the martian) for me at least was almost on the verge of unwatchable, yet episodes 2 (yashima-sama's intoductory episode) and episode 5 (where the main character becomes a ghost while sick) were quite excellent in their own respect. I'm definitely intrigued and the background art always leaves me astonished.

One thing which has disappointed me, though, was that the animators clearly were too ambitious since in episode 2 the character's mouths were in sync with the phonetics of the voices. What I mean is, when a character spoke, there wasn't only a triangular mouth going up and down, but each 'uu' was met with a circularly drawn mouth and so on, I think you understand. Its minor but I noticed it nonetheless.

What about you? Does it get even 'better' as it goes on?
Plinfa-Fan123 Mar 3, 6:37 AM
Thanks for reading =)
Intelos Mar 1, 2:08 PM
Hey and thanks for the question. (Before anything sorry about the long answer, but please bear with me) To put it bluntly, yes, it is a pretty damn good show. I tend to like giving a score of 7 to a series I believe I can freely recommend to a pretty decent audience. For Cardcaptor Sakura, however, there is a pretty massive discrepency of fantastically written episodes/arcs and some quite shitty filler (as I'm sure you are aware this is commonly the case with long-running shows). I'd say its worth the plough to watch every episode as there is something to be offered every time around. I also want to add that Sakura's animation quality/ character designs are pretty spectacular, especially considering its length and the fact that its hand drawn. (this of course also isn't often consistent, though)

As for whether Sakura is episodic or not, that's a tough question. For a short answer I'd say its semi-episodic; but allow me to explain without spoiling. The first major section of the series is indeed properly episodic, as each deals with a new card being captured, which then forms a more concrete and storydriven plot. However, the show still remains sort of episodic until the final climax, which of course is not episodic at all.

Now finally, as for whether I'd recommend you to watch it; well if you are in need for a magical girl show I'd say give it a go. You will have to stomach watching a bit of bullshit some times to get to the real meaty stuff (which is quite the treat, mind you) but it seriously is an enjoyable and fun series. Just keep in mind that Cardcaptor Sakura is first and foremost a romance and a mahou shoujo second- even though most of the plot revolves around card capturing. However, (and yes, I checked to see whether you've planned to watch it, hahah) I'd much, much more stongly advise you to see Princess Tutu instead if what you wish is to experience a brilliant piece of fiction. Although my scores for both Sakura and Tutu are different by only 1 score on MAL, I'd realistically give Tutu an 8.5 and sakura a 6.5. Your choice!
Xynz01 Feb 26, 4:54 AM
Yeah. I haven't watched the season 2 so I can't write a review about it lol
CzeroC Feb 24, 4:53 AM
Your blog is awesome, would love to see more review on other shows as well, keep it up.
Cinefil_original Feb 24, 1:23 AM
Hi, I accepted your firend request since you have a legit profile that looks good. Thanks!