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Manga 'Ranma ½' Gets New Anime Adaptation

by DatRandomDude
Jun 25, 11:05 AM | 76 Comments

Publishing company Shogakukan announced a new anime adaptation of Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma ½ manga on Wednesday. More information will be revealed in a livestream on the official X account on July 17 at 6:00 p.m. JST.

Takahashi serialized the romantic comedy manga in Weekly Shounen Sunday from August 1987 to February 1996. Shogakukan published the manga in 38 volumes from April 1988 to June 1996 and later released it in two new editions in 2002–2003 and 2016–2018.

VIZ Media licensed the manga in English and released 21 volumes from May 1993 to March 2003. In May 2003, the company began publishing a second edition and released the 36th and final volume in November 2006. VIZ Media also released a 2-in-1 omnibus edition between March 2014 and March 2017.

Studio Deen adapted the manga into a television anime that aired in 161 episodes from April 1989 to September 1992. The manga also received multiple movies and original video anime over the years, with the latest installment, Ranma ½: Akumu! Shunmin Kou, released in 2008.

VIZ Media licensed the anime series and a number of original video anime episodes in English in 1993 and released them on VHS and DVD. The company re-acquired the series in August 2013 and re-released the television anime on Blu-ray in May 2016, as well as the movies and OVAs in July 2023.

Soun Tendou runs the Tendou Martial Arts School accompanied by his three daughters: Akane, Nabiki, and Kasumi. One day, the sisters' lives are turned upside down when their father announces that he has promised one of them to be married to a fellow martial artist's son in hopes of carrying on the family legacy. In addition to their mixed reactions, when the fiancé arrives, the last thing the Tendou family expects is Ranma Saotome and his father, Genma.

Ranma has been training in China with his father until an unfortunate accident changed them both. Now, when water touches them, Ranma turns into a girl and Genma into a giant panda. Ranma ½ follows Ranma as he attempts to get along with his newly betrothed, the youngest of the Tendou sisters, Akane. As the two begin to attend the same school, they deal with fellow friends and rivals, all of whom have something to say about their engagement. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


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Official X (Twitter): @ranma_pr

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Nice to be able to get back to the series I was really into back when I was a kid!

Jul 16, 11:02 PM by Necronomicon

Wow this is certainly surprising, Urusei Yatsura must have done fairly well in order for a remake of Ranma 1/2 to be announced aswell. I hope that they actually adapt all of the manga this time, and I hope they at least try to get Hayashibara Megumi and Yamaguchi Kappei as guest characters at some point

Though with this release, I'm also thankful that they're skipping over Maison Ikkoku considering it was Takahashi Rumiko's middle release between UY and Ranma. It's an anime that while I'd personally love to have a modern adaptation done of, it also had the best manga adaptation by far of the trio of series and it suits the 80s animation, music and voice acting the best. So a modern adaptation would imo never live up to the original

Jul 2, 3:41 PM by maisonikkokufan

Uminake said:
I hope the remake is good like original ! I loved Ranma ! :D I hope it has all the spicy stuff in there too ! xD
every broadcaster will do the cuts, sorry. but you can always get the blu rays 😅

wow this news has more replies (77 up to now), than any other this year! bravoo 🎉🎉
now seriously, this could be best version for Ranma if it's shorter than Urusei 2nd and includes the fucking ending... the Chinese misogyny tho 😂 let's hope they come up with a decent TV version but yeah the ova format is way better for Ranma

Jun 27, 8:40 PM by Berry-Vodka

@RenaPsychoKiller we dont have proper trailer or voice cast and you already think it going to be ruined? in my opinion it better to way to see the studio and voice cast or trailer before judging

Jun 27, 8:28 AM by Elior21

Hollywood's not the only one lacking ideas huh. Another childhood classic ruined with a sparkly glow up in 3, 2, 1...

GakutoDeathGlare said:
Damn, all these classics that I'm wanting to try out getting remakes. One day... I had plans to watch the original Shaman King next.
Don't change plans, watch SK and Ranma in their original glory.

Jun 27, 7:13 AM by RenaPsychoKiller

@VivaceRex the one episode i remember the most of this principal was the one where he and his son used some kind of musical instruments that can destroy the world to compete with each other. this is where he was truly terrible

Jun 27, 7:01 AM by Elior21

@Feorg the episode i remember the most of principal kuno to this day where he was anoying to the max was the one that he competed with his son using some kind of musical instruments that destroy everything around them

Jun 27, 6:59 AM by Elior21

Considering Rem murderized Subaru without justification, I don’t think you should have a problem with abuse.

Jun 27, 1:49 AM by LeonhartAugust


Yeah Kuno was horrible. But Happosai appeared in so many more episodes that he's a bigger problem. Half of the principal's appearances are in his introduction arc, after that he just appears 2-3 times every season, whereas Happosai is a constant presence while adding nothing new.

Jun 27, 12:33 AM by Feorg

@Elior21 Oh that fucking principal is also quite annoying with how he managed the school but he's not as terrible as Happosai though. That piece of shit is way more unbearable and his whole stealing women pants shenanigans ugghh...

Jun 26, 9:04 PM by VivaceRex

Maison Ikkoku has to be next, right?

Jun 26, 5:22 PM by malvarez1

@Feorg in my opinion principal kuno was much worse than happosai he tortured ranma most of the times instead of make moves on him

Jun 26, 2:10 PM by Elior21

@VivaceRex forget happosai. the one who was much worse than him was principal kuno. he tortured ranma lots of times

Jun 26, 2:07 PM by Elior21

@Akuya I think Maison Ikkoku is next.

Jun 26, 11:59 AM by SidVicious

Damn, I wonder if they'll do inuyasha as well.

Jun 26, 11:46 AM by Akuya

cant wait for this, ranma was so fun to watch hope its as good as the new urusei yatsura

Jun 26, 11:17 AM by Rndmguypassingby

i dont think this anime aged well at all, Akane was already annoying back then

Jun 26, 10:00 AM by silversaint

The TV anime ends with the debut of Ranma's mother. Her manga debut is in volume 22 out of 38.

Jun 26, 8:25 AM by Lucifrost

@deg too bad but it's by mappa

Jun 26, 6:02 AM by M-T_S

@Softhenic03 nah it's not David Productions

Jun 26, 6:02 AM by M-T_S

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