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Visual Novel '9' Gets TV Anime

by Hyperion_PS
May 29, 9:13 AM | 17 Comments
The official YouTube channel of game studio Palette announced on Wednesday a television anime for its 9 visual novel.

Developed and published by Palette, the first game of the romance visual novel series was released on Windows in April 2018. The fourth game was released in April 2020, and a sequel featuring short stories was released in the following April. Sekai Project has been releasing the game on Steam since February 2019 with English and Chinese versions. Palette released the complete game on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in June 2022.

Izumi Kawachi began drawing a manga adaptation in Manga Gaugau in October 2021.

The scene: Shiromitsugawa, a run-of-the-mill college town that has launched several failed attempts to drum up tourism and revitalize itself, including sponsoring a high-budget-but-poorly-written anime based on local folklore. A storm is about to descend on this sleepy town.

We follow Kakeru Niimi, a man who can be a bit curt at times but who has a strong sense of responsibility and a kind heart. Kakeru's ordinary life is thrown into chaos after the local shrine's sacred relic shatters. In the wake of this event, several young men and women awaken to superhuman abilities.

What was once a run-of-the-mill life in a run-of-the-mill town soon turns into a quest to track down a superpowered serial killer before they can strike again. (Source: Sekai Project)


Official site:
Official X (Twitter): @info_9_nine_

Source: Comic Natalie

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17 Comments Recent Comments

@Tropisch It is typical for many VNs.
IMO they can take all the sex scenes and still have a solid base, as long as they retain the important bits.
Hopefully not censoring Haruka's stuff, this has potential to be really great in the later stages, or be another shit adaptation.

Would be awesome to see a good adaptation but I m soo skeptical, the last two VN adaptations I was hyping and hoping would be good, didn't end so well (Rewrite and Muv Luv Alternative).

Jun 4, 2:44 PM by Playcool

This will be hard to search up

Jun 1, 4:11 AM by nachomaxo1

Don't say you love the anime if you haven't read the manga

Jun 1, 12:23 AM by puffle9000

@EcchiGodMamster Looking up on VNDB shows it has sexual content, but we've seen how this is lately in some anime that the source material has it, but then get's censored or cut out in the anime adaption, so who knows.

May 30, 1:32 PM by Tropisch

Cast and setting are pretty small so I could definitely see this work. Maybe as a series of 4 movies or maybe 4 arcs in 2 cours. Given all the
, 4 movies probably would be best, then the box office numbers can go insane and the world can finally be graced with some more vn adaptations.

May 29, 7:35 PM by Inorichi

lmao, this is linear but somehow they'll find a way to butcher it to one cour probably ala fruit of grisaia. Skullsob moment?

No way they'll adapt the sex scenes kek.

Source: played 3/5 of the eps.

May 29, 7:18 PM by OppaiSugoi

I really enjoyed the VN, but I don't see it working that well as an anime adaption. They will probably need to rewrite chunks of the story to make it work, and it's very likely that they will leave the romance stuff out.

May 29, 3:45 PM by NekoMeau

Oh. Oh my. Visual novel from 2018? Im assuming this is year maybe, so thats gonna be 2025.

...Serial killer? damn things sure got out of hand quickly huh. Imagine having a normal anime but then suddenly surprise plot twist. Thats weird.

I was thinking the artstyle is kinda curious but otherwise I dont know much about it.

Visual novel adaptations eh...
Welp, we'll see when it finially happen, whenever that is. Not that I know

Also yeah. I forgor to say but what on earth even is this name. There better be a good reason for it....

May 29, 2:29 PM by CocoaGalaxy

feels really nostalgic

how ecchi/fanservicey is this one?

May 29, 1:54 PM by EcchiGodMamster

@DarkDooM2 Judging from what the dialog in the announcement video says it'll probably be another route so it won't have any of that

May 29, 1:53 PM by Sleabedybarb

Didn't expect this at all - I really enjoyed the VN so I'm looking forward to it, but I think the story would be a bit tricky to be adapted into anime format so I'm curious how they'll do it.

There has been comebacks of shoujo lately and now VNs too. Surprising, but a welcome one. Kinda miss them.

May 29, 11:40 AM by Shirayukin

I even wonder what other old trend will be revived by the modern industry in order to provide the required number of sources for anime production. We have already returned girls with guns, mecha, classic BL and yuri, hard ecchi all-female show and more.

@CrunchyCrobat Depends on whether that's the focus of the story. For example,
While Yosuga no Sora has turned this into a major selling point, although with the exception of the twincest route, it's a pretty classic borderline hentai.

May 29, 10:21 AM by RobertBobert

@DarkDooM2 probably cut the former keep the latter, that's what usually happens in VN adaptations, with a few exception

May 29, 10:14 AM by CrunchyCrobat

Are we seeing a resurgence of visual novel adaptations? Wonder what they'll do with the

May 29, 10:00 AM by DarkDooM2

Wow didn't thought this VN would get an anime but happy
Sad that Bosskwar wouldn't be able to see this 😔

May 29, 9:52 AM by Marcus5768

Now this is something that'd be difficult to google

May 29, 9:23 AM by Kikugi

Finally, hope it can be as good as the visual novel.

May 29, 9:22 AM by Zierbach

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