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'Mashle' Anime Sequel Announced

by Nioxys
May 26, 7:17 AM | 21 Comments

The Mash Burnedread-tachi to Cream-iro no Kenkyuu: A Study in Cream special event announced an anime sequel for the Mashle television anime on Sunday, revealing an announcement promo.

Produced by A-1 Pictures, the first anime season aired in 12 episodes in Spring 2023. The second season premiered on January 6 and ended with 12 episodes on March 30. Crunchyroll simulcast both seasons worldwide, excluding Asia.

Mashle adapts Hajime Koumoto's action comedy manga, which ran in Weekly Shounen Jump from January 2020 to July 2023. Shueisha published the 18th and final volume in October 2023.

VIZ Media simulpublished the manga in English and shipped the 15th volume on March, with the 16th volume planned for a July 11 release. Shueisha's Manga Plus platform also simulpublished the manga in English.


Official site:
Official X (Twitter): @mashle_official

Source: Comic Natalie

Mashle (Zoku-hen) on MAL

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Awesome, this next stretch of manga has some really good content to look forward to.

May 29, 4:29 PM by malvarez1

@Playcool Extremely logical thinking and I of course agree with you but you are wasting your time . A great portion of people of the anime community somehow complain that studios overwork their staff by making new seasons and many new anime projects quickly and act like white knights(like what happened with Jujutsu Kaisen and MAPPA etc) and at the same time they demand for other anime (that also more require time due to higher production quality than the average anime projects, for example Frieren) to make new seasons as quickly as possible without delays . Complete insanity !!

May 27, 4:50 AM by Yubisoft

Softhenic03 said:
So that means they're going for a full adaptation, which initially I didn't think was possible. There's so much left to adapt as well.

Hopefully Aniplex is truly committing to the claim that Mashle will get a "complete" anime adaptation.

May 26, 5:53 PM by Alpha-Nine

deg said:
inb4 this gets a sequel fast but not frieren
I think a proper Frieren adaptation requires way more resources and talent than this, so think positively, to get Frieren S2, it will take way more effort than a barebones Mashle S3.
I would be surprised if by next year we have not heard about a sequel already, quality adaptation takes time, as long as they can assure the same director will work on the sequel, I don't mind if S2 takes a few years to cook, rather than getting an announcement already and the anime be rushed, assuring shit staff, solely to keep the momentum going.

May 26, 5:14 PM by Playcool

@JaysonNnN Well, I wouldn't call myself a big fan of this title, it can be quite boring at times. But I've watched both seasons so far, so I'll try to watch the story until the end, lmao.

May 26, 3:13 PM by RobertBobert

@RobertBobert I don't think, the remaining arcs don't seem suitable for the film format, but who knows, the industry never ceases to surprise us lately.

May 26, 3:07 PM by JaysonNnN

@JaysonNnN But is it possible to somehow end it with film? Possibly with new material for fans.

May 26, 3:04 PM by RobertBobert

@RobertBobert The anime in 2 seasons of 12 episodes adapted 74 chapters of the manga.
The manga is finished in 162 chapters.
So if season 3 is also 12 episodes, no it won't be the end.
But if it's 24, it's possible but not sure either.

May 26, 3:01 PM by JaysonNnN

inb4 this gets a sequel fast but not frieren

May 26, 2:46 PM by deg

@IzanaSolos Can they adapt the entire manga with the next season?

May 26, 2:45 PM by RobertBobert

What an exciting news !!
Looking forward to this 3rd season.

May 26, 1:04 PM by Rimuru0001

So that means they're going for a full adaptation, which initially I didn't think was possible. There's so much left to adapt as well.

May 26, 12:06 PM by Softhenic03

Let's go! I hope this will be adapted to when Ryoh is on fight with Doom, cant wait this, certainly could be a good fighting.

May 26, 11:53 AM by MJR53

Glad this is getting a third season, before a certain other anime and one of the most overrated shows ever got a third season.

May 26, 11:33 AM by wildhood

LETSSS GOOOO so excited for S3, hope it will be 24 episodes
Hope Creepy Nuts is back and give us another banger song

May 26, 11:23 AM by Marcus5768

Good news! I wait for the next season to air!

May 26, 10:24 AM by Memore

Full adaptation is definitely on the way this season, given its success. That's no surprise.

The real question is whether they'll be able to top that last OP.

May 26, 8:31 AM by IzanaSolos

Hope they manage to make another banger of an opening.

May 26, 8:26 AM by TheBaxes

Think it's possible to have full adaptation with this season.

May 26, 8:12 AM by Sigmar-Unberogen


I haven't watched the second season yet but I adored the first

May 26, 7:57 AM by daddymahitowo

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