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Manga 'Übel Blatt' Gets TV Anime Adaptation

by Vindstot
Feb 23, 7:55 PM | 33 Comments
The third issue of Big Gangan announced a television anime adaptation of Etorouji Shiono's Übel Blatt (Ubel Blatt) manga on Saturday. Production company Pony Canyon simultaneously opened an official website, revealing a teaser visual (pictured).

Shiono originally published the manga in three chapters in Gangan YG (now Young Gangan) in January 2004, later published as Übel Blatt 0 (Ubel Blatt 0). The dark fantasy manga continued in the magazine in December 2004 and ran until November 2009. Following a two-year hiatus, the manga resumed in Big Gangan in December 2011 and ended in March 2019.

Square Enix published the 23rd and final volume in June 2019. The third issue also published the first chapter of the Übel Blatt II: Shiseru Ou no Kishidan sequel manga on Saturday.

Yen Press licensed the manga in English in February 2014 for an 2-in-1 omnibus release and shipped the 11th volume—containing volumes 22 and 23—in December 2019. The manga has also been published in Spanish, German, and Italian.

Rumors stir throughout the land: when the wielder of the black sword draws his dark blade, all who stand in its path are torn asunder...! Köinzell, the mysterious young boy who carries the black sword, undeniably wields it with exceptional skill, but can he truly be responsible for the bloody rumors? Pursued by the Traitorous Lances, four powerful warriors who were thought to have been defeated by the Seven Heroes, the strength of the young swordsman will be tested to its limit. At battle's end, only the shocking truth of Köinzell's quest will stand above the corpses of his enemies... An epic fantasy on the grandest of scales! (Source: Pony Canyon)

Official site:
Official X (Twitter): @ubelblatt_info

Source: Press Release

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Hoping for a good adaptation.

Mar 23, 11:30 PM by MegamiRem

it is ecchi through and through. also harem.

well sexual content is a standard in dark fantasy. There a wink to bersek by a rapist horse in the beginning of the manga.

Mar 3, 8:48 AM by Oz111

@EcchiGodMamster If i remember well, there is sexual content similar to what Berzerk has... So calling that ecchi is a bit of a stretch. it's just for mature audience

Feb 27, 11:36 AM by elchart

I get that people are excited, but why are so many people treating this like it's an ancient property? The 2000s aren't that old, and they're constantly being mined for nostalgia, along with the 90s.

Feb 27, 11:24 AM by malvarez1

@Zefyris Manga is still in serialization tho. I mean, sorta. There is Ubel Blatt II sequel, started together with anime announcement

Feb 27, 3:46 AM by dzudoKing

If this got an anime adaptation, then there's hope for Shinju no Nectar anime hehehe :)

Feb 27, 1:37 AM by Guranto-kun

Holy hell this comes from nowhere. I have most of the volumes for this series. It didn't work well in Japan so the author originally stopped the series, but then it worked really well in France; so when the author visited some French manga specialised bookstores (and I believe in Italy as well ?) he was so well received by the fans that it gave him the will to continue the story.

As far as I know it was stopped again later around vol 14 IIRC?, and then I stopped monitoring it, thinking it was done for good. I can't believe that it actually went its course fully up to 2019. I may have to fetch the few volumes I'm missing then, I remember really liking that one.

Feb 26, 3:15 PM by Zefyris

Been reading since 2008, and I can't fkin wait for this adaptation. Just hoping a decent studio is taking care of this.

Feb 26, 2:06 PM by AnsonEnderborn

No way, fucking finally! Read the first volume a few years ago and think this could be great. At least it's nice to get a more traditional dark fantasy when seasonals are oversaturated with isekai and co.

Feb 26, 2:17 AM by FMmatron

@uncleqrow It has a sequel manga coming soon

Feb 25, 9:06 PM by yamiyugi101

That's good news, this manga is really cool, I hope they don't censor the spicy scenes hehe.

Feb 25, 8:25 AM by Jonas-K

I just hope that they go with anime original ending/last arc. I hated what the manga turned into after the hiatus...

Feb 25, 5:31 AM by Gildesh

We already have a great Berserk adaptation

Feb 24, 9:10 PM by MichaelJackson

It got an adaptation!? After all this years!? There are many much newer manga got adapted before this. I'm still a college student the last time I read this. I always assumed it was never going to be adapted bc of it. This was so random, what the hell!? It's like the studio was bored, rummaging their dusty-ancient bookcase, accidentally found a prehistoric manga from it, and though "Huh, this was never got adapted isn't it? Welp, I'm bored anyways, might as well...."

Well, not a college student I guess, but still my point is: It's ancient as heck!

Feb 24, 6:27 PM by uncleqrow

For anyone wondering this is pretty much Berserk with Link as a protagonist.

I highly doubt this won't be censored.

Feb 24, 4:54 PM by Pakumen-


i've already got the two shows im most excited about coming to a close in a month :(

but as far as whats upcoming, yea i'd probably say that one as well

Feb 24, 1:47 PM by EcchiGodMamster

@EcchiGodMamster yeah we eating good this year,im personaly most exited for plus size elf anime. :)

Feb 24, 1:41 PM by Kobac99


yea we been calling 2024 the ecchi resurgence, its crazy

i heard this one isn't THAT ecchi, but hey, it has the tag, so well see

Feb 24, 1:25 PM by EcchiGodMamster

@EcchiGodMamster we are getting more and more ecchi this year,which is amazing..

Feb 24, 12:46 PM by Kobac99

Finally, i am IN for this.

Feb 24, 5:28 AM by JaysonNnN

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