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Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator
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Maou-sama, Retry!
Maou-sama, Retry!
Aug 16, 12:32 PM
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Hibbington Apr 13, 10:34 AM
Yeah i mean't your extended list.
Hibbington Apr 9, 5:53 PM
Greetings Gildesh, thanks for participating in the Anime and Character of the Season.
Our waifu lists would be completely different except for maybe Megumi Katou XD.
Tannhauser Mar 12, 8:08 PM
Speaking about relatable characters, I find Ishigami to be very relatable, but I guess it's true for a lot of people.

For the rest, I think most of the favorite characters are picked mostly by personal attachment developed during one's interaction with them. And I think such connection is usually easier established in games and visual novels rather than anime titles and plotless games. Like, I may like some characters from GBF or Azur Lane, but in reality they don't have much going on for them compared to actually developed characters.
Tannhauser Mar 9, 4:31 PM
Oh? So they are mostly relatable to you in some way, that's interesting. Even though I've mentioned something similar about Reimu, that's not the usual way I look into these things. But wait, so if we like same characters, does it mean I also like some aspects of your being? Ha-ha, curious.

Yeah, I can understand that point of view. Actually, for the long time I really liked Remilia as well for a very simple reason. Eosd was my first Touhou game and she was the first final boss I've ever defeated with 1CC, so back then she left very strong impression on me. Now that I think about it, it was similar to Mokou being first EX boss later on, but after some time passed that feeling kinda faded away. After playing every main game and after consuming some other forms of media there were just too many characters I liked for one reason or another. In my case it's mostly personal and very subjective affection, though.

That's very nice. Suika is indeed cute, and I dare to say you're being cute in your fondness of her.
Tannhauser Mar 8, 4:40 PM
As you've already pointed out and probably correctly guessed, Yukari is the one I like the most. So in this case we're kyodai of sorts. Also, I clicked on your profile while reading one of the forum threads because of your avatar, so there's that.
There's also Reimu, which is... How to put it?.. Kinda relatable in a very strange way. Like you know, if I had to represent my mood in a drawing or some other form and I wanted to make it Touhou related, I'd most certainly use Reimu for this. But other than them it's hard for me to chose favorites.

Reading your third row one might think you have a weak spot for Stage 6 bosses, ha-ha. Ah, and it's nice to see Marisa in it as well, she's somewhat overshadowed by Reimu, which is a bit sad. Is there any story behind your affection towards Suika or you just like her more than the others?
Tannhauser Mar 8, 2:31 PM
It's very convenient though, you know?.. Well, I won't be persistent about it or else you might think I'm some kind of advertiser or something.

Do you mind giving me a little spoiler about your faves?
Tannhauser Mar 8, 1:47 PM
Depends on the numbers of characters you're going with, I guess. Do you have pixiv premium, by the way? If you don't, I'd recommend getting one, makes searching stuff far easier, and you can't unsubscribe once you've found what you needed.
Tannhauser Mar 8, 8:56 AM
Favorite Touhou characters: WIP

Hibbington Aug 15, 2017 9:59 PM
Thanks for informing me the invite did not send, here is a link to the club page -
I'd say Uehara is my favorite character, he really pulled me back in episode 2 since episode 1 until the last part was pretty sleep worthy. He adds the spark that keeping the show together.
Hibbington Aug 15, 2017 11:42 AM
Greetings Gildesh I recently gave you a invitation to a seasonal club.
I tend to like to start a conversation with everyone I invite instead of just giving you a random invite.
*If the invite doesn't go through just message me about it*
Who is your favorite character from Gamers!?
SLAIDEN_IV Aug 6, 2014 8:34 AM
Thanks a lot. I actually found a torrent for it. The thing is i cant start reading a novel if its either not finished or the whole thing is not available.... I liked the anime so i wanted to check it out... Thanks anyways
SLAIDEN_IV Aug 6, 2014 7:03 AM
hey man i was just wondering where do you read spice and wolf from?
is there a site where you can find all the volumes translated ... its been 3 years since its ended so i think all the volumes should be translated but i cant find any? can you tell me?
-Nagisa Apr 6, 2013 6:49 PM
is that a movie about foot fetishes

nonon im kidding! It looks really nice c:
I knew it was Shinkai's work the minute i clicked the link

i am a god
Perko Feb 14, 2013 7:43 AM
Ma nekem volt egy kegyetlen oszlopom: Shizuku, Mikan, Yozora, Karuta négyessel.
-Nagisa Jan 19, 2013 1:28 AM
How are you? ;u;