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Mahoutsukai no Yome
Mahoutsukai no Yome
3 hours ago
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Mob Psycho 100 II
Mob Psycho 100 II
6 hours ago
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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 2nd Season
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 2nd Season
11 hours ago
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Last Embryo
Mar 12, 12:01 PM
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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
Feb 13, 1:56 PM
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Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin
Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin
Feb 13, 5:56 AM
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Deminus Feb 15, 3:01 PM
Then it seems like I shouldn't be too concerned about the sales, apart from the fact that it they barely increase.
But well. It indeed is quite disturbing that they didn't raise after the anime, since anime are mostly done to advertise the source material and almost always boost the sales. It makes sense that they wouldn't do a season 2, even though I'd love to have one. Unfortunately it really doesn't look like there is another way to make it more popular.
500 only o.o ? Wow, that really is barely anything. But it's at least relieving to hear that the LN is doing well enough.
Deminus Feb 12, 3:29 PM
It's true. The author is being additionally challenged in those type of stories, which makes me appreciate it even more when the auhtor can execute it well, because it really requires a lot of skill. That's why the mystery genre is probably my favorite. Because of how you can think along with the characters and somehow participate in the story. I love to get that feeling from a series.
Yes. The combination with a fantasy type setting and the involvement of a massive world building to the mystery plot makes it very unique and more challenging for the author to maintain a good writing.
Now that you explained to me how opposing the two genres really are, it makes me respect it even more because of how carefully the auhtor has to plan the plot through without making a mistake, which could happen very easily. I didn't properly think about this issue before, but I feel mind blown now.
It truly is incredible and fascinating to see how Rokka could succesfully combine those 2 genres. And I think I understand now why Rokka has slow releases. Because the author needs to take his time to plan ahead.
Well. Now it pains me even more that the Anime didn't do well, but do you know how the sales for the Novel are in Japan? I really hope they aren't so low as well. That'd be quite depressing, concerning how much effort and determination it takes to make such a story like RnY.
Frozen_Wings Feb 11, 3:19 AM
Well, I do have plans to study japanese, but I guess it will take me about 5-6years to be able to read LNs.
Thanks for the help, mate. ^^
Frozen_Wings Feb 10, 5:23 PM
I started reading LNs about one year ago and Im loving it! Just by curiosity do you read them in JP? Well, I ask it because there are quite a few novels that I want to read that are in your favorite list such as Tenkyou no Alderamin and Magdala, but I can only find a few volumes translated in English while you've read most of them. If you dont, where do you find them?
Cheers from this nooby french student. o/
Deminus Feb 8, 12:36 PM
Oh. That's good to know. Then there is still hope. Yea, it's a pitty that the anime did so horribly. We'll probably never get a season 2 because of that, even though it was a good adaption with 1 volume in 12 episodes, which is quite rare (from what I've heard).
But now that you mention it, that type of genre mix really isn't seen often. I personally like the idea, because it's interesting to see how the author handles it and makes it quite unique, but you are right. It's not easy to reach many people with that unfortunatelly.
I've also heard of Sukasuka. Watched the Anime, but it felt very rushed. But when it comes to the Novel, I've only heard positive things so far.

Unfortunatelly Movies always take that long to come to the west. But thanks for the warning. I'll keep that in mind. Interested to see the Novel's portrayal of the story.
Deminus Feb 7, 4:16 PM
Wow. So it's already been 3,5 years o.o
If I were to wait that long I'd probably start thinking it's dead. It was already very concerning to hear that the Anime didn't sell well in Japan. I hope the sales in general didn't affect the author's motivation.
But you are right. Instead of "underrated" the term unpopular or unknown would fit more. It just bothers me how no one talks about it, even though it's a really good and suspenseful mystery.
I have yet to watch the Ookami Anime. It's one of the series I've been having on my PTW for a long while. Slow-paced romance also don't really bother me.
Well. I have nothing against military themes. It's not an often seen genre. So I find it rather unique how Youjo Senki handles those things.
I think I'll definitely give it a shot, once I'm caught up with the other stuff. Also pretty excited to watch the movie.
Deminus Feb 7, 1:11 PM
Thank you! :D
Oh, well. Now this scares me a bit as well. When did Volume 6 get released?
I've been reading through your profile and fully agree with what you've written about Rokka.
But it really is an underrated series. Quite depressing that so many don't even know about it.
What caught my attention as well where other novels like Youjo Senki and Ookami. Been hearing lots of good things about them (watched the Youjo Senki anime and loved the MC) and I saw that you also gave them a high rating.
Deminus Feb 7, 11:56 AM
Hi. I saw you've also read Rokka no Yuusha. Been one of my favorite series and my first Light Novel. I'm about to get into Volume 3. Very excited with catching up, but I'm concerned, because I heard that It's been a while since the last volume released and the author is apparently on hiatus.
But since I'm starting to get more into Light Novels thanks to Rokka and you've read so many I'd love your reccomendations, once I catch up!
SeidouTZ Feb 4, 6:07 PM
Oh that's quite interesting to hear then. Thx for sharing it.
SeidouTZ Jan 30, 5:12 PM
Was that written on your reiteration? Because in my volume there is just a few visual representations and implications regarding the war. Followed by an editorial post-words where the author for the most part explains to the readers who he is and that the series encapsulates very "nerdy" consepts as well as the fact that he dislikes the idea of a not earned full happy ending.

Fair enough, so far i only have read the first volume so i will keep that in mind when i get to read the next volumes :)
As for the fact that she is a master at manipulating other people i am not completly sold by that just yet, i think she is definitely very smart and good with words but i belive that the main reason why for example she try to persuade that particular comrade in particular was under the notion that the article she had read awhile back in the real world about changes in behavior on people after having children hold a lot of veracity.

I interpreted that way, my bad sorry.
SeidouTZ Jan 27, 9:52 AM
Sometimes those "puns" or references don't deviate from being just that, after all we know how much japanese people love to play with words different meanings lol. Like how in the name Midorima the "midori" part means green but that dont amount to much in the world of My Her Academia and just refers to a character hair; but in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl the japanese name for Dawn is Hikari and her rival Nozomi is a reference to bullet train lines in Japan and how her rival is always ahead of her because, like the name implies, nozomi is faster than hikari. So it really depend on the author, tho not gonna lie i chuckled a it after i got that Mary Sue reference.
I know that she is not necessarily evil, the last chapter of the first volume even states that she is not a sadist and doesn't draw pleasure from inflicting pain on others but rather she just prioretises her own well being. So i am not saying that there is evil intent behind her actions sense all the times she does something is for the purpose of having a carefree and wealthy life-style in the long run, but rather that at doing so she may inversely cause something that she didnt account to- like how she played with a war-school comrade emotions and thought process to make him draw out and further her carrer in the process, wich could had backfired at her. So hypothetically there might be a situation in the future that in her mind wouldnt seem like such a big a deal but that has repercussions that she did not consider due to human feelings, wich would make a parallel to what happened at the begining of the story.
I am sure that i would/will like Shinigami wo tabeta shoujo for its sadistic protagonist, but what got me interested in Youjo Senki for was the main character personality.
SeidouTZ Jan 25, 5:02 PM
Really? I didn't thought that the whole plot with the commander's daughter was cannon in the sense it seemed quite anime-original, not saying as a bad thing but rather i just didnt think that the LN would take that approach. Sure Tanya actions may inevertly create a resentment and hatred on other people, is war after all, but i was expecting more so that her actions would cause a distress from within as she failed to see one of her commerades human emotions as a factor and not so much an enemy. Tho i dont know, maybe the reason why i feel that way is because the anime already shed a light on that idea in the episode where her battalion bombed a city and she forced one of her commerades to shot a crowed of innocents under the possibilty that they would list themselfs in the war and fight them.

Hmn oh yeah, i know that they create websites for anime series but i always thought they just served as a way to publish information regarding it like the studio, the merchandise available, behind the scenes, information about the voice actors, possible episodes delay, etc.. i didnt think it worked also like sorta of a wiki page.
I see, is quite baffeling that CR didnt do any fact check, oh well thx for clarifying me that.
SeidouTZ Jan 20, 4:33 PM
I guess you are right, in the anime they got the information that Tanya was a child after her encounter with the guy that later became possessed with Being X while in the novel that only became clear thanks to the orb video recording fuction but the sequence of events are still the same. That beign said certain things like the whole interation between non-physical entities in the spiritual realm and Ivanovna friend only exist within the context of the novel, while the anime has the whole stuff with the commander daughter that appears to be the main premises for the upcoming movie.

Uh? i would assume that Crunchyroll would have a more possibility to contact the japanese more so than the westener novel tranlation team, but if that is indeed true that is quite hypocritical on their part to look down of fan-translations when they themselfs resort to them.
SeidouTZ Jan 18, 10:09 AM
Well i would assume that since the author seems to have somewhat of a vast notion of the European culture, the thought of one of his characters possibly having different romanisation in translation could had been something that went through mind, but i guess you are right.
Well yes that is true up until now i was assuming that Yen On didnt speak with the Japanese editors, but thats because it would make less sense for me that Crunchyroll wich is respossible for the streamming of anime on the "west" to not contacting them regarding that issue more so than the opposite.

Hmn okay thx never the less. Yeah the anime left out quite a good amount of infromation from the novel understandably, while halfway it becomes anime original isnt that correct? (just about to finish volume one)
SeidouTZ Jan 15, 3:52 PM
Happy new year
Ohh okay that makes much more sense than what i was initially hypothesizing, thanks for the info. I didn't even considered the possibility of a difference in Romanisation, since i think he is the only character in the novel that i came across with a different name when compared with the one on the anime, plus the fact that after doing research (the wiki page for example) i was able to only found the name Rerugen (guess they opt to adress him by that name) and there wasnt a single mention of diferent romanisation when it came to the handlying of the tranlation.
Hmn makes sense tho i wonder if that couldn't had been resolved if they contacted one person within the japanese punishment (sense they needed their authorization to licence it) regarding what would be the right name translation. Still on a similar note do you know if there is a significant gap between the Youjo Senki LN westener serialization and the japanese one, because according to reviews it seemed like it wasnt only until the anime came along that the series was picked up by a tranlation team and not a fan one?