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At first there was the squeeee when I expressed by delight at something. Then it moved onto the squeeeeeee when I was delighted even more. Then when it got better I visualised the squeeeiverse into existence.

Than on watching a show an actual person squeee'd and there was hogs in the scence.

Thus was born a ranking beyond a simple squeeee, beyond the squeeeeeeeee, beyond the squeeeeeiverse.

Thus what was thought, became reality, and the Squeeepig was born.

I know not if anything exists beyond the Squeepig, I only know it hits level 5 and so far I've only been able to rate my shear enjoyment at squeepig3.

It's an entirely conceptual system and exists only in my consciousness. But I do wonder given the quality of story we seeing recently, if we can make four or five.

And what I wonder if something gets a squeeepig 5 and then something comes along more awesome, will a new reality open and we dive head first into it. The squeeiverse is huge, one might call it infinite. Let the stories guide us while we dive headlong into the unknown.

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Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (Zoku-hen)
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Da Wang Rao Ming
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Bajar Nov 19, 8:59 AM
Thank you.
Anonychan Nov 14, 10:23 AM
Much appreciated lol
winddevil1 Nov 10, 1:31 PM
LOL my biggest fear would be the number 1 fan of my signatures not knowing the girls i'll post :p

do you use animix to watch anime? i love that it shows what episode i'm on, so i don't need to pay attention/download stuff to know lol that's the reason i think some people don't update mal in time
winddevil1 Nov 10, 4:09 AM
hey there :D

new signature should be done by next week, we are around episode 6-7 already lol
(not that you know any of them, since aparently you're not watching anything this season, are you catching up with older ones or something?)

yeah, i take a ton of screenshots, thought i might as well share them, or look at them myself :D
TinyTabun Oct 31, 9:40 PM
Dang! What a nice surprise! I really appreciate your comment. Its definitely something that we have to keep in mind. My watching experience has gotten so much better since implementing the new plan :) Thanks for taking the time to even read my profile.
SideCharacterKal Oct 31, 4:52 PM
haha thanks, it's actually not mine xD
saw it on a gintama discussion from a dude that posted years ago and asked if I could use it.
pinkcirno Oct 20, 2:16 PM
yesss elfen lied is amazing <3!!
Ravarae Oct 15, 11:46 PM
Yo, thankyou for the friend request. Nice to meet you ^^. Never expect someone to add me from my Forum post lol. But yea, life is never fair, we need to survive on our own
Etherius_ZS Oct 15, 10:25 AM
Take Care, ty :)
Etherius_ZS Oct 15, 9:45 AM
No, I don't have any problem with time specific artstyle or animation techniques. Black Lagoon is from my favorite studio so I'll watch it eventually, I just don't want to burn throughout their catalogue as soon as possible. The director works at a subdivision of Mappa now, so expecting something like this or a sequel of this quality is nearly impossible now that he's gone. Some other notable members aren't available either.

In terms of visceral action, Yoshiaki Kawajiri's works are kind of unmatched, although most of their stories fall flat. Wicked City/Ninja Scroll/Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust are probably his better works although all of them have the similar B movie flair to them. Sorry for the late reply.
Dawizz Oct 15, 8:18 AM
Well hello there new friend. It's nice to see that not everyone has been brainwashed by MSM & Social Media.
Etherius_ZS Oct 15, 6:14 AM
Regarding Cleopatra and the animerama project, the main intention was to make adult films to be shown outside Japan since a lot of the anime were aimed at kids. Among the 3, Belladona is the only that is "well-respected" now but I'm interested in all of them. It was also very different from what Mushi Pro mainly used to do.

I watched Labyrinth of Flames which was more or less from the same team (except few) as Proejct A-ko and that was hilarious, so yeah A-ko should be good. Obviously, there's also Aika which is the team's most famous work which I'll get to someday.
Etherius_ZS Oct 15, 5:42 AM
Yeah, there's also some other big directors as well, but for now, I'm just trying to tackle the shorter things like the OVA/Movie/Specials format rather than going into the TV Series.

I looked up your list and you have watched Cleopatra, Dezaki was an employee of the studio (Mushi Pro), so he most likely has an involvement in that. There's also the other 2 movies that came out in that project (Animerama) - Belladona of Sadness & A Thousand and One Nights.

I also saw Project A-ko, that is a must watch for me since it involves my favorite art director Shinji Kimura
gizemxtw Oct 15, 4:53 AM
hope you like it :D
gizemxtw Oct 15, 4:41 AM
I don't like drama very much either, but I think it was really good, I think you can give it a chance:)