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Minato Kujou


Reinousha Minato
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Reinousha Minato
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Minato Kujou (九条 湊)
Age : around 26

A specialist in dealing with Strangenesses like monsters, ghost, curses, or other paranormal phenomenons. He has no paranormal ability himself, and isn't associated with any of the two big organizations dealing with strangenesses either. Because of this, he uses "strange" way to deal with strangenesses. Whereas other uses Buddhism or Shinto powers, special ability and items, he understands from a scientific point of view how works the phenomenons, and deals with it using science accordingly.

He usually wears worn out jeans and a loose black shirt, and doesn't show any respect to others, often poking fun of them, and shocking them by having no decency at all. Always trying to pick up pretty women even in the most ridiculous situation, often by sexually harassing them. Spending all of his money in gambling, he'd rather have children work while he's spending his time drinking; he's deeply in debt and doesn't think about paying it back. In other words, like all the people around him says, he's the worst.
He is, however, extremely intelligent, regularly playing the fool toward others not just to poke fun at them but to lead them where he wants without them noticing, has a thirst for knowledge, and will never abandon a comrade in danger.

According to Risako, a priestess from Mikage Shinto who has known him for ten years, he is the only person she knows that doesn't stop thinking rationally when facing strangenesses. Usually, humans have a tendency to stop trying to understand how works what's happening when facing a supernatural phenomenon, as by its very nature, it's a phenomenon that defies any common sense. Furthermore, he had that particularity right from his first encounter 10 years ago with a strangeness.

While he doesn't associate with other organization directly, he has acquaintances both among the Souhonzan's monks and the Mikage Shinto's clergy.
He's especially close of Risako (miko) and Kougen (monk), with who he used to form an unofficial team to deal with the most dangerous cases. Both of them values very highly Minato's abilities and often comes to him to provide him with specific requests about strangenesses.
Just like before, he now has two other persons that usually come along with him while he deals with cases. Those two came here to learn ways to deal with strangenesses other than what they learned in their respective organizations, and are therefore more like students than comrades :
Saya, a 16 year old innocent girl who's also Risako's niece and a talented miko.
And Yuuki, a 10 years old boy who's known as the genius child from Souhonzan, and came here under the recommendation of Kougen.

Among all the strangeness specialists, he has the highest ratio of resolving the cases (almost 100%). His methods as well as his personality however makes him despised by the other in his field, who call him "Reinousha" meaning a person with no ability at all. His ability to solve cases using unusual methods allows him to solve case that no one else can.

His office is on the 7th floor of a multi-tenant building in a desolate back street. Both Yuuki and Saya often come there after school, usually finding Minato either asleep on the sofa or lazilly preparing his next bets on an horse race.

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