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Broadcast of 'Kubo-san wa Mob wo Yurusanai' Postponed

by DatRandomDude
Jan 24, 5:40 PM | 22 Comments
The official website of the Kubo-san wa Mob wo Yurusanai (Kubo-san Won't Let Me Be Invisible) television anime announced on Monday that episode seven and beyond will be delayed due to the effects of COVID-19 on the production.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth episodes are scheduled to broadcast as usual in the next three weeks. The series broadcast will then restart from the first episode in April 2023.

The anime series premiered on January 10. Kazuomi Koga (Kanojo, Okarishimasu) is helming the anime at animation studio Pine Jam. Yuuya Takahashi (Lupin III (2015)) is handling the series composition and penning the script. Yoshiko Saitou (Comic Girls) is the character designer and Kujira Yumemi (Leadale no Daichi nite) is composing the music.

The anime adapts Nene Yukimori's romantic comedy manga, which began serialization in Young Jump magazine in October 2019. Shueisha shipped the 11th volume on December 24.

VIZ Media licensed the manga in English on October 9 and released the fifth volume on January 3, with the sixth volume scheduled to ship on March 7. The series is also simulpublished in English and Spanish on Manga Plus and VIZ Media's Shonen Jump website.

Source: Comic Natalie

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Time to start reading the manga. I’m already addicted to this and will receive withdrawals if I don’t make the necessary preparations.

Jan 27, 4:55 AM by IslandMan05

Kuma said:
Kaguyachinchin said:
Wondering how this affects airing schedules. We're what -- 3 postponed animes into the Spring?
4. kubo, ayatri, nier, and unite up.
Golden Kamuy too right? (Although that was presumably not covid related)

Jan 25, 2:56 PM by Kaguyachinchin

Kaguyachinchin said:
Wondering how this affects airing schedules. We're what -- 3 postponed animes into the Spring?
4. kubo, ayatri, nier, and unite up.
deg said:
is this also an aniplex show? if so doubt the covid stuff
it is not aniplex show. it's kadokawa.

Jan 25, 2:51 PM by Kuma

Wondering how this affects airing schedules. We're what -- 3 postponed animes into the Spring?

Jan 25, 11:01 AM by Kaguyachinchin

The covid excuse is getting stale now. 

Jan 25, 9:26 AM by Klad

Sure, production falls apart because of cold. Would be nice if all these shows being postponed is a sign of an upcoming cleansing in the industry. I don't necessarily mean particularly these shows, but every season has more and more utterly worthless or below mediocre titles. I don't know if there's actually a market for all that crap but I highly doubt the number of professional animators and other production staff increased enough over these past couple of years to be able to handle this content diarrhea. Would be nice to have less, but better series instead.

Jan 25, 9:19 AM by Antanaru

aw that's so unfortunate, i was really enjoying this adaption 

Jan 25, 7:42 AM by izlah

COVID is returning slowly.

Jan 25, 6:51 AM by Ramkec

This really saddens me...I love this show so much :(

Jan 25, 6:10 AM by Tokoya

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Jan 25, 4:54 AM by Vbeera

is this also an aniplex show? if so doubt the covid stuff

Jan 25, 4:43 AM by deg

This is the 3rd anime that got postponed. They better don't postpone Otonari or my days will be ruined

Jan 25, 4:30 AM by _AnimeLover__

Fenyy said:

I’m gonna lose my ******* mind if I have to wait 3 WHOLE months for this.. this show is so good man like cmon. So dumb “cause of covid”… it’s 2023 man like come on we’re passed that. Why is this the only anime that’s struggling because of covid
It's the only anime, though. Ignoring Isekai Ojisan, there are 3 other shows this season which already announced that they were going on hiatus due to Covid.
Wouldn't be surprised if it started affecting next to half the airing shows, either.

Edit: If you want names, then Nier Automata, Ayakashi triangle and Unite Up.

Jan 25, 4:02 AM by Bidoof_PMD-EOS

The show restarts after episode 6. In other words, once it returns in April, it will still take about HALF season before we see new series (episode 7+). In other words, they're delaying the show not till April, but till the end of May! 

Jan 24, 11:26 PM by Sigmar-Unberogen

This seriously sucks, was really enjoying HanaKana's voice. Now gotta wait 3 months after episode 6.

Jan 24, 11:25 PM by MegamiRem

Well winter 2023 will be a death season will all those postponed shows, I wonder how this will impact the 2023 Spring schedule. 

Jan 24, 10:18 PM by Dudi4PoLFr

Guess it's really covid this time which is unfortunate to say the least.

Jan 24, 9:21 PM by Softhenic03

I’m convinced “Covid” is just the go-to excuse to cover for incompetence at this point.

Jan 24, 9:15 PM by Hylianticipated

First Nier Automata, then Ayakashi Triangle and now Kubo-san getting potsponed cause of Covid, it was going great so far than it goes down the drain.

Jan 24, 7:34 PM by Nicole_Demara

Winter will no longer be stacked as the majority of releases will move to Spring + Summer .. an announcement is expected to come out soon regarding the delay of other series such as The Misfit of Demon King Academy II .. etc.
R.I.P Winter 2023.

Jan 24, 7:01 PM by Rimuru0001

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