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PV Collection for May 13 - 19

by Sakana-san
May 19, 2019 10:23 AM | 5 Comments
Here is a collection of promotional videos (PVs), TV ads (CMs), and trailers for the last week. This thread excludes videos that have already been featured in an article. Please check the News Board, under the Preview tag, for articles that feature a promotional video. Last week's PV thread can be found here.

Frame Arms Girl Movie: Kyakkya Ufufu na Wonderland | Movie | Trailer
The compilation film of Frame Arms Girl premieres on June 29 in Japan.

Human Lost: Ningen Shikkaku | Movie | Character PV
The third character video for Human Lost: Ningen Shikkaku previews Takeichi, leader of ruffians who reside in the Ichi Roku slums. Jun Fukuyama (Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch) will voice the character. The film will open this year.

Given | TV | Character PV
Given is based on Natsuki Kizu's BL manga with the same name. Hikaru Yamaguchi (Escha Chron) will direct the anime at Lerche. The show will air on Fuji TV's Noitamina programming block in July. The first character video features Mafuyu Satou, who will be voiced by Shougo Yano (Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu).

Granbelm | TV | PV
Granbelm is an original animation project that will be directed by Masaharu Watanabe (Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu) at studio Nexus. The anime will premiere this summer. The second promotional video features Eir Aoi's opening song "Tsuki o Ou Mayonaka," and reveals that Manaka Iwami (Fruits Basket (2019)) will provide voices for the middle school student Kuon Tsuchimikado.

Promare | Movie | PV
Studio Trigger and XFLAG's Promare premieres in Japan on May 24.

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Yumemiru Shoujo no Yume wo Minai | Movie | Teaser
A full trailer for Seishun Buta Yarou wa Yumemiru Shoujo no Yume wo Minai was streamed on Wednesday. The movie will open on June 15.

Note: The video is region-locked; click here for an alternative link.

Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth | TV | PV
Stand My Heroes is an otome puzzle game developed by coly inc. on Android and iOS. Hideyo Yamamoto (Code:Realize - Sousei no Himegimi) will direct the Fall 2019 TV anime by M.S.C. The first promotional video reveals that Misato Murai will cast as the heroine Rei Izumi.

Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka? | TV | Character Video
The second character video for Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de 2-kai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki desu ka? previews Wise, who will be voiced by Sayumi Suzushiro (High Score Girl).

Note: The video is region-locked; click here for an alternative link.

5 Comments Recent Comments

Granbelm is hype.

May 25, 2019 12:41 AM by Detective1412

the japanese really love spoilers that Promare PV shows that

May 20, 2019 8:53 AM by deg

Granbelm looks great, will definitely watch.

May 20, 2019 7:30 AM by Lelouch0202

Granbelm looks like its gonna be cute girls fighting other cute girls

usually means an automatic favorite of the season

calling a 6.5

May 19, 2019 1:24 PM by EcchiGodMamster

That isekai mom pv gave me cancer
i planned to give it a try but not anymore

May 19, 2019 12:04 PM by tragedydesu

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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