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'Violet Evergarden' Anime Film Announced for January 2020

by Kineta
Jul 2, 1:26 AM | 7 Comments

The official website of the Violet Evergarden TV anime announced an all-new anime film for the series on Monday that will have a simultaneous worldwide release in January 2020. Kyoto Animation also announced a new publication of the franchise.

Written by Kana Akatsuki with illustrations by Akiko Takase, the original novel won the grand prize in the novel category at the fifth Kyoto Animation Award program in 2014. KA Esuma Bunko imprint published the series in two volumes in December 2015 and December 2016, and a side story on March 23.

The TV anime adaptation premiered on January 11 and concluded on April 5 with 13 episodes. Netflix launched the series simultaneously in some territories, including Japan, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and Canada, and later in the United States on April 5.

The fourth and final Blu-ray and DVD volume will bundle a special episode on July 4. The episode, which takes places over several months between the fourth and fifth episodes centering on an opera house songstress' letter request, was screened at the "Violet Evergarden Film & Concert" event in Tokyo on July 1.


Source: Moca News

Violet Evergarden Movie on MAL

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Oct 26, 5:44 PM by iiKrina

Good start of the year.

Sep 14, 7:43 AM by alreadydad

_Ako_ said:
Just a quick question, is this the ending of the original source or the anime adaptation already did that?

the anime series actually a loose adaptation so it was never faithfully follow the original source.

Sep 10, 12:48 PM by edge13

Just a quick question, is this the ending of the original source or the anime adaptation already did that?

Sep 10, 9:31 AM by _Ako_

Two years.. Wow

If Gilbert don't magically appear in this movie, i'm going to flip

Sep 10, 6:52 AM by stardew

Spring 2018
Them: We hope to have conclusion movie in a few months.
Us: hahaha. Ya ok.

Glad it's happening though! Great show.

Sep 9, 8:33 PM by Tubacutie

Hopefully I'm still alive by the time it airs and by the time it comes out on Blu Ray and DVD...LOL

Aug 12, 11:31 AM by Ryuseishun

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