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'Violet Evergarden' Anime Film Delays January 10 Opening

by Sakana-san
Sep 6, 3:45 PM | 13 Comments
The official website of the Violet Evergarden Movie announced on Friday that the film's release date has been postponed. The film was initially scheduled to open on January 10, 2020.

The production committee behind the film apologized for the delay, stating it is still in production but that they hope fans will appreciate the work when it comes to fruition. This news comes on the day of the premiere of Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidou Shuki Ningyou in Japan. The theatrical side story had its world premiere at Germany's AnimagiC convention with showings on August 3 and 4.

Teaser PV

Source: Comic Natalie

13 Comments Recent Comments

Oh God, you didn't even have to apologize in these circumstances, but you still did. These people are amazing, this culture is so different, but so beautiful. *hugs the studio staff and the whole Japanese nation*
I want KyoAni to rise like a phoenix from the pain, I pray it will. And this film, I believe, will be especially stunning in its sadness and beauty as the second (afer this year's Gaiden) tribute to the lost lives.
Once again, KyoAni proves why it's one of the best in the industry: it also has the strongest people who want to give their all.

Sep 7, 11:35 PM by me_here_me_there

I hope they have special section on the credits to thank and respect everyone that worked on this movie but couldnt be here anylonger to give it the final push... T_T

Also in way this situation may sadly work to produce an even more emotional movie (have yet to see the series but), I m sure all the staff more than ever is focused on finishing this and with the recent events they more than ever have alot of emotional baggage on their minds that will further spark love for animation and creating an impact in others lives.
Just like some of the best written songs come from singers that wrote them while feeling the overhelming aftermatch of life changing situation that shattered your being and changed you forever.

Sep 7, 5:54 PM by Playcool

I'm totally okay with this, KyoAni.

Sep 7, 10:21 AM by MrAwesome2018

Been looking forward to the eventual release of this so much, however long it takes ^_^

Sep 7, 6:06 AM by Ken39Whistle

Take all the time you need, KyoAni.

Sep 7, 4:06 AM by _MushiRock11_

Saw the news already but I am glad that they are still here! Love you, KyoAni!

Memor said:
Seems more than reasonable. It's also sweet that they're still apologising despite everything~ :'3

That's Japanese mentality.

Sep 7, 3:07 AM by shanimebib

Still so heartbroking about what happened to kyoani. Really hope they pull through

Sep 7, 12:50 AM by -xAttack609x-

This seems 100% okay. If anyone is upset about this the probably need to mature a little. I want KyoAni to take all the time they need.

Sep 6, 9:32 PM by Calal-Chan

Yup I pretty much expected this would happen. The only reason the special came out on time is because it was already done before the fire. I'm glad they're at least not canceling it or anything.

Sep 6, 8:24 PM by vegeta8639

Seems more than reasonable. It's also sweet that they're still apologising despite everything~ :'3

Sep 6, 6:12 PM by Memor

Hope they take all the time they need~

Sep 6, 5:57 PM by uwuarsa

The fact that the production committee feel the need to apologise for something that was out of their power is beyond me. After the tragedy that has happend to kyoani; it's not a surprise they need more time to work on projects. The fact that they still continue to provide the best effort they can into their works to make beautiful scenes in the anime we love is worth applauding.

Sep 6, 4:57 PM by symbiotic

I was surprised to hear initially that they weren't delaying the release after what had happened to them. I'm not going to claim to be a violet evergarden fan at all but if this came to the states I would go see it just to support kyoani.

Sep 6, 3:57 PM by Slysoft

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