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'Sakkai Eightraid' Anime Project Announced

by tsubasalover
Jan 22, 6:10 PM | 15 Comments

Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced an anime project for Sakkai Eightraid. It is planned to stream on Sakkai Eightraid channel via &CAST!!!, a new streaming website to start this Spring.

Sakkai Eightraid will be a battle anime about a group called Eightraid fighting against Eight, monsters that came from a parallel world Sekkai through a hole called Prism, using a special power called Scrud. Eightraid works in an association called Norn. Main character Asuma will be the key character in the anime.

Asuma Yuuhama: Yoshinobu Sena (Vampire Holmes)
Elena Aragaki: Ayana Taketatsu (Citrus)

Director, Script: Yoshinobu Sena
Original Character Design: Yuugen (Outbreak Company), Rururu Kondou (Shingeki no Bahamut: Mista Lucia Saga mangaka)
Original Monster Design: Hiroyuki Maeda
Action Live Director: Gou Ohara (live action Sengoku Basara action director)
Battleship, Military Machine Design: Kenji Andou (the Shingeki no Bahamut series monster and gadget design)
Music: Tesuya Kobayashi (Persona 4 the Golden Animation)
Sound Effect Yasuyuki Konno (the Robot Girls Z series)
Animation Plan: Cucuri Co., Ltd.
Studio: Digital Network Animation

Official site:
Official Twitter: @eightraid

Source: Social Game Info

Sakkai Eightraid on MAL

15 Comments Recent Comments

So I guess this will be the "next season cashgrab clone" for Darling in the FranXX?

Feb 14, 7:00 AM by ShadowMonkey

Give us another Vampire Holmes.

Jan 23, 5:00 AM by Paulo27

Okay so this is weird as fuck.

So an VA is also an script writer and director? what? I don't really see that so often nowadays and this is rather... interesting, for the wrong reasons.

But who knows this might turn out fun but Idk.

Jan 23, 2:42 AM by Wasshio

Here comes those Trainwreck wagon.

Jan 22, 11:23 PM by Xaelath

This would be even worse than it sounds.

Nippon STHAP!

Jan 22, 10:37 PM by Swagernator

what is this? world trigger with romance?
action live director?

Jan 22, 8:43 PM by Kuma

> Another garbage Isekai.
> Unknown Studio.
> Weird official website. ( is an orphanage?)

Lol, I don't trust this anime. But if there's more announcements like a PV maybe I'll try to watch it.

Jan 22, 8:26 PM by Rayzer

Love the terminology for this.

Jan 22, 8:12 PM by VyseLegendaire

yes more battle harem
yes to more battle harem

Jan 22, 7:00 PM by rainasu

"Eightraid", "Scurd", "Sekkai"...

And here I thought I was bad at naming stuff.

Jan 22, 6:42 PM by KuuhakuDesu

so the main VA is also the director and scriptwriter? lol

how common is this in the anime industry?

Jan 22, 6:42 PM by Infatuate

Premise looks somewhat similar to GATE. Also unknown staff in this project. Probably won't watch.

Edit: Wait, I just realized...VA and Director are the

Jan 22, 6:42 PM by Shibusu

Sounds interesting, I'll give it a shot when it comes out.

Jan 22, 6:28 PM by ClickBaitBuster

This guy only does shorts..Nothing to waste my hype on

Jan 22, 6:21 PM by moodie

Scrud! What is this mysterious Scrud? I must learn the essence of this Scrud!

Sounds generic though, except for Scrud...

Jan 22, 6:17 PM by Tarotist

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