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Poll: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 11 Discussion

Mar 12, 2018 4:01 PM

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I'm sensing some shipping between Edward and Winry and I'm too excited for that.

What a nice change of pace from the last episode. Good to brace myself before the next tragedy.
Jan 6, 7:50 AM

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The main question I would ask is... why Ed didn't use those spectacular skills while battling Scar or Slicer who were threats to his and Al's lives, but used them freely to catch a thief?
Jan 8, 8:03 PM

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Jan 17, 5:26 AM

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Can't say I was too fond of the way the show tried to establish Winry's maturity by making everyone else incompetent. It felt artificial rather than organic. But I guess clichés aren't that out of ordinary when we're talking about shounen.

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Apr 1, 1:31 AM

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Their stopover at Automatown sure was a surprising and amusing one because not only did Winry gather inspiration for improving Ed's Automail and a newfound determination, they also witnessed the miracle of life in a place where mechanical attachments are pretty much all the rage.

May 3, 11:33 AM

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Didn't really feel much about it, but got to see a side of winry, that was good
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