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Gimai Seikatsu
Gimai Seikatsu
Jul 11, 4:48 PM
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Magic Maker: Isekai Mahou no Tsukurikata
Magic Maker: Isekai Mahou no Tsukurikata
Jul 11, 3:57 PM
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Tsue to Tsurugi no Wistoria
Tsue to Tsurugi no Wistoria
Jul 9, 6:59 PM
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Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete
Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete
Jan 17, 11:08 PM
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Jul 18, 2023 9:34 PM
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SatsugaiDeAtsu Apr 1, 12:44 AM
I saw a comment from you on someone's profile. You were complaining about why summertime render blew up as a show despite being full of flaws. Just wanted to extend my feelings, felt good to see someone else having the same thoughts.

Most people i come across critically acclaim it to be something its totally not. So, ye...felt good to see you out there !!
Demiurg_de Aug 2, 2023 1:32 PM
Nice taste.
MeanEYE Jul 30, 2023 12:03 PM
Just so you know, I ended up rewatching Eminence and I liked it second time around. Then I rewatched it few more times since. Whole parody thing didn't really land on me on first watch, but that's why I always change the score if I give it another chance. Parody is subtle, really subtle and can easily be mistaken for incompetence which is what happened the first time around.

If you draw parallel between Overlord and Eminence you can kind of see how the two look similar. Ainz frequently makes mistakes which his loyal subjects interpret as great plans beyond their capability to reason and try their best to uphold their ruler and things end up going according to plan, but not due to him being a great ruler, but rather having good subjects. Overlord is a good show of course and they realize this and work to make them entertaining. I wrongly assumed Stylish... I mean Cid's behavior to be same level of incompetence and found it meh. It's sort of similar but it works out well if you set your mind in certain expectations.
roxy_kouhai Apr 16, 2023 10:42 PM
It was truly great yeah,I wasn't expecting it to blow up like this Doga Kobo really outdid themselves. I hyped up the manga on Insta a lot so glad to see the anime onlies liked it so much. The shock factor played a big role ofc. And about the recommendation part I've more or less become inactive on MAL. I just open it to update my list from time to time. All my animanga stuff goes into stories of my Insta page‼️🤗
Ryuseishun Apr 14, 2023 6:17 AM
The premiere was great! Though some of my mutuals apparently deplored it cause they had weird expectations like wanting Ai to live or not liking the reincarnation and/or idol themes in general. Or they think something like Perfect Blue is the one and only acceptable way of anime depicting the idol industry in a grounded realistic way,

Might do that at some point. Perhaps me loving Mushoku Tensei contributed to my enjoyment and engagement here with Oshi no Ko here, too.

P.s. sorry if I didn’t reply to the previous comment, but STR was so tiresome to get through that I didn’t bother to write up one. Plus I hate the new MAL review system as of right now.
suim0905 Apr 7, 2023 3:34 AM
Hi sorry just read this, i can see what you mean but i guess for me it was the 'freshness' sort of that incapsulated me. There hasn't been a decent 'mystery' anime for a while and though i can agree with the eventual fall off of the series, i think the suspense and anticipation created at the beginning that kept me coming back each week was truly masterful.

In the end, we all have different perspectives i guess, i see your point but i guess i still sort of stand with mine.
oxlip Feb 4, 2023 5:15 PM
I appreciate you taking the time to write a well thought out response. To me, the purpose of watching this anime was for the romance, and to have the best written character be sidelined in favor of a one-dimensional, flat character makes all the buildup a waste. Certainly there's nothing wrong with the season itself but it's also hours of my life wasted, and I figured such a core screwup warranted a 1. I totally understand your point, but if I had seen the review I wrote before I watched this anime I would be more thankful than anything.
CaptLolicon Jan 13, 2023 12:19 AM
I loved the first part but never got around to watching part 2 till now. Absolutely love it. Really good world building and fan service. Eris is such a good character and a cutie to boot.
Baby_Penewine Dec 19, 2022 1:23 PM
thats a really hard question to answer!
the first 6 episodes are a regular harem series that many people found to be cringe but i thought it was hilarious and charming. if you can get past the first ep you will probably survive the first 6 episodes.
episode 7 is the major turning point as there is a major plot twist that turns the entire series around and i think its fantastic. try maybe the first 3 episodes and if you like it, continue, because ep 7 is where it becomes super good. the latest episode even made me cry.
shinju_vera Dec 15, 2022 3:34 AM
hai thx for accepting, i think the same way as you

my favorite anime is sao rn and we seem to have very similiar taste! i like all the animes in your favs and i think youd like Boarding School Juliet anime its kinda similiar to kaguya sama sooo if you can give it a try its a nice anime. im planning to start fate series but im trying to figure out if i start with fate zero or fate stay night :P
Baby_Penewine Sep 20, 2022 11:38 AM
oh lordie you have amazing taste. i love kaguya sama, saekano, and sakurasou!
NewestPersonHere Sep 20, 2022 7:31 AM
I am currently at Volume 9 of Mushoku Tensei. Rudeus is not a pedo, he is just a prevert.

He did not rape anyone in Volume 7, he just cheats on a girl by going to a brothel after dating a girl. >_>
I wonder how the anime-only viewers react to that~
Well, he did grow as a person after that incident. Volume 8-9 are really fun and hilarious, him screaming and running after seeing a Nanahoshi. XD
Great experience reading Volume 8~9. :)

Rudeus is similar to Hamazura Shiage from Toaru Majutsu No Index. They both start off as bums, but eventually grow into a very likeable person, they go great lengths to save a certain person. Well, they are both perverts too. XD

I don't really recommend Toaru Majutsu No Index to new LN readers because its plot and characters are complicated despite its high LN sales. You can consider picking it up after you read a ton of LNs~
NewestPersonHere Sep 19, 2022 6:52 AM
Light novels have gotten really great since around 2020.
The amount of isekai has gone down while the amount of romcoms have skyrocket.

I feel that light novels have a more engaging plot and characters than manga. Some anime adaptations cut out important content from the LN. Mushoku Tensei cuts a lot of important content in part 2. :/

I think you can try to start reading the ones translated by J-Novel Club. J-Novel Club light novels tend to be easier to read.

There are 3 translators in the LN industry:
Yen Press. They tend to translate the big titles such as Youjo Senki, Reign Of The Seven Spellblades, Overlord, The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten, 86, Eminence In Shdaow, Re:Zero, etc. However, they took many months to translate a volume. Many people in the LN community calls them "Delayed Press". XD
Seven Seas Entertainment. A lot of people in the LN community caught them removing lines during the translation of Mushoku Tensei and Classroom Of The Elite. >_>
J-Novel Club. Their light novels are the easiest to read among the three. However, most of their light novels are small titles. Their biggest titles are Seirei Gensouki, Ascendence Of Bookworm and Altina The Sword Princess.

I will list down some of the popular LNs that are easy to read:


Seirei Gensouki. This LN is very close to Mushoku Tensei. The focus of both of these LNs are about redemption, both of them have an unfulfilled previous life. The difference is the personality. Rudeus from MT is a pervert, he literally tried going around to have sex with other girls in Volume 7. Rio from SG is suffering from multiple personality disorder, unable to cope with conflicting memories between his previous life and reincarnated life. Seirei Gensouki has a terrible anime adaptation by the way, they cut his character development and makes him overpowered.

Tearmoon Empire. I have not read this yet but it was a chaos in the LN community when the anime adaptation is announced. From what I heard, it is more of a "Make Kingdom Great Again" type of light novel. Since it is JNC translation, it should be easy to read.

Altina The Sword Princess. A war story. This is similar to Alderamin On The Sky. A smart tactician and a reckless princess trying to fix fictional France.

High School Genre:

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten. Although this is a Yen Press translation, this is surprisingly easy to read. This is about a popular girl in school spoiling a gloomy boy, and they slowly becomes closer. A lot of people in the LN community has been hyping this, the downside is its slow translation, thanks to Yen Press (or Delayed Press).

Gimai Sekatsu. I have not read this yet. But people has been hyping even though it was only published last year. It is a fan translation.

There are more exciting LNs but most of them are Yen-Press translated and might be hard to read for new LN readers~
KeflaSimp69 Sep 18, 2022 11:44 AM
love your pfp :3
Weeblul Sep 17, 2022 3:53 PM
Hey there, nice to meet ya. Luckily I decided to click my notifications today, otherwise it might have taken me another month to notice your message.

I understand your arguments, and having that said, here are mine:

For Rudeus to live a better life he needs to become a better person, and he does, as it is shown time and time again whenever he overcomes a problem or a past trauma. Being a better person, however, does not equal becoming a good person, it means that he becomes a better version of himself and can thus strive to live a better life.

The "perverted nature" of nearly every character in the show is something I've accepted. What I can not come to terms with is how some of the scenes are there probably because the autor was feeling horny while writing.

The first season was a really good example of how good the show is and can be, but for me, the second season would've been just as good if only the plot had been better executed.
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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