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Poll: Dororo Episode 6 Discussion

Feb 14, 4:56 PM

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The first sound Hyakkimaru hears are the anguished cries of a grieving woman, and the first sounds he makes are screams of agony. The manner in which the show paints the nature of Hyakkimaru’s cursed existence is done superbly. Biwamaru points this out to Dororo in no uncertain terms that Hyakkimaru may be calm when he hears Mio’s song, but if he is indeed a “beast trapped in a cave” then Dororo is better off hoping he’s not a monster when he emerges. This is why Biwamaru keeps hanging about, just in case he needs to take action if the worst happens. All hell breaks loose when Mio and the kids are all mercilessly butchered, filled with rage he goes berserk. Dororo had to physically throw himself on Hyakkiimaru to try and prevent him from fully giving in to the monster inside of him. His first sounds having been his own screams, Hyakkimaru’s first word being Mio as he mourns the woman he’d already come to love. This anime is unrelenting in its depiction of various themes.

Very heartbreaking stuff, and to have such a little child witnessing all of this really adds more punch. Observing Dororo growing up too soon for all the wrong reasons is one of the most gut-wrenching parts of this story. Take the conversation between Dororo and Mio when Dororo sees her on the temple steps when she is heading to work. Mio senses that Dororo knows, and offers no apologies, or condemnation if Dororo judges her. But Dororo confides that his mother did every job except that one to support them, and he respects her for that. But she’s dead, and Mio is alive, and he also respects Mio for making the choice to live. That’s what you call redemptive and unutterably tragic at the same moment. This is what evil does to good people, it forces them into choices where there are no good choices to make.

Another great episode, Dororo and Mob Psycho 100 are head and shoulders above the rest of airing series for me thus far. 5/5

Feb 15, 4:37 AM

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Man fuck this episode but Ahhhh Hyakkimaru rampage at the end was so good. The death of Mio made me sad af rip. Loving the show
Feb 15, 12:14 PM

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Well, he gained his leg back like I thought.

Shame he lost so much more than that though.
Feb 15, 12:56 PM
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Lululand said:
I don't know about you guys, but I am in love with this anime.
same here, major mood bro
Feb 16, 3:11 PM

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Oh... well i didn't expect her to die so soon, i thought she'll be Hyakkimaru's main support through the whole story

Reo did nothing wrong
Feb 16, 8:40 PM
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Goddamit please tell me I wasn't the only one that was crying when the kids and Mio were getting killed? Hyakkimaru's outrage moment was so satisfying though after those men killed her and the kids for her whoring herself to the other army. At least he grew his leg back, I was surprised at that part.

Shit, is it possible to love an anime but also hate it at the same time for how emotional certain moments are, because I'm caught in a loop rn. The end of episode 5 got me so hard, but knowing the era it takes place in and all the hints given that episode I knew she was doing a regrettable job.

Fuck man, I need to watch Kaguya to get rid of this aching feeling. My heart can only take so much sadness at once
RIP Mio. You didn't deserve to die

Go get the rest of your body Hyakkimaru!
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Feb 16, 8:42 PM
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Esquirtit said:
@_MushiRock11_ last episode hyakkimaru gained his voice back by defeating the demon but I think it survived because it bit his leg off, this time he killed him and got his leg back. so the demon had his voice at first but traded it with hyakkimarus leg

that's an actual good way to think about it. Trading his leg for his voice and then getting both back when killing the monster
Feb 16, 9:19 PM

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the only thing more depressing than this episode is the fact that this is gonna get overlooked at next years Crunchy Awards cuz the new season of Academia and Titan air this year.

This series deserves to be talked about more
Feb 16, 10:37 PM

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There were red flags everywhere for Mio and the kids.
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Feb 17, 5:59 AM

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That was devastating :'(

Still 5/5 for this ep

Feb 17, 10:45 AM

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The world is so cruel.
I felt sad about Mio and others.
Feb 17, 1:33 PM
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That was a good episode but what did Mio expect by double dealing with warring clans.
Feb 22, 5:37 AM

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Oh, I'm just having a perfectly normal day.

Here in my room, sitting in bed, eating dinner and watching THIS SERIES RIP MY FUCKING HEART OUT OF MY FUCKING CHEST!!!!

I couldn't bear to see Mio and those kids slaughtered like that. I feel like the way Hyakkimaru got revenge by killing them instantly was not enough, they deserved to be punished severely and not die instantly.

That part where Mio got a few grains of rice or seeds to start their own mini rice paddy broke my fucking cold heart. Why?
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Feb 22, 6:04 AM

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I didn't really care for Mio, but I definetly care about Hyakkimaru a lot more now. Not as good as épisode 3.
Feb 22, 11:47 AM
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I thought it was safe to like Mio since she's so prominent in the intro... I was wrong... so, so wrong.
Feb 22, 10:53 PM
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I've taken a liking to Mio and too bad that the story had to sacrifice her. R.I.P Mio and the kids.
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Feb 27, 1:53 AM

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Mio and the children ;( There's so cruel!!! So sad for Mio, my heart aches for her. Atleast she will not suffer anymore but still.. she died without making her dreams come true. The mangaka is too cruel to her!!!!!! ;'(
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Feb 27, 1:58 AM

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Supersky said:
Shit, is it possible to love an anime but also hate it at the same time for how emotional certain moments are, because I'm caught in a loop rn.

Yeah, i feel the same! I on-hold this for 2 weeks to subside my feelings through what I saw in Episode 5, and then when I watched it back. I will see this!!! It's so heartbreaking ;( I want to dropped this but I can't ;(
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Mar 1, 11:03 AM

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Now this was much more graphic than old adaptation counterpart.
Mar 3, 4:34 PM
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Since Mio was included in the intro i thought she was gonna have a bigger part in the show. Sad to see her go.
Mar 8, 8:10 PM
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This episode touched my soul in a way no other anime can. I actually caught feelings that almost made me shed a thug tear
Mar 16, 10:33 PM

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Pierdo said:
I thought it was safe to like Mio since she's so prominent in the intro... I was wrong... so, so wrong.

Yeah, I was thinking the same before :/

This episode continues the lonely vibe the show's given me from the start. I kind of expected Hyakkimaru to lose himself and become a demon completely, good to see he didn't in the end though.
Mar 31, 7:44 AM
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Ugh, Hyakkimaru's rampage was brutal. Fuck those soldiers, killing Miko and even those children with severed limbs.
Apr 10, 5:42 PM

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It got even darker, and I suppose, it would follow on the same path.
I had my doubts on this massacre all along and was hoping I was wrong, mab, how those Samurai were slicing harmless little kids is beyond me.
The rampage of Hyakkimaru was animated splendidly, granted, I only watched the episode on 360p video quality given how bad my internet was this late at night.
Apr 13, 9:35 PM

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Mio proved that she would go through any lengths to survive and achieve her dream for the children and herself. Dororo had no choice but to respect her decision to continue to work because it was either that or starvation for them like what happened to his mother. It was the cruelest thing ever to have all of that go to the ashes because of those Daigo assholes just when she finally had a means to start pursuing their big dream.

Hyakkimaru might've gotten his leg back, but he had lost the only person who was able to soothe the discord that's been flooding his ears ever since he got them back. He was so furious that he didn't mind the bloodcurdling screams he's been making while he slays those killers and his first word being Mio's name was heartbreaking.

The two of them walking away and the scenery changing to a golden ricefield while Mio's red flower song plays was the tipping point for me. It's just too unfair...

Apr 13, 10:43 PM

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my favourite part was dororo talking about his mom. i already know what happened to her - already watched it - but i guess i've forgotten this dialogue. i actually came to love dororo as a character.
this episode was too sad. i did cry the first time i watched it. but i don't really think the sorry would be this compelling if the end of this episode was different. glad i picked this up.
Apr 14, 12:46 AM
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Man I was almost certain Mios gonna die but god why you still killed her.. cant someone hope for a bit more, after all she went through ..
Anyway I absolutely love this series.
Apr 16, 5:44 AM

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I'm gonna say it. Mio is a dumb bitch. Don't get me wrong, she's a good person a hero even, doing all those things for the kids. But man is she a dumbass. Of course if you do business with the two warring parties, they'd think you're a spy working for the other. Did she think they won't find out? Now they're all dead. RIP.
Apr 17, 6:04 PM
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WHY!!? was hoping she would join them "cries"
Apr 24, 10:46 PM
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This anime is so good
May 6, 3:50 AM

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As predictable as they come, and yet still absolutely perfect. Of course it is, it isn't copying a made the trope itself.
May 7, 7:13 AM

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RIP Mio and the rest.

Looks like Hyakkimaru got his leg back.

May 16, 7:42 AM

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Damn, the kids and Mio didn't deserve to die like that :(
Hm, I didn't think his leg would grow back again.
Jun 1, 6:53 AM

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This series is pretty depressing...

Jun 3, 6:14 PM

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Nooo... TT_TT I can't believe they are dead. Seeing Hyakkimaru killing those soldiers was very satisfying, but it was not enough... R.I.P Mio and children... worst, hearing Hyakkimaru's first word "Mio" was so depressing ;_;
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Jun 10, 3:28 AM

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MIOOOOO!! tsk!!! In fact this all the episode doesn't chill.

Jun 10, 7:34 AM

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I knew she was going to die, I felt it and I could see the death flags, but I still desperatly hoped that I was wrong.
Jun 13, 5:08 PM

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Mio's character bio is the love interest yet she dies right away. Guess I need to keep in mind that this is an anime that is cruel and depressing on purpose. Judging by some of the comments, just being dark makes it "brilliant". Seems like the show is just to see how twisted the minds of the creators can be.
Jun 24, 1:32 PM

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It's been a long time since some anime made me feel the way I felt when Mio tried to sing for the last time. Such an emotonal bomb. Hyakki's rampage was perfect followup.
Jun 28, 12:20 PM
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That was hard to watch, didn't expect mio to die like that, no good ending with Mio x Hyakkimaru I guess ;_;
Jun 29, 3:25 AM

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Death flag from ep5, finally she dead
Even though I hope Mio can live happily

Jul 4, 4:54 AM

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Goddamit Dororo, you let the one guy in charge of massacring Mio and the kids get away. How the hell does it make a difference if Hyakkimaru had killed that bastard after he already killed the other ones? Show him the seeds afterwards ffs.
Jul 22, 1:14 AM

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Restoring of bitten off leg was kind of... Bad omen. First mediocre moment.
Aug 6, 2:45 AM

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ah... once again... my heart is broken
It was inevitable but I still hoped for them to become a happy couple °sobs°
Aug 11, 9:03 AM
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Hyakimarru just left at the worst timing, while Dororo left at the best timing.

Just when Hyakkimaru find a potential soulmate. Really, Mio's life being raped to survive with the orphan children only to be killed at the end, that's just pure tragedy.

This episode kinda reminded me of TG.
Yesterday, 4:21 AM

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Noooo, why'd they kill Mio off :(((
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