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Days: 367.3
Mean Score: 5.01
  • Total Entries1,774
  • Rewatched23
  • Episodes22,935
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Souten no Ken: Regenesis 2nd Season
Souten no Ken: Regenesis 2nd Season
Yesterday, 1:00 PM
Watching 3/12 · Scored 3
Yesterday, 6:26 AM
Watching 17/26 · Scored 8
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Oct 14, 2:25 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
Manga Stats
Days: 80.6
Mean Score: 5.08
  • Total Entries408
  • Reread0
  • Chapters14,374
  • Volumes1,611
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Yesterday, 1:11 PM
Reading 92/208 · Scored 10
Bad Company
Bad Company
Oct 8, 3:18 PM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 8
Shonan Junai Gumi!
Shonan Junai Gumi!
Oct 7, 6:58 AM
Completed 267/267 · Scored 10


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AnubiusGTR 3 hours ago
Haha, TG ghoul manga is great, only Re ending was fked as quality dropped as he used more panels per page to forward more dialogue or "action". But I know what U mean, dat stupid Root A had such a strange ending compared to manga.
But in this case, Yotsuba would be sol manga, they dont rely on story, I wouldn`t mind it getting adaption and Im quite sure they wont fk it up.

Ah shit, I just looked up, this guy also creator of azumanga, so why the fk he don`t wanna lol...
AnubiusGTR Oct 14, 12:36 AM
Idk were I read as some of them refuse as they believe it might ruin title, but I don`t know were. I should stop drinking on days off, hard to focus next days...
AnubiusGTR Oct 13, 12:48 PM
Remember Bakuman as they explained how it works?
AnubiusGTR Oct 13, 11:53 AM
I know what U mean, I follow certain mangakas created titles that now in my favorites and I do, rly do that they gonna create sequals or new great manga.
I mean, think how it was amazing after UQ Holder came out, fking sequal to my most fav manga and one of my fav characters didn`t dissapeared
Still, I never understood that manga to anime adaption thingy "no manga = no anime", there is like a lot of great manga, yet they adapt some shitty shows even liltle to none plot or source material
AnubiusGTR Oct 13, 6:45 AM
"I'm proud of myself for finishing Madoka" - Ulquiorra 2018
Im dying here....

Its quite amazing if U don`t recognize seiyuu from voice alone, voices like Show Hayami, Megumi Ogata or Okamoto Nobuhiko are one of the kind, U instantly know those characters voiced by these seiyuu....

Here reward for U
AnubiusGTR Oct 13, 3:45 AM
Oh. I kinda do like rivalry but idk, sports just too dam boring? Pointless? Idk, never was fav on those, but I don`t mind egaming etc. Sometimes kinda fun to watch games like LoL and from experience I know some tricks are sick.
Dat question was just not only that U kinda of sports anime, I took a notice of Ur fav characters, voice actors and made me wonder were are females?
Take a look at mine, mostly girls, but there is still some great guys with amazing voices, even characters mixed, but still I have mostly girls as I adore these characters + voice actor combos.
For me, I like moe anime as it gives fluffy feeling, comedy for good laughs, I even get japan related jokes etc, but then it comes to intense I love visual amazing scenes Heavy Object, Arpeggio or Yamato 2199
AnubiusGTR Oct 12, 6:24 AM
Wow... Seriously, ones that cought Ur interest are all sports? Especially sumo one, dat looks lame af.

By any chance are U gay? Just curious, no offense

And I know what U mean, as currently I found new job and dont have locker yet, so can`t bring my tablet yet and my anime consumption slowed down alot, but of course phone always around and my manga reading went full blast.
AnubiusGTR Oct 12, 1:05 AM
Haha, dem, glad Im really Pc user.

Why U didn`t picked anything from new titles this season to watch? All U did pick were sequels.
AnubiusGTR Oct 9, 11:05 AM
Yeah, even after creating new char I can best strong monsters which first times were hard regardless of my gear level.
And in this game I play longsword. Never tried shield/sword weapon, but from I know it blocks most attacks and with special gear buff(guard) it can block special and strong attacks too. Don`t forget, if U having hard time use SOS signal, on pc version there is always ppl coming to help, not sure about consoles.
AnubiusGTR Oct 9, 12:06 AM
Damage and defense will get better, later on U feel it then U come back to first bosses with better armor and kill them easier. I just hard to see since there is low/almost no information to understand it easily.
I always go for shield/sword or longsword in most games I played.
In vindictus I mainly used longsword/shield
In Tera longsword
In black desert online sword/shield

Yeah, U right, ranged weapons more safe, but for me personally less intense since U mostly out of harm ways.
Its just sad U console person, if U had pc version, we could play together...
AnubiusGTR Oct 8, 10:44 AM
So U play light bowgun?
That skull on radar sometimes too late, but keep eye on it. get thunderbugs, traps, craft shock trap, get sleep herbs, parashrooms, craft tranquilizers.
Keep them with U at all times, carry few thunderbugs and traps also to quick craft traps via hotkeys even while in fight(see videos how to do that)
Then U see skull on radar, almost flatline of pulse near icon at bottom of screen of Ur target monster, or monstster going back to nest to sleep.
Always use 2 tranquilizers, 1 never works unless someone else use 1, than shock or pitfall trap and done. Captured, if not , deal more damage and repeat, after a while U know pattern and able to capture easily.

Thats me capturing 2 drakes at same time solo
AnubiusGTR Oct 8, 9:48 AM
There is pulse thing at the bottom near icon of monster, use it as to track its health and capture it at low health for more rewards. Most important thing choosing class of weapon and mastering it, since U have farm at some points for weapon materials and if U have multiple classes it means U have farm more to cuz its best to have each element of weapon.
For me most annoying part is that U can`t change directions of attacks.... I rly hate that console thing, very annoying for pc users
AnubiusGTR Oct 7, 9:22 AM
Check this
I bet U didn`t seen this coming
AnubiusGTR Oct 7, 3:32 AM
Oh shit, I had this with this stupid Jurassic World Evolution game, bought early cuz of the fking hype and being fan of dinosaurs... Game looked amazing in early trailers, but after playing it for a while made me realize that its shit AI fks game and now its broken... Never again I buy early unless its famous title like Fallout or Witcher....
AnubiusGTR Oct 7, 3:20 AM
ye, makes sense. I had few of those some time ago, one like leveling my steam etc (buying cards to earn badges etc) and after stop and think wtf was the purpose... Just wasted money...