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Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation
Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation
4 hours ago
Watching 12/25 · Scored 7
Shaman King
Shaman King
Today, 5:39 AM
Watching 50/64 · Scored 6
Yami Shibai 4th Season
Yami Shibai 4th Season
Today, 2:13 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 2
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Air Gear
Air Gear
Mar 2, 3:27 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Feb 23, 8:49 AM
Reading 96/705 · Scored 10
Eyeshield 21
Eyeshield 21
Feb 18, 8:13 AM
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Ballardo Mar 23, 8:18 AM
Just talk to her, ask her interest and show your bankai etc.
Ill talk to him what his reason for this is. I wont tolerate any beef at the party, dont worry.
Ballardo Mar 23, 6:31 AM
You gotta forget about her. Things are going good between us.
Its tonight. You shouldnt miss it out. Harribel is coming too. You into blondes?
Why, what happend? Grimmjow is laylow when he is drunk.
Ballardo Mar 23, 6:07 AM
Oh you got it totally wrong man. Dont listen to those arrancars. They jealous because they cant come inside the VIP palace.
Barragan hooked me up with Nel. Things are going fine right now. If you got time you should come over. We might find someone for you.
Ballardo Mar 23, 5:58 AM
Forreal? Im chilling at barragans place evry night. We have some nice espada-girls here. Last time he partied too hard and went almost bankai. He crazy :D
Ballardo Mar 23, 5:48 AM
So hows life in Hueco Mundo
Ballardo Mar 23, 5:46 AM
its been 3 day, im here to give your daily dose
Ertebak Mar 20, 12:12 PM
No problem, glad to make your heart go DOKI DOKI
Ballardo Mar 20, 10:59 AM
Im glad to be helpfull :)
Ballardo Mar 20, 10:54 AM
and, did you get an adrenaline rush
Ertebak Mar 20, 10:15 AM
Ballardo Mar 20, 8:22 AM
doki doki
Soriki Mar 6, 1:09 PM
Oh god sorry I'm sorry I'm trying to hold back from being mean.
"The only games that should be played on a keyboard are FPS, all the others are better using a controller."
Oooooh hell no, sorry but that's completely wrong. Just look at every MMORPG, they're definitely not better with a controller.
People get a controller to play FIFA in PC, Dark Souls 3, etc... Better optimization and graphics with the same controller.

Lol there's a lot of difference in quality my dude, lots.
You're a newb to this so I'm just telling you so you learn, since I'm a veteran to this. No offense intended :)
Soriki Mar 6, 12:40 PM
In PC you pay more for better quality.
PC Is the better option lmao.

PC Master race.
PC Master race jokes aside, PC is much more superior to console, unless your target audience is casual gamers, few buttons to press and a nice little controller, much more simple and easy to control, this also makes it more appealing to kids :)

Soriki Mar 5, 5:29 PM
Man you need a PC... PC MASTER RACE.

Get a good cheap build... It'd be much better than any trash console you can get. And with emulators you can play any console games, as long gas it didn't just come out.. Well you can put Skyrim or Fallout: New Vegas at Legendary to make it ultra hard.

FNV has this mod that has different damage options, damage multipliers, you can make it so you get one shot pretty much unless you have some real good protection. New Vegas is great dude... So fucking great. If you look at the thread we were in, many had it on their lists of greatest games ever played (lol, since they can't pick one, I can't either honestly, that's stupid to even pick one xD!)

So if you wanna be fighting you can make it so you need some real ass strategy or just try really hard for you to succeed. I really think you should get it.. But for PC. Fuck console.

Soriki Mar 5, 5:05 PM
There's a mod called Open cities which fixes that. Dude you're so missing out... You can get mods to make it harder.
Or you can just change the difficulty, and move the slider to Legendary or something..

You're playing Skyrim the wrong way if you're not near the mod limit lmao (255).
Well you don't have to get near the limit of mods xD, you can get a few mods if you want, but god damn if it was a 64 bit game it'd be actually almost perfect since you could get even more than 255 mods, which honestly feels like not enough at all to me lol.
But it's 32 bit tho so the game has a mod limit and it has a limit to how many things it can process and shit.. So even if you have a Godly "NASA" Quantum Trillion Dollar fucking shit, it still won't matter, cause the game can only use so much ram from your computer, due to it being 32 bit.

Skyrim is amazing. You should also try Morrwind. Fallout 3 is shit and so is Fallout 4, compared to Fallout: New Vegas that is..

New Vegas is such a FUCKING COOL GAME. You should definately try it. And also get mods for it. The modding community is amazing. You should always get mods if you're playing a moddable Bethesda Game, you can make the game just like you want it to be, its AWESOOOOOOOOME!

Dude, dungeons!? M8, THERE'S SO MUCH MORE SHIT TO DO AFTER YOU FINISH IT, IT'S CRAZY. I haven't tried to do this but, it's fucking so hard to get 100% completion on Skyrim, I dare you try to do that. IT'S MUCH MORE HARD THAN DARK SOULS TO COMPLETE SKYRIM 100%.

So many little things you can dude, hidden things. This guy has been playing for this amount of years, and yet, he still found a new thing in his game. That's actually fucking crazy, that's what an RPG/MMORPG has to be like.


I really encourage to play Skyrim with as many mods as you can handle, and Fallout: New Vegas.
Maybe even Morrowind but.. That one is a bit hard to get into, and has a combat that many dislike..
So just try it man, you'll definitely have fun :)