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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
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Akame ga Kill!
Akame ga Kill!
Yesterday, 2:32 AM
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Paradise Kiss
Paradise Kiss
Jul 28, 1:19 AM
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Jul 21, 1:25 AM
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Gomashio to Pudding
Gomashio to Pudding
Jul 21, 1:23 AM
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Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu.
Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu.
Jul 21, 1:22 AM
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Ezekiel_01 9 hours ago
Yoh! How are yah! Finally made a 2nd Anime Review for this Month, Breaking that 1 anime a month review Mold.

My Review On Kakegurui Link:

I made this review a little different, not very serious as my other reviews since I just made it for laughs.

Take my words as a grain of salt.

Upvotes and Feedback are Appreciated.

ZHatake11 Jul 27, 6:52 AM
Yeah lmao, I stopped anime for a while after Fruits Basket ended...

Well I'm back (again) but this time for sure? The summer course I took was a lot more demanding than I anticipated, but I JUST finished it so yay

Yess, Hamefura good, I'm followin s2.. Fumetsu... Oh lmao I totally forgot abt that, I need to catch up from ep 13 lolol
Horimiya's pretty good too, the animation was awesome!

XD yes, or Kagura for that matter... Yep!! I started Slip Arc a few days ago and I really don't wanna finish it! Gintama's just too epic for its own good.

Well now that I'm here, drop me some recommendations!! Gotta feel that I'm back by increasing my Plan to Watch/Read list XD
Ezekiel_01 Jul 20, 12:07 AM
Yup I liked it :)
Ezekiel_01 Jul 16, 11:52 PM
Hello There How Are Yah?

It's a bit late for my planned scheduled release but I manage to finish it. My Review on Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku. It is Spoiler Free.

Here is the LinK:

Upvote and Feedback is appreciated :)

MrDongPrime Jul 14, 5:33 AM
DeonX Jul 13, 6:13 AM
Yep MAPPA is gonna make it, so I'm sure it's in good hands lol.
ZHatake11 Jul 3, 9:58 PM
Still can't get over the fact that the BEST season was the shortest!! How could they?!
Lmao, the time skip was sooo cool. Definitely not what I was expecting, but I wasn't disappointed either lol

Yepp, we all wanted more updates on our Furuba ships, but what can we do abt it-- oh there's gonna be a special abt Tohru's parents next year sometime! Already looking forward to it XD

Yeah, I definitely ended up liking Akito more than Shigure tho, that's for sure. (Still kinda dislike Shigure a lot lololol)
No, you know what felt adult?! Yuki x Machi!! LOL they were so mature, I mistook them for the adults of the show for a sec XD

Yep, while you're catchin up on ur missed seasonals, I'm gonna follow Hamefura lol. The first ep aired today and it was pretty nice, I liked it, pretty wholesome if you're caught up with the series

Tokyo Revengers has a pretty cool op tho, ngl. Hopefully, I pick it up sometime... I just haven't been watchin that much these days and my PTW never gets shorter lmao... One day though... one day.. I'll finish em all....

Yesss Kagura's mom made me feel ugly XD YES the siblings share mom genes, not baldy genes LMAO
Haha, My Gintama's journey's comin to an end. I started last year August, and it's almost been a year! It's my fav anime and I don't think I'll ever find one as good as it haha. Peak anime, no one can change my mind XD

DeonX Jun 30, 11:37 PM
I'm currently close to finishing Chainsaw man manga. it's pretty good. You should try it sometime. And as for anime, I'm trying to complete the Assassination Classroom series (including the OVA's, specials and the movie). The series had an okayish start but idk how it progressively drew me into it lol.
ZHatake11 Jun 29, 9:58 PM
Oh yea, I forgot but- Rakuyo arc was AWESOME
Yepp, awesome fights, Kagura's whole family story we always wanted, the Joi Reunion, Utsuro. It was all too much for me, I cried so much XD
Looks like Altana and Utsuro will be recurring themes in the upcoming arcs...
ZHatake11 Jun 29, 9:55 PM
NOOO!!! FURUBA LAST EP TnT (it was realllyyy good tho, I can't complain XD)
Ngl, I only realized two days ago that this season only has 13 eps (I assumed it had 26 like the others... silly me...) and... I was pretty sad XD

Yes, let's get our Fruits Basket talk started, shall we? I loved the climax (it could've been better in ways, but it was good, for a 13 ep season at least) and Akito's redemption was pretty sweet (I still don't love her tho) Forget Hatori, KURENO!! I wanted Kureno x Uo-chan to kinda happen but oh well, IT WAS ONLY FRICKIn 13 EPS WHY'd THEY DO TIS TO MEEEE (ok I'm calm now) I'm happy all the ships happen tho :D

I LOVED the ending scene of today's ep, it was too wholesome for me eyes to take!

My studies are great, school's done for now. I signed up for summer school which starts next week, but it won't be as demanding as school (I hope XD) Fumetsu is great! This week's ep made me cry. Nah, you're not late yet, there still a few more eps left to air (it has like 20 I think) and it started around the same time as Fruits Basket.

Yea house renovations suck, it can get pretty noisy lol.

Yeah, I've heard of Tokyo Revengers. I checked out ep 1 (which is actually ep 0? idk lol) and I found it pretty average and decided to put it on hold for a while... I have so many to watch! I need to finish the s2 of this anime too, so I'll give Revengers a shot after it. Unless I feel too lazy abt it lol

Awaiting your Fruit-y Basket-y reply :D

DeonX Jun 29, 8:40 PM
Tbh don't really know how to describe it lol. It was a giant horrific mess of freaky things. Didn't make much sense but the horror panels were pretty darn good! A 7/10 for me!
DeonX Jun 27, 6:41 AM
I think I found your profile in the Uzumaki manga discussion forum lol. Nice to meet ya!
ZHatake11 Jun 25, 10:02 PM
RAKUYO ARC - it's so good. I loved it sooooo much!!

Surprise btw, I'm not dead! XD My school ended so I might be here more often
OMGGGGG S3 still going strong!!!! I LOVE ITTT. Main plot's pretty much done tho, gotta see how our ships sail...
Akito x Shigure... What a perfect couple. Two of the most unlikable characters in most of the show XD
Also, Kyo and Tohru! (even Yuki and Machi, but the other one is more important XD)
Yes, gotta enjoy the last bit of the wholesomeness in this show b4 it disappears...

But yea, most of my life the past two months was following seasonals and getting over the last part of school lol
I followed Furuba s3 (You know that but imma mention it anyways lol), Fumetsu no Anata e, Vivy, and 86. Oh and I kind of watched the Rakuyo arc and rewatched some of the old eps.

ooou, you renovated your house?? That's so cool, I live in an apartment lol. Gotta clean my messy room someday, but I just feel so lazy when I think abt it -_-

You planning to follow any seasonals during summer??
Ezekiel_01 Jun 18, 9:26 PM
Yoh! How are yah?

I finish it. My Review on Tommorow's Nadja. It Spoiler Free.

Here the LinK:

Upvote and Feedback is appreciated :)

Raymond_Z_Ace_11 Jun 15, 12:46 AM
Well no one can guarantee human lives. We may be live today, but unsure about tomorrow. So I suggest u you should read it if possible ☺️