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Poll: Dorei-ku The Animation Episode 12 Discussion

Aug 8, 2018 4:49 AM

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Honestly, this finale didn't impress me much at all. Still the same formulatic way of selling its story with its repetitve gimmicks.

Except this time, it seems some characters are even more desperate to achieve their goals. As usual, the episode continues to show how far characters are willing win the game. Very gimmicky imo and nothing really worth watching for in the finale.

It did have a sense of psychology though I guess. The show overall still felt extremely underwhelming in the end to me. Surprisingly, I think Ryuuou is one of the characters I found somewhat likeable compared to others. 3/10.
Aug 8, 2018 6:47 AM

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Interesting concept, but I didn't care for much beyond that. 4/10.
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Aug 8, 2018 9:34 AM

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Dorei-ku The Animation was the worst anime from this Spring.

Dumb characters lol. Plot holes. So bad that it's good. Even they have a dog as narrator in one episode lol. Pd: this is just Ousama Game without the deaths. 1/5 for the episode. 1/10 for the anime.
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Aug 12, 2018 1:54 AM

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Minato is exactly what I imagined a person would be like if they had slaves and the power of the SCM: beating up weaker bigger guys, toying with the lives of people and making women their sex slave. At least, in reality, he’s a fucking loser which is why he resorts to this.

I’m glad Shinnosuke is back, if Zushiohmaru is best dog, Shinnosuke is best boy. I love this guy and I hope that Yuuga pays him back. He’s fucking awesome and Yuuga is still an asshole.

I’m glad that Julia and Ryuuou were reunited. Seems like even if Minato tried he wouldn’t be able to enslave the chuunibyou, Gekkou because he’s too infatuated with the fatty, Maria.

I wish there were more scenes with Zushiohmaru.

Overall, the series is a 5/10. It had so much potential but the lackluster animation and sequencing just didn’t do it for me.
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Sep 5, 2018 8:57 AM

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well that was a conclusive end…pretty much how it was supposed to end.. no twist or turns for once in the last episode
Sep 5, 2018 9:00 AM

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wait this was something… nothing was solved.. there are more administrators ..who can take action.. wait the big brother got fucked in the end….literally…so the big boss is the most unfortunate girl… how like what happened to her…
Nov 12, 2018 9:22 PM

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That's it?! No epilogue? I think viewers deserved that much, at least.
Nov 17, 2018 4:40 PM

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Wow, what a disappointment.
Nov 18, 2018 5:30 AM

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such a shame, the sotyr concept was great but delivered in such horrible way, this series had more potentials also the ending was disappointing, Setagaya got away also means there's a possibility for a 2nd season, not that i care much about that tho.

Jan 10, 8:00 PM

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So setagaya got away with it, how disappointing. I see Nerima has Minato, we all know what he's gonna do to him. Shinnosuke and Yuuga are still arguing about the money. So in the end Shinnosuke and that glasses girl never again met.

I'm still disappointed that Sumida never got to be apart of the last, I mean the guy invented the SCM and Zushi never got his revenge against Setagaya. So it means it continues in the manga, but I won't read it though.

Overall I liked that it developed its characters and the story was enjoyable but far from perfect. The only characters I didn't like was Eiya and Yuuga, whenever they show up I got bored and frustrated. Their acquittance was strange and didn't quite get it. Eiya and Yuuga are the reason my rating is really low, pity they were the main characters. I also felt bad for the other slaves who were passed around like hot potato.

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Jan 13, 8:12 PM

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Great premise but a really bad show with a ton of setup and then nothing to show for it at the end.
Mar 11, 1:54 AM

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the manga is already bad, so i wasn't really expecting much from the anime and it still was worse than i thought.
the end seems rushed and badly executed, even though it's essentially the same thing that happened in the source material.
would be interesting to see what happened to them after it all ended.