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Poll: Momoko, Kaeru no Uta ga Kikoeru yo Episode 1 Discussion

Aug 20, 2015 4:51 PM

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This movies was probably the saddest out of the unofficial trilogy, since unlike Gotou ni Naritai where the girl only has physical handicap, in this movie the girl had both mental and physical handicaps, that are really severe. So there were parts where she was freaking out because she was scared of dying (after her best friend died).

I feel like the ending was a bit foreshadowed with the events, but I didn't want to believe it will really happen. I really wanted Momoko to watch Riki's competition and go to Universal Studio with her family. But when you see her cheer on her brother near the end, you already know the outcome.

Can't say what my favorite out of the three was, but I recommend everyone who watched this to check them out as well. Both are recs for this movie, Gotou ni Naritai and Happy Birthday Inochi Kagayaku Toki.

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Sep 1, 2015 12:11 PM

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I was just searching for movies to watch and recently found this to be translated and decided to watch this....and now I'm sad and depressed but it truly was unique, never seen an anime with themes of handicap both mentally and physically. Was definitely worth my time.
Sep 13, 2015 7:48 AM

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That was very nice. A good way to end my night.

Momoko's character was very strong. The overall sports analogy for Momoko's strength was nice as well, though I feel that that's been overdone a bit in the past but eh it doesn't matter so much (talking about the relay), and her development in the lessons at the school (both the formal school and the school for the handicapped) was really inspiring.

The movie's angle on the handicap was quite interesting actually and delving into the social elements of it were probably the details about the show that I appreciated the most. Particularly with Riki trying to cope with growing up in such an environment (and after that little spout earlier on in the movie where he said "I wish Momoko wasn't born" - and only came to realize shortly after that his parents care for both him and Momoko greatly) was a nice a detail to add, and shows a real sense of responsibility and maturation as the film progressed showing itself also in his interactions with Ryuuji.

I also really liked the teacher, he was great, Mr. Godzilla, lol, he might even turn out to be a favourite character of mine, he was very diplomatic and charismatic as well. It was excellent for him to explain that there is definitely a lot to be learnt from becoming acquainted with people with disabilities. It has an empathy through experience quality to it which is something I definitely agree on - how else are you not able to know about something or truly appreciate the value of something (especially when its another human life) if you aren't adequately acquainted with such things.

This shows most prominently Ryuuji's growth throughout the movie. Who is influenced by the ideological under-handing's of his father. The small detail about Ryuuji being really nice in preschool and the first year of primary school was an interesting point to be made as well on that matter.

Good movie, will recommend.

Initially a 7/10 but I'll raise it to an 8/10 cause this is the stuff I really like.
Dec 20, 2015 5:36 PM

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oh man the feels at the end. i have a soft spot for the kind of media that tackles medical problems especially handicaps or mental challenged people (to date i am sam is the only movie that makes me weep like a lil bitch), which was one of the reasons i went for a degree in nursing.
to me it's beautiful that some kids with this kind of disabilities just smile and laugh as f they had no problem at all, just like momoko, a girl that despite having a serious disability, managed to cheer everyone arround her. the creators were spot on depicting his rother in the begining being ashamed to bring her sister to the school, because not only they would make fun of her, but also of him , for having a retard sister (as shown in the sports festival where he was playing dodgeball). the scene where momoko finds out that one of her disabled friends has died, making a tantrum in the hospital, saying that she's next really gave me chills, because during my internship more thatn once, i've seen people saying there fairwell to us nurses or to their family even with their condition stable, to die few hours later, like they really felt that lady death was calling for them.

overall the movie is very beautiful, gives us some indsight of how a family with a disabled relative deals with their everyday life, and the stigma other people still have regarding disabled people.

a solid 8

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Feb 13, 2017 4:30 AM

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I've been waiting so long to watch this movie. I'm glad I've been given the chance to see it, but I'm also very sad too. I don't know if I can take these movies. I hoped it won't be like Grave of Fireflies, but hell it hurt so bad, even though I expected it.

These kinds of movies make me appreciate what I have more. Make me wish to give more. "It's not fair"... is what kept coming to my mind during the whole movie.

Momoko is a fictional character. But she seemed so alive. Her way of living can teach us a lot. She deserved to live.

The moment when she cheered and her voice echoed, my heart dropped because I was certain of the outcome that I didn't want to accept. When she awoke for a moment I was so thankful, just to sink right after that... I was toyed with, but that's also a sign of a good movie.

Inspirational movie, but God damn sad. I can't take it when children suffer.

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Jul 19, 2017 1:32 AM

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I was looking for an anime that portrayed the struggles of being mentally challenged in modern day Japan, it seems to be quite the taboo. I'm glad at least one such movie exists.

9/10 The ending was more sad than I even expected.
Really liked it, especially Ryuji's redemption which was portrayed very well.

Also, I was the exact same age as Riki and Momoko, since this movie takes place in 2003 when they were 10 years old. That just stands out when I see characters born the same year I was in various stages of life. It's pretty rare to come across.
Jan 14, 2018 7:52 AM
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That was a very sad movie, but I wish it was a bit longer. Ryuji's arc felt a bit rushed and would have liked to see more of Momoko in school; it was a bit too economical at times.

Momoko was such a strong character throughout which made her breakdown after hearing Fumi died all the more powerful. Her holding out just long enough to see her father one more time and hear the outcome of the relay had me bawling my eyes out.

Aug 14, 2018 7:57 AM

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I'm in tears now guys.
Sep 7, 2018 4:24 PM

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Such a bittersweet movie, especially that ending that really got to me to be honest! This was really fantastic but had so many emotions in it that it was quite hard to swallow. Beautiful yet so damn sad and with a topic like this which doesn't many times get animated it sure was perfectly executed!
May 23, 2019 4:10 PM

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Fuck, I knew this would be sad, but this made a total mess out of me and I'm most likely gonna be depressed for days.

This was an absolutely beautiful and inspiring movie. Some aspects may have been executed in a clumsy manner, but that is a given considering the length which limited the narrative to develop certain aspects naturally. That said, it didn't hurt the impact it had on me at all and something with so much positive spirit and pure intentions will be appreciated. The simple story dealt with a delicate subject and it's the themes really went under my skin in a good way. Momoko was brave, full of energy, with a strong will to live a normal life and always trying her best yet it was heartbreaking to see her struggle with her disability, society and her fears.. Honestly, watching this movie was really tough and I can't remember the last time when I was literally tearing up throughout the entire runtime. Of course there were also many heartwarming moments that brought a smile to my face, like the christmas or birthday party, as well as Momokos cheerful nature and how adorable she was in general, which fueled everyone around her with positive energy.
This all made the ending even more devastating. Although, they kinda foreshadowed it already at the beginning and whenever Momokos condition took a turn for the worse, they still played with my hopes during her final moments when she woke up for a few seconds ;_;

And I cried buckets, her passing away in peace was so bittersweet. Furthermore, I really loved it when everyone came to sing her favorite song and she still had her smile on her face.

As I mentioned above, regarding limitations of a 80 min runtime. Character development felt a bit sudden for some or better said, they could've spent a few minutes more on that, but it was still very satisfying, especially for Riki.

So yeah, all in all outstanding movie. I haven't seen anything quite like this. It teached me a bit about family bonds, the joy of life, what makes it worth living, but also how merciless it can be and that we should be grateful for the things we were blessed with. During my apprenticeship I already came in contact with how death can impact families and their relationships with their loved ones during their final weeks or days. But here I got to witness all the hardships, highs and lows firsthand. In a way they felt incredibly real, also because I know there are families that deal with similar situations. I felt joy, anger, sadness and most importantly, I think this movie will eventually change the way I perceive others and even my own life.

9,5/10 still having chills

P.S. Too bad we didn't get to see the Universal Studios and the 10th birthday:'( even tho I think they went to the former offscreen, at least I hope so.
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Sep 21, 2019 2:15 PM
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The movie is simple, and it sends a very good message, the movie is very sad, the way the characters learn from mistakes is very good, the development of the movie is great.
Simply one of the best dramas I've ever seen.