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Club Comments
iwanttofugmikan | 6 hours ago
Aldnoah was horribly boring so yeah, that is certainly right.

Ange is everywhere on /a/ because of how fucking ridiculous the series has been. Far less disgusting than some of the genuine fanbases like Fate and most of the Gen Urobuchi series.

NotJizzyHitler | 7 hours ago
the sad thing is, cross ange might of actually wound up being a better series than the newest gundam and aldnoah

SamuelLJackson | 7 hours ago
>Cross Ange wasn't even laughably bad.
I disagree, the anal fisting scene was one of the funniest first episode endings I've ever seen.
Then of course you have things like their choice in body armor, the lesbian prison rape atmosphere, the random shifts in character, and of course the Kira Yamato cameo complete with random snatch face-plants. It was wonderful.

Zyzot | 7 hours ago
Does not surprise me at all. I see Cross Ange spammed fucking everywhere on /a/. Bullshit. Remember that the anime industry is shit, so let shit human beings decide what a good show is nowadays, right?

RoyLegacy | 8 hours ago
Cross Ange wasn't even laughably bad. It was just.. ugh. I couldn't have watched that without speeding it up by x3 which actually made it a little giggle worthy.

cipheron | 9 hours ago
Looking at the profiles of the Cross Ange reviewers is enlightening. Lots of 10/10's given for terrible shows. If someone has Sakura Trick @ 10/10 their cred is automatically suspect.

I got a laugh out of Sakura Trick and Cross Ange. Doesn't mean they're good series.

heavylobsterguy | 10 hours ago
Hehe, would you look at that? Cross Ange's reviews are actually favorable and are saying that it's underrated. l love this website (someone please purge us).

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