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Club Comments
Nagisa33 | Yesterday, 9:32 PM
CCA's setup wasn't explained and that's why it felt jarring for me. The same goes for Char's outlook. I did appreciate how their battle had many callbacks to their other major one. Also, the unexpected assistance was a pleasant surprise. Besides that the animation and fights were great. Overall I was still disappointed in the way it was handled.

Anyway, I think I can begin to smile again with HXH now.

JizzyHitler | Yesterday, 5:30 PM
And thats exactly why CCA is a giant ass-pull of a conflict, cause char wasnt a leader of the zeon when haman went under which wasnt far after zeta's ending, there were no competent leaders to keep the zeon alive for char to pick up the pieces to unless the series really expects us to believe char just waddled back into the zeon and they just gave him full control of the whole army, which is even more insulting than anything else. Its all because CCA lacked any form of a set up that all this stuff is reliant on "just roll with it" scenarios, there was borderline no thought in how to start the movie so the whole thing crumbles underneath itself both in its consistency to previous installments but also just having a basic structure of a story.

The fact of the matter is CCA could only happen because tomino was vague as fuck about anything that happens between ZZ and CCA and just put that giant gap of info on the viewer and told them to piece it together for him. In this regard unicorn kind of does this too but it at least had the decency to adress things such as full frontal's back-story that clears up the conflict more than just telling the viewer to roll with it, its laziness.

ZetaZaku | Yesterday, 4:49 PM
With both Haman and Char gone, Zeon had no more capable leaders. Thus Zeon slowly fell apart between CCA and F91. But Unicorn gave them a come back with a literal Char clone and a pretty positive ending. It now makes no sense why Zeon would completely vanish until F91. It's really just a fanfiction spin off, and not that bad if it's treated as a fanservice spin off.

But that's just one portion of the canon flaws. The other one is the whole superior technology thing. Unicorn and all non-grunt mechs are far too superior to the F91 mechs. They just wanted to be as flashy as possible for the new kids.

JizzyHitler | Yesterday, 4:21 PM
chars counterattack didnt give the zeon closure at all, it just showed one really poorly thought out conflict and then ended abruptly, it in no way made it clear that it was the end of the zeon. of all things ZZ had a more conclusive conflict in regards to the zeon, CCA just pulled a conflict out of its ass whilst relying on poorly done exposition as its non existent set up. If something deserves to be called a mess of cannon CCA is it.

ZetaZaku | Yesterday, 12:39 PM
It didn't give any closure to Char's Counterattack and only created a mess for the canon. It made Zeon rise again, only to mysteriously vanish after a decade or two. Char's Counter Attack actually gave Zeon a ending and it makes sense that they aren't in F91.

Unicorn was good if we treat it as not-canon. I really only liked the parts that were Gundam. Everything else felt too average in my case. Except for the OST, it's the best thing we got since Zeta Gundam's OST. It's really just good because it's a UC Gundam. If it wasn't called Gundam, it would be hardly any better than something like Break Blade or Argenvollen.

Nagisa33 | Yesterday, 11:03 AM
To call it a pure fanservice OVA seems like it's glossing over some other aspects that made it great. For example, some of the new characters were wonderfully written such as Zinnerman and Loni. Marida, though technically not "new", was my favorite character in the cast.

Having watched a bunch of the Universal Century and having seen many the newtype powers I found the ending to be pretty great. Though I agree with a few points that shiranui51 stated, mainly the Marida one. Though I thought the final confrontation was excellent. Newtype powers don't have any set rules to them and they are extremely vague. Each series explores different aspects of them. The powers in Unicorn were fine with me because of the advanced level of the pilots as well as the advanced enhancements the machines. People's milage may vary though on this because Unicorn did take them beyond what was seen before. The whole deal with the box sat well with me too. Yeah, I dug the ending and I thought it fit quite well within the Universal Century. Also, it gave a bit of closure to Char's Counterattack which I thought was excellent.

insan3soldiern | Yesterday, 11:01 AM
Yeah, more Ikuhara would be pretty awesome.

Nidhoeggr | Yesterday, 10:21 AM
I am excited about it, frankly.
I hope it is an anime announcement.

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