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Club Comments
Waifu_Strangler | 2 hours ago
Yeah he's the best in FF 12 but that's not saying much at all.

JizzyHitler | 2 hours ago
But balthier is the best

Waifu_Strangler | 3 hours ago
I didn't care for any FF 12 character.

Hias | 3 hours ago
Can't really disagree about Vaan because he's not really the main character after a point. But I didn't dislike him.

Squall I do disagree with, while FFVIII is not that great as a whole, Squall himself was fine as a character. I don't think he was an ass so much as he was just a loner type because of problems from his past. His cold behavior comes from the fact that he's disciplined and obeys authority.

JizzyHitler | 3 hours ago
Vaan is just kind of there in 12 cause he wasnt supposed to be the MC till last minute, its an ensamble cast anyway, vaan is great in the sequel.

DQ11 looks great but im honestly more interested in project setsuna despite how much drastically lower budget it is.
they are even going as far to have the original chrono trigger team give their approval on how the game is going cause they are trying to make it the spiritual successor (that x slash gives me nostalgia)

Waifu_Strangler | 3 hours ago
@Hias What's not wrong? Vaan is bland as bland gets while Squall is an unlikable ass.

Waifu_Strangler | 3 hours ago
@JizzyHitler really? Different than what I heard. Sounds interesting. I guess I might get then but DQ 11 is top priority.

Hias | 3 hours ago
What's wrong with Squall and Vaan?

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