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Club Comments
Valkyrion | 5 hours ago
>What are you guys enjoying these days?

Unfortunately, it is the exam session so I don't have too much time, but I'm watching Isshuukan friends over lunch breaks. It's cute but I can see it turning to shit in the later episodes. I plan to start Texnholyze as soon as I have a breather and a more proper state of mind though

Nagisa33 | 5 hours ago
Listening to the Initial D Eurobeat mix while reading the Uber Wiki was the best decision I made tonight... but I also think part of my brain melted. :)

TehSkullkid | 7 hours ago
Watching that Initial D. Eurobeat is objectively the best soundtrack ever made

Iroald | 8 hours ago
@Nagisa33 From the winter season I'm having a blast with Junketsu no Maria, it's rather funny and surprisingly intelligent. Yuri Kuma Arashi has also been really good thus far, with the fourth episode easily being the best yet.

Over in Backlog Town I'm watching Simoun, and it's definitely not bad, although the way some of the drama is handled feels a bit simple. But damn, that background art is fantastic.

JizzyHitler | 8 hours ago
It isnt even just that they arent strong, its that they lost any sense of mystery or horror behind them, when you first met tamiya ryuuko she was terrifying because she displayed intelligence and actions not capable in other parasytes, and we continuously saw parasytes defying expectations making them seem all the more deadly, now they peaked with what they can do with them and all they do is make the parasytes have a marginal difference in strength but nothing new other than that, and with shinichi getting more op as the show goes on it just evens it out.

Parasyte at first felt like a show about being overwhelmed by a new species that replaces you on the food chain, what it turns into is night mindless battle shounen where 2 op characters just duke it out. The show just lost almost all sense of subtlety or creativity in favor for the easiest route out.

Nagisa33 | 9 hours ago
I forget if the middle has that engaging sense of danger but I remember near the end the baddies are pretty stronk.

Also, Gundam Build Fighters Try rocks!

Lastly, What are you guys enjoying these days?

JizzyHitler | 9 hours ago
I really hate to admit this but parasyte has been quite the disappointing series recently, its still decent but that interesting mystery and threat behind the parasyte is just gone, the characters (save shinichi) have been utterly retarded recently, and the combat no longer feels threatening, when shinichi was first fighting them it was overhwelming and he had to incorporate some tactics and other factors into beating them, not the show just has him beast through enemies with brute strength, yes hes getting more powerful i get that but the fights have just been way too abrupt and uninteresting recently, and thats a bad thing when it seems like theres going to be nothing but action soon.

I still think its fine but i think its really lost its drive and what made it such a good show when it was first getting going.

ArcherSushi | Today, 8:32 AM
Also, there are different kinds of bears. Some bears are evul, some are good.

...I'm not helping, am I?

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