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Club Comments
metamorphius | 2 hours ago
> Knights of Sidonia, anyone?

What about it?

Speaking of which, I am really pleased Sidonia will get a sequel (this winter, I presume) since I ended up liking it quite a bit, despite the weak characters (most females and the MC who feels more like a plot device than a character) and questionable anime antics that would surface every now and then. I guess its world and sci-fi elements managed to be intriguing enough to overshadow shortcomings.
I know the sequel will not be enough to wrap things up considering the amount of material and the fact that the manga is ongoing, but still, I am happy with what we got so far. I will probably read the manga once the second season is over since I like Nihei's work.

ZeroHumor | 3 hours ago
Knights of Sidonia, anyone? :3

ZeroHumor | 3 hours ago

Haha, man. It's funny because I thought that the moments of love and family in The Wind Rises was the only redeeming factor of the movie. The rest was incredibly boring, not that I can find any particular fault with it. It just didn't engage me.

Since we're on the topic of Soredemo, I put Soredemo on-hold after episode 6 because of said loli appearance, but after marathoning the entire thing over, it's surprisingly endearing, especially the last arc of the season. Yes, many elements of the story are trite and oversimplified. Yes, it's cheesy. But the main pair was endearing for me, and that's all I needed from the show anyway. One certainly shouldn't watch it for the world-building, the politics, the administration, the 'realism', etc. It's a cute anime romance dressed up as a light medieval fantasy. That's all it is.

moichispa | 10 hours ago
I actually dropped çsoredemo as well because of the loli but at the start of the season and decided to complete it one boring afternoon. The atempt of bishonen parody character was fun and entertainig. However the series is not interesting enought to watch it every week. I would not recoment to start it but if you have in hold on it is nice to complete it if you have free time.

Nidhoeggr | Today, 5:38 AM
Jyu-oh-sei had a lot of potential, a shame it wasted it at times. The aniamtion was certainly great, though.

I agree that the entire romance aspect in The Wind Rises was subpar overall. I liked the rest, though - especialyl the vivid imagiantion surrounding the planes.

As for Natsuyuki Rendevouz...a lot potential wasted. Everythign after their date in the amusement park is basically sloppy or straight up meh.

Jody32 | Yesterday, 11:36 PM
I love Forgone's taste in anime. xD

ForgoneReality | Yesterday, 8:30 PM
Well, I like C-Control, Jyu-oh-sei, and Chaika a whole lot. All of them.

Choo-choo, I'm riding this train true and proud.

metamorphius | Yesterday, 4:02 PM
I dropped Soredemo etc. and deleted it from my list altogether (something I didn't do for years) at episode 6 when the loli appeared. From episode 2 onwards I had increasing trouble to sit through each episode, and I finally realized there's a limit even for a completionist like me. Certainly, it wasn't a terrible series, but for me it was a 5/10 series, and I haven't got a sliver of patience left for those. To be honest, I should never have started it, but the first episode tricked me into thinking the anime could offer something interesting, and only later I learnt that whole episode was anime original. Bollocks!

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