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Club Comments
Waifu_Strangler | 12 minutes ago
I started reading the One Piece manga.

Baman | 1 hour ago
The manga seems sort of funny at least. Wouldn't hold my breath but out of all the trapped in MMO theme stuff lately this one seems to be the best.

NotJizzyHitler | 2 hours ago
I've heard from a couple friends that overlord is supposed to be kind of funny

ZetaZaku | 3 hours ago
And Madhouse's next hit, Overlord, brand new LN adaptation for Summer.

heavylobsterguy | 3 hours ago
It'll be relevant again when the inevitable sequel comes out. But hey at least Madhouse is going on a roll before becoming Badhouse again. Can't wait for OPM!

ZetaZaku | 3 hours ago
NGNL is still relevant?

NotJizzyHitler | 3 hours ago
@nagisa, not only did they reference twins, they somehow made a reference to twins lead into something incredibly heartwarming.

Also can you believe white and the antagonist blonde glasses guy are anime only? They blend right into the series so naturally im having a hard time imagining the series without them, especially white she just matches leo's character, backstory, and personality so perfectly as a foil im not sure if id like him as much as i am without her.

Nagisa33 | 3 hours ago
BBB continues to make me smile. Can this show get any cooler? Also, I can't believe they referenced Twins. I died laughing! :)

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