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Club Comments
Nidhoeggr | 3 minutes ago
Speaking of OSTs, I listened to the Jojo SC OST today. More akin to the Phantom Blood one instead of Battle tendency, with a orchestral and jazzy allusions. Surely not as outstanding as before, but still a very good OST. Let's hope the split cour and the Egypt part will bring forth more oriental sounds.

Also, if Concerto stays as good over the entire run i may have to add it to my PTW.

JizzyHitler | 1 hour ago
I have to say, im really glad i took the chance and decided to watch nobunaga concerto, its been a pleasant surprise so far, i just hope the time travel bit is explained especially since they are using it in more ways than just transporting the mc back in time with ep 3.

Also about zankyou no terror's ost, im trying to avoid listening to any of it until i hear it in the show, that way it wont lose its impact if it plays in a really memorable scene, like take for example episode 24 of bebop, if i had heard call me before that episode it would had lost some of the impact. That said this song from ZNT which played in episode 2 really sticks with me, it fit the tone and atmosphere of that episode's opener so perfectly

Ducat_Revel | 1 hour ago
>Stating that Mushishi is good is like asserting that the sky is blue.

True. But it makes you wish the sky would always be clear and blue. Instead of cloudy or NGNL-colored.

pLaguE_ | 1 hour ago
I don't really mention things like Mushishi, mainly because it was a sequel. I haven't watched it yet, but of course Mushishi never fails to impress.

metamorphius | 1 hour ago
I usually don't get excited much about new anime these days, but there was Ping Pong last season, which may very well remain as my personal anime of the year. Of course, there was Mushishi 2 as well, but that's not much of a news. Stating that Mushishi is good is like asserting that the sky is blue.

pLaguE_ | 2 hours ago
I haven't considered a recent anime really good in a long time. Outside of Shinsekai yori, there hasn't been much for me.

metamorphius | 2 hours ago
> It also does what all the other ones airing this summer don't do.

Pretty much.

I am just pleased I got one anime this season I consider to be really good so far (not counting Dandy since that is technically not new).

pLaguE_ | 2 hours ago
It also does what all the other ones airing this summer don't do. It keeps me thrilled, definitely butt clenching intense scenes.

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