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Un no warui hipopotamasu
Hontou ni tsuiteinai hipopotamasu

Getsuyoubi, medetaku umareta yo~
Kayoubi, gakkou yuutousei
Suiyoubi, kawaii oyome-san morau
Mokuyoubi, kurushii byouki ni kakari

Kinyoubi, totemo omoku nari
Doyoubi, assari shinjatte
Nichiyoubi, ohaka ni umerareta

Un no warui hipopotamasu
Tsuiteinai hipopotamasu no isshou
Kore de oshimai, kore de oshimai

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Club Comments
Nagisa33 | 43 minutes ago
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans was good even though it wasn't her in the driver's seat. It's always a team effort.

moichispa | 2 hours ago
One soldier gets headshot by an enemy sniper , the whole battalion falls to the floor.

mmmm I'm not sure It would work very well...

CyberAnimeLover | 6 hours ago
The concept of kiznaiver in a war setting would've been the best thing ever lol

moichispa | 6 hours ago
Yeah the plot didn't get much better actually. You're right. Since this is my second Mari okada series I could bear it not sure If I will manage another one.

I guess there weren't many amazing series around this season so it was more bearable.

AngelsArcanum | Yesterday, 8:28 PM
I had my doubts when I finally learned about Kiznaiver's plot near when it was airing, and I gave it 2 episodes, but no, couldn't care less. Premise and themes seemed really hamfisted and really just fixated on being a blunt message show, didn't seem like there was real conflict or momentum that could be had and from what I gather it really did seem to boil down to teens learning empathy and growing and stuff ultimately, and that it didn't really improve from what I've heard. Its make-up almost speaks for itself: a Breakfast Club-esque story animated by Trigger, written by Mari Okada. *shrug*

CyberAnimeLover | Yesterday, 3:31 AM
Yep too bad the kiznaiver sales bombed.The triggerverse fascinated me tho,it has potential to become something bigger and phenomenal

moichispa | Yesterday, 2:54 AM
I just checked Wit studio series and like half of their series are generic battle shonen, let it be yaoi vampires, titans or zombies. It is a small studio that is trying to get money . But If you are trying to sell a "darker" shonen at least try to spend some money in animation instead of filling half episode of PowerPoint slides. GC is terrible but at least you have good animation and music to entertain yourself.

The new studio I like is probably trigger because they work quite hard on whatever they do. While I had to roll my eyes in some parts of Kiznaiver because of overdrama it is so well over crafted that is is a pleasure to watch. Too bad it bombed. We still have Lluluco which was awesome for a 7 minute per episode series.

CyberAnimeLover | Jun 24, 7:55 AM
Kabaneri was never that good in the first place but i feel that in the recent episodes the quality has dropped even more than before...WIT should get their heads out of their asses and start doing something different already

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