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Kinyoubi, totemo omoku nari
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Un no warui hipopotamasu
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Kore de oshimai, kore de oshimai

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Club Comments
JizzyHitler | 36 minutes ago
i got temporarily excited that they might actually be doing a patlabor reboot only to have my hopes dashed, couldnt even get 2d mechs for a short.

dietmango | Yesterday, 5:08 AM
Our glorious wiki has reached a historic 200 pages. Hooray.

Lordwen | Jul 25, 10:24 AM
Being remotely self-aware is the less you can ask from that premise. It almost comes for granted. But still won't take that self-awareness to make a point, like other shows do (it simply can't). So at the end of the day it's just about butts colliding with each other and if you're able to find it funny or not

@ZetaZaku at least it won't be sold as something to be taken seriously. In that sense you're right

Kaimon | Jul 25, 10:15 AM
Keijo is really fun. It's pretty self-aware of how ridiculous it is and it has that typical hammy shonen sports action that never gets old.

ZetaZaku | Jul 24, 5:03 PM
Keijo actually looks like it could be really entertaining. I've seen some manga pages and it really goes EXTREME. Would still rather see fanservice shows like this than the LN harem shit.

JizzyHitler | Jul 24, 2:37 PM
Zestiria is making me wish more problematic source material would get loose adaptions like zesty is getting, this staff is doing a great job salvaging pretty much everything that zestiria did wrong so far and at this rate they could provide a genuinely great experience. The only memorable best 2 characters of the game appear next episode so it might even improve from its currently solid state

Lordwen | Jul 24, 9:23 AM
The butt boobsbuster of the century, I see.

Nagisa33 | Jul 24, 9:07 AM
Blue Submarine No. 6 was enjoyable. I appreciated the jazzy soundtrack as well as the grizzled man and the fish girl subplot. Despite the cgi, the animation was solid. Good stuff in only 4 episodes. Glad I watched it.

Also, a buddy a long while back recommended Mai Hime. What say you? Honestly, I'm leaning towards nay.

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