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Club Comments
Nagisa33 | 2 hours ago
Deadpool was a ridiculous and raunchy time. I'm glad it had a lot of fun with itself while occasionally joking about some very tired superhero tropes. Very different from the rest of the pack. It was a great movie to watch on a Friday night with friends and I'm more than satisfied.

ZeroMoon | Yesterday, 10:17 AM

I wanna to buy ticket to see the event. But I not sure those videos are good. Get your opinion on it and see how its good or not.

metamorphius | Yesterday, 6:15 AM
It's all a part of crowspiracy.

Speaking of crows, we had a walnut tree which was leaning towards the road (so it had to eventually be cut). Crows would always pick walnuts and put them on the road exactly where wheels normally go over, waiting for cars to crack them open so they could eat them.

They also had a habit of amusing themselves by annoying one of my cats (the one that always fell for it). One crow would walk in front of the lying cat and attract its attention, while another crow would peck its tail. And that would continue until the cat left. I never recorded anything because my phone had a calculator-quality camera.

mugi | Yesterday, 1:42 AM
It's also a bit more difficult to catch crows doing stuff. Same for bears and octopuses.

metamorphius | Feb 10, 2:33 AM
Those come to me without looking for them. I'd be more interested in seeing more crow gifs and videos. Crows are quite intelligent and can display some very curious behaviours, which could be perfectly consumed in little bits such as gifs and one-minute videos. Unfortunately, we as a collective have decided to associate crows with either horror or gothic stuff, so God help one who tries to look for such stuff online. The last time I tried I was nearly gothified.

Ducat_Revel | Feb 9, 9:35 PM
>That is an art and I wish I could perfect it.

Spend it looking for fresh new cat gifs. The noblest of causes.

Nickienator | Feb 9, 3:03 PM
:/ is a sad face? I thought it meant you had a stroke.

metamorphius | Feb 9, 3:00 PM
> I guess wasting time is part of my daily basis :/

Why the sad face? That is an art and I wish I could perfect it. Even when I have completely filled schedule, I try to find some time to waste. Unfortunately, as Bill Watterson said "There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want."

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