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zodac Yesterday, 6:05 PM
GN = graphic novels, i like alot of autobiographical/memoir selfpublished/small press graphic novels, but lately i buy way more than i've been reading. i think the last boom series she read was Burning Fields, idk if shes started anything new. yeah i heard Giant Days is great but idk if i wanna do another ongoing, i was probably going to check out some of their finished series and minis. Irredeemable and Incorruptible have been on my read que for ages......

Yeah most of my ongoings are Image, Dark Horse and Valiant (how I get my superhero fix)

Oh i read Jupiter Legacy but havent gotten around to Jupiter Circle yet. But i like Mark Millar stuff, hes entertaining at the very least, I heard his new series Huck is one of his best. Nah i didnt know there was an image humble bundle. i bought a Marvel Unlimited subscription over the Holidays, annual fee was 50 bucks instead of 70. so for its been worth it for me, kinda into superheroes lately >_>

just curious, since i dont come across many western comic readers on mal, and most people here suffer from "all comics = marvel and dc" much like how non anime watchers think "all anime = naruto and hentai" how do you feel about western comics (specifically american ones) vs manga? i usually dont like to compare because i find them grossly different and they both had different evolutionary tracks, but just wondering
Jodyqt Feb 8, 10:49 PM
As for the one's that I like the most from the WMT...

- Akage no Anne (Would probably be my favourite for varying reasons - namely how Isao Takahata managed to put the spotlight on the condition of an orphan in such an empathetic manner - also what I greatly appreciated from the series was its attention to details regarding Anne's tendency to overcompensate for her insecurities by using her imagination.)
- Ie Naki Ko (NOT the WMT, but the story structure is quite similar to a lot of them, so it wouldn't be far removed from them as a recommendation. I would have to agree with the sentiment by many people who have seen it that this is one of the best anime ever made and I'd urge anyone to check it out who have not done so as of yet. Depicting in the most avid detail social conditions that faced the French peasantry and the struggle of a cultured and once privileged man to educate and give young Remi the lessons in life to survive)
- Flanders no Inu (Primarily a recommendation of the movie but you can check out the series if you wish. One thing that struck me about Flanders no Inu's story particularly though is how Nello becomes an artist to put to paper his own personal experiences and the genuine emotional intensity behind his art - no matter how untrained he is. The relationship with the dog is not superficial either, in fact the companionship only harnesses and manages to detail the real social inequality of his society.)
- Oniisama E... (If you are after a slice-of-lifish series, that has received some mute comparisons to the WMT (I personally don't really see it), then you should definitely check out this series. What you have here is melodrama at its finest, and quote on quote - probably the most serious slice of life anime in existence - what makes the melodrama in Oniisama E... work is the intrinsic artistic value throughout the course of the entire series. The whole story is primarily an allegory for the 1789 French Revolution and captures the grotesque bureaucratic qualities of the aristocracy, the paranoia and anxieties that comes with the absolutely relentless competition among the students at this all-girls school.)
- Romeo no Aoi Sora (Following a young man sold into slavery, and manages to find a job as a chimney sweep in Austria/Switzerland (can't remmeber which one it was), a nice short WMT series that had more of an orientation to action to drive the story forward unlike its counterparts in the WMT)
- Les Miserables (As I said in the previous post. The best part of this adaptation was the really characterization they gave to Cosette herself. The first arc was quite phenomenal and the dramatic story of Jean Valjean make this a hard one not to recommend, but I think primarily what was so gerat about this series was it's ability to detail the story of the people leading up to the French Revolution of the 1830s)
- Kemono no Souja Erin (Probably one of the best anime in the past decade. It has its issues - namely pacing - but the growth of Erin as a character is quite simply remarkable, what is amazing about this series was that it was able to capture her development and connect it to the political intrigues of the world around her and feed that into developing her character)
- Marco (The breadth and scope of Marco's character growth is as epic as the journey itself. Travelling to find his mother in colonial Argentina, it has its pitfalls (namely some pacing issues towards the beginning and at the very end) but overall this was one solid episode after another)
- Candy Candy (this one isn't the WMT either, however it has many qualities similar to some of the WMT so I may as well. Whilst it's length can come across as somewhat daunting. Candy Candy has some of the most dramatic moments in anime history. Despite myself giving such praise, I can't not issue a warning that Candy Candy's biggest problem is using deus ex machina as a central component to plot development - where the primary driving force of the plot at given intervals is either so horrible that it defies comprehension or so hilariously convenient that it kinda just leaves you speechless. Nevertheless it is a quality shoujo series that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend despite these issues.)
- Kaze no Naka no Shoujo: Kinpatsu no Jeanie (I have yet to finish this series as of yet but I would recommend it from what I have seen)
- Alps no Shoujo Heidi (Like the above, I have yet to finish it and make a full summary of it, but I would recommend it based on what I have seen)
- Tanoshii Muumin Ikka (Same as above)

These are probably my favourite or the ones highest on my recommendations list for what you are asking for.
Jodyqt Feb 8, 10:09 PM
Hey Aizo.

Ummm, the best place to probably start would probably a 70s Takahata series. So either Marco or Akage no Anne. I'd venture the former (Marco) to be a good introduction to the WMT - it's one of the best but it isn't the best. Both of which have an acute sense of storytelling to them, as well as a sense for character development and drama.
Romeo no Aoi Sora would be a nice start as well, though I personally found the first few episodes to be quite weak in comparison with the rest of the series, nevertheless, the series pays off well as a tragedy. Les Miserables is a good adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel (it also characterised Cosette more, which I thoroughly appreciated, though the series began to get weak around what should have been one of the most important parts). Porphy is good but it isn't one that I would recommend to someone who is just starting to check out the WMT, it's first arc was well done and had an incredibly tranquil and calm pace and approach to storytelling, though the series never returned to the same quality afterwards which was unfortunate. As for Princess Sara and Watashi no Ashinaga Ojisan. I am meaning to check these ones out as well. I've heard consistently good things about the later, but Princess Sara doesn't seem to have been well received by those in the club who have seen it (namely Valk).

So, for the order of the anime listed I would recommend the WMT as such:

Romeo no Aoi Sora
Les Miserabes
Akage no Anne
Porphy no Nagai Tabi

Don't know about the other two.

I'd also recommend Flanders no Inu from the WMT, as a must see. Make sure that you do see the movie, the series is great if you have a penchant for the WMT, but the movie should be the priority. (If NETFLIX has it)
Ducat_Revel Feb 3, 12:34 AM
Let me download it tom. My gf has way better net than me and I'm visiting her tom. We could try next week hopefully. I'll let you know.
Tylag Jan 28, 2:09 PM
Yeah, long time without updating my profile, lots of work lately hahaha.
zodac Jan 26, 1:52 PM
hey! i totally forgot what i even last said to you XD
2015 was a long year so im drawing some blanks at, but Plutona and Descender are great
As is Paper Girls by BKV (i think you said you read or were reading Saga) he had another series called We Stand on Guard, it was good but not his best
i'll let you know if i think of more, but i wasted alot of 2015 on anime and purchased way more gn's than i actually got around to read. /disposable income problems

I'm thinking of checking out some Boom Studios titles (my gf really likes their stuff) since they seem to be a rising publisher and their stuff seems closer to small press and self published works than Image does (Image still has a mainstream feeling to me even though they're stuff is awesome)

read anything cool/good/noteworthy recently?
dietmango Jan 26, 8:21 AM
Dude, I love this picture, so good. Soon as you sent it, I just had to have it as my profile pic. :)
shiza038417 Jan 11, 11:28 PM
moeslasher Jan 11, 12:51 PM
I plead in repealing the ban from TAUE Club on grounds of prescription
Ventris Jan 11, 9:01 AM
Grimgar is sadly just another one of those terrible MMO wank LN shows. I'm not sure if I can really recommend anything from this season, but everyone else seems to like that Deen Josei show (which I haven't watched yet).

How are things going for you? Your posts on facebook look like you hit a rough patch.
ForgoneReality Dec 23, 2015 2:51 PM
Still alive, just haven't been on MAL, or even the internet in general as much. I've had a lot of stuff to do outside of it, been watching anime less. College + other stuff. I'm hoping over winter break I'll have a little more time though, I do miss the club and the leisure of watching anime.

Nagisa33 Nov 28, 2015 12:52 PM
LayedBack Nov 21, 2015 5:23 PM
Haha, hey Aizo. Yes I do still need to read more manga! I'm going at a glacial pace over here.

I'm actually gonna be gone for a while starting around new years as I need to take a 6 month break or so from the computer. It would seem that I have a repetitive strain injury from using it too often. So I'll have to tend to that and I really need to switch up my lifestyle in general and get healthier.

So I've already got a whole bunch of music and books lined up. Now I'm looking into buying some manga to read over this period as well. Thus far I know I'm gonna get those beautiful Lone Wolf and Cub omnibuses as I'm sure that's a masterpiece after having read vol 1. Also will probably get a few other series I like such as Bastard!!, Dorohedoro, Vinland Saga, Blame and Akira over the course of next year. Maybe a few comics too.

Actually I'm thinking about just straight up buying Junji Ito's Uzumaki and Gyo as well. Its not too expensive anyway and I'm sure I'll enjoy it. I'm certainly open to any suggestions you might have for English translated volumes to buy.

Aside from that I'm gonna try to watch a few of these classic anime series I've wanted to get into. And how have you been anyway? Its been a while since we last talked.
Nagisa33 Nov 20, 2015 8:19 PM
No, but the hunt is on!

I'm loving this IBO and I hope it sticks the landing!

What are you excited for this season or in general?
Nickienator Nov 6, 2015 12:24 PM
Happy birthday.