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mecharobot | 10 hours ago

I find some of these things to be the real "SoL", for myself that is. I've also been looking into games, VNs, live action, even novels. Unfortunately not with too much success. Well, this Korean film called "Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring" (the real title is a monstrosity) had a somewhat decent spirituality to it. I also rather enjoyed the Atelier Arland games, though it is guilty pleasure no doubt. I guess there was just this thing about them being JRPGs with a very different flow and focus that I've been used to. Also the events in them aren't (solely) for comedy/fapping material like in some other ultra niche jrpgs. There are probably some other things I'm forgetting, but I've rambled enough. In case you're ever interested, you could check out Haibane Renmei, which is probably the anime that is most concise in touching most of the elements I'm referring to.

Anomalous | Yesterday, 8:18 PM
Radiant Dawn seems to be one of the most criticized FE games, and I've seen a couple of main reasons given.

1) It's too hard -- I don't think this is true at all and is mostly a misconception based on the way that the difficulties in the English version are named. RD's "easy" is equivalent to "normal" in most English FE games, including PoR's, so I think a lot of people came from PoR normal or hard and decided, logically, to select the difficulty of the same name in RD, not realizing that they were actually going a step up.

2) Not liking the crimean knights/the dawn brigade/micaiah -- again, this is subjective, but I can't say I agree. (Micaiah in particular gets a hugely disproportionate amount of hate for having odd powers and the story centered around her, which is a little thing I call... being a main character.)

3) Being very much story-centric; in most FE games it seems like the gameplay takes center stage, characters are created around the gameplay, and the story is created around the characters. In RD it seems pretty much the opposite. This ties into many fans' dislike of having to switch armies constantly -- it helps you follow the plot, but it can lead to clunky gameplay. (On the other hand, you get to use a wider variety of your units, which I think is great when in most FE games you're forced to keep your army small unless you're playing one of the three ones with convenient grinding.) Personally, I wouldn't want this in every FE game, but it's fine to have occasionally.

I can definitely see why people who are fans of the series would dislike RD, but I also feel like most of the reasons they give are purely personal preference and it does bug me to see it labeled as objectively among the worst of the series.

mecharobot | Yesterday, 11:38 AM
Got to balance out the heavy stuff with something is what I would like to say, but I just generally watch whatever I feel like. Most of this stuff I still find rather average, because I wish they were less Japan centric and also less comedy based. Still, they sometimes have a nice moment or two in them and at least osts I can listen to afterwards.

More than moemoekyuun, I'm looking for the ideal SoL that consists of coming of age, life philosophy, study of culture/art theory, yuri subtext and of course pleasant osts and scenery porn. Not that these things are very existent, but I like to think I get a glimpse of that here and there.

mugi | 04-09-14, 5:57 AM
I still have to look them up but most manga and LNs write the kana next to them, which helps to learn them too.

mugi | 04-09-14, 3:16 AM
I don't think it's difficult to read, it's also pretty short. Are you not reading japanese books at all?

mugi | 04-07-14, 8:25 AM
Yeah and it's canon I believe. It has some decent details and info about a couple of things and Nisio Isin is used to write broken/asshole/sociopathic narrators, so this fits. It got some exclusive illustrations as well. Probably the most recent picture of Part1/2 Dio.

mecharobot | 04-04-14, 12:15 AM
They wear Jedi robes.

mecharobot | 04-03-14, 9:10 AM
Well, considering that I have only watched the picture drama (raw, and my understanding of japanese isn't the best), I would just say that it was business as usual. Wing isn't so holy to me that I'd care how trite its expansions are. Don't know how canon it is. Wing is sort of weird when it comes to that with like three different versions of Endless Waltz.

One thing is that Frozen Teardrop doesn't seem to want to show people the new Gundams too much, which to me seems like a terrible idea considering that only diehard fans who build kits and stuff would be interested in it.

VentusCross | 04-03-14, 5:51 AM
It's going good, just getting stuff finished for my final major art project, then it's time to sort out university, which is why I haven't been very active in MAL or Skype very much. But overall, it's going great.

Glad to hear your travels went well!

Tylag | 04-02-14, 12:42 PM
Sure thing pal, I will think about something neat in a day or two :)

corwin_r | 04-02-14, 3:58 AM
Oh, you old flatterer, thanks for the compliment even though I need to adjust some of my lower scores a bit.

Emmrys | 04-01-14, 11:04 PM
Not because I want to, but I did miss three bio classes in the last couple weeks :/ I overslept all three times... and I had to miss one class of a different class to work on my chem lab. Shameful, I know.

VentusCross | 04-01-14, 9:56 PM
Hey Aizo! It's been a while. How're you doing and how're your travels going?

Emmrys | 04-01-14, 8:14 PM
Says the person busy studying abroad and traveling, hm?

For a moment I thought you said "stop cutting class and start being busy" or something, and clearly this is my conscience talking to me..

Haakonwale | 03-28-14, 4:02 AM
Sorry, rarely check MAL anymore.

>Politics, eh? Hospital politics?
What is the overarching plot?

Yeah, hospital politics. They are currently in an election arc on who will become the new hospital director. The plot start out as being about creating a team of specialists to perform a really difficult surgery then it moves on to more politics and some drama.

>Are the production values in Kingdom Season 2 better?

Yes, quite a bit actually. Still too much shitty CGI, but even the CGI is better than season 1. They still skip some minor arcs and change some details, which is a shame. But overall it's a pretty good adaptation. Still, the manga is vastly superior.

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