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Best Japanese Music Releases of 2013
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Ducat_Revel | 9 hours ago
Hey Aizo! Not to bug you and all, but could you come up with dates for the five polls that will launch after the hiatus ends (Erin and the four manga titles)?

I've been really busy with school lately, so I haven't been able to drop by the club a lot. I'd still like to help though. It's somewhat of a frustration for me.

Nidhoeggr | Yesterday, 9:58 AM
You know how I dislike most social media website, but these pics look great.
Did your senpais notice you? :>

mugi | Yesterday, 2:59 AM
Don't worry, I'm probably using it less than you lately. Are you still in Japan?
Their album is called cogency, so I assume that cogendshe is like Japanese pronunciation of it.

Kellhus | 08-21-14, 7:55 PM
Yeah, the ending is pretty stupid, especially the final episode. But the battle with the Gouf Custom at the end gets big points.

My two favorites are 0079 and G, but it's hard for me to say after that. So much is hit or miss, and honestly outside of those and Turn A, the TV stuff isn't very good. I had problems with Zeta. There are definitely praiseworthy aspects (music, mobile suits, expanding the world), but there are as many downfalls unfortunately (characters, writing, pacing). I think Tomino's previous work, Heavy Metal L-Gaim, is much better than both Zeta and ZZ. I only mention because it's like a combination of the good parts of both series, without the bad parts. The serious moments and intense action of Zeta without the impenetrable layers of bad drama, with the slapstick and funny characters of ZZ without the irksome story arcs. Maybe it's just me, but I found this to be a funny parallel.

What are your favorite Hunter x Hunter arcs?

moichispa | 08-20-14, 9:26 AM
I don't play much things apart from VNs since I don't have modern consoles. I played older games from SNES and up to GBA on emulators years ago but you can't emulate modern consoles :(

I still play on PC sometimes. Things like Second life, the sims or sims city (the old one) I also left onhold Halflife 2 in the middle of epiosde 1 for lack of time.

I don't really like too much modern games. MMORG are nice when you play with friends but when they leave it gets really boring and repetitive (I played PSOII for a month or so when it launched) and most western rpg are just about a nice big map with good graphics and when I want to see nice maps I just log in Second life. I don't like most modern shooters because I feel like they are getting overcomplicated with all the extra things also there are too many Pro players in mosts server so I can't really be alive more than one minute. I miss playing on Lan for fun with other average players.

I also play some random easy games for fun as the 8bits steam MMORG (forgot the name, something like black god... ), Pokemon online card game and the love live Iphone game.

I should definetly try to get more manga on nyaa but reading on my deskop computer is a pain in the ass. I need to get a tablet or a e-reader. Also you're right manga in Japan is really cheap I will put it on my list of things to buy in Japan.

(sorry about the late reply, haven't checked my email these last days)

mugi | 08-19-14, 10:32 AM
I'll check those out, but yeah you showed me Winking Owl already. I also have tricot's albums and Kenmochi Hidefumi. Not too much of a fan of hip hop though, but I'll give her a try.

I'm still waiting for new Virgin Babylon Records, Zankyo Records and Ricco Label releases in general. Especially from COgeNdshE.
Also X Japan, because what the hell is going on there... Buck-Tick and Luna Sea are releasing new stuff but not that great. I mean Buck-Tick is always at a certain quality standard but still, the last two albums were a bit boring.
Except for that, which is some catchy pop funk, and is stuck in my head (thank to Sakurai's voice). Also waiting for new L'arc stuff because hyde.
I think I had some more actual new stuff but didn't really pay attention to it. Like Midori's vocalist has a solo project now but it kinda sucks.
The rest I listened to was illion , some new sheena ringo stuff, earthbound papas, Susumu, kominami yasuha , and well, the usual stuff.
Also this Jushin Liger remix .....

Did you check out Jun Togawa/Yapoos yet?

Amberleh | 08-18-14, 4:11 PM
Yeah, I was going to scanlate it if I could get someone to translate it.

Thank you so much. You don't have to keep going if it's too much though, really. ♥

mugi | 08-18-14, 10:53 AM
Do you have some new music recommendations?

Kellhus | 08-10-14, 6:37 PM
I had some problems with War in the Pocket, but it is one of the better entries. For UC from the grunt perspective I liked 08th MS Team a bit more myself.

What has been the most enjoyable watch so far?

tommy73 | 08-10-14, 4:28 AM
I'm well into music now, aha. Since I was about 12, I've been making a lot of music and putting them on youtube. Around last year, I had the resolve to expand my taste in music. I stopped, but started again recently a week ago and I'm finding lots of new artists! I used to just listen to OPs/EDs of anime lol, but now anime is hardly a contribution (I use to find music now).

My favourite artists include Maia Vidal, Electronic Light Orchestra, Caravan Palace, Lucy Rose and Anamanaguchi. My music folder is expanding though with like, 30 other artists so far! Who are your favourites?

And yeah, I made three musical pieces for my music GCSE course in 2ndary school (or highschool as you'd say it) and they went well. I really enjoy composing, I just wished I did it often.

Zmo | 08-09-14, 12:33 PM
You lucky, you can get all titles you are interested in. :D

So 999 is a sequel? Maybe I should try Virtue's Last Reward if it is even better. And yes, I've read later that it isn't horror at all but anyway ppl say that it is still a good one so that's why I wanted to try.

Even if your are not so certain about you and your band I would love to see the video or audio. ^^ I am simply curious and wish you great gig!

Yay, today is my first day free from job! (Since 3pm XD) I have already slept half of it so now, at 9:30pm I am so awake. Trying to find some interesting anime to see.

tommy73 | 08-09-14, 11:34 AM
Japanese language does sound the hardest, some pretty touch-looking subjects there! Although, I'm sure did fine anyway! And yeah I am, well if you consider secondary school 'highschool' (I'm not too familar with the term here in Britland aha). Now going to college doing Film Studies, Creative Writing and Music Production, so I am much looking forward to it. Oh and no worries, I still have to reply to like 5 other people, I'm so bad at replying ><.

Zmo | 08-08-14, 2:39 AM
Yup, I am currently playing Saya no Uta. It is kind of good one but it is more novel than game - you know, there aren't any choices in that one. I searched for some more but, as you said, there are many including sex scenes. They don't bother me that much but on the other hand I want to avoid them. I have found one called 999 - it needs NDS emulator but maybe I'll try it.

And yeah, I have also seen Corpse Party anime. I decided to watch this because ppl said it has much in common with Another but... Nope. It sucks. XD

Yeah, two jobs are kind of stressfull and tiring but I am going to quite one of them. The better paid one but the second is on e is in Waneko - the polish publisher of manga so I prefer this one. There aren't many manga publishers in Poland so it is hard to get the titles I'm interested in but guess what! recently they published Hideout! I have bought it immediatelly even if I have already read it online.

And wow! You are a vocalist! Cool! Is it possible to see your band online? Youtube or something?

moichispa | 08-07-14, 9:21 AM
I'm just a humble sudent who is near JLPT3. But I'n not saying it alound because fansubs have tried to recruit me a few times already sigh.

Yeah I also read manga but lately it is hard to get raws.

As in VN field, I recomend sona nyl ( for starters. It is episodic, it is not very long, it has plot besides geting a bf and it is based in a real place (New york) so if you feel a bit lost on the descriptions you can always search about it in wikipedia. and you have a little speaker option (at least on the pc version) where you can listen the dialoge again

if you have a smarphone an iphone or a tablet get some free aps as a dictionary, one that recognizes kanjis by drawing them andone for making vocabulary list. Since I got my iphone I can read VN easier since I don't need to rely on the computer for unknown words.

At first you will read quite slowly but it will get better with time.

Zmo | 08-07-14, 4:37 AM
I am glad that you are interested in game I told you about. Have you already try it? By the way do you know any worth playing visual novel horror games? I would like to try one of the but not sure which should I choose.
I like to read many different books but mainly horror, cryminal, sci-fi... Recently I tried to read "The fault in our stars" - this popular book which was adapted to a movie some time ago but it is definietelly not my cup of tea.

Sorry for not answering so long but I am kind of busy person recently. Instead of having holiday I got two jobs and go to work EVERY day for last month or even longer. Fortunatelly this'll end soon - I am going to get some free time at first with friends and then in my family city. ^^ And how is your holiday? Do you have it this summer or you work?

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