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Clannad: After Story - Mou Hitotsu no Sekai, Kyou-hen

Alternative Titles

English: Clannad ~After Story~: Another World, Kyou Chapter
Synonyms: Clannad: After Story OVA
Japanese: クラナド アフターストーリー もうひとつの世界 杏編


Type: Special
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 1, 2009
Producers: Animation Do
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Source: Visual novel
Genres: Drama, Romance, School
Duration: 24 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.941 (scored by 122,603 users)
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Ranked: #6402
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Popularity: #556
Members: 188,015
Favorites: 559


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Jul 7, 2009
KaminaKai (All reviews)
*Heartwarming end to an exceptional adaptation.*

“We can only hurt each other … because we ended up liking the same person.” – Fujibayashi Ryou

In this alternate dimension in the world of Clannad, Fujibayashi supporters will be glad to hear that their goddesses are now the main spotlight of the story. The other female characters, such as Nagisa, Tomoyo, et cetera, still exist in the story, however their lives no longer cross with Tomoya’s the way they did from the TV series (say good bye to Ushio).

Fans wishing for a new OP or at least a change in scenes/characters for the OP will be disappointed. Not read more
Jul 1, 2009
game8910 (All reviews)
Ever since the end of the original CLANNAD, fans of Kyou have wished to have her story arc properly animated, only to have Tomoyo's arc animated first instead. But now at the end of the highly successful sequel CLANNAD ~After Story~,the latest DVD release of After Story included an extra episode called CLANNAD ~Another World~ Kyou Chapter. This is the long awaited adaptation that the Kyou fans (me included) have wished for for a long time. Was the long wait for this worth it? read on to find out.

+ Finally we get a decent adaptation of Kyou's story arc from the original Visual Novel.
+ A read more
Jul 4, 2009
Splitter (All reviews)
Much like last year's Tomoyo Chapter, KyoAni has gone back once more to animate the main arc of another popular girl from the visual novel Clannad, this time focusing on Kyou Fujibayashi. The Kyou Chapter is a good piece of storywork, with a solid and steady narrative flow, exceptional artwork, great BGM and performances, and decent, though generic, characterization. For now, I'd like to focus on the facts before getting to my opinion, so as to differentiate, I didn't think this was a bad little story per se, but raging Kyou fans might just be better ignoring the existence of my review when I get read more
Jun 8, 2015
Romantic18 (All reviews)
As one concludes Clannad: After Story, they are presented with another "alternate world" OVA (such as the one that ended the first season of the original Clannad anime) in the form of a chapter focused around Kyou Fujibayashi (as well as in turn: Ryou, her younger twin sister).

The episode takes place time-wise around the end of the first season of the show (though not given an "exact" episode parallel like the last one with Tomoyo). However, it strangely works better to watch it at the end of the second season and I don't think it would have the same impact if watched in tandem read more
Jul 4, 2009
therationalpi (All reviews)
I'm writing this review as someone who played through the visual novel version of Clannad completely, and am aiming it directly at others who also have. If you have not read the novel, I suggest that you stop reading this review to avoid spoilers, and go pick up a copy. You will not be disappointed.

Novel players will be familiar with the Fujibayashi arc already. This OVA tries to encapsulate that five hour story into twenty-some-odd minutes. Naturally, a lot is left out, but the main points are animated. For game players, the story will be easy to follow, and you should be able to fill read more
Jul 2, 2009
Seiji-kun (All reviews)
After watching CLANNAD: Another World, Kyou Chapter, I felt inclined to write a review about this great episode. This episode follows the visual novel's storyline based around the Fujibayashi twins, but most importantly, Kyou.

Story - 9
As with just about any CLANNAD episode, the story is nothing short of magnificent. However, there was an easily noted problem, especially for those who have played through the visual novel. While the story was excellent, the timing was rushed, as the episode is only about 24 minutes long. There were many things that could have been added from the visual novel to make the story truly perfect, but they read more
May 16, 2015
phs_togusa (All reviews)
If you're a fan of Clannad and you're under the delusion that Kyou is best girl, you should do yourself a favour and actually play/read the bloody visual novel instead of watching this OVA. I don't care if the Kyou route was animated in this OVA, the fact remains that it's nothing more than melodramatic shlock that doesn't do a good job of selling a convincing romance in the slightest (well, Clannad in general was never really that good at the romance but let's not get into that). No matter which way you look at it, 30 minutes isn't enough time to adapt a whole read more
Aug 9, 2012
RIED14 (All reviews)
Note: When I say Clannad, I’m referring to the whole series, including season 1 and season 2 ‘After Story’ and the extras and OVAs as well. (This is why I've attached this review to each Clannad anime, as this is a review on the whole series. So don't be confused if you see this same review multiple times).

Clannad Review – By Riley D (RIED14):

A dramatically life changing and perception shifting 'slice of life' philosophical masterpiece of love, family, connection, gratitude and simplicity (WITHOUT the ingenuine and uncalled for 'cheesiness').

Clannad was not just a 'good show'. It was an unforgettable experience that drastically rekindled the read more
Aug 15, 2011
zaharat (All reviews)
STORY: In this alternate universe the Fujibayashi sister both have a chance to convey their feelings toward Tomoya Okazaki. Now this alternate ending has nothing to do with After Story even though it is included in the set. Now the episode starts off fairly quick with Ryou Fujibayashi confessing her love toward Tomoya. To add to this complication, it also happens that Kyou, Ryou's twin sister, is also in love with Tomoya. Torn between these two sister Tomoya has a hard time deciding for he knows if he chooses one over the other it will cause pain.

ART: Well the artwork features the same things basically read more
Apr 23, 2015
highpriest2500 (All reviews)
Taking the alternate path, Tomoya chooses Kyou to be his partner. However, compared to the Tomoyo arc, this extra episode lacked the delicate and exciting romance that should happen between two of Clannad's best characters.

The art was very good and I expected nothing less. Most scenes captured the intimacy experienced between Kyou and Tomoya. However, I felt that it lacked that one extra notch compared to the scenes in Clannad - After Story.

The sound was solid as well. The timing of the music was spot on and it definitely enriched the experience. The voice acting was also well done but I couldn't get read more
Jul 3, 2009
windeen-windy (All reviews)
I'll start out by saying-this is my first review here. I'm not sure how good I'll be at writing it. But I did want to give it a go.
Also-I'll say my favorite couple is still Nagisa and Tomoya. I'm wondering if their planning an episode that, like with Tomoyo and Kyou is focused on his relationship with another girl, and perhaps make it about Kotomi-I do really like her and I am wondering how that would go. We'll have to see.

Story Rating: 7+=Good
I'll admit-my opinion of the story is colored by my love of Nagisa and my dislike of Ryou a bit.... that being said, read more
Jul 5, 2015
showandAG (All reviews)
I assume anyone planning to watch this has seen Clannad so I won't bother describing the characters, art, sound, things you wouldn't already know about.

The plot of this is essentially a love triangle between Ryou, Kyou, and Tomoya. Not much more I can say without spoiling since its just one episode.

If you watched Clannad and are looking for more Clannad then go ahead and watch it, I thought it was well done.
Jun 30, 2010
Tomochiru (All reviews)
So this is my first review so don't be too excited what i have to say :).
I am really a huge fan of the clannad series. I also played the Novel till my hand started bleeding. Today i could finally watch this Ova. I already knew what would happen between Tomoya and Ryou but i wanted to see it animated.

Story: In short Ryou confesses to Tomoya and they start dating. But then Kyou, her twin sister, discovers her own feelings for Tomoya and she doesn't know what to do because she doesn't want to hurt her sister.

Animation: It hasn't improved but it also didn't get read more
Aug 12, 2018
Zolopkflash (All reviews)
Okay I love Kyou she is My favorite girl in clannad and my waifu, which meant that coming into this i may have been expecting too much, i honestly feel the Kyou in Nagisa's adaptation is a much better character being a good stable platonic friend with no ulterior motives or i should say less ulterior motives.

i love kyou i played the visual novel just to get a better feel as to who she is and just have more from her but it was how should i put this a bit jarring, i just dont understand her motivations in this plot it just makes read more
Aug 15, 2010
Shiro- (All reviews)
Well...It was a refreshing OVA after I finished After Story...but it didn't had any big impact on me...maybe because I was thinking that Kyou & Ryou are not a good match...or maybe because I was allready happy for the happy ending in After story...dunno why but all I can say that.....it was difinetley a nice OVA...but it was not good enough to make me cry...nor even make me sad...I just watched patiently until the end and no reaction...it was like [Ohhhh well...I gues this could happen if Tomoya doesen'e meet Nagisa and all his other friends except Ryou and Kyou.

It was refreshing but nothing else...I read more
Dec 19, 2012
henry96 (All reviews)
This one episode chapter is beautiful. Everything is perfectly well done in this 20 minutes chapter.

The story is pretty cool. 1/3 of 1 hour, it delivers the story really well. It's informative enough to get me focus, and feel with the emotion of the character. Also, the way the problem develops is amazing. It gets intense with very minute of it, and actually give me a hard time to guess what's going to happen next. It's short but meaningful.

The art is gorgeous as usual. Really eye-catching.

The sounds are, without a doubt, interesting. They make the scene seem more intense, more emotional, and more complex. read more
Jun 18, 2016
ThisIsJeron (All reviews)
**Spoilers sorry**

I was not happy with this OVA. I really liked Kyou's character throughout Clannad and Clannad After Story, but this really ruined it (I watched this after watching Clannad, the Tomoyo OVA, and Clannad AS because I messed up the viewing order)

Kyou came off as immature, even slutty in this OVA. I always saw her as a figure of stability, a strong version of Ryou. But after she tried to force herself onto Sunohara, I basically lost all respect for her.

I was also unhappy with Tomoya when he decided to go out with a girl he clearly did not like (Ryou). If you read more
Jun 24, 2016
esaoud (All reviews)
I wasn't a big fan of Clannad (rated 5, 8 for After Story) partly because I just didn't like Nagisa. The way she ended up how she ended up annoyed me personally and I was never really a fan of her personality. I always thought of Kyou as the best girl so this OVA was perfect.

Really, the story was just great. Basically what I wanted to happen in the series but I think it acutally worked better for an OVA.

The romance was good. The characters were swell. The developments in the story were on point.

Like I said before, I'm a little biased read more
Apr 2, 2012
theanimelover26 (All reviews)
Truly amazing. For all those who supported Kyou throughout most of Clannad and couldn't bear to see Kyou have such a small part in Clannad After Story, this episode was very satisfying. Just a note, from the first episode I felt a connection to Kyou, and therefore this review may be a little biased.

Story: 10
The development of the story was amazing. Even though the story itself could have fit into MUCH more episodes, the writers did exceptionally well in fitting the story into just one OVA.

Art: 10
The artwork is simply amazing just like the rest of Clannad and Clannad After Story and read more
Apr 30, 2012
Light_Creator (All reviews)

The Original Couple is Release...Since Kyou have her feelings to Tomoya
(Try to watch Clannad ~After Story~ episode 23 to see that I am right)


I am very glad now...My emotions is mixed when I watch this episode...Sadness,Feel that I am crying and Happiness when Tomoya and Kyou confesses their love to each other and became a couple...!!

Again...I am so very happy...!!