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Feb 11, 2018
Short review: Watch it. Totoro is a passively "slow-warmth" film that echos the childhood of anyone who had one. Would less be expected from Hayao Miyazaki?

My Neighbor Tortoro, is a classic. Nothing needs to be argued that this is most possibly Studio Ghibli's most universally recognized film with its perfectly cuddly teddy bear of a mascot (being the Studio Ghibli logo after release), even making his way into mainstream cameos such as the likes of Toy Story 3 over 20 years later. Needless to say, Totoro is an icon among anime just as Micky Mouse is an icon among western cartoons. read more
Mar 14, 2017
Directly based on the 2005 original Gameboy/DS games (Rescue Team Red & Blue) of the same name, comes a manga adaption for the series entitled Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team. This six-chapter, single volume release originally ran in Nintendo Power (for its USA release) and was then compiled into a single Viz Media product for mass purchase thereafter.

After mysteriously waking up as in a Pokémon's body (specifically a Torchic), the human boy Ginji must get to the bottom of his strange predicament that has landed him in the world of Pokémon! While there, he meets Mudkip, a naive but impassioned Pokémon who read more
Mar 10, 2017
Let me frame this review before dropping into it full-throttle. I had never seen any Sword Art Online until tonight. I was invited to the March 9 one-showing select theaters event by a co-worker and decided to accept. That being said, I obviously "know" SAO and its infamous polarized reputation (what anime fan in the past five years hasn't?). I have seen enough reviews, reactions, and analytical diatribes to know the gist of the first season of SAO. I have not watched any reviews or material about Gun Gale Online (SAO II) and only know smattering of what takes place. read more
Feb 2, 2017
Impactful simplicity at its finest.
What's not to like about a short film so basic, yet powerful and poignant in point? This anime feature is a mere 12-minutes long, yet it packs the dramatic depth of many full-length feature films. Experience Tsumiki no Ie (La Maison en Petits Cubes or The House of Small Cubes) and take a brief break from the constant pressures of life. This anime will teach you not to take time for granted....and in the end, you just may find yourself appreciating those very pressures.

Enter a world that is flooded and slowly filling higher and higher with water as read more
Jan 21, 2017
[I would not recommend watching this pilot until you have finished the main Afro Samurai media (as it does spoil what villains will be in the show and a few key plot points). That being said, on with the review:]

The original 2003 Afro Samurai pilot from Studio Madhouse is only around three minutes....but oh, what a three minutes it is! Before anime studio Gonzo took the production of the anime to final product four years later, Takeshi Koikei directed and animated this promotional under the Madhouse banner. If you have seen the Spike TV miniseries and thought it was extremely stylized, this read more
Jan 19, 2017
Want a very stylized, mindless hack-and-slash gorefest of an anime? Look no further than Spike TV and their 2007 production of Afro Samurai.

This anime is a mixed bag depending on how you approach it (as can be seen just by briefly looking through the reviews on here). If you are seeking a deep story and complex characters, this anime is going to disappoint you royally. However, if you are looking for an action-packed product to get the man juices flowing, Afro Samurai will look like the best piece of animation you have ever witnessed.

As stated, the story is about as basic as read more
Aug 29, 2016
If you have ever wanted to see anime-esque Batman, you'll get your wish with Batman: Gotham Knight. Produced as a combination-collaborative project between Japanese and American animation studios, Batman: Gotham Knight is collection of six short animated segments/stories each with their own unique art style and interpretation on the caped crusader. The film is extremely similar in comparison and format to The Animatrix (2003).

Might I also add that this film once again features Kevin Conroy as Batman. He is known as the man who has been coined the character's most iconic and long-lasting voice. He has been playing the caped crusader read more
May 9, 2016
Ever watched a rom-com drama where you are tearing your hair out in agony, mixed with anticipation, mixed with joy, over the leads getting together? That's the emotion evoked by the lovably dense, starring characters of this remarkable anime.

Lovely Complex (also know as LoveCom) is the story of two high school "frienemies" know as Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Otani. These two butt heads in everything, yet are so similar they can't avoid becoming friends. The problem? They have a massive height difference. With Otani clocking in 16 centimeters shorter than Risa, the friends are an amusing laughing stock to the read more
Mar 1, 2016
Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' On Heaven's Door (retitled in America as simply Cowboy Bebop: The Movie) is the full-length feature film based on the show of the same name.

All in all, this movie is basically like an extended episode of the anime series (and was apparently originally intended to be just that). It does not outshine the show, but does not sit in its shadow either. It holds its own against any number of the more "exquisite" episodes of the main series. (Biased me: They're all good to begin with, but you get my drift.)

The movie technically/officially takes place between episodes 22 and read more
Nov 7, 2015
If you are considering this two-part OVA special, it is under the assumption you have completed the main series of Air. The plot of "Air in Summer" is merely an expansion on the events that transpire in episodes 8 and 9 regarding Kanna, the original winged-maiden alluded to in the main series.

The first episode of this OVA's runtime spends about a fourth showing events from episode 8's events to give context. At first this gave me the allusion the special was going to basically be the main series' episode 8 and 9, with a few new scenes. However, episode 2 broke away read more