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Jun 17, 2015
After coming off the main series, one may be craving more from this romantic comedy series. I personally loved it and, like many other fans, wanted more. So I instantly went looking for this 27th episode/OVA special that I had heard about. How does this hold up in regards to the rest of the show?

Frankly, this is an "epilogue" of sorts....or is it? Given no real EXACT continuity, we assume this takes place after episode 26 (due to a few minor subtle points). However, in the end, it ultimately doesn't matter really. This special episode is half the length read more
Jun 8, 2015
As one concludes Clannad: After Story, they are presented with another "alternate world" OVA (such as the one that ended the first season of the original Clannad anime) in the form of a chapter focused around Kyou Fujibayashi (as well as in turn: Ryou, her younger twin sister).

The episode takes place time-wise around the end of the first season of the show (though not given an "exact" episode parallel like the last one with Tomoyo). However, it strangely works better to watch it at the end of the second season and I don't think it would have the same impact if watched in tandem read more