Jun 17, 2015
Romantic18 (All reviews)
After coming off the main series, one may be craving more from this romantic comedy series. I personally loved it and, like many other fans, wanted more. So I instantly went looking for this 27th episode/OVA special that I had heard about. How does this hold up in regards to the rest of the show?

Frankly, this is an "epilogue" of sorts....or is it? Given no real EXACT continuity, we assume this takes place after episode 26 (due to a few minor subtle points). However, in the end, it ultimately doesn't matter really. This special episode is half the length of a normal episode of Maid-Sama! and is simply just a way to give the audience more to grab at as the show ends. Not a bad thing, but is it vital to the overall experience? I'd argue....mostly, no.

Besides a final ending scene in which we get more exposition (pretty good at that) on the little kitten Usui picked up about halfway through the main series, the rest of the episode adds little to Maid-Sama! as a whole. Frankly, it makes you crave a second season THAT much more....and leaves a small sense of....dare I say it....unsatisfaction. Plot ideas for the OVA special could have been better: Misa and Usui going on a date or Misa finally comes out about her job as a maid....and it turns out no one really cared/thought it was a big deal (as I thought they were going to do at some point in the show for lesson-sake).

In a practical sense, buying the BluRay/DVD release of the anime that contains this special costs on average $20 more dollars than just buying the previous edition with only the full 26-episode show. So for 13 more minutes of Maid-Sama! joy that is "eh, good" at best....I'd say this special isn't worth the cost (if you are planning to buy this series to start).

Ultimately, the art here is as good as the regular show without any deviation. The sound is one of the highlights of the show overall. Hearing that opening theme one last time was worth the watch in itself, as well as the in-show music.

Overall, this episode is like a little mint at the end of a great dinner. You can go without it. Or let me put it this way: It's like putting sprinkles on something....and we all know sprinkles don't really add flavor.