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May 5, 2021
I'm 5 years late to review this Masterpiece and I'm pretty sure there's a lot of great reviews out there, but I want to add my personal touch/review for this anime cause I'm gonna regret not to share how wonderful this anime was.

Story: The story started by introducing the 5 main heroine of the anime. A group of friends who promise to each other of making their own anime in the future, they thought that everything will go smoothly as what they planned but reality is not kind enough to make this happened, they sooner realized how life can be so cruel. As the story read more
Nov 15, 2020
Disclaimer, this review is purely base on the anime alone. I have never seen nor read its source material before.

So you come and see the summary of the anime. you found the summary and the genre quite interesting. Now you might be thinking to yourself whether this anime is worth giving a shot or not? well then, my fellow anime fans, let me help you decide by giving some of my hindsight about this anime.

The story starts surprisingly good and interesting, no unecessary dialogue or whatever you want to call it. rentarou a promoter/civil offficer and enju a initiator/curse children, the main character of read more
Aug 20, 2020
Disclaimer: This review might contain some minor spoilers, but rest assured that it won't affect your experience upon deciding to watch this Anime.

Story: At start there's really nothing much going on, aside from the fact that our four main characters form a guild named Gourmet Guild with a goal of discovering all the delicious food that they can find, I know it sounds like toriko and shokugeki no soma? right? while it might be a little off topic considering the synopsis of the anime which recovering the loss memories of yuuki(our MC) while doing expedition. I can pretty say that it did a read more
Aug 16, 2020
DISCLAIMER! Everything written on this review is my personal opinion only as an Anime watcher(I haven't read the light novel yet).

Story: Just like the 2 prequel of Date A Live the plot didn't change in this new season. The story of this new season is cut into three major parts. The first part is all about a new spirit which shall not be name for spoiler sake aside from her ability "copy cat"(which is not the actual name of her angel), the second part is all about Origami's past and present circumstances, and lastly about Shido's spirit power and his relationship with other read more
Jul 28, 2020
I just finished watching this movie and can finally said that i completed watching the K-On franchise. First off i wanna say that this review might contain some minor spoilers, which i assure you that it won't affect your experience upon watching the movie. With that said this review will be using the standard myanimelist review which consist of 6 parts such as Story, Art, Sound, Character, Enjoyment, and Overall.

Story: The timeline of the movie takes place between Season 2 of K-On! episode 23-24) and Episode 27(which is considered as special episode 3 for season 2 of K-On! or K-On!! series). While watching read more
Jul 27, 2020
K-On!!: Ura-on!! is basically just an extra content similar to K-On!: Ura-on! but by no means it's not a sequel to it(both just share the same premise). this can be watched after season 1 (for knowing who are the characters involve in each episodes) and before season 2 or after season 2 if that's what you prefer(it won't affect your experience by any means so in any order as long as you finished season 1).

Story: Random stuff per episode which consist 2-3 random stories describing what's on the mind of our main characters.

Art: same art as K-On! Ura-on!

Sound: The outro is rockish and read more
Jul 18, 2020
K-On!: Ura-on! is basically just an extra content. this can be watched after season 1(for knowing who are the characters involve in each episodes).

Story: Random Stuff. Basically there's no story, just imagine a child(who is able to talk) telling you a story about random things.

Art: The art is basically a Doodle drawing. Imagine a kid(a 3-5 years old kid) draws the story for fun or as a homework.

Sound: I like the Outro sound track at the end of each episodes.

Character: Houkago Tea Time, Sawa-chan, ui hirasawa&friends

Enjoyment: for a short and extra content, it's relaxing and enjoyable.

Overall: Good for taking short breaks before watching K-ON!!

Jul 18, 2020
K-On!! (Anime) add (All reviews)
K-ON!! is a direct sequel from K-On!(which i'm pretty sure you already know, but nah i just want to say it anyway).

Story: The plot is pretty much the same as season 1, our main character goes to the club room -> drink tea -> Practice(in some episode) -> Do cute things(most of the time). What makes season 2 more enjoyable compared from its predecessor is the story each episode itself. In this season we will get to know a lot of new things about our main characters. It will also show the perspective of each individual characters(such as what are they thinking and thoughts during read more
Jul 18, 2020
Story: The OVA is a little bit different from the usual episodes of K-ON, where they just usually hang out in the club room -> drink tea -> do cute things. This episode portrayed how Houkago Tea Time realize that the world of music is vast and there are a lot of bands out there who clearly have a lot of experience compared to them and already set of goal for they're band.

Art: The art is similar to season 1 of Anime which is really great.

Sound: No new song was introduce in this OVA.

Character: There are a lot of minor characters appeared on this read more
May 25, 2020
Disclaimer: This is my second time reading this manga after a long time. Since there are plenty of reviews already out there for you to read i'll make this review short and simple as much as possible(No major spoiler or whatsoever). This review is purely based on my experience and only mine.

Story: if your familiar or read any type of romance/harem type of manga before, then you'll probably notice how simple the reason why the main heroines fell in love to the MC of that particular story. Koisome Momiji is no exception to that rule however if you carefully look at the perspective of read more